Good Night Darling Quotes

Good Night Darling Quotes (2023)

We are no more in the old days where love is rigid, we are in 2023, love is now dynamic and words do the magic.

You don’t need to be there every night to sing your lover a lullaby, send words to tickle the heart and provide the needed warmth as your love refreshes.

Don’t start racking your brain on where to get these magic words, they are right here, just scroll down.

Good Night My Darling Messages for Her or Him

When you need to say good night to your darling in Romantic ways, these good night darling quotes and good night my darling Messages for her or him will help send your boyfriend or girlfriend to the dreamland and make them have the best of sweet dreams.

1. Good Night, Sleep Like An Angel
I couldn’t wait for this time to wish you a lovely night rest, sleep like an angel that you are. Sweet dreams, love.

2. Dream About Me, Baby
Darling, I’m wishing you a wonderful night rest after a long day, don’t forget to dream about. Love you, baby.

3. You Deserve A Blissful Rest
My love, my day is fulfilled with you, it’s been a beautiful day and I’m glad you’re in it. It’s time to sleep. You deserve a blissful rest. Goodnight, dear.

4. Have A Wonderful Night Rest
In the morning when you wake I want to be the first to wish you a beautiful morning when it is night, I want to be the last to kiss your forehead before you to bed. Have a wonderful night rest, dear.

5. Enjoy The Night Breeze
With the cool breeze of the night, I send my goodnight wishes to you. Have a beautiful night rest. Goodnight, my love.

6. The Stars Smile At You
Look through your window and see the stars waving and smiling at you to say goodnight to the most lovely person in my life. Goodnight, sweetheart.

7. Angels Are Your Guard
Feel the breeze of the night, close your eyes as I send the angels to be on guard for your sake as you sleep. Have a great night, my love.

8. I Am Blessed To Have You
Hello sweetie, it’s time to sleep but before you do. I want you to know I love you with my life and I am blessed to have you. Goodnight, my love.

9. You Mean So Much To Me
I will never forget to sing you a lullaby before you sleep because you mean so much to me. Twinkle twinkle, little stars, make my love life shine like stars. Goodnight, dearie.

10. I Celebrate Your Presence
Baby, you’re a special influence in my life, as I wrap up the day. I celebrate your presence in my life. Thanks for loving me, you’re the best. Goodnight, my love.

11. As this day comes to an end, I just want to remind you how much I love and cherish you. You’re the best hon. Enjoy your night rest. Sweet dreams, baby.

12. Every evening as the sun sets, I think of my life and realize it’s beautiful because you’re with me. I’m glad I have you, darling. Have a beautiful night rest. Love you.

13. As the skies display fleur beauty with arrays of stars, the evening breeze swells my heart. Tonight, I celebrate you for being my pride and my joy. I love you and I forever will. Sleep well, darling.

14. Every evening, I remember the love of my life and celebrate your existence. You mean the world to me. Have a pleasant night, love.

15. My love, you are my sunshine in the day and my moon at night. I’m glad you came into my life. I’d forever cherish you. Have a blessed night, dear.

16. As the day draws to a close, I acknowledge your support. Thanks for being there always dear. Enjoy your evening, and have a sweet night, my love.

17. Sweetheart, my day begins with you, and I end it with you because you’re important to my life. You’re my joy and I love you forever. Goodnight dear, sweet dreams.

18. The moon shines brightly in the sky, and the stars whisper to you my dear, it says, keep being yourself and all your heart desires will be fulfilled. Have a sweet evening, sweetheart.

19. Before you close your eyes, let me remind you, my love, that you are dear to my heart and I can’t stop loving you. Goodnight hon, sweet dreams.

20. I call you my friend, my partner, my inspiration, my love. I bless the day I met you, every morning and evening, I am happy I found love in you. Goodnight, my love.

21. My love, I celebrate you because you are influencing many lives positively, mine topping the list. God bless you for me. More strength my love. Have a blessed evening with sweet dreams.

22. What would I do without you, my love? You are my inspiration and I owe all my achievements to your support. Thanks, baby, you’re the best. Goodnight, my love.

23. My love, I’m glad you’re in my life and I feel loved having you by my side as I journey through the day. Thanks for today, may God strengthen you for tomorrow. Goodnight, darling.

24. My days is fulfilled with you in it and I am blessed to have found love in you. Thanks for all you do hon. Have a beautiful evening. Sweet dreams, my dear.

25. To the love of my life, I confess. I can’t stop loving you, sweetheart. You’re a special breed and I am lucky to have you. God bless you for me. Goodnight and have a blissful sleep.

26. My day is fulfilled because you’re in it with me. Thanks for being there for me my love, I’m indebted to you. Have a great evening ahead. Enjoy your night rest.

27. You’re special my love and you deserve a special treat every day. As I round up this day, I acknowledge your love and support. Thanks for everything. Have a wonderful night rest, darling.

28. I want to appreciate you my love for being caring and loving. Thank you for understanding and supporting me. You’re the best and I can’t stop loving you. Goodnight, my one and only.

29. It’s bed time my love and it’s time to reflect on the day’s activities. I can’t sleep until you know how much you mean to me. You’re my everything and I’m glad to have you. Have a blissful night rest, dear.

30. My day is incomplete without you, so I would start and end each day with you. Thanks for today baby, tomorrow is another day. Love you forever. Sweet dreams.

31. Your love has engulfed me, I don’t want to let you go out of my sight. You make my days special and since I can’t get enough, I’m coming to dreamland too, expect me. Have a beautiful night rest.

32. I’m lucky to have you in my life, and I would choose you, over and over because you’re special. As you retire for the night, I just want you to know that you’re the best thing that happened to me and I love you wholeheartedly. Goodnight, love.

33. As you go to bed, just want to remind you that I love you and you mean the world to me. Goodnight love, sweet dreams.

34. Holla, my angel. It’s been a beautiful and fulfilling day, it’s time to get some rest and be refreshed. Go to bed with the presence of my warmth. Goodnight, darling.

35. I want to spend my night in your arms, wrapped around you enjoying the bliss of love, because your presence tickles my heart and I can’t get enough of you. Go to bed baby, and have a pleasant night rest.

36. It’s been a hectic day and you deserve to rest and be refreshed, as you go to bed, always remember that you’re the love of my life and I’m blessed to have you. Goodnight, darling.

37. Sweetheart you mean the whole world to me, your presence makes my day sweet and I’m delighted to have you with me.

38. I can’t wait for the night to be over so I can be with you again. I want more of you. Have a blessed night rest my love. See you tomorrow.

39. As this beautiful day dawns, I think about how far we’ve come and what we’ve gone through to be here, you’re really a blessing. Thanks for loving me, baby. Goodnight, darling.

40. I am proud to say that I’m blessed to have you in my life and I would choose you over and over again. I love you and I can’t stop loving you. Have a wonderful night rest.

41. My love, as you go to bed, may you have a refreshing rest, lovely sleep and sweet dreams. Goodnight baby, you’re the best girlfriend in the whole world.

42. Tonight is another time to celebrate the love of my life. Thanks for being my partner and my friend. I’m blessed to have you. Sleep tight, my love.

43. It’s been a beautiful and eventful day, thank God for taking you through and bringing you back home safely. It’s bedtime, have a beautiful night rest and remember that I am incurably in love with you.

44. It’s been a hectic day and it’s time to shut down to sleep. As you lay down, rest in the assurance of my love. Enjoy your evening, I cherish you. Kisses.

45. I can’t get scared no matter how dark the night is, as long as I have you in my life, everything will be bright. Goodnight, love.

46. Have got the most handsome guy in my life and he deserves a cute night wish from me. Sweet dreams, my love.

47. I always wish for a shorter day and a longer night because the night comprises of so many thoughts about you that relaxes my nerves. Goodnight, darling.

48. Goodnight and sweet dreams to my big baby. I can’t sleep without doing the above. Thanks for loving me, you’re the best.

49. Every day, hour, minute, seconds I spend with you brings wonderful things in my life and I just can’t wait for morning to come. Goodnight, baby.

50. I wish you a wonderful night with sweet dreams with all my might, can’t wait to spend my tomorrow with you, and the day after, and the day after that. Goodnight, darling.

51. Every star I see at night seems dull to me because I have got the best and brightest star in my life.
Sweet dreams, my love.

52. I can’t wait for the morning to come, just to see your face, and enjoy your presence. Goodnight darling, sweet dreams, see you in the morning.

53. I feel cherished and loved whenever I am with you, I can’t wait for morning to see you again. Have a splendid night, darling.

54. Dreaming about you every night wakes me up with a smile on my face. Have a beautiful night rest, darling.

55. The warmth you feel when you sleep isn’t as a result of your thick blanket but because of my presence. Have a lovely night rest, baby.

56. I always feel sad whenever I send you a goodnight message because I am gonna be away from you, but it feels sweet when I start dreaming about you. Goodnight, Darling.

57. I want to make you happy and always want to see that lovely smile of yours in my imagination, that’s why I make it a daily routine to wish you a sweet night rest. Sleep well, darling.

58. My night is always blissful because I have you close to my heart and I feel your warmth all through the night. Goodnight, baby.

59. Sweetheart, I know you are far from me at times but distance can not be a barrier because you’re always on my mind. Goodnight, my love.

60. I wish this message is human, so it could hug you tightly and give you a good night kiss. Goodnight, my darling.

61. I say a beautiful goodnight to the one that makes my day bright, sweet dreams to the one whose love makes me feel fly. Love you forever.

62. Hugs and kisses to the one who makes my life seem like a bed of roses. I cherish you and can’t wait to see you in the morning. Goodnight, love.

63. I am so jealous of sleep because it takes you away from me. I wish my name was sleep so you could rest while falling into my arms every night. Sweet dreams, baby.

64. I get goosebumps whenever I think about you, when I think about how crazily I am in love with you, I feel shivers down my spine. I’m happy to have you, baby. Enjoy your sleep. Goodnight darling.

65. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and I can’t let you out of my sight. Goodnight love and sleep tight, I’m coming over in the dream.

66. It’s nice to have someone like you making everyday seems so great. Thank you, my love, for everything, I’m blessed to have you. Goodnight baby, have a refreshing sleep.

67. As you go to bed tonight, may all the angels guard you and keep you safe for me, they would sing for you and refresh your welcome you sleep. Goodnight, darling.

68. Every day with you is a blessing and I don’t think I can cope a day without you, thanks for today and always my love. Goodnight darling, you’re the best.

69. I love you more every day and I am always happy when it’s night because tomorrow will increase my love. Sleep well, my love.

70. It’s been a great day, go to bed and be refreshed. You deserve it. Goodnight my love, pleasant dreams. Dream of me!

71. After a beautiful day, you deserve refreshment. Have a splendid night rest, may tomorrow be more fulfilling and bring you closer to me. Goodnight, love.

72. I can’t give you a warm hug before you sleep because you are not here but I can tell you how much you mean to me, my heartbeat. My day is incomplete without you. Goodnight sweetie, you’re my everything.

73. I can’t stop staring at your picture so I can bring you into my dreams. I can’t get enough of you my love. Have a blissful night rest, sweetheart.

74. It’s very easy to say good morning because I know I will definitely meet you in the day but it’s difficult to say goodnight because I know we won’t be together during the night. Goodnight baby, can’t wait for morning to come.

75. I want to be in your presence all day and when night comes, I’m jealous it’s taking you away from me, but I understand you need to rest. Have a wonderful night dear, I’m missing you already.

76. When I say good night to you, I feel hurt and sore because it makes me miss you all the more. You’re my everything, dear.

77. I don’t merely say goodnight to you, I mean I had a gorgeous, lovely, nice and interesting day with you. Goodnight, sweetheart

78. Having you in my life is the best feeling in the world. As I go to bed I want to appreciate you, my love. You’re my everything and I’m proud to say it. Goodnight, darling.

79. Every day with you is always special. I thank God for meeting you. You’re the best. Have a wonderful night rest. Goodnight.

80. This is the time to account for the day, the mistakes and success, so as to make amends and plan for the day after. Review your day and be ready to make tomorrow better. Goodnight darling. Love you!

81. Today has come and gone, tomorrow is going to be a better day. It’s time to rest and be refreshed. Have a beautiful night my love. Dream of me.

82. The stars remind me of your sweetness, the soft wind blows my heart to the mansion of love and I want you there with me. I await you in dreamland. Goodnight, my one and only.

83. You’re the best bae in the world, and I can’t stop loving you, sweetie. As you sleep may the angels guide you, sleep tight, honey. Sweet dreams!

84. Life would be useless without having someone special to share the happy moments with, I’m glad I have you. Thanks for making everything beautiful. Have a wonderful night, my love.

85. Night calls and as always, it’s ready to steal you from me for a while. Go with him and enjoy yourself, sweetheart, sleep like a baby, and dream of me.

86. My love, my heart yearns for you always, you’re the most important person in my life and I’m proud to say it. I love you forever. Go to bed and be renewed for tomorrow. Goodnight!

87. I am blessed to have you. As you sleep remember, that I’m here for you no matter what. I love you, baby. Enjoy your night rest. Goodnight, love.

88. Even though you’re far away, the bond of our love is so strong it neutralizes the distance. I feel your warmth here with me as I go to bed. You’re the best, baby.

89. It’s been a while I saw you. I miss you so much and I wish you were by my side. Goodnight honey, my heart is with you. Keep it safe. Sleep well. Love you.

90. I want you beside me every night to whisper into your ears about how much I love you. Rest in the bliss of our love. Goodnight, my one and only.

91. I want you to be here to gist you how I spent my day and stare into your sweet eyes till the words fill our hearts. Goodnight, darling.

92. I love you now and the you, you’re becoming. Every day you get better and I love you more as each day comes. Go to bed, tomorrow awaits you. Have a sweet evening my heartbeat.

93. My love, in your arms is where I want to fall asleep and wake up, everything about you gives me joy. May the night makes you refresh and renewed. Goodnight, darling.

94. Your presence brightens my day and in the night, you make my life glow. I’m blessed to have you. It’s time for bed my love. Goodnight, darling.

95. Every day is special with you. I’m glad for today, let’s do this tomorrow and every other day. Goodnight, darling.

96. It’s a calm night and you’re everything on my mind. I love you and I can’t stop. Sleep tight my love Kisses.

97. Every beginning deserves an ending, as this day draws to a close, I wish you a beautiful rest. Enjoy the sweetness of the nigh. Goodnight, darling.

98. The stars are jealous of your beauty, they whisper to each other in glorious melody as they watch the beautiful smile on your face while you sleep. Go to bed and sleep like a baby.

99. Waking up to stare at your beautiful face is what I long for, I’m truly lucky to have you in my life. Thanks for everything sweetheart, go to bed and have a wonderful night.

100. I wish you are in my arms every night, lost in the ecstasy of your sweetness. Can’t wait to spend my forever with you, till then. Goodnight my dear. Love you!

You don’t need to have everything in the world to enjoy love to its fullest, sending sweet words like this every night makes your partner fall in love with you over and over. Don’t wait any longer, start sending.

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