Birthday Wishes for Husband from Pregnant Wife

Birthday Wishes for Husband from Pregnant Wife

As a good wife, you love, adore and care a lot for your husband, but sometimes, you may lack the time to let him know how you feel due to everyday life routines.

If you are already a mom, the stress of taking care of a child and keeping the home will keep you busy enough that you don’t remember to tell him how much you care for him and if you are a pregnant wife, you have lots of things to occupy your mind with; like supporting the life growing in your worm that telling your husband how much you love and cherish him will be the list of them.

But no matter how occupied you get with being pregnant and worrying about the health of the baby in your worm and yours, the birthday of your husband is not a day you will allow to pass by without some sweet words from his loving wife. It is a good day to let him know you are happy to be carrying his baby in your womb which is the product of your love.

So, if you are looking for the perfect words to wish your husband on his birthday as a pregnant wife, this collection of birthday wishes for husband from pregnant wife has got you covered. It is a collection of quotes, wishes and prayers you can send to him as a text message, on his social media wall or make it a little bit romantic by writing it on a card and hide in his closet to make his birthday really special.

Happy Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Husband from Pregnant Wife

Whenever I become worried about how well the baby in my womb is growing, I think of how wonderful a husband you are and how much effort you put into taking care of your pregnant wife and my mood changes to joy. Happy birthday to the best hubby in the world, may your best wishes come true this year.

1. Happy birthday to the most amazing, wonderful, courageous, outrageously funny, handsome husband and the great dad I know you will be. Have a fantastic birthday

2. Happy birthday to the most kindhearted and thoughtful husband alive who always knows what his pregnant wife needs. I am glad to be yours.

3. Happy birthday to an incredible husband. May the year ahead be filled with joy and happiness with the coming of our little one.

4. We have so much to celebrate; your birthday and the upcoming birthday of your little one. Wish you an awesome day, happy birthday darling.

5. Sending the warmest wishes to the most amazing expectant father in the world. After your birthday today, we will begin the count down to the baby’s birthday. Happy birthday my dear husband.

6. Today, being your special day my dear husband I send you my warmest wishes. But the best gift I hope to give you this year will be when I will place your baby in your arms. Do have a fabulous birthday.

7. I, your darling pregnant wife, family, friends and your little kicking baby are all saying happy birthday.

8. Your birthday this year is a very special one. It is a new year that comes with a bundle of joy bringing new love and new blessings. Happy birthday my sweet husband, may today leave you with pleasant memories.

9. Whenever I am having a bad day, I know I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up. You make me feel special every day and it makes it easier going through with this pregnancy. Today I want to take the opportunity of your birthday and make you feel extra special. Happy birthday my love.

10. Happy birthday to the best, most understanding and loving husband around. You have shown the world what a perfect marriage is, you make the home very comfortable for me as a pregnant woman.

11. Wishing you a very special birthday at this special moment when you are excepting to be a dad and I know you will be a great one.

12. You deserve every good thing that will come your way this year especially the bundle of blessings which will be the birth of your baby. Happy birthday my loving husband, may this day be all that you wish for and more.

13. This year of your life will begin a new phase, one that needs commitment and a lot of love to give. Enjoy your special day as you prepare for the journey. Happy birthday my darling husband.

14. On your birthday my lovely husband, my gift to you comes in a wrapped box with a ribbon. God’s gift is on the way, it will come in a sweet little bundle of joy and love that will change your life forever.

15. Last year, I wished you all the happiness in the world though I didn’t know how much that would amount to. This year you will receive much of it. Happy birthday my husband, enjoy your day as you await your bundle of joy.

16. Happy birthday my sweetheart. I have tried to make this day full of celebration and surprises as it marks the year you will graduate to fatherhood.

17. You are a loving and caring husband and a great friend, you will make a greater dad. Happy birthday dearest husband, you are the one I want to live with all my life, I love you.

18. On your birthday, I appreciate your patience and sacrifice to make this period of my pregnancy as easy as possible. I acknowledge your commitment to start a family and I celebrate you on your special day. Happy birthday my love have a wonderful day.

19. Great parents make great children. I do not doubt that you will be a great dad because you are a great husband. Wishing you a very happy birthday full of wonderful memories as you eagerly wait for the birth of your lovely baby.

20. Dear hubby, after this birthday your perception of life will change. The coming of our little one will reinvent your whole world, so make some memories today that will last for a long time. Happy birthday, dear, do have a blissful day.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Husband from Pregnant Wife

I send this message from my heart to tell you how grateful I am to be your wife and to be pregnant with your child. I pray this day that God bless and keep you, may He help you to continue to be a loving husband and grant you the grace to be a great father. May your birthday be a blast, my love.

21. You are the best husband any woman can wish for. Thank you for making my best heart desires come true. May the years ahead be filled with joy and happiness with the coming of our baby. Have a wonderful birthday sweetie.

22. Life with you has been an adventure and I treasure every moment with you. May God bless you in your coming year and may you have many more years to see your baby grow up to the adult you want him to be. Best birthday my darling husband.

23. You are such a wonderful husband and I am glad I have the privilege to share my life with you. Today I send you double warm wishes, one for your birthday and one for the joy that will come when your child is born. May you have the best birthday ever.

24. You always know how to inspire me to be a better person that is why I know you will be a great father. May the coming of this baby give you new dreams and aspirations and may you accomplish them all. Happiest birthday my love.

25. I know you are destined for greatness and I will be by your side every step of the way. I pray God guide you to also bring up great children for Him. Wish you a fantastic birthday my husband.

26. I am so grateful you came into my life and made it picture perfect especially with this baby on the way. May God open new doors of financial blessings for you so you can give this baby the good life I know you desire. Have a glorious birthday my dear husband.

27. We are such a wonderful pair and I know the coming of this baby will bind us together more. May your birthday come with abundant blessings and greater achievements. Enjoy your day my darling husband.

28. You always know how to brighten my day when I am having one of those negative mood swings pregnant woman like me do. I hope your birthday is as bright, happy and shiny as you are. May this new year bring you special memories as you have filled my life with.

29. You are a remarkable person and I am thankful to God I am starting a family with you. May we be surrounded by His love and grace always. Have a magnificent birthday my dear husband.

30. I am so fortunate that I married such a strong, gracious and supportive husband especially in this period of my pregnancy. May the good Lord bless you with wisdom from above to continue to excel in everything you do. Have the happiest birthday dearest husband.

31. I pray that this birthday you get everything you ever wished for. May the bundle of joy we will receive this year bring you growth from one remarkable height to another in wisdom and status.

32. Thank God for another opportunity to celebrate an incredible husband like you. May this year bring you incredible accomplishment and may the birth of our child come with favour and open doors. Happy birthday my awesome husband.

33. My dear husband, I love you more than you can comprehend. I pray this new year of your life is filled with nothing but happy moments. Let the coming of this baby bring you prosperity and success.

34. No woman will be more proud to call you husband than me. You have made these months of pregnancy very fulfilling and interesting for me. May your birthday be filled with happiness and laughter.

35. As you celebrate this special day, may the heavenly host grant you your special heart desires especially your desire of being the most amazing dad in the world. Congrats my husband, do have a splendid birthday.

36. Thank you for always running to be by my side whenever I need you. You make these months of pregnancy easy for me. I pray you will always walk in the mercy, goodness and richness of God. Have a fabulous birthday my husband.

37. Happy birthday to the most devoted husband I know. The way you take care of me since I got pregnant has been amazing. May the blessings of God be kind and generous to you today and forever.

38. Wishing you a blessed and beautiful birthday today my darling husband. May God always walk with you and grant you strength and courage in all you do. I can’t wait to give you the best gift of the year which will be a baby in your arms.

39. On your birthday my awesome husband, may the good Lord usher in wonderful accomplishment and endless opportunities into your life. May you live a long and healthy life to see your baby’s babies blow out their candles.

40. I am carrying your baby but you treat me like I am a baby myself. You are the most extraordinary person I have ever met in my life. On your birthday, may you be blessed beyond measures.

I hope these birthday wishes for husband from a pregnant wife puts a smile on his face and gladdens his heart to know you are excited to be pregnant with his baby and very happy to have a family with him.

Will love to know how well this post has served you and please, don’t forget to share with a loved one.

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