Birthday wishes and Prayers for my Mother

Birthday wishes and Prayers for my Mother (2023)

Our mothers are of great value and should be treated with respect and admiration. Without our mothers, we would not be on this planet today. Our mothers have played a major role in making us who we are today. For their patience, discipline, care and support, they deserve a standing ovation.

Our mothers bathe us when we were infants and toddlers. They breastfed us, they won’t sleep until we are fast asleep. They made a lot of sacrifices for us to become better people. Mothers are the salt of the world. They bring life into what seems lifeless. They are wonderful.

The least we can do to express how much we value and appreciate them is to make them feel loved, celebrate them, especially on special occasions like their birthdays. Birthday is a great opportunity to appreciate your mom and send your wishes and prayers to her.

Below are various birthday wishes and prayers for my mother you can send to your mother to make her feel loved and happy. You can pick any of these and make your mum feel on top of the world.

Happy birthday Prayer Messages for My Mother

The best of wishes, messages and prayers to say to your mother or send to her on the occasion of her birthday. Make your mom feel like the best mom in the world that she is.

1. Good morning, dearest mother. It is your day and I am so happy. You look elegant and you are full of life. My wishes and prayers for you are long life and prosperity in good health and a sound mind. I love you, mom. Happy birthday!

2. Mum, I am looking for the best words to define you. You are my pillar, my support and role model. May God strengthen and give you a long life.

3. Mummy, I am very grateful for bringing me up in the right way and instilling good principles in me. Happy birthday, mum.

4. Mummy, happy birthday to you. Thank you for playing a major role in making me a great woman of value. I love you, mom.

5. Mum, you are so special to me. You are my guardian angel. You have shown me so much love and care. How blessed I am to have you as my mother. Happy birthday, mum.

6. Mom, you are a rare gem. So precious to me, you are my gold, my diamond and my silver. You are so beautiful, mum. I love you so much, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

7. Mum, over the years, we have grown so close, the bond we share is strong and can never be broken. If not for your words of advice, discipline and prayers. I would have been wayward. Thank you, mum. Happy birthday.

8. Mom, you are the best. You are all I would have ever wished for, in a mother. You are God’s angel sent to me. Happy birthday to the best mom in the world.

9. My mother, I love you so much. You mean so much to me. I won’t allow anyone to hurt you or harass you. You deserve to be pampered. Mum, you have been through a lot because of me. Happy birthday, mummy.

10. Mum, I wish you long life and prosperity in good health. all of your dreams shall come true. Today is your day ma. Enjoy your day. Happy birthday, mom.

11. The lord shall grant al your heart desires and give you pleasant surprises. You will continue to be celebrated. Happy birthday, mother.

12. Mummy, the lord that has brought you this far will continually back you up. Every good road will open before you.

13. Dear mom, as you celebrate your birthday, bear it in mind that God has a great plan for you. You will live long and see your grandchildren in Jesus name. Happy birthday, mum.

14. The plans of the enemy over your life shall not come to pass. Only the good plans of God shall come to pass in your life. Happy birthday, ma.

15. Mum, God will favour you; his favour will not depart from your life. All round victory will be your portion. Happy birthday, mummy.

16. Life is filled with various types of challenges, but God will give you the grace to overcome every challenge that comes your way in Jesus name. Amen. Happy birthday, mummy.

17. Mom, when I grow up and get married. I would love to be like you. You are a great woman. You sacrificed everything just for me to be great in life. Happy birthday to my mom.

18. Mum, you are so loving to me, even when I caused you so much pain. When I was much younger, you never get tired of me. You kept correcting me in love and that didn’t stop until I turned a new leaf. Happy birthday, mummy.

19. Mum, you kept me from the dangers of this world. You groomed me up to be the wonderful lady I am today. I love you mum. Happy birthday.

20. I would forever be grateful to you, mum. I am blessed to have you in my life. You have placed great virtues in me and remoulded my character. You are my best friend. None of my secrets is hidden from you. I love you mum.

21. Mummy, you are my sunshine. You are my guiding principle. You never gave up on me. God will uphold you. Happy birthday, mum.

22. God will continually make you happy. You are my brightest star. You are my teacher, my friend and my counsellor. I love you mum. Happy birthday, mom.

23. Nobody can love me the way you love me, mum. No one understands me better than you do. You are my inspiration. Happy birthday, mummy.

24. A mum like you is rare. You have motivated me to be the best I can be. Happy birthday, mum.

25. Being your child is awesome. You are a great mentor to me. Your sincerity has inspired me. Happy birthday, mom.

26. Mom, you are full of wisdom and you always have a word for me each day. Happy birthday, mom.

27. You never stop motivating me. Thanks, mum. You are my confidant and my best friend. Happy birthday, mum.

28. Happy birthday to my wonderful mum. Thanks for the words of wisdom you have imparted upon my life. Thank you.

29. This is the perfect time to show how much I love you mum. I wish you all-round success in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, mum.

30. Mum, I thank God for making you see another beautiful day. All round prosperity will be your prosperity will be yours. The Lord will make his face shine on you. Happy birthday.

31. Mum, God will make you too hot for the enemy to tamper with. You will be a terror to the kingdom of darkness. Happy birthday, mum.

32. God, thank you for making my mum clock a year older today. Please God, give her a bountiful harvest.

33. Mum, God will continually order your steps. You will always be guided in the right way to go. Happy birthday, mum.

34. God, please continually provide for my mum, do not let her lack anything. God, on her birthday which is today, give her a birthday present.

35. Mum, you will not lose your worth in Jesus name. God will put on you, the spirit of excellence. Happy birthday, mum.

36. Mum, shame shall never be your portion. Things of rejoicing will never depart from your life. Happy birthday.

37. God, please shower your blessings upon my mum. Grant unto my mum great honour as she celebrates her birthday today and for the rest of her life.

38. Father, please continually uphold my mum. Let your mighty hand be strong on her. Happy birthday, mum.

39. As you celebrate another year, you will flourish like the tree, planted by the riverside. Happy birthday, mum.

40. God, you deserve all the glory and honour. Thank you for making my mum see another birthday. Put an end to sickness in her life in Jesus name.

41. God today is my mum’s birthday. Please, Lord, grant her long life, let her see her children.

42. God, please make my mother a blessing to many generations. Let lines fall for her in pleasant places, even she celebrates her birthday today.

43. Happy birthday, mum. God will take you to a higher level of financial breakthroughs and supernatural accomplishments in Jesus name. Amen.

44. God, increase my mum in wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Give her unspeakable joy, even as she clocks a year older today.

45. Mum, God will fill you with peace. He will make every mountain plain before you. Happy birthday, mum.

46. The plans of the enemy over your life shall not come to pass, mum. God will fill you with compassion and love in Jesus name. Happy birthday, mom.

47. Lord, please continually be my mum’s shield, protect her at all times. Let no evil come near her in Jesus name. Amen.

48. Oh God, today is my mum’s birthday, bless the works of her hands. Let her grow more in you each day in Jesus name. Amen.

49. Father, as my mother celebrates her birthday today, please enlarge her coast; favour her on all sides in Jesus name. Amen.

50. Mum, God will give you good health even as you grow older. Sickness and infirmities will be far from you. You will stand firm in God. Happy birthday, mummy.

51. Mummy, you will never cry over any of your children. We, your children shall live long, be prosperous and make you proud. Happy birthday, mum.

52. Mum, I don’t know of any battle that you may be fighting but I pray that God will grant you victory over all battles of life in Jesus name. Happy birthday, mum.

53. May God give you the grace to face every challenge that would come your way. Happy birthday to you, mum.

54. You are worthy to be praised, God. There is no one else like you. I appreciate you Lord for making my mum a year older today.

55. Happy birthday, mummy. Without you, mum, I would not exist. Thank you for bringing me up in the way of the Lord.

56. My mother, you are like the grass on the field, looking fresh each day. Memories of you will never leave my heart. Happy birthday, mom.

57. Mum, you mean a lot to me, you are the oxygen I use to breathe. I cannot do anything without you. I thank God for making you my mum.

58. You are my precious jewel mum. I cannot afford to lose you. You have the courage to face problems. Mum, you are my model. I love you mum.
59. Mum, you are so selfless. You are always willing to keep up everything to make other people happy. I am proud of you. Happy birthday, mum.

60. Mummy, the best gift God ever gave me is you. I will respect you. You gave me your shoulders for me to cry on when I am sad. Thank you, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

61. Thank you, mummy, for standing by me. You made me feel special each day. Happy birthday, mummy.

62. Mum, no matter what you do to me, I will always love you. You are so dear to me, mum. Happy birthday, mummy.

63. God will fill you with happiness all the days of your life. Cakes, drinks, rice is ready for your birthday celebration, mum. Happy birthday, ma.

64. You are the strongest woman I have ever met. You are filled with so much energy. Nothing takes you by surprise. Happy mummy.

65. Mum, even though I am not there with you, my heart is with you. Happy birthday, mummy. Enjoy your day.

66. Mummy, you were always there to make me smile. You love putting smiles on people’s faces, and I love that. Happy birthday, mum.

67. Mummy, thanks for all the love, care and affection you have showered on me. Thank you, mummy. Happy birthday, mom.

68. Mummy, thank you for the support you have given me all my years. I am grateful for all you have done for me. Happy birthday, mum.

69. Mummy, you are my mentor. You have survived all odds to make me alive. Thank you, mum. I love you mum. Happy birthday.

70. Whenever I feel down, you always lift me up with positive words. Thank you so much, mom. Happy birthday, ma.

71. From the cradle, you taught me how to sit, walk and talk. You groomed me to be a responsible person. Thanks, mummy. Happy birthday, ma.

72. I love that rugged spirit in you, mum. You have an inner strength that keeps you going. I am honoured to have you as my mother. Happy birthday, mum.

73. Mother, thanks for teaching me the basic principles of life. Thanks for teaching me that honesty pays. Happy birthday, ma.

74. Mummy, it is your birthday, I am so happy for you. Dance, smile and catch fun today, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

75. Mum, you opened my eyes to many business opportunities I could never think of. Thank you for making me an industrious woman.

76. All through the years, your love for me has made me overcome many problems of life. Thank you, mum. Happy birthday, mummy.

77. You have done so much for me, mum. I cannot tell it all. I respect and admire you, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

78. How can I repay you for all the good things you have done for me mum? You are so supportive. Happy birthday, mom.

79. Anywhere I go, I remember you. You are my provider and shield. Happy birthday, mummy.

80. Mom, you deserve all the money, things money can buy. You deserve lots more. Happy birthday, mum.

81. Mum, no one can your place in my heart. You are my number one. Happy birthday, mum.

82. Every day I wake up, I give praise to God for making you my mum. You are so loving. Happy birthday, mummy.

83. More celebrations are waiting for you, you are my angel. Happy birthday, mum.

84. Mummy, you are a woman with a large heart, a heart of gold. You forgive easily. Have a wonderful birthday.

85. Mum, be happy today. Don’t let anything make you sad, celebrate your birthday mum. Happy birthday, mum.

86. Mum, you are the reason why I am the happiest lady on earth. I love you mum. Happy birthday, mum.

87. Mummy, thank you for believing in my abilities. You trusted me that I can do things that looked impossible. Happy birthday, mum.

88. You gave me a great childhood experience, thank you, mom. Happy birthday, mum.

89. Today, mum, I promise to buy hectares of land for you. You have bonded our family in love. Happy birthday, mum.

90. Mum, I owe you a lot. The love you have for me is unconditional. Thank you, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

91. You are the Lord; let your name be glorified. Over my mum’s life, be magnified. Today is her birthday, grant her heart desires.

92. Mum, as you celebrate your birthday today, may you be the happiest person who ever lived on this planet. Nations shall serve you. Happy birthday, mum.

93. Mum, your birthday will mark the beginning of great achievements in your life. God will provide you with blessings all the days of your life. Happy birthday, mum.

94. Mummy, your efforts shall not be in vain. God will crown all your efforts with success. Happy birthday, mum.

95. God will always be there to help you, mum. You are safe mum. No matter what is happening. From this storm and tempest, God will hide you in the hollow of his hands. Happy birthday, mummy.

96. Mum, as you celebrate your birthday, sorrow will never come near you. God’s presence will always follow you wherever you go. Happy birthday, mum.

97. Mum, you are sophisticated, intelligent and loving. Thanks for being there for me. Happy birthday, mummy.

98. Mummy, you make my life so beautiful. All your dreams will come true. Happy birthday, mum.

99. Mum, I have never seen any mother pray as much as you do. Your prayers have helped my career. I appreciate you, mum. Happy birthday, mum.

100. I pray that God would give me all it takes to take good care of you. You deserved to be treated like a queen. Happy birthday, mum.

The role mothers play in our lives cannot be neglected. They sacrifice all so that we can become great men and women in the future. They showered on us unconditional love and care. Let’s appreciate our mom whenever the opportunity comes up. You can pick happy birthday prayers and messages from the above, for your mum on her birthday.


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