Long Distance Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband

Long Distance Heart Touching Birthday Wishes for Husband

Circumstances will always happen and this might hinder you from having your way all the time. Circumstances might take your husband away from you and make you be in a long distance relationship with him.

This kind of circumstance is not what you can stop, especially if he has gone to make things better for you both. You really have to understand and be there for him, especially on his birthday.

Situations surrounding this might make it hard for you to pen down your wishes to him. That’s why I have these long distance heart touching birthday wishes for husband below. One of them will definitely make him have a special day.

Happy Birthday Messages to Husband Long Distance

When anyone compliments me for being a good mother or wife, I simply tell them to take a look at my husband’s life. This message alone definitely doesn’t sum up how amazing you are. Despite the long-distance, my heart still beats for you. Happy birthday, my husband.

1. All my life, I have never stopped dreaming of a man who will make my dreams come true; a man who will love me with all my flaws and correct me with love. Thank God my prayer was answered through you. Happy birthday, my love.

2. Even though we are very far away from each other, that will not stop me from celebrating the love of my life. You have been a huge source of support to me. Thank you for helping me in getting my life back to shape. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

3. Even in your absence, I don’t stop saying good things about you, because you are an actual good man. I didn’t know how I got this lucky, but trust me, I am enjoying every bit of this. Thank you for loving me and the kids. Happy birthday, my darling.

4. The house is somewhat boring without you. It’s your birthday, and you are not around. But trust me to organize a party with the kids. Happy birthday, my love. I love everything about you and I hope nothing comes between us. Enjoy your day, champ.

5. Talk if a man who fights for the rights of his family, you are! You are a king, and I’m thankful for the privilege of ruling this kingdom with you. Even though you are not near, you are always in my heart. Happy birthday my forever love.

6. Everyone knows how it is between us. I can’t do without you, and I’m so glad that it’s the same with you. I can’t you more than twice, whenever I can’t my blessings. Actually, your presence has brought so many blessings into my life. Happy birthday, my king.

7. You are far away, just because of your family. You went in search for greener pastures just to satisfy and make sure we never lack anything. I see all you do, and I appreciate them. Trust me, I will keep renewing my vows every year, if I am given the chance. Happy birthday.

8. My main man! You are my best friend. You are the only one who I tell stuff about me and don’t go about telling everyone. I’m thankful because my secrets are safe with you. Thank you for spoiling me with too much love. Happy birthday to you.

9. You are such real man. I am a real woman. Real recognizes real, and that’s why we clicked almost immediately we met. You came into my life, and turned everywhere to a paradise. I can’t live without you. Happy birthday, my love.

10. Living without you is like living without air; I will die of heat. Baby, I love how close we are. I love how our mutual our understandings are. I’m grateful that I didn’t end up with a useless man. You are far away, but you are near. Happy birthday to you.

11. No matter how far you travel, you are never outside of my heart. My heart is where you belong, and nothing’s capable of chasing you away. Baby, I know you’re not beside me because you have to get some things done. You are not here because you want me to be satisfied. Happy birthday to a selfless man. I love you.

12. I know you’ve heard this so many times, but I will never get tired of telling you, because I actually do. I love you so much, baby. Sometimes, I wish I were the one who does all these things for you, because you deserve them too. Happy birthday, my darling. Have fun.

13. I don’t even know where to start from. Heaven knows I am grateful for the gift of you. I met you when I didn’t know much about love. I was naive, but you made me understand everything single thing. The love between us, I will never take for granted. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

14. Just because you want to put food on our table, you are far away. You are the most selfless man I know, and I will continue to cherish you forever, because you keep putting smiles on my face. Thank you for making my happiness your priority. Happy birthday to you.

15. There are so many deadbeat fathers roaming the streets, I am very grateful that my own husband is not one of them. You are the most responsible father I know. Even though I got pregnant out of wedlock, that didn’t stop you from taking up your responsibility. God bless you. Happy birthday, my love.

16. An angry man destroys. An angry man beats and curses his wife. I’m thankful that I didn’t end up with an angry man. Even when you should be angry with me, you are always calm. Other men need to come get some lessons on maturity from you. Happy birthday, my husband.

17. Even though you are far away, you will forever remain in my heart. Saying I am grateful is an understatement. My friends weren’t lucky with finding love, but God gave me love in its purest form. Thank you for being my own. Happy birthday, my husband and father of my children.

18. Walking down the aisle with you was the most emotional moment of my life. I was scared, no doubts, but I still had some sort of conviction that you were mine. Thank God I said yes to you, my life would’ve been a total mess. Happy birthday, my husband.

19. No one hustles as hard as you do, just to make sure the family is okay. You are the best husband and father any woman/child could ever wish for. Thank you for coming to the world to bless us with so much love. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you all the best.

20. The fact that I have a husband who is so supportive of me, gives me so much joy. I never ever thought I could be so lucky. With you by my side, luck keeps smiling on me every time. Happy birthday to the best man. You are destined for greatness, and you shall be great.

Birthday Wishes for Husband Long Distance Relationship

You are the main reason behind my success and happiness. You are the best husband anyone could ever wish for. Forget about the long distance between us, our relationship will continue to grow stronger. Happy birthday to you, my husband. Best wishes.

21. There’s no chore you can’t do. You are definitely not one of the men who believe that chores are only meant for women. Thank you for always helping out with the kids’ assignments, especially. You will live long to reap the fruits of your labour. Happy birthday, my dear.

22. Each time I look at you, I have every reason to be thankful to God. How did I get so lucky to find a man like you. You are loving, caring and so down to earth. Your humility is second to none. On your birthday, I just want to acknowledge the fact that you are the best husband. Happy birthday, my love.

23. You know how much I detest lies, so trust me to always tell you the truth. After how many years of doing life with you, you still look very young and fresh; I must be a really good wife, for giving your peace of mind. Happy birthday, my husband.

24. I don’t care what anyone says, all I know is that my husband is by far the best amongst all men. Baby, the sacrifices you make for this family is enough to weigh you down, but instead, you shoulder all the responsibilities like the king that you are. You are blessed and highly favored. Happy birthday.

25. If only I had the chance, I will keep following you everywhere you go. You are the air I breathe. You mean everything to me. Every morning, I go on my knees and thank God for blessing me with such a sweet man. You know I can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday to you.

26. One thing about me is that I never fail to praise you, each time you make me happy. I make sure I constantly tell you how wonderful you are. Babe, I wish you could slow down on the responsibilities. I mean, I earn too, I should be able to put something down. Happy birthday, Boo.

27. I have always dreamt of having a man who will stand by me through thick and thin. Now, all I do is thank God for bringing you my way. Thank God you are mine forever. Happy birthday my sweetheart. Come home soon, and unbox your birthday present.

28. It’s not how far but how well. I was always thinking that God didn’t love me enough or I wasn’t good enough to be loved by men, because I couldn’t find love. At the end of the day, I got you, not just for a day but for eternity. Happy birthday, my husband.

29. We have done so many things together, traveled so many places together, you are still the best companion ever. My heart will forever be for you, no matter how many miles are between us. Happy birthday, my love. All the best with everything.

30. The fact that you are not judgmental is one of the reasons I love you so much. You always stand for the truth and make sure you avoid unnecessary drama at all costs. Truly, you were made for me and I’m glad to be doing this with you. Happy birthday, my love.

31. You are so full of love and light. Whatever you do is always out of love. You correct me with love. You don’t change your mood whenever there’s an argument or fight. My dear, you own me for life. Trust me, I am going nowhere. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

32. I always believed that all men cheat, until I met you. My love, it’s safe to say that you’re an angel. You do everything according to how God wants it. You are the love of my life, and I’m a bit unhappy because you are not here with me. All the same, I wish you have a happy birthday.

33. The level of joy and happiness in my life right now is capable of entering the Guinness book of record! I have never been this happy in a long time. Thank you for restoring peace and happiness into my life. I am stuck with you forever. Happy birthday, my love.

34. If only you were in this house today, I would’ve organized a little party with some family and friends in attendance, but it’s so sad I can’t do that alone. Happy birthday, my Prince Charming. You are a good man, and I hope life’s circumstances never change that about you. I love you.

35. Believe me when I say I have a special place in my heart reserved for you. In fact, you deserve my whole life. The level of growth I have attained is all your handiwork. I am not an ungrateful person, so I will keep thanking you for that. Happy birthday, love of my life.

36. My heart has grown fond of you. The fact that you are not near makes me want to cry. You know your presence means everything to me. Anyways, I will try to stop the tears from coming, because it’s a happy day. Happy birthday, darling.

37. I have never seen a man who loves as hard as you do. You are always down for love. Trust me, I will never make you get tired of loving me. I know I have a lot of growing up to do, and I am going to make sure I get to that level. Happy birthday, sugar. I miss you a lot.

38. We are best friends in love. We are always there for each other. We are not the unreasonable kind of couple. We are always ready to invest in each other. My man, thank you for doing this with me. Trust me, it would’ve been a mess with another man. Happy birthday to you.

39. I have never been so interested in any man, all my life. You came into my life and made sure it never remained the same. I still don’t know what you did, but I know it has helped me in becoming this great woman that I am. Let’s keep this energy going. Happy birthday to you.

40. The fact that we fight and argue doesn’t rule out the love we have for each other. You are my partner and I’m always ready to dance to your tune. It’s been a pleasure becoming your wife. I want this feeling to last forever. Happy birthday, my husband.

Birthday Greetings for Husband Long Distance

Greetings on your birthday. Your presence speaks a thousand words, but your absence does no good to me. I know the long distance between us is for a reason. Above all, I will always be grateful to God for giving me a husband like you. Happy birthday, my darling.

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41. Despite the long distance between us, our love keeps soaring through it all. My heart knows what it wants and where it belongs – you. Thank you for making marriage easy for me, as I was told something else entirely. Happy birthday, my husband.

42. Even though we are miles apart, my day still begins and ends with you. My husband, you are an amazing husband and father; heaven blesses the day I met you. Left to me, I will keep saying I do, every year. Happy birthday, honey. I love you with every fibre of my being.

43. No one ever to me how sweet marriage could be, maybe because they were never lucky. I am not just lucky but blessed to have a man like you. I will keep working on myself to become the woman who deserves you. Happy birthday, sweet husband. All my love.

44. No matter how far you are, I am always assured of your faithfulness. I know you can’t mess up because you love me so much. Trust me, I equally do and I will never do anything that will hurt you. Happy birthday, sweetie. Please, have fun for two.

45. The kids keep asking after you. At this point, I don’t know what to tell them anymore. They have grown fond of you that sometimes, I get jealous. Thank you for raising our kids the best way. The awards for the best husband and dad goes to you. Happy birthday, baby.

46. You are in an entirely different place, just to make us happy and comfortable. You are a hardworking man who knows what’s best for his family. We love you so much and we hope that you always excel in everything you do. Happy birthday, our superman.

47. The love I have for you will never make me say a bad thing to you. You don’t even do things that trigger me, so I have no reason to. You respect me and place me above everyone else. If all men are like you, then we will have many successful marriages. Thank you for everything. Happy birthday to you.

48. I know you’re very far away, but that doesn’t stop me from celebrating a great man like you. You are my all-in-all. I will always be happy that I chose you over every other man. Thank you for not letting me regret my decision. Happy birthday to you.

49. I do not know how best to wish the best man a happy birthday. My love, you deserve every good thing that comes your way, and they will never stop coming. You worked for everything, and you earned them. Thank you for making me believe in myself. Happy birthday to you.

50. Most husbands will never be in like the idea of their wives doing better than them. They feel it’s not worth it. I’m thankful you are not like them, instead, you keep pushing me to do great things. I will never take your love and support for granted. Happy birthday to you.

51. My friends think I do too much when I talk about how great you are. If only they knew that I don’t even tell them all you do. Our marriage just feels like a fairytale to so many people. Thank you for making my dream marriage come to life. Happy birthday to you.

52. If wishes were horses, you will find me right beside you. You deserve every single minute of my life, and that’s why I am never going to leave you. Happy birthday, sweetheart. As you keep doing great things, I will never stop supporting you.

53. You didn’t just give me the “Mrs” title, you made sure it came with love, understanding, peace, and every beautiful thing that makes up a marriage. I am very lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for giving me a life I will cherish forever. Happy birthday, my darling.

54. I have never experienced such a beautiful love; not even from my parents. You made me understand everything about love and giving. I won’t lie; I am not the same person I used to be anymore. Thank you for changing my life for good. Happy birthday to you.

55. My life is empty without you. The day you came into my life, you came bearing love, affection, understanding, friendship, and so many others. You are one perfect human being I know. I will never allow anything to come between us. Happy birthday to you.

56. Only God can explain how much you mean to me because I don’t even understand. The love I have for you is just too much, and it keeps growing. Thank you for being a lovable partner; it makes it all ready. Happy birthday to you. I miss you every day. Come home soon.

57. I sincerely understand why you had to be away, but I can’t deal with being all alone in this house. I wish you could just abandon that project and start coming home. Anyways, because I want the best for you, you are free to take your time. Happy birthday to you.

58. You have too many presents to unbox when you get back. I’m scared the store might not even contain it. You deserve all these and more. Very soon, I am going to give you another gift – an adorable angel. Please, be expectant. Happy birthday to you.

59. Ain’t I just lucky? I have such a fine ass man as my husband. Sometimes, I just look at you and wonder how blessed I am. So many women want this kind of blessing but have no luck. Yes, I have you and I am going to cherish you forever. Happy birthday to you.

60. What’s a birthday without the life of the party himself? Every party is boring when you are not present. The house is boring just because you are not around. The kids and I miss you so much. Happy birthday to you. We can’t wait to have you back again. We love you.

Birthday Quotes for Husband Long Distance

You are more than all the birthday quotes in this world combined. Even the long distance between us has got nothing on us because our love is strongly grounded. Happy birthday, my husband. I love you.

61. I love you for so many reasons. I love you because you are handsome, free-spirited, giving, loving, caring, name it. You are everything, and I am blessed to have everything. Happy birthday to you, my handsome and loving husband.

62. My mom always told me “It’s not how far, but how well”, now I understand that better. I waited for so many years, because of love. I didn’t want to end up with just any man. I’m glad my wait paid off. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Thank you for coming for me.

63. You should know I won’t go, that’s the last thing you should worry about. I will be with you till eternity because we were meant to be together forever. Our future is so bright, and with determination, we will achieve whatever we want. Happy birthday, my man.

64. Some people think you are my big brother because you are very protective of me. Sincerely, I feel like that sometimes. You are just the sweetest person. You prefer to die than see any harm come near me. I will never make you regret ever loving me. Happy birthday to you.

65. My friends will always come around to tell me I shouldn’t trust you because I have no idea what you are doing where you are. I have and will never listen to them because I know they are just being jealous. No matter how they are, we are stuck together forever. Happy birthday to you.

66. You are my king, my love and answered prayer. I didn’t know what it takes to love, because I felt I didn’t have the capacity. Thank you for touching every area of my life with love. We just might keep swimming in love forever. Happy birthday to you.

67. I am always eager and excited to wish you well in life. You work so hard, but hardly get recognized. You deserve every of your heart’s desires because you are a good man. Trust me, lines are falling for you in pleasant places. Happy birthday to you. May you live long. Amen.

68. I love the fact that we chose a private life over PDA. We do everything in private because of our mental health. Still, so many people see our marriage as the best. We are conscious about making a change in one another, and making sure our marriage is a safe place for us and the kids. We are the best. Happy birthday to you.

69. I am not trying to cajole you; you are the best husband ever! Every woman will be lucky to have a husband like you. I won’t be surprised if they have you in their prayer points. Anyways, you are mine and that’s all that matters. Happy birthday, my love. I promise to keep killing you with love.

70. Some of my mates are a shadow of themselves, because of the kind of men they ended up with. I can’t stop thanking God for making my story a different one. No one has a sweeter marriage than us. Thank you for making it all easy. Happy birthday to you.

71. Your physical qualities wasn’t why I married you. I married you because I saw through all those. You are a kind man with a big heart. Your love for humanity was one of the things the drew me close to you. I will marry you again and again if need be. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

72. You are a superman and I can’t be thankful enough for our meeting. You have shown me all that marriage entails. Thank you for always treating me with love and acceptance. To me, you are the world’s best husband. Happy birthday, my love.

73. Most days, I wake up feeling thankful to God for giving me the best amongst all men. I thank Him for giving me the best marriage that will ever grace the planet earth. Truth is, I didn’t deserve this kind of love. But now that your presence has changed everything, I deserve all of it. Happy birthday to you.

74. It’s our birthday! Yes, nothing belongs to you alone. Even though you are not around, I am still going to throw a party. And even when you come back, I will throw another party. To me, every day is your birthday, so I will keep celebrating with you forever. Happy birthday to you.

75. When it comes to marriage, we have a happy and healthy married life. This is only possible because of you. You are the coolest husband I know. You are better than all those husbands that treat their wives like shit. Happy birthday to the most supportive and understanding husband ever. I love you.

76. As the day goes by, my love for you keeps growing. We keep getting better at this marriage thingy. Everything keeps working in our favour. It’s another year with you, and I’m thankful for the great moments the past years have brought us. I anticipate much more. Happy birthday to you.

77. Love is not in the looks but the heart. You are the most transparent partner I know, no wonder I could see through your heart. I hope that our love keeps standing the test of time. If God tarries, we will be together forever. Happy birthday to you.

78. You’re such an intelligent hard-working man. The level at which you work amazes me. Your children are lucky to have the best father ever. Thank you for making us all proud. For your birthday, we have so many presents. You will do the unboxing when you arrive. Happy birthday to you.

79. How time flies? Your birthday is a reminder that we’ve been in this marriage for another successful year. I have no regrets about ever choosing you. I was convinced that I made the right choice, so I never doubted. Happy birthday to you. Can’t wait to spend more years with you.

80. Togetherness is bliss; thank you for making me realize that. It’s your birthday today, and even though you are miles away, we can always celebrate apart and do a proper one when you are back. Happy birthday to you. We are in this together forever. I love you.

Emotional Birthday Wishes to Husband Miles Away

Even though you are miles away from me, if there was anyone on this planet who could make my life complete in every way, it has to be you and only you. I feel so emotional, right now. Happy birthday, my husband. Warm wishes.

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81. Dear hubby, here’s wishing you a happy birthday with love from me and the kids. It’s been such an amazing journey with you, and we all can’t wait to hop on to the next phase of your life. We wish you long life and prosperity. God bless you.

82. Wishes do come true; getting married to you is evidence. I have always looked at and admired you from afar. When you came asking that I marry you, I was just blushing inside of me. Thank you for choosing me. I will choose you again and again. Happy birthday to you.

83. I have no idea if there’s such thing as a next life, but if there is, I am going to look for you, find you and make sure we end up together. Because with you, marriage feels like heaven. Happy birthday to you, baby. I wish you all the best for the new year.

84. All I have ever wanted is for you to be happy, and this doesn’t only include your birthday, but every single day of your life. Happy birthday, dear Husband. I wish that you keep being relevant to your family, friends and the society at large. I love you so much.

85. We are gradually looking alike. It’s been years of staying under the same roof with you. It’s been years of sharing the same bed with you. It’s been years of wining and dining together. It couldn’t have preferred someone else. I simply want to do this forever. Happy birthday to you.

86. You were the same man before you became a superstar. Even after that, you are still the same man. Your humility is second to none. Despite all you have, you still choose to be humble and treat people with respect. I’m glad I found you. Happy birthday, dear husband.

87. It doesn’t really matter whether or not you are here with me. What matters is that you will continue to be mine. I am a queen because I have you. Thank you for always supporting and wanting the best for me. Your labour of love shall never be in vain. Happy birthday to you.

88. I stan a man who has so many dreams and is on a mission to accomplish them all, with the help of his beautiful wife. Because you have my back every time, you will always have my support, no matter how little. Happy birthday to you.

89. I’m glad I married my best friend, if not, this marriage could’ve been one hell of a tough one. Even when you’re correcting me, your voice is always soothing to my soul. Who wouldn’t want to listen to you? Happy birthday, sweetheart.

90. Thank you for showing me love in all its shapes and forms without holding anything back. You are a wonderful husband, and one day is definitely not enough to celebrate your amazingness. Happy birthday, my dear. May you always fly high in life.

91. You know I will always be there to love and support you. I have watched you grow into the successful man that you are today, with the help of a loving wife like me. I am not done yet, as I will keep supporting you. Happy birthday to you. With love from your wife.

92. Never have you ever felt like your dreams are invalid or are bigger than you. You always see possibility in everything. You take your time to make sure you never make mistakes. Only a wise man can do this. Happy birthday, my wise husband. Keep reaching for the stars.

93. On the contrary, our marriage is the sweetest. The only thing affecting it is our kids. They don’t allow us to spend quality time with each other. Not to worry, when you get back, we will be going on a vacation; all expenses paid by me. And don’t worry about the kids, they will be at their grandma’s. Happy birthday, darling.

94. You deserve all the love and pampering I give you. You are the first man who’s ever made me feel like a real woman. You don’t even have the time to nag or complain about anything. Your life is the simplest ever. Happy birthday, my sweet candy. I love you too much.

95. Your birthday and Fathers’ Day are definitely not enough to celebrate you in a year, that’s why I make sure you get all the love you deserve as a husband and father. Thank you for being there for us. I can only wish you more blessings to make all your wishes come true. Happy birthday to you.

96. You have gone through so many obstacles in this past year. I must commend you for your courage. I am still yet to see a man who’s as strong as you. I wish better days come through soonest. Happy birthday, my husband. All my love.

97. Growing up, I never saw my dad show so much love to my mom. I grew up knowing little or nothing about love. But when God was ready for me, He sent you to me. Thank you for taking this assignment. You are really doing well. Happy birthday to you.

98. To you, I am always very beautiful and attractive. Even when I look unkempt, you will still find a way to make me feel good. Ain’t I just lucky? Happy birthday, my hubby. With you, I have no reason to listen to the world. I love you much more.

99. We have gone through worse situations in life, and we came out stronger. We are the best teammates ever. I have no worries because I have you right beside me. Yes, you are far away, but you are still very close. Happy birthday, my love.

100. You have been saving up, just because you want to take me to Paris. Sometimes, we have more pressing needs, but you always find a means of attending to them without touching your savings. Thank you for your selflessness and love. I love you to the moon and back. Happy birthday, baby.

101. Dear husband, I am so grateful that you are mine. From now on, all I want to do is to keep looking in your eyes, being there for you, sharing in everything you do, and grow old with you. I hope you feel the same way as well. Happy birthday, my husband.

Hey there! Either positively or negatively, your husband’s absence will affect you. I hope the long-distance heart touching birthday wishes for your husband up there is enough to make you both feel good on his birthday.

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