Happy 24th Birthday Wishes and Messages for Best of Friends

A good friend these days can be likened to gold; rare and hard to find! So, if you have a good friend who has graduated to being a best friend, How more lucky can a person get!

I can tell you for free that this isn’t a friendship you should take lightly. Your best friend is one who has seen you at your worst and your best and loves you just the same and all the same.

Now, it’s your best friend’s special day, and believe me, you need to get heartfelt messages across to him or her.

This day comes just once in a year and you have to make it special for your best friend. These heartfelt birthday wishes for best friend will do just that, as they will sufficiently convey your love to your best friend, and your good wishes and pleasurable desires for him or her. These messages will also tell them how amazing they’ve been towards you and the world around them.

It’s your best friend’s day!
You want to make your best friend feel so special and have them love you even more?

These happy 24th birthday wishes for best of friends will do your desired magic!

Most Touching Birthday Wishes for Your Best Friend

1. Dear best friend, I’ve seen life with your eyes and I’ve walked by your side. I’m one of the persons who are grateful you were born. Happy 24th Birthday!

2. Your birthday is a special day to appreciate you for the warmth you radiate and the laughter you fill my life with. Happy 24th Birthday, best friend.

3. Words will always fail me on a day like this. Because words will never do justice when it comes to describing how amazing you are. Happy Birthday, bestie.

4. You really are dear to me, and I never want you to forget that. Thank you for staying true and through it all. Happiest 24th Birthday, sweetheart.

5. You’ve seen me at my worst and best times. You’ve seen me cry and laugh, and you’ve stuck closer than a brother. Happy 24th Birthday to you, the best of my friends.

6. My own best friend, I still don’t know how to explain why and how I got to be so dependent on you. But, thank you for never leaving my side. Happy Birthday to you.

7. More than anything, I know that I can always count on you. I’m glad I have a best friend who’s ever ready to see me happy. It’s gonna be the happiest of birthdays for you, honey. Cheers!

8. We’re so close that you know my weaknesses like the back of your hands. But never have you used them against me. And I’m beyond grateful. Happy 24th Birthday, darl!

9. The sweetest of souls. I don’t get to tell you often, but you’re so amazing and super awesome. And I love you fiercely. Happy Birthday, darling.

10. My sweetheart, you’re the best friend I can ever have and I bless the day our paths crossed. I’d forever cherish you. Happy 24th Birthday, darling.

11. You’re the World Best best friend if there’s an award like that. You mean a whole lot to me, even more than words can express. Happy Birthday, lovely.

12. I do not take your presence in my life for granted. And on your special day, I pray that all your heart’s desires be granted. Happy 24th Birthday, darling.

13. You see, no one can do you, the way you do you. No one does the things you do, the way you do them. You’re so unique and I love you. Happy 24th Birthday, my best friend.

14. Darling, I feel like I don’t deserve you. But rather than be bothered about why you love me, I’d bask in your love, never taking it with levity. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie.

15. My very own. I’m so glad to be called your best friend. It feels me with warm delight. Happy 24th Birthday, cupcake.

16. Dear best friend, I wish this space would contain how I really feel about you. Words are never enough. I pray for blessings for you. Happy 24th Birthday, darling.

17. Man, thank you for always being there for me. I never know what I’d do without you. It’s your 24th birthday. And I wish you all the best. Happy Birthday!

18. Many happy returns to you on your special day, my best friend. I wish you all that you pray for. Happy 24th Birthday!

19. Priceless jewel and invaluable friend. I love you very much and I sincerely wish you the very best of life. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

20. You see, best friend, words can’t actually do justice. They’d never be enough to describe how much I value you. Happy 24th year, darling.

21. It’s hard to tell that we aren’t brothers. You’ve been by my side, every step of the way. And I’m so grateful. Happy 24th Birthday to you.

22. Yo! Buddy! You’re a year older. 24 solid years! I pray blessings upon blessings for you, man. Happiest of birthdays today. Cheers.

23. So blessed and grateful to have found a dear friend in you. You’re the best of them all, and I love you, buddy. Happy Birthday to you!

24. May this year be your best year yet. May you enjoy the fruit of your hard work. Friend like a brother, I love you, man. Happy 24th Birthday!

25. Happy Birthday, best friend! Honestly, I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. Thank you for all you do for me. Cheers to the new year ahead, baby boo.

26. Darling friend, for all the sacrifices you’ve made and the love you exude, thank you! Happiest of birthdays to you on this day, love.

27. If there’s a better title for the bond we share, we’d go for that instead of the best friend title we’ve settled for. Cos, now, you’re more than a best friend. Happy 24th Birthday!

28. Friend like a sister, what’d I ever do without you? You make life so sweet. It’s your birthday and I wish you the very best of life. Happy Birthday, darling.

29. Thank you for sticking close, man. Our friendship has been good till this day and I have you to thank. Happy 24th Birthday! Cheers.

30. Happy 24th birthday to the one I walk life with. The one who makes life sweet and blissful. I love you, best friend. Happy Birthday!

31. The friendship I have found in and with you is rare, and I’m never trading it for anything. I just wanna wish you long life and prosperity, darling best friend. Happy Birthday!

32. Guy, thank goodness our paths crossed! What would I have done without you in my life? ‘Thank you’ is all I can say. Happy 24th Birthday!

33. My one in a billion friend! You’re so amazing. And as you step into your new year, I wish you all of God’s blessings. Happy, Happy Birthday, lovely.

34. I hope you do have a birthday as splendid as you’ve always been. Many more candles to blow, my dearest friend. Happy 24th Birthday to you!

35. Hey, best friend! It’s our birthday today! Yes! Cos your special day is mine too. I love you so much and I say that this new year is loaded with good things. Happy Birthday, sweetie.

36. As your new year gradually unfolds, may you continually receive twice the joy that you give. Happy 24th Birthday, sweet best friend.

37. On this auspicious day, best friend, may you make only beautiful memories. I love you dearly. And it’s a blessed new year for you. Happy Birthday!

38. Thanks for being amazingly you! You’re that amazing friend that I’d never trade for riches. It’s your day, do enjoy it. Happy 24th Birthday, bestie.

39. Today is a special day. I’m so glad this day came to be. Otherwise, how else on God’s green earth would I have the best human as my best friend? Happy Birthday, darling.

40. You know our history. How I’ve always admired you from a distance and was glad when we got talking. I love you, buddy. Get better in all things. Happy 24th Birthday.

41. Darling best friend, I want to wish you on this great day, the happiest of birthdays. May you always have reasons to be happy, dear. Happy Birthday to you.

42. I have the universe’s best gift! The gift of friendship. We have an amazing friendship and I can’t take all the credit. Happy Birthday to my best friend.

43. You, my best friend, complete me in a way I can’t describe. I pray we last forever. Happy 24th birth anniversary, sugar pie.

44. Our many times together leaves me spent—cos you’re so naughty, and fulfilled—cos you’re amazing. I love you, sweetheart. Happy 24th Birthday!

45. Man! Aren’t you just the best out there? I’m glad I snatched you up before someone else could. I’m so glad we do life together. I love you, man. Have a great 24th Birthday!

46. Though you know already, it’s my pleasure to remind you on this special day that you mean a whole lot to me. Happy Birthday, best friend.

47. You’re there, in the good times and through the bad times. I really can’t thank you enough for all that you do. But, I love you, best friend. Happy 24th Birthday!

48. We talk and brainstorm, and do many awesome things together. I’m better cos of you. And I wish for many more years of friendship. Happy birth anniversary, buddy.

49. I no longer introduce you to others as my best friend, but as my brother. Cos that’s who you now are. Glad to let you know on this day. Happy 24th Birthday, brother.

50. Strong, wise, sturdy, firm and principled. Yet, these words do not do justice in the description of your person. May your new year be as great as you are. Happy 24th!

51. The one who sees my tears and cries along. And who rejoices better at my success than I do. Happy Birthday, best friend! I really do love you!

52. The new year is here! And it has come with it, a truckload of uncountable blessings. Cheers to a great and blessed new year ahead, best friend! I love you!

53. Dear best friend, I’m so glad to be in your life while you celebrate the very day that marks your birth. You’re awesome and you deserve only the best. Happy Birthday!

54. Your heart is probably bigger than its hole. Never met anyone with such a large heart. I’m blessed to have you. I really am. Happy 24th Birthday, sweets.

55. May this birthday be the best yet and may you make the best of memories. More candles to blow, my darling friend. Happy 24th Birthday!

56. I wish I were physically around you. Nonetheless, you’re my best friend, I carry you around and I’d celebrate your birthday in absentia. Happy 24th Birthday, honey!

57. Champ! You go way beyond amazing! You are great, and I’m glad you know you are. I’m glad I have you too. Happy Birthday!

58. You have always been beside me, almost always at my beck and call. I’m so glad I have a shoulder I can cry on, and a best friend I can laugh with. Happy Birthday!

59. I thought our closeness would be for me, a thorn in the flesh. But it has become a budding flower instead, never withered by night, yet new every morning. Happy 24th Birthday, best friend.

60. You darling, should welcome the outpour of love and gifts today. Because, darling, you deserve nothing but the best. Happy Birthday, love.

61. You support my dreams and aspirations, even the ones that do not make sense to me. Thank you for all that you do. Happy 24th Birthday, my best friend. I love you!

62. A toast to the most amazing friend ever! A standing and clapping ovation for the most reasonable and sensitive companion. Happy 24th Birthday, dear one.

63. You wholly give yourself, withholding nothing. You share your resources, giving as you’ve been blessed. Thank you for all that you do. Happy Birthday, dear best friend.

64. Long life and prosperity, blessings upon blessings. Many more years to come. These, and many more, do I wish you on your special day. Happy 24th Birthday, Champ.

65. Have you noticed how I show you off? How proudly I speak of you? I’m so glad, blessed even, to be best friends with you. And I celebrate you today, as always. Happy 24th Birthday, dearie.

66. To the best friend a human can ever pray for, Happy 24th! I simply wish you all the best, dear, cos the best is what you deserve. Happy Birthday, cupcake.

67. In your 24th year, I wish that all your hopes, dreams and aspirations are brought to fruition. Happy, Happy Birthday, best friend! Hearty cheers!

68. I’m so proud of the great human you work hard at becoming. And it’s obvious it would pay off. It’s cheers to a new year of greater achievements, darling! Happy Birthday!

69. You push me to be the best version of myself. And I wonder what I’d ever do without you. I love you dearly, my best friend. Welcome to your best year yet. Happy 24th Birthday!

70. Here’s cheers to every amazing thing that is gonna happen and be yours in your new calendar. Happy 24th Birthday to you, honey.

71. Darling, you are 24 years old, today! You know, having you as my best friend is one thing I’d always be grateful for. You’re so amazing. Happy Birthday, dear. Cheers!

72. My world is more beautiful and more colourful, just cos I have you in it. I wish you the best of days to come; days filled with beauty and colour. Happy Birthday, dear.

73. Today is your special day, dear best friend. And you certainly deserve all the love you get; for you’ve given much more. Happy 24th Birthday, bestie.

74. May all that you wish for, and even more, be yours, on this blessed and unique 24th birthday celebration. Amen. Happy Birthday, man.

75. Friend like no other, a friend like a brother. I love you, friend. It’s cheers to the brand new year. Have a great day today, and a greater 24th year ahead. Happy Birthday!

76. Your birthdays serve to remind me of how grateful I am that you ever dropped on this part of the world. Happy Birthday to my amazing best friend. I do love you.

77. It’s gonna be your best year yet; filled with beautiful smiles, heart-warming laughter and ear-tingling good news. Happy 24th Birthday, best friend. Hurray!

78. Cheers to a very awesome year ahead. A year of fulfilled dreams and achievement of desired goals. Happy, Happy Birthday, darling. Muah!

79. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear best friend, Happy Birthday to you. I love you, dear. Cheers!

80. May your new year bring with it loads of good tidings, and answers to each of your prayers. Happy 24th Birthday, buddy.

81. The past years have been amazing, all cos I have you in them as my true best friend. Thank you for being you, dear. Happy Birthday to you.

82. After the gift of life, you are the next best gift I have been gifted with. And I love you very much. Happy 24th Birthday, dear.

83. Thank you for being so you and so real with me. I couldn’t have asked for a better best friend. Happy Birthday, darling best friend.

84. On this day, I reiterate my promise to always be there for you, just as you’ve always been there for me. Happy 24th Birthday, Champ.

85. Cheers to a pleasant new year filled with loads of blessings and every iota of cheerfulness. Happy 24th Birthday to my dear best friend.

86. Hey, dear celebrant. This is one salient reminder that you are dearly and fiercely loved. Happy 24th Birthday, honey.

87. To the best friend who always seeks my good, words won’t do justice on this special day. I just want to remind you that I love you very much. Happy Birthday, lovely soul.

88. Today, I celebrate the birth of you. If you were not born on this day, the friendship we share would never exist. Happy Birthday, best friend.

89. I appreciate you for being a very real friend to me. I am sure you’d always have my back and so, thank you. It’s your special day, and I celebrate you, Buddy. Happy Birthday!

90. You are my best friend. And I’ve never been more grateful for the gift of friendship. Happy Birthday, best friend. I’d always celebrate you.

91. Yay! My best friend is a year older today! Happy 24th Birthday to you, darling. God bless you. Welcome to your year of blessings. I love you!

92. Your kind is rare, and I feel blessed, glad and grateful for what we share. I’d always cherish you. Happy 24th Birthday, sweetheart!

93. No one is as sweet as you are. You are the best friend a person can have. And man! Am I not so blessed to be the one who has you! Happy Birthday, Bestie.

94. Your special day is here again, and I truly celebrate the wonderful human you are and are becoming as the years pass. Have a great 24th birthday, darling. Cheers!

95. This dear day is all yours; rejoice and be glad in it. Happy 24th Birthday to you, my special best friend. I love you dearly.

96. Happy 24th Birthday to one whose beauty radiates from within. It’s gonna be a stupendous year ahead. Happy Birthday, best friend.

97. May you have all that you need and all that it takes to live your new year to the fullest. Happy Birthday, dearie.

98. Our friendship goes a long way back. Yet, I’ve had no cause for regrets. You’ve been so wonderful. And I’m proud to be called your best friend. Happy Birthday, dear.

99. The one whom I trust so blindly, and who ensures never to have me hurt; Happy 24th Birthday, dear one. I love you.

100. May your heart be filled with joy and overflow with happiness on this day. And may joy and happiness never cease from your life, dear. Have fun, have a blast. Happy Birthday, best friend!

I’m sure you love the messages!
Much more, I’m sure you’d love your best friends’s reaction when they get the messages(s) you’ve chosen!

Best friends are special and on their special days, no expense should be spared when it comes to celebrating them.
They should feel on top of the world and like the most important person in our lives.
They actually deserve it!

These messages will make known how dear they are to you, how much you love them and how grateful you are that they exist at all.

So, a wonderful and great 24th year ahead to your best friend!

Meanwhile, Is your best friend male or female?

You see, I have often heard that a female should only have a female best friend, and a male should only have a male best friend.
People say this because of the feelings that tend to sprout between best friends of opposite genders.

I am curious. (I am sure you are too). Can’t people of opposite genders be best friends without the development of romantic feelings?
What do you think? Can you let me know in the comments section?
I’d really love to read from you!

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