Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend 1

Happy 48th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

You’ll agree with me that some boyfriends though strong are emotional and little words of love coupled with some dose of affection make them feel as though they’re on top of the world and well appreciated. It’s usually a better feeling on their special days as they look forward, not necessarily to your expensive gifts but your priceless words of love.

Sweet, lovely words can turn around your significant half’s special day into one he’ll forever remember, appreciating you all years long. Speak the language of love to your partner on his 48th birthday and make him feel drown in your ocean of affection.

Your kind words of love are one of the many special ways you can make him have a blast on his special day while letting him know how blessed you are to have him on your side!

Choose any of these happy 48th birthday wishes for boyfriend if you’re looking for how to make him feel loved on his big 48.

Best 48th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

My prayers are with you, just as my heart beats for you, baby. One thing I’ll never stop doing is to stop praying for you, to be in good health and to prosper in all your doings! On this special occasion of your big 48, I’ll even say more words of prayers for you and I know that lines are falling in pleasant places for you! Happy 48th birthday to the best boyfriend ever.

1.Another year has passed and here comes another reason to celebrate. May the Lord cause all that concerns you to flourish and may He prosper your ways now and always! Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

2. May all your secret prayers be answered. May you receive all the goodies you’ve ever wished for. All I wish for you is a king’s meal and splendour. Happy 48th birthday, sweetie.

3. I pray that this day brings you more joy than you can ever imagine, that the Lord cause you to prosper in all your ways, that you enjoy affluence and peace on all sides. Your days are blessed and you enjoy God’s blessings all around! Happy fabulous 48th birthday, my darling!

4. The best is yet to come, this year will be a year of resounding success and all-around fruitfulness. Your land shall yield its increase, sweet shall your wine be and your head lifted! Happy 48th birthday to the man that inspires me.

5. I pray that you have every reason to laugh in this new season of yours. Your head is lifted above your peers and the works of your hands are blessed now and always! Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

6. My special prayer for you this day is that you find joy in all that you do, that you affect your world and be a shining light to everyone around you. Your light will never go dim and your relevance is forever preserved. Happy 48th birthday to the man I love.

Happy 48th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

Just as your birthday is special, so are you. The only difference is that you are amazingly special and I won’t trade your love for anything else! You rule my world and I’m happy I received your love earlier. You’re perfect, not for anyone else, but for me! I wish you a fabulous 48th birthday celebration, my lovely boyfriend.

7. Another year has passed and here comes another reason to celebrate. Thank you for being my super amazing man. Happy 48th birthday to you, baby.

8. You’re my superhero and the one who my heart loves. I will never trade your love for a fortune because your love means the whole world to me! Happy 48th birthday, my love.

9. Hey! Do not count your years but count the life it gives you. Enjoy your day, my darling. Happy 48th birthday, sweetheart.

10. The best is yet to come. You are born to bring blessings and inspire us and that’s what your life has always been! Happy 48th birthday, dear

11. I wish life always gives you the reason to smile for as long as you live. You’re super amazing and I love you just the way you are! Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

12. Your special day is just as special as you are. You’re loved now and every other time. Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

Happy 48th Birthday to My Boyfriend

I know you hold this day in high esteem which makes this day a special one for me as well. You’re the most amazing guy I’ve ever met and the times spent with you have lightened up my life. Thank you for being the beautiful life I’ve always dreamed of. Cheers to forever together, my love. Happy 48th birthday celebration, loving lover and boyfriend.

13. Days with you are the best and I’m so thankful I have you in my life to cherish all day! Happy 48th birthday to my special man

14. Everything you do for me tilts towards loving me more with every passing day. A lifetime spent with you can never end in regret. I cherish you all the days of my life! Happy big 48, my love.

15. Birthdays are special but yours is extra special because of how amazing you are. I love the way you love me effortlessly and I wish we spend many more years cherishing and nourishing what we both share. Happy 48th birthday, my darling boyfriend.

16. You’re all that my heart longs for. You’re my hero and I’m glad to spend this special day with you! Happy 48th birthday to the man of my dreams.

17. What is love without you? I yearn to love you more every day of our lives. This day and every other day is definitely a new chapter to express my undying love for you. Happy 48th birthday, my love.

18. Happy 48th birthday to my prince charming. Your ways are made straight and your days are blessed! I love you with every breath in me!

48th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

I can’t contain my love for you, not because of anything but because you’re the perfect lover my heart seeks for. It’s your birthday and it feels like I’m the one celebrating the most. I can’t thank God enough for crafting you as that special piece that completes me, tickling my fantasies. Happy 48th birthday to the most amazing boyfriend on earth! I hope this greeting meets you in peace.

19. I’m sending you lots of love, kisses and hugs just like I’ll send it on every other day because celebrating you takes my whole lifetime. Happy big 48, my darling.

20. Congratulations on your new season of amazing grace. I am sending you my love and good wishes and be sure I’ll send you all these till eternity. Happy 48th birthday, my love.

21. Many happy returns on your birthday. I wish you have wonderful days full of love, care and best hope. It’s a new year of faith alive! Happy 48th birthday, sweetheart.

22. May all your dreams come true and may our love story be enviable. I love you to the moon and back! Happy 48th birthday to the man I love.

23. On your special day, I wish your birthday is full of sunshine and rainbow bringing you lots of happiness and greater hope. Happy 48th birthday to the man after my heart.

24. Best wishes for a happy birthday. You’re the best of your kind and an amazing lover whose mind is stayed in love at every given time. I love the way you love us! Shine always, because you’re destined to! Happy 48th birthday to you, my love.

25. Your smile warms my heart and I’m blown away by your sweet love. I wish that you enjoy every bit of your new year in affluence and peace of mind! Happy 48th birthday, baby.

Cute 48th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

I know my boxes of chocolates and well-wrapped gifts are nothing compared to how amazing you are. You’re the calmest, sweetest soul I’ve ever met and my wishes for us this day is together forever. Cheers to many more years together with you as my boyfriend. Happy 48th birthday to the cute guy that rocks my world!

26. Happy 48th birthday my all in all, first in thought and first in the heart. You’ve won my heart over and over and I won’t stop loving you. You’re my ride or die!

27. I have given you the whole of my heart, to own and to love. I will always love you even when the sun stops shining and the moon stops glowing. Happy 48th birthday to the man I love forever!

Funny 48th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

As the assistant birthday celebrant, I’m seeking your permission to paint the town red on your behalf and I’m sure that permission is granted already! Let’s go enjoy your big 48 even though you don’t admit you’re that old! Happy birthday to the only guy I tease a lot! My best wishes are with you, dear boyfriend.

28. Don’t you think getting a birthday present for you is a waste of time since you have ME. I’m the best birthday gift ever! Happy 48th birthday, my love.

29. It’s just 48 years yet you’re still green. I need not tell you that I’ll love you even when you’re grey. Happy 48th birthday to my not-so-young boyfriend.

30. I hope you know you’re getting older. Stop claiming to be young and be a daddy already! Happy 48th birthday, boyfriend!

Thank you for going through this happy 48th birthday wishes for boyfriend. I’m sure it was a good read for you and that you found the ones you love.

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