30th Birthday Prayers for Myself (2023)

You lived for 3 whole decades!
Wow! Just Wow!
How amazing does that feel?

30 years is a whole huge milestone and I’m so sure you are in high spirits right about now. I won’t be surprised if you are actually laughing and dancing!
It’s worth it! Big time!

However, with a new age comes new responsibilities; especially a big age like 30. How wonderful would it be to usher in the new year with prayers for yourself, huh?

These 30th birthday prayers for myself will succinctly convey your desires and prayers. Here, I have for you, goodwill prayers that you can shower on yourself even before birthday wishes roll in.

I also pray with you, that you get answers to your prayers.
Cheers to your 30th year that will be backed up with these prayers.

Happy 30th Birthday Prayers and Wishes for Myself

1. My 30th year came so fast! Happy birthday to me! May all that I desire be mine, this new year and beyond. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

2. I’m getting older by the day. Another year is mounting upon my old years. I officially welcome myself to my 30th year. I’m going to be mightily blessed and favoured. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

3. Oh! Goodbye, dear 29. Thanks for all the lessons and blessings you brought with you. Welcome, 30. In you, I will always have reasons to rejoice, Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

4. Finally, the big 30 is here. It feels so good to be 30, to be a year older. I am grateful to the creator for how far He has brought me. I wish myself all the best, today and beyond. Amen. Happy Birthday to me.

5. 30 never felt so good. It’s my birthday today and I’ve never been happier. Today I wish myself every good thing that comes with this new age. So be it. Happy Birthday to me.

6. Wow! 3 whole decades of living. I look back at how far I have come and I’m filled with gratitude; to God and to all who have helped me become who I am today. God bless me. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

7. Today, I’m gonna forget all of life’s struggles and be filled with thanksgiving; for where I now am and for what the future holds. Happy 30th year to me.

8. I’m officially a year older on this day. It’s my big 3 and 0. I’m going to give myself a pat on the back for years swiftly gone by, lessons learnt and memories made. I look forward to a year of beautiful times. Amen. Happy 30th Birthday to me!

9. Today is such a special day. Before everyone begins to celebrate with me, I want to take a moment to celebrate myself. I’m grateful to be alive. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

10. Check around the world and you wouldn’t find a single soul as happy as I am today. It isn’t easy to live this long in a life full of ups and downs but I’m excited that I can witness this day. It’s my 30th Birthday!

11. I pray for long life and prosperity, good things of life and joy. This year and beyond, may good things never elude me. I hope for the best. Amen. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

12. New birthday, new year, new calendar. Phew! I don’t even look like a 30-year-old. And yes, I won’t forget to count my blessings, even as more come. Happy Birthday to me.

13. This is the most important day of my life. Without this day, there would have been no me. May I continually enjoy God’s blessings. Happy 30th Birthday to my amazing self.

14. I thank God for my formative years through now. I can’t possibly explain all that my 30 years is made up of. But, this day, I’m filled with gratitude and empty for words. Happy Birthday to me.

15. May peace, joy, favour, grace and blessings be mine, this day, and the many years to come. Amen. Happy, Happy Birthday to me. God’s blessings, always. Amen.

16. This new year is going to be one of exuberance for me; I can feel it already. So, I enter this new year with strength and vigour, with the hope of many beautiful things to come. Amen. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

17. I believe in the One who made me and in me who He has made. It’s my birthday and I believe I’d get more than I asked for. Amen. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

18. May my life be filled to the brim with every good thing that I deserve and desire. It’s a new year for me and I deserve nothing but the best. Happy 30th Birthday to my lovely and amazing self.

19. My life is made up of the little things that may not seem to count but matter the most – God, family, love, peace and happiness. These things that money can’t buy are what I celebrate today. Happy Birthday to me. I am 30!

20. I’d like to be the first to wish myself a very Happy Birthday, long life, prosperity and every good thing that comes with being 30. Now, your many wishes can flow in. Happy Birthday to me!

21. Happy 30th Birthday to my sweet self. It’s going to be an amazing year filled with causes to rejoice and I’ll suffer no loss. May I have a prosperous new year ahead. So be it. Happy Birthday to me.

22. I feel so blessed. I have so much to be thankful and grateful for because I am one who is so blessed. Happy 30th Birthday to me. Today and beyond, I will always be full of thanksgiving. Amen.

23. Today, y’all old members should welcome me to the 30s club. I’m officially a member today. It’s my 30th birthday and I’m grateful for life and the many blessings I have received. Happy Birthday to me.

24. On this special day, the sun’s shine is mine and I’m enthroned on the moon’s place. I lay amongst the stars, for it is my special 30th year and I’m to behave like the royalty that I am. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

25. The bliss, the thrills and the heights of this new year are all mine. I soar and flourish and there is no limit to my greatness. Amen. Happy 30th Birthday to me.

It is said that no one can pray for you the way you would pray for yourself. It’s a great thing when you’ve prayed for yourself before you get the prayers and wishes that you know are bound to come today.

Besides, these wonderful 30th birthday prayers for myself can even be said after your special day, because you have to keep praying, isn’t it?

I know you love the messages.
So, make your choice and keep praying.

I hope and pray that you have an amazing 30th year ahead, with answers to your prayers. Amen.

Happy Birthday to you!
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