Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Happy 21st Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

Wishes do come true; by some form of a cosmic affair or another but other times, it’s left to us to bring some of these wishes to life.
Your girlfriend deserves happy moments and cute love letters and those are some of the things you can make come true on days aside from her birthdays.

At 21, every girl is hoping and deserves to be a shining star, your girlfriend inclusive, so finding ways to support your girlfriend will be something that will help strengthen the depth and quality of your relationship over time.

Depending on the kind of person your girlfriend is, she may have varying preferences for her birthday celebration but she’ll definitely appreciate beautiful wishes and prayers for her 21st birthday.
Therefore, I have gone ahead to put down some of the sweetest happy 21st birthday wishes for girlfriend that’ll make your girl feel loved.

I’m pretty sure that you’ll find the perfect words for her, a happy 21st birthday to your girlfriend.

Best 21st Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

Welcome to the 21st year of your life; a chapter that will be filled with so many wonderful moments of joy, success and immense progress. You are blessed in all that you do. Happy 21st birthday baby girl, I love you.

1. I bless your 21st year with the blessings of the Lord, you shall have an excellent year ahead.
Happy birthday best girl.

2. May the joy and success of a new age fill your 21st year on earth.
Happy birthday my darling.

3. Happy 21st birthday to you my darling girlfriend.
Praying for you to have the best of everything as you navigate your new age.

4. Your 21st year shall be your best one yet, happy birthday sweetheart. May God bless you abundantly.

5. You are loved by God and He will always guide you through the days of your life. My darling girlfriend, have a beautiful 21st birthday.

6. I thank God for your 21st year and this special day to celebrate your birthday. Remain blessed my love.

7. Forever grateful to God that you’re my girlfriend. May your 21st birthday be incredibly amazing. Happy birthday my love.

8. May the Lord bless and keep you throughout your 21st year.
Happy birthday my best girl.

9. A specially blessed 21st year to my special girlfriend.
A wonderful birthday to you.

10. God’s blessings and grace to you now and always as you begin the 21st chapter of your life. Wishing you a happy birthday.

11. I pray for this 21st birthday to usher in all the beautiful things of life for my amazing girlfriend. Have a fantastic birthday my love.

12. Your daily help and nourishment comes from the Lord who made heaven and earth. Have a wonderful 21st birthday.

13. May the Lord make your 21st birthday as special as you deserve.
Happy birthday my special girl.

14. It shall be a year of immense success for your 21st year.
Love you baby, happy birthday!

15. To the world’s best girlfriend, you shall have a year of success, joy and happiness in abundance. Happy 21st birthday baby.

16. Thanking God for your birth anniversary and for the opportunity to have you as my girlfriend. Cheers to year 21, it shall be divinely great.

17. Today and always, you will excel and find joy all around you.
My dear girlfriend, happy 21st birthday.

18. This is your year of massive progress and all-around success.
Have a great birthday my darling. Cheers to chapter 21.

19. The beginning of another remarkable and fruitful year where you get to excel. Happy 21st birthday sweetheart.

20. On this wonderful day, I wish you a hearty 21st birthday.
All the love and prayers from your boyfriend.

21. May God bless and keep you safe all the days of your life.
Have a blessed 21st birthday.

22. Your days shall be successful, your nights shall be peaceful today and always. Happy 21st birthday my baby girl.

23. For each day of your 21st year, you shall receive God’s love and abundant blessings. Happy birthday, sweetie.

24. I thank God for all the wonderful things He has in store for your 21st year on earth. Happy birthday, love.

25. You being my girlfriend is a gift that I’m forever grateful for.
Today, I’m thankful for your birth anniversary and all the amazing things to come.

Happy 21st Birthday Girlfriend Quotes

You are everything you decide to be and I don’t know a lot of people who go all out to chase their dreams as you do. I can already tell that you will have a year of success and more progress. A beautiful and happy 21st birthday to you, dear girlfriend.

26. Like the sun during the day and the stars during the night, continue to shine the brightest. Happy 21st birthday my darling girl.

27. Enjoy the moments and make beautiful memories as you go, I hope you have a fantastic 21st birthday. This guy loves you so much.

28. Sometimes, life is what you make of it. I already know that you’ll have a splendid 21st year, happy birthday baby.

29. Rooting for my super amazing girlfriend to have a super amazing 21st year. Happy birthday, dear.

30. This is a year for you to break new ground and excel.
A beautiful 21st birthday to you babe.

31. Look out for the happy moments because you’ll be having lots of them for your new age (inserting heart emoji). Happy birthday my darling, cheers to 21!

32. To my favourite human and girlfriend, happy 21st birthday my love. I’ll do all that I can to make sure that you have a beautiful day and a great year.

33. Moments come and go but you’ll stay in my heart forever.
Happy 21st birthday to you babe.

34. Happy 21st birthday to my superstar girlfriend. I love you so much and I wish you tons of success and goodness for this new chapter of your life.

35. Welcome to another massively beautiful year for you to excel beyond all imaginations. Wishing you a magnificent 21st birthday.

36. It’s only proper that my amazing girlfriend will have a beautiful birthday. Happy 21st birthday babe, have a great one.

37. Cheers to a year of beautiful growth and enchanting glow as you celebrate your 21st birthday.

38. What if I told you that you make my world shine a little brighter.
Keep shining bright, happy 21st birthday.

39. Wishing my amazing girlfriend an amazing 21st year.
This will be a beautiful year for you and I’ll always be in your corner.

40. A wonderful girlfriend deserves a wonderful birthday and year.
You shall have all of the wonderful things in abundance. Happy 21st birthday to you.

41. I promise to be a supportive boyfriend all through your new age and beyond. A beautiful 21st birthday to you my love.

42. The universe flows with an abundance of kindness, may you receive kindness on a daily. Happy birthday, babe, have a beautiful year.

43. It feels great to have a wonderful girlfriend. I sincerely hope you enjoy every day of your 21st year. Wishing you a fantastic birthday.

44. To the birthday girl who captured my heart, have yourself the most beautiful of birthdays. Cheers to 21.

45. Being your boyfriend absolutely makes me happy and nothing will make me happier than seeing you flourish throughout the year.
Happy 21st birthday my love.

46. I cherish you and your presence in my life and I hope that you have the amazingly beautiful year that you deserve. Have an amazing 21st birthday.

47. A wonderfully blessed 21st birthday to the most wonderful girlfriend ever. Have a joyful day.

48. You are such a gem and the world is lucky to have you and I’m even luckier that you’re my girlfriend. Do have a fantastic 21st birthday.

49. I get to wake up everyday knowing that I have such an amazing girlfriend. Today is for celebrating your beautiful existence, happy 21st birthday my love.

50. I celebrate you for being a wonderful person and girlfriend.
I can’t wait to see you excel throughout the year and beyond. Happy birthday, babe.

21st Birthday Greetings for Girlfriend

The 21st chapter of your life is here and I’m rooting for you to have the best of year. Sending you all the birthday love, grace and goodness you’ll need for the entirety of the year. I wish you a happy 21st birthday.

51. Special birthday greetings to my special girl on your 21st birthday. Happy birthday my love.

52. Celebrating the love of my life on becoming a 21-year-old adult.
I love you babe, happy birthday.

53. One thing I know for sure is that you deserve all the amazing things of life and you’ll get them. Happy 21st birthday my love.

54. Everyday, I celebrate the amazing girlfriend you are to me but on this special day, I celebrate your 21st birth anniversary. Keep shining star girl, happy birthday.

55. Today marks the beginning of what will be a special and rewarding year for you. Happy 21st birthday my baby.

56. From a happy boyfriend to the loveliest girlfriend ever, happy birthday my love. Hoping for your 21st year to be incredibly beautiful.

57. You shine the brightest because you’re such a wonderful soul.
Happy birth anniversary my love, enjoy year 21 to the fullest!

58. Wishing you a super fun day (I got this part covered) and a brilliant 21st year ahead. A beautiful birthday to you my best girl.

59. You make me a happy boyfriend because you’re an incredibly amazing girlfriend.
Cheers to the beauty your 21st year will be, happy birthday love.

60. Birthday Cheers and best wishes to my favourite girl.
I love you so much and I hope you have the most awesome year yet.
Cheers to 21.

61. The day is finally here; the love of my life turns 21 today. (insert her name), I’m so proud of how far you have come and I wish you all the best for this new chapter.

62. Your 21st year will be excellent because you are such a gem and a wonderful girlfriend. A happy birthday to you my love.

63. I can’t get over how awesome you are as a person and my girlfriend and I celebrate this wonderful age of 21 with you. I know you’ll have a specially beautiful year.

64. I have no doubt that the best girlfriend in the world will have a fantastic 21st birthday. Have yourself a beautiful new age.

65. Another year and a renewed opportunity to keep excelling like you always do. Happy 21st birthday my love.

66. Sending you heavenly birthday greetings and the best of wishes for your 21st birthday. Have a beautiful birthday dearest.

67. You are one in a million so it’ll only be right for you to have millions of beautiful moments for your 21st year. Happy birthday my love.

68. I absolutely love how much of a beautiful soul you are.
I wish you the most beautiful of things for your 21st birthday, xoxo.

69. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m dating the most amazing girl I know. Happy 21st birthday baby, keep being your brilliant self.

70. All the love and best birthday wishes to the best girl I know.
I love you so much (insert her name), have a wonderful 21st year.

71. A super awesome 21st birthday to my super awesome girlfriend, another year for you to excel at literally everything. Rooting for you as always.

72. Birthday love and kisses to my favourite girl. Chapter 21 will be everything you need it to be.

73. I couldn’t be happier to celebrate your 21st birthday with you.
I know that you will have such a great year going forward.

74. The best part about today is that I get to spend every moment celebrating the amazing person you are. A beautiful 21st birthday to you.

75. I feel so grateful that this wonderful birthday girl is my lovely girlfriend. Happy 21st birthday dear, have a splendid year.

Cute 21st Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriend

Hey young adult, happy 21st birthday my love. Cheers to all the exciting adventures you’ll experience in this beautiful year. Moments to be had, memories to be made, I’ll be by your side every step of the way. Have a fantastic birthday and my best wishes are with you, my dear cute girlfriend.

76. Hi birthday girl, your boyfriend loves you so much. Have a special 21st birthday and I’ll be here cheering you on all year round.

77. Chapter 21 will be as super cool and fantastic as you are, a joyful birthday of love to you.

78. You’re officially the coolest 21 years old on the planet, happy birthday my love.

79. You deserve the best things of chapter 21 because you are beyond amazing. Have a beautiful birthday.

80. Shout out to my special birthday girl who deserves the perfect 21st year. I’ll be by your side all through it.

81. My world is brighter and better because you are my girlfriend, I wish you all the beauty and goodness you deserve for your 21st birthday.

82. Know that I’ll be right here cheering for you every step of the year, happy 21st birthday sweetheart.

83. The happiest of birthdays to the brightest of stars, 21 will be so good to you. As for today, I’ll make sure you have so much fun.

84. All I want is to see you happy all year round and I’ll be here for every moment. A wonderful 21st birthday to you.

85. I have a strong feeling that you will have such a fantastic 21st year. A fantastic birthday to you.

86. Another birthday to celebrate my lovely girlfriend, more joy, love and success for your 21st birthday.

87. All 21 birthday cheers for your 21st birthday, it’s already looking like a beautiful year. Happy birthday, baby.

88. I love every day with you and I celebrate you on this special day as you turn a year older. Hoping for your 21st year to be your best so far.

89. It’s your bloom season and I’m here to cheer for you all the way.
Enjoy year 21, happy birthday baby.

90. A perfect 21st birthday and year to the perfect girlfriend, you are an amazing baby. Love you always.

91. A lovely 21 birthday cheers to the birthday girl, a season to shine and excel. Have a fantastic year.

92. Have the joyous birthday ever because you deserve it all, a happy 21st birthday to you.

93. My favourite girl in the world is 21 years today!!! Cheers baby and do have a beautifully successful year.

94. Happy 21st birthday babe, you are forever a star so keep shining (insert heart emoji).

95. Today is for you and you alone because you are such a wonderful person. I love you and I wish you a beautiful 21st birthday.

96. I’m so grateful that you exist and that you are my girlfriend.
I hope that your 21st year is indeed exciting and successful.

97. A lot of cake to celebrate today because you’re the sweetest person I know. A sweet 21st birthday to you.

98. Dear awesome girlfriend of mine, have an awesome 21st birthday. Ps. this guy loves you a lot.

99. I hope for all your birthday wishes to come true now and always, happy 21st birthday sweetheart.

100. If I could, I’ll make all your wishes come true.
Happy birthday, babe, chapter 21 will be awesome!

As I wrote these words down, I couldn’t help but be excited for you and your girlfriend and that is why every one of these birthday messages has been filled with so much love, admiration and the best of wishes for your girlfriend’s 21st birthday.

I’m rooting for you and your girl, best wishes for your relationship.

Do me a favour and share this with all your social networks, thank you.

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