40th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2023)

You are getting old now, aren’t you?
Just kidding!

But, you’re 40 today! 4 decades!
That’s huge, I sincerely must say.

So, it’s your Ruby Jubilee.
I know you will be prayed for today. As a matter of fact, good wishes and prayers would pour out upon you en masse.
But on your special day, beyond the celebration and giddiness, you should make time out to pray for yourself.

After your birthday and the felicitations are over, you’d be left all by yourself, to face the year ahead.
Why don’t you pray ahead of the new year?

Here for you, are amazing 40th birthday prayers for myself you can pray for yourself, before and after the good wishes comes in.

Happy 40th Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Myself

1. Each time I see the dawn of a new year, I get on my knees and pray. That the Father keeps me and my loved ones and that He grants my secret petitions. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

2. Dear God, on my special day, I want you to know that I’m grateful for all you’ve been to me. May I experience your love more in my 40th year. Happy Birthday to me.

3. Surely, the rest of my life is the best of my life. My future will be better than the past and my days are filled with rejoicing. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

4. Dear Father, I’m so grateful for the past years. And I’m confident that more than in the past, you will be with me in the coming years. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

5. For the whole of today, my mouth and heart will be full of new songs and words of gratitude. God has kept me this far and for 40 years. Happy 40th Birthday to me. God bless me. Amen.

6. Nobody warned me that I’m likely to burst with joy on my 40th birthday. I’m so filled to the brim and I’m giddy with joy and happiness. Happy Birthday to me.

7. May the new year usher in the best of the things of life for me. I deserve the best and the best I shall get. Amen. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

8. My birthdays are always special. But, this is a round and very special year. I’m 40 years old today and I’m beyond elated to celebrate. Happy Birthday to me.

9. I pray that in my new year and beyond, I will always have reasons to rejoice, never a time to be sorrowful. Amen. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

10. To everyone who has made the past years beautiful for me, I say, thank you. It’s a blessed new year already. Amen. Happy 40th Birthday to my amazing self.

11. Another precious diamond will sit pretty on my age crown today. I feel 40 because I am 40 years old today. Such a wonderful year it will be for me. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

12. I’m alive, only by the grace of the Almighty. And His grace will always be sufficient for me, Amen! Happy 40th Birthday to me.

13. It’s a blessed new year for me, already. I go from strength to strength and from glory to glory. Happy joyous 40th Birthday to me.

14. Heavenly Father, may this new year be a special one for me. May I have all that I truly desire. And may I always be full of gratitude. It’s my 40th. Rejoice with me.

15. My 40th year will bring with it, good tidings from far and near and I will always be blessed. Happy Birthday to me.

16. My heart is filled with an overflow of gratitude; for years passed, heights attained and years to come. Happy 40th Birthday celebration to me. I will celebrate many more. Amen.

17. Beautiful things happen to good people. It is a beautiful thing to reach the ripe age of 40. I’m full of life and joy. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

18. I’m so blessed of the Father. Blessed to be called His own. He has kept and preserved me. And all that fills me today is thanksgiving. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

19. Life is what I’m grateful for on this day. I’m thankful for so many things that I can’t mention. May I always have reasons to be thankful, Amen. Happy glorious 40th Birthday to me.

20. This new year of mine, I pray that there is the fulfilment of all of my heart’s desires. Happy 40th Birthday to me, the blessed one.

21. A new day, and yet, another chapter. It’s my 40th and I’m grateful for all that I call mine. And I also pray that the good God keeps me and mine. Happy Birthday to me.

22. In my new and 40th year, may all that I lay my hands on continually prosper and may my endeavours yield desired fruits. Happy blessed birthday to me.

23. May the good God keep pouring His blessings in torrents upon me. I will always have cause to laugh for joy. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

24. May my new year usher in favour with God and before men. I’m highly favoured. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

25. Happy 40th Birthday to me. I pray that anxiety is far from me and my health is divinely nourished. I am blessed and I remain so. Amen.

26. 39 years swiftly gone past. I’m so filled with gratitude for previous years and expectations for the one incoming. God, keep blessing me. Amen. Happy 40th birthday to me.

27. On my beautiful and special day, I wish myself, long life and prosperity and many more beautiful years to come. Happy 40th year birth anniversary to me.

28. My birthday is a special day, one the Lord has made. And I’d rejoice and be glad in it. Happiest birthday to me.

29. It feels so great to be 40! I wish myself many happy returns, and many more candles to blow. Happy Birthday to me.

30. May everything beautiful, godly and amazing, be mine, this new year of mine, and even beyond. Happy 40th Birthday to me.

While we do not despise the prayers of loved ones or doubt their potency, it is essential to dedicate time to pray for yourself on a special day.

I’m sure you love the happy 40th birthday prayers for myself.
Amen to your heart desires and prayers on this special day of yours, and even beyond.

I wish you a great 40th year ahead!
Happy Birthday!

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