Best of Birthday Prayers for My Girlfriend

Best of Birthday Prayers for My Girlfriend

Every birthday comes with a special blessing, and when it’s that of your girlfriend, making it more blessed will go a long way in expressing how much you love and wish her well.

If you are thinking of a special way to make her birthday a more blessed one and a wonderful gift you can offer her, a prayer message is great, it shows your girlfriend or wife just how much you want the best for her in her new age.

Praying for your girlfriend on her birthday doesn’t have to be difficult or appear complex. I can assure you, with the best of birthday prayers for my girlfriend here, you will be ushering your girlfriend into a glorious new year and she will live to adore you all her days.

Here you go with the best of birthday prayers for girlfriend to use on her birthday. All you need to do is copy the ones that best convey your thoughts and send them to her.

Go ahead and bless your girlfriend’s new age!

Happy Birthday Prayers to Your Girlfriend

For my love and value of you, I can’t think of a better way to express my feelings and desire than to wish you a happy birthday in a very dignified way and in appreciation of you. My prayer is that you will enjoy peace and sound health all through your days. I can’t stop loving you, my dear girlfriend.

1. Happy birthday, my love. May your heart be filled with joy, comfort, warmth, and tranquillity all year round. Amen!

2. From this new year onward, your eyes will shine to see more beauty and your heart will thrill for more gladness. Happy birthday, darling.

3. Sweetheart, as you experience a new year today, my wish is that the wealth of foreign nations will be brought unto you. You deserve the best because you’re a true beauty.

4. The glory of the day will bring increase to all your proceeds and endeavours. The glory of the night will radiate you with great tranquillity. Happy birthday my sweet girlfriend.

5. As you are rejoicing on this occasion of another birth anniversary of yours, the spirit of the Lord will fill you to the brim. You will know no sorrow all your days.

6. You have thrilled me with so much joy and have served me well. At every call you make, nations will rise to serve you. Best wishes on your birthday, dear.

7. Joy unspeakable will garrison your mind and soul. Nothing is permitted to trouble you from now on. So shall it be. With love from me to you on your birthday.

8. While I assure you of my love and commitment to you, be assured as well that God is restoring beauty for your ashes. Happy celebration.

9. Seeing you teary makes me worry about you. But know that God has promised you joyous blessings instead of mourning. Happy birthday

10. I’ve found a wife in you for you thrill me through and through. As you always gladden my heart, the Lord will fill you with exceeding joy and beautify you much more. Happy birthday, my love.

11. Hey baby, it’s your birthday. Glad you’re witnessing another beautiful year in the land of the living. May this day of joy not turn to sorrow for you.

12. I pray secretly for you. I pray openly for you. My prayers over you will be answered and you will experience speedy results in every ramification.

13. You light up my world. May the light of God flood through your heart and path. I love and care so much for you. Happy birthday!

14. Everything about you gives me great peace and much joy. May God establish you and set you in places you never ever dream of attaining in life. Best wishes on your birthday.

15. May the Lord establish you and bless the works of your hand. It is well with you, my princess. Happy birthday.

16. Angel, may you receive speedy answers to all your prayer requests and heart desires on this special day of yours. Best wishes on your special day.

17. I desire a triplet, and I know you will be the one to birth for me all the children I long to have in this world. So shall it be. Happy birthday, my cuppy cake.

18. I rejoice with you my angel on this special day of yours. As you have seen the beauty of a new year, so will the presence of the Lord surround you.

19. No longer will you struggle to make it in life. It’s your season of celebration. Happiest birthday to you.

20. For you’re the celebrity of today. Your experiences will be that of resounding testimonies, outpouring blessings, divine favour and extravagant grace. These and more are my wonderful wishes to you.

21. No evil whatsoever is permitted to come near your dwelling. For you bear the mark of the Almighty. Happy birthday, my dove.

22. A woman like you is worth praying for every blessed morning because of the peacefulness you bring to her man’s heart. Your joy shall be full. Happy birthday my one and only.

23. My love for you makes me remember you daily in my prayers – that rest of mind will be your portion in all you do. Happiest birthday to you.

24. I can’t stop loving you, and I can’t stop praying for you. May my love in your heart continue to blossom till we seal it up in a blissful and forever union.

25. I woke up this morning filled with your thought. Then it was laid on my heart to pray for you that you experience eternal blessings all your life. I appreciate you. Happy birthday.

Prayer Birthday Wishes for Girlfriend

When I think of you especially on your birthday, all I’m concerned about is your wellbeing and advancement in many special ways. For this, I pray that my prayers and good wishes will work wonders in many respects for you – all to your special day, my girlfriend.

26. I have always loved and appreciated you with everything within me. I pray to have you by my side till eternity while you enjoy a good life. So shall it be. Happy birthday, my cuppy cake.

27. All the good things of life that your heart desires will not elude you this new year and always. Happiest birthday I wish you.

28. I pray some silent prayers, I pray in a loud voice, I pray secretly, I also pray publicly. The blessings of the Lord will envelop you. Happy birthday!

29. Honey, may all my supplications over you be answered. Happy birthday.

30. Happiness is yours from now on. May your life will be blessed with all the richness of life. A blessed birthday I wish you.

31. On this special day, I pray for you to always walk on the path that leads to your upliftment.

32. Nothing shall stop your elevation this new year, my love. You are going places. Happy birthday.

33. I long to be with you always. I pray God light up your paths and guide all your steps. Happy birthday, my angel.

34. My darling, you have been lifted. Nothing shall bring you down. It’s your birthday.

35. All eyes who behold you on this special day will be blessed for they will see the beauty of the Lord radiating all over you in a spectacular way.

36. Pretty woman, welcome to the dawn of a new rising. It is your season of jubilee. Happy birthday to you.

37. So far, you’re the best woman I’ve ever known and you delight me with every good thing within you. May happiness not be far from you.

38. Happy birthday to the lady of my heart.
May this new phase bring pleasant tidings to you. Best wishes.

39. May you be seasoned and divinely touched by God. Have a fantastic celebration, my darling angel.

40. As the Lord lives, no arrow that is shot by day nor pestilence that strikes during the night shall come near your dwelling. I can’t stop praying for you. Happy birthday.

41. You’re preserved of the Lord and all your undertakings are perfected by God’s grace. Happy birthday.

42. The promises of the Lord upon you to guide and keep you safe stands sure. You are an overcomer. Happy birthday my bae of life.

43. May the promises of the Lord come to perfection over your life. You will rejoice. Happy new year.

44. You’ve been a woman with great potentials and I know your expectations will never be cut short. So shall it be. Happy birthday.

45. Sweetheart, I pray that beyond your imagination, so shall pleasant surprises come your way. It’s a blessed year for you.

46. Happy birthday to my crush and soulmate. Praying you my undying love and wishing you unending blessings.

47. The challenges of life will not turn your heart from God. No matter what comes your way, you will surely overcome.

48. Happy birthday, beautiful soul. I pray for you that your love for God be steadfast and your faith be unshakeable. Best wishes in your new year.

49. My sugar pie, may blessed opportunities that will transform your life come your way. Happy birthday.

50. You deserve the best this day because you’re a special personality. May you come in contact with favour from men and blessings from God. Amen! Happy birthday.

Prayers for My Girlfriend on Her Birthday

To my girlfriend who is extra special to me, I won’t but drop some special prayers for you such that you can behold every beautiful morning especially on your birthday and be assured of a greater year ahead. I pray your new year to be great for you are one of a kind and you deserve all the very best in this special year.

51. Grateful to God for upholding you this far. May His presence not depart from your life. Happy birthday.

52. May victories crown your pursuits in life. No more will you be stranded for you are God’s favourite. Happy birthday my angel.

53. Here’s to wish you an honourable day my special one. Your discoveries this new year will be greater than that of the previous years.

54. For you’re the apple of God’s eye, nothing shall be difficult for you to achieve in life. You will not be stranded at every point of need. So shall it be. Amen! Happy birthday.

55. May you be filled with the excitement that comes with a new year. Your joy is unstoppable because you’re a special being. Happy birthday.

56. Like the palm trees that blossom and flourish, so shall all the days of the year be for you. Happy birthday, my darling angel.

57. I have always felt special because you make me feel so. For this, I pray that the Lord wrap you with blessings and favour all year round.

58. I want to use this opportunity to wish you a blessed day filled with prosperity, love and all the lucks that you deserve on this special day. Happy birthday.

59. I am so confident of my choice of you because you speak peace with your presence. May your life radiate the peace of God every blessed day of your life.

60. Wholeness comes with your presence. And I pray God’s presence in your life bring you greater wholeness and freshness.

61. My darling, you are an embodiment of love and virtue. Your life will bring forth good results for others to see and learn from. Happy birthday.

62. All my life, I never thought of making any good decision until I chose to keep you. Nothing shall stop you from rising no matter how much the enemy tries to hinder you. Happy birthday!

63. You attracted me with your charm and elegance. May your life remain ever attractive to those that will favour you. I appreciate you, my dear. Happy birthday.

64. The Lord will not let go of you for He will continue to keep you safe under His banner of love. Happiest birthday to you.

65. My love, I pray for you this day. That God will fill you with the strength to sail through life with ease. Happiest birthday on this special day.

66. Happy birthday my sweetheart. May the new vision for exploit be released unto you as you celebrate a new year today. Happy birthday!

67. Happy birthday my darling. May every day of the year count for your greatness and promotion.

68. May you continue to gain direction for your next level as you celebrate a new year today.

69. It’s just too late for the devil to gain victory over your life because His banner over you is love. Happy birthday to you.

70. Never have I met any graceful woman in my life until I met you. I pray you increase in health, wealth, wisdom and joy. Happy birthday to you.

71. Sweet love of my life, I pray your life continue to produce sweet-smelling fragrance to attract heaven’s favour unto you. Happy birthday and best wishes.

72. As you embark on the journey of another year, Jehovah Jireh will provide all your needs and you will never be stranded.

73. My wish today is that God continues to keep you so our love can keep waxing stronger. Happy birthday my angel.

74. Nothing shall be difficult for you to accomplish in life. May you experience ease and favour all your days. Happy birthday.

75. Your coming into my life is a huge blessing. So, I pray goodness and mercy will follow you all your days. Warm wishes on your birthday.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Girlfriend

It’s a new year for you, my love and a good way to start is to send you some beautiful prayers. I pray that the Lord will satisfy your needs and will grant you your heart desires. Happy birthday, my adorable girlfriend. Lovely toasts to your birthday.

76. The grace and power to rise above every obstacle will be granted unto you. Happy birthday to my beautiful angel.

77. My dear, you may not be where you yet desire but the birthday of today will take you to the deeper level of your attainment in life.

78. For every mouth that has mocked you and every eye that has scorned you will live to celebrate your greatness in the land of the living. So shall it be! Happy birthday.

79. If the Lord be for you, no one dares to stand against you. You’re favoured. Happy birthday, my best choice.

80. Just as you’re celebrating your second birthday as my girlfriend, I pray God sustains us and grant all your aspirations in life. I love you, darling. Happy birthday to you.

81. Knowing you makes me feel so good and respected. While I promise you, my unending love, I pray heaven keeps you safe under the shadow of His eternal love. Happy birthday my one and only.

82. I love everything about you and I’m sure heaven is smiling on you today. Among your equals, may you be lifted above them all. Happy birthday.

83. As you increase in years, may your growth and maturity in life never be stunted. God bless and increase you more.

84. You’ve got beautiful and gifted hands. I pray that whatsoever you lay hands upon from this new year onward shall prosper and bring forth plenty harvest unto you. Happy new year.

85. Everything that is required to be great had been deposited in you. For this, I pray fruitfulness is your portion all your days.

86. Like a tree planted by the riverside, so shall you be firmly established in God. Happy birthday.

87. In this new year of yours, the promises of God over your life will surely come to manifestation. Nothing shall hinder your blessings. Happy birthday and best wishes.

88. To the one and only woman that makes me smile, I see your desires being granted and favour coming near your dwelling from now on. Happy birthday, my cuppy cake.

89. Your long-awaited aspirations and desires will come to manifestation this new year. Good morning and happy birthday to you, my special one.

90. As you arise, stretch your body, and freshen up. As I behold you, your cup is running over and testimonies will follow for you. Happy birthday.

91. I can’t stop thanking God for your life. May the blessings of the day, blessings of the sun, moon and star come your way. Happy birthday, my heartbeat.

92. For being a woman of great peace and embodiment of great virtue, I pray from the depth of heart for you that your days on earth will be long. Happy birthday.

93. In all your pursuit and endeavours, may God be pleased and His beauty shine over you. Amen. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

94. Now is the set time for each of your long-awaited blessings to come to manifestation. You will not be stranded. Happiest birthday I wish you.

95. Amazing testimonies are coming your way…that I’m confident of. Happy birthday my choicest one.

96. Because I care so much about you, I call on the guiding angel to watch over you, keep and guide you. Happy birthday.

97. For this cause, signs and wonders will follow you whenever you call upon God. It is your season of jubilation. Happy birthday, darling.

98. Dear God, I pray that you strengthen my love, watch over her and keep her safe under the shadow of your wings. Happy birthday.

99. Father, I look up to you on behalf of my angel and pray you help her to make the right decision at every point of confusion. Amen.

100. May the heart to receive whatever God tells you be given unto you. You will not be confused. You will be rightly guided. Happy birthday.

When you get the needed inspiration, you get the right doses of lovely prayer messages you can ever think of.

For this, I have provided you with this powerful list of best birthday prayers for my girlfriend. This is my goal and I’m sure you’re satisfied with them.

Meanwhile, it’s not limited to your girlfriend alone, you can send to your wife too.

Use as much as you can and share freely.

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