Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend Copy and Paste

Long Paragraphs to Send to Your Boyfriend Copy and Paste (2023)

You know how you feel when you want to express yourself and talk about your boyfriend but you find it difficult. That is because you really are in love and your boyfriend has been an amazing partner.

However you do not also want to stop at just describing him as amazing, you want to say more. You want to reveal more. You want to talk about all the ways he has actually been amazing and how that word qualifies him.

Dear girlfriend, do not be bothered anymore for I got the list of long paragraph messages that convey your thoughts. Do well to select from the numerous long paragraphs to send to your boyfriend copy and paste below.

Cute Long Paragraphs for Him Copy and Paste

Here are sweet cute long paragraphs for him you shouldn’t hesitate to send to your boyfriend. All you need do is copy and paste. Make your boyfriend feel loved with these love words for him.

1. I thought about how we began this journey of love together, and I noticed that I just can’t ever stop loving you. The way you care for me, the way you provide and see to all my needs. You are my best friend and lover. You take your time to spoil me when you want to and then when I really mess up you don’t even spare. In all of these really I find you the best companion ever. I love you, dear boyfriend and I hope I am your best lover.

2. To talk about to you is to talk about the most precious jewel I have come to know. Your kind is the gift every woman seeks. You carry the mark and spirit of excellence that shows even the littlest thing. You are goal-oriented and dedicated to duty. I find you loving and unbearably caring. You are indeed special and I love you that way.

3. Dear boyfriend, your love is ravishing. I went out with a couple of friends, and when I heard them talk about theirs, I knew I had the best boyfriend. Your love tingles every part of me. The way you talk to me even when you scold shows that you love me. It is with every sense of tenderness and warmth. That is what makes me really listen. I love you too.

4. When I embarked on this journey with you, I thought I couldn’t deal really. I disliked men because I perceived them as selfish and authoritative. But nit with you. You showed me that I could love. You taught me to stay. You’ve proven different with your voracious giving in terms of wisdom, love, and money. I love you and I will be doing this forever.

5. Dear lover boyfriend, have I told your love is extraordinary please believe me. I love you like the thousand stars. I love you like the twinkle in the sand. I love you like the sparkles in your eyes. You are my biggest fascination. I have always wanted you even before you asked me out. Yes and I’m glad we are together.

6. What do you see when you look at me. What do you perceive when you come close. What comes to your mind when you search for me. What really do you see coz I all I have is love. All I offer is love. All I can die for is love. I love you my dearest. kisses from me to you.

7. When I say you shine as the stars believe it. When I say you are my light in the darkness, swallow it. When I say all I want is you, I am serious. Above all, when I want to kiss and love you, know that I cherish you. It is you I want forever. It is your love I want for life. may our love sparkle to be envied.

8. Watch the sunrise in the morning, watch the shadowed rock. What the coming of the wind, and the gentle air that comes with it. It is a token of my love. It is my destiny calling you to me. It is me wishing that our love and happiness last forever. Thing feeling we both share, we stick to for life.

9. I want to watch the moon with you every night. I want to see scary movies because I know you will be there to shield me. I want to climb the mountain and watch you help me up. I want everything in my life with you, boyfriend because you make me whole and fill me with love. It is got me really cracking.

10. Dear boyfriend, have I told you that I love you in a special way? Have I asked you to accompany me to events because I just want you by my side? Have you caught me watching you all because I wanted to stare? I love you and this is coming from the deepest of heart. All I want to do is send you a long paragraph to confess my heart.

11. Do you know you have the sweetest of charms anyone would want to ever be hypnotized with? I love the way you say my name. I love the way you tease me. I love the way you play with me. And I love the way you hold me. Every touch sends a message. Every tease sends a bell. Every play sends numerous butterflies. Oh dear, I hope you love me back.

12. Today I thought about how I fell in love with you so easily but I should confess. At first, all I felt was hatred and disgust because you bugged me. I thought of you as one of the flimsy and all-purpose guys. I wanted to cut all lines but something in me said wait. It told me to linger. I listened. And today, I love your every move. I even love you bugging. I want then more. You are the pest in my life and I want you pestering me again and again.

13. I fell for your words not because they were spoken by you, or because they were sweet and appealing to the ear. I fell because I read the personality behind the voice. I saw the person in the words. I saw love. I saw the genuineness. I saw responsibility. You are a man and I love you for being a man. I want to fall for you again and again.

14. If it were possible for one to fall in love the second time, I think you will be the same person I want. Life blessed me with what I have always wanted. Life gave me a gift it knew I would love and cherish forever. Life gave me you and I am loving and wanting you forever my man.

15. I have always known you would make it because I saw a hard worker from the beginning you walked up to me. I saw a wild chaser, a goal-getter and one who would stop at nothing to get his wins. It was that moment I fell for you and I have never turned back again. You taught me your techniques to success and they are working fine. I love you, dear boyfriend.

16. Dear boyfriend, sometimes all I want to do is to talk about you. What I want to do is to tell you how handsome you look. You are handsome in all ramifications. You are handsome mentally, handsome physically, handsome financially, handsome influentially, handsome with every sense of respect and dignity. I will always love you forever.

17. I have always known and appreciated the excellence of you. You are near perfect signified. Your level of expertise and skills are amazing. You are able to multi-task while exhibiting an excellent discipline character. Yet you are loving, caring and are able to manage emotions efficiently. I love you, my dear, like myself.

18. You make them want to stop to celebrate you. How I know now that there are many men like you; gentle, meek, amicable, alive and full of love. How can I not notice my dear? How can I love you less in the bit? I love you, dear soul mate and boyfriend.

19. As you continue to soar like the Eagle. As you continue to fight like Cena. As you continue to win like Seth. I will be here to look after you, feed you and take care of you because you are my man. Keep fighting and winning like the star you remain.

20. My boyfriend is all I got” A friend said this to me and immediately I thought about you. She said he was sweet. She said he was supportive. She said he was loving. She said he loved her weaknesses. This is you, my love. To me, my friend talked about you. We are so lucky and have boyfriends like you. I hope you like this long paragraph message to you.

21. Dear boyfriend, I fell in love with you like the way one falls asleep; no resistance, no stress, and that is because I found you worthy. You have made my days bloom since the day we set out on this journey together. I want to say that I never regretted falling for you one bit. You are one of the best things that have ever happened to me in ages.

22. The world thought I had gone too emotional when I announced you in my life, but little did they know that this journey brought me fulfilment. So far you have proven them wrong and made my happiness full. You are so full of love and care babe. I love you forever. Thank you for being faithful and loving to the later. I love you back and do not trade you for anything else in the world.

30. Dear boyfriend, I want to write a long paragraph message to you. You are the light I have come to embrace. You make my mornings and feel my night with pleasure. You tickle my fancy and make my heart yearn out for you. Every day with you is like a lifetime. I want to be yours forever, loving, adoring, cheering and doing you right as your baby girl. I love you with all my heart. Kisses.

31. Babe, I wish that our love can be forever. That I can be your arms and listen to the sweet words you will whisper to me. I close my eyes and all I can see you. I am so into you and I know it. Dear, boyfriend please continue to be good because it is worth it. I love you.

32. You are the reason I want to get up every morning and become a better version of myself. You are the reason I want to work harder because I want you to be proud of the lady you have as a girlfriend. You make feel alive babe and I mean it. I love you sweet.

33. Dear babe, I hate to admit the fact that I need you and want you every step of the way. Yes, I want you, babe. I need you. You have made come back to the woman I used to be. You awoke the lioness that had been waiting for expression. You gave me a reason to fight back love.

34. Do you know how much you mean to me? It is like I could literally trade anything to keep us together forever. You encouraged and supported me with love. You were the one who told me that I could become whatever I wanted to be so long as my heart contained it. You taught me to be a tough babe.

35. You know for as long as you are in my life I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I want to be with you every minute. Those moments of us together and alone are usually the best. The silence is divine and communicates faster. Thank you love for your love.

36. You are the definition of a perfectionist. You are my first true love and you are the best. I am praying to God that we last dear. Somehow I do not want to lose you because I love you.

37. Dearest sweetheart, never forget that there is a heart that cares so much about you and seeks your happiness; that there is a soul longing and waiting for you to get home; that there is someone who misses you and wishes that you were here with her. You are her star; her gold; and all that she ever wants to have.

38. I look up to the sky in my loneliness and the picture of you struck me. You then begin to look like the moon. I reach out and reach up higher to get a good hold of you. It was then I knew I really loved you and that, my being is subjected to loving you forever. Be safe dearest.

39. Babe, do you know I see you every time in my dreams. Yes, I see you love. You come to suit my heart and tell me how much you love. You tell me all the sweet things that I want to hear. Eventually, when I wake up, I smile to myself and then pick up my phone only to find your lovely text. I love you, baby.

40. Where do I begin? I want to write a long paragraph message to your boyfriend but I don’t know where to start. Should I begin from the way you hold me tenderly when we are together? Or the way you want to protect me every hour that makes me feel your manliness and become so proud of you? Do I begin from your words that send tingles to my heart and soul or the one that pierces me and jilts me to order again? Where do I start babe? I love you my boo.

41. Babe, have I told you that you are my hero? Have I told you that you are the world’s most handsome man? Have I told you that you are the world’s most intelligent man? Have I told you that if I were a man I would want to be like you? That you are the finest creature in heaven and the earth.

42. Do you know how much I love you? Ask me how much my dear? As much as can be enough to have you forever; as much as I can trade the whole for your company; as far as the heaven is from the earth; as much as to sacrifice my all to make you happy dear love. That is how much.

43. Hey boo wake up, it is morning already. You can’t be serious sleeping at this time. either way, how was your night? Did you find me in your sleep as I did? Yes, bay our love is forever.

44. Can I begin to count the stars I reserved for you? They are the most beautiful. They make up your whole personality. One is red which shows you as the most romantic, another is white that shows your purity and absolute loveliness, the other is bleu accommodating your warmth and the other is perfection because you are.

45. My heart beats for you every minute, but that doesn’t mean it will stop beating when you leave. Baby, yet I want you forever. My night has become morning because of you. My day has become the brightest because I have you. Stay forever, babe. We do this together.

46. The way you look at me makes me want to close my eyes every minute and allow you. tell me what you see when you look on. Tell me what you picture when you stare. Tell me what you notice when you don’t stop.

47. Baby boy, I want to blow kisses to you tonight before you sleep. But before I do, let me give you some tips…. Do not listen to hearsays. Do not change for anybody. Be the best that you now love. Your person is enough so flaunt it. I love you now take the kisses.

48. Let me tell the world who you are for they don’t know. You are a man; the most calvary man. You are a combination of love and life, which means the fountain of happiness comes from you. You are sweet and jovial, which means you are generous and cheerful. I love you, babe.

49. When people say bad things on social media I just laugh and churn them because I know the man who loves me is different. The man I see every day is totally different from the hearsays in the media. I do not care, babe. I love you and that is all; that matters.

50. Dear, sweetheart, kindly carefully read the lines of the long paragraph message I want to send to you… you are the salt in my drink; the oral drip I wan to have every morning. You are the spice that adds flavour to my life. you are the flavour I taste every time I taste the world. Your gifts are precious and rare. I want to taste you every now and then, because your lips are honey and horny, meeting my unsatisfying needs.

51. Sometimes I ask myself how I ever fell for you. What charm you used, and what spells you cast to capture my whole being. Is this real? Did I fall for real? Ah yes, I did. Because I found a lover, a friend, a mentor, and a life teacher. I love you.

52. I want you to know something bay, I will always be here for you. We will ride the good times together, and overcome the bad together; our love strengthening and guiding us aright. I will let the dews fall in the morning for you, and warm your bed with my presence.

53. Look at how you have turned me into a beautiful woman. Look at how you have transformed my imaginations. Look at how you have changed my mindset. How can I love you less now baby? How can I say I do not care? I care too much to look worried at the slightest pain you feel anytime.

54. Babe, I want to write some love paragraphs for you: I have always known you were the muse in my head. I can’t love you enough baby but I am sure I am willing to love you forever if you please. This is my love letter to you.

55. At first, it was friendship and nothing more. All I really wanted to be your friendship and companionship. I came to know you better afterwards. I found that you were the most loving man on earth and I really fell this time. when you asked me out I knew it was a definite yes I was giving.

56. Can we really control life? maybe we can, but when it comes to falling in love with you? I don’t think we can. What we share is mutual and I respect it. I respect the feelings we have; I respect the boundaries we yet set; I respect your opinions coz they are full of wisdom.

57. I can’t measure the feelings you have for me? I can’t tell except you tell me. I can’t love except you love me. But I know you do love me. Your actions tell it. Your stares send a million messages at a time and I perfectly grasp them. Your gifts say it. It says the words that never come out – I love you.

58. If I can measure your love and affection, I’m sure they must have passed the realm’s humans often place on a relationship. You have no barrier, my love. You set no walls. You placed no limits. I love the way you love me. And I love you back.

59. Dear lover, thank you for being the best horny giver. Thank you for being the best lover in every sense. Your touch is magical. Your hands are flames giving e arches and burning me with sensations. Your lips are the sweetest lollipop ever.

60. Telling you how much you have contributed my life immensely will be like writing a message of 1000 words. It is like writing a long paragraph of unending descriptions my dear. I love you and cannot love you less dear boyfriend. I know you love me too because it plays itself right the way stand and admires me without words.

61. How do I tell you that I love you? How do I tell you that I care for you? How do I tell you that you make my biggest choices? How do I tell that you shield and guard me like I were your personal stuff? Well yes, I am anyway and I love that I am. Cheers love.

62. Do you know that sometimes I want to announce you to my world? But I will keep a low key as you have suggested. I understand your reasons and they flow well with mine. I am with you on this one. By the way, have I told you that I love you and you mean the world to me. Yes, you do babe.

63. Babe, I wish to tell you this. I literally want you to be mine and mine forever. How do you love that? You know you are my greatest muse and I love you as much as you do.

64. Dear boo, how was your day? how did it go at the office? I got so worried about your well being that I literally fidgeted. Just checking up on you, and letting you know that I care. I love you.

65. Every beautiful dawning offers me a new opportunity to love you even more. Every evening I spend with you is an opportunity to know you more. Dear lover, I love and the fact is I cannot deny it. You are my inspiration and muse. You are all I dream about every time I go to bed.

66. When I looked out from the window today, I thought about your huge steps walking down the way just to meet me. I remembered our first day. I remembered the second; and the third; and the forth. I remembered everything, my love.

67. Sometimes I wish every girl could have you as a boyfriend but then I realized it would be too risky. As much as I wish the best I love my peace as well. You know I do not know how to deal when it comes to multiplicity. Maybe I am a jealous lover.

68. Dearest booboo, can we enjoy love together? Can we go on a vacation just to be together? Somewhere far away from the world; where there will be neither eyes watching nor nose sniffing; waiting to hear our breakup story. I love you my sweetheart and I know you love me back coz I have heard it a million times.

69. Bae I really like it when you take your time to love and appreciate me more. You are the man that has always sought my interest at every given point in time. I want to dedicate myself to loving you because you have made my dreams and wishes come true. I love you bae. Let the world know that I love you.

70. So I thought about the long paragraph message to copy and paste to you and this one came into my head… I wish I could measure the sands of the earth. I wish I could count the specks of dust and number the air. But all of these are impossible because they are natural causes predestined by God to be so. That is how love is my dear. You can’t tell the end from the beginning either can you predict it. But allow it to flow and enjoy the waves so that when the bad times come, you will be able to overcome it.

71. I think I know the best feeling ever, it is the feeling of love; the knowledge of the fact that you know someone loves you and is willing to sacrifice anything for your happiness. That is how you make me feel my dear. You ravish me with the kind of affection so rare and difficult to find. I love you booboo and I mean it.

72. The tingles in my belly can’t stop. The arching back can’t relent. The heat waves I feel cant end. And the butterflies I feel every time I heard your voice will never stop. You have made me alive, and of course, how can they stop when you know how to tickle me in every way.

73. Make me dream the dreams of love and fulfilment knowing you are right by my side. I couldn’t trade you for anything else. I haven’t found the man that has beaten your personality. You are the one that makes me see the beauty in everything. Much love from me.

74. Just take the lead, my baby boy. Take me anywhere your heart feels right. And in the night come back to me to do me right; to bond with me and make me yours forever. I will be waiting for this moment.

75. Let me into your arms so I could shield you. Let me into your heart so I could protect you. Lead me into your life so I could appreciate you. For you are more than what the eyes see, what the ears hear, and what the heart perceives. I have watched you long enough to know that you are different and I want more.

76. My friends and I hung out today and we literally tore the world. We talked about our likes and dislikes, about our hopes and aspirations, about our life and the life we want to have after now. When it came to the relationship, we talked about our men. They told me theirs was beautiful in bed. They told me theirs was perfect and I thought then … how perfect… because I know I’ve actually got a perfection as a boyfriend, and he was more than good in bed. He was my Lion with pride.

77. Allow me to have the most pleasant fun of a relationship with you. You are a lover, a brother, a mentor, and a father at the same time. how do you manage these roles so well? Og my dear you are the best. Let me feel the touch of your lips burning me within. Let me feel your love sink deep within me while you ride me. I want every bit of the sensation.

78. I miss the way we fight in bed. I miss your whispers. I miss the way you want to protect me. I miss the way you touch me. I miss your kisses and hugs. I miss your teases. When will you be back coz I’m tired of having a night without your warmth. I miss you, babe. Come back soon.

79. A lot of persons say men are a scam but I haven’t seen that with you. You are the best man for me, and I love you the way you are.

80. Dear boyfriend, have you met any girl as special as I am? I am the woman you chose because you knew I was much and way better than any girl you had ever met. You knew I came with a price. You knew I came with a bet. You knew I was ravishing and unique and you came to love me promising never to part. I believe you and I love it. So this long copy and paste paragraph message are for you.

81. I know you. I love you. And I have come to accept you. You added positively to my well being. You added positively to my existence. My love life has an interesting story because of you. You know I have come to accept your terms; to bend my principles to accommodate you; to accept your vies as the best and roll on. Thank you, dearest, for loving me.

82. Sometimes I am lost to what to write about you because you will fill my pages and burn my pen. My back will arch from sitting and knuckles will become sore from overwriting. You possess a lot and the journey with you is enough to write a motivational book. I love you, dearest.

83. Baby you are the man I want to spend my life with because you are the real definition of a responsible man. I love you.

84. Where have you been all these years that I searched for perfection? I literally wished you had come into my life earlier. But you ere her now and I will cherish every moment like it were my last.

85. Memories of you sometimes cloud the way I think. You occupy my thoughts in the morning. You occupy me at work, and at nights, I cant seem to sleep. Come, home baby.

86. Dear boyfriend, I love the fact that you are handsome and intelligent at the same time. you really took your time to develop yourself and you have become a better brand of yourself. I love you, dear.

87. Dear boyfriend, I miss you. When will you come visiting? I am yearning for the feel of your hands around my body. I want all of you right now. Stop by.

88. I wish we could spend the nights together counting the stars every day while I look into your eyes. I want the days when I can outside in the dark with you around me.

89. I know we make the best couple and deserve an award for that. You are the beakful ornament I want around me every minute. We could go hiking and anywhere around the world, you find pleasing.

90. So if I said I wanted to be your mother how would you feel? Do you think I can shoulder it? I know how to love you and will do as your lover but to be a mother no. that is because mothers’ contributions are different, their style is also different. Their role and personality are also different. I can love you like your lover and soul mate. So yes this is some answers to your questions in a long paragraph message I have drafted to copy and paste to you…

91. Did I tell you that you have become solid I can lean on for strength? You literally have become rock and I know that God sent you to me. When you go to him again in your prayers, tell home that I said that I appreciate the gift he sent to me which is you. you are my best boyfriend ever.

92. Knowing you are by my side watching my every step and making sure that I never fall is more than enough. How can I tell you that you are my rock, and my bed at the same time? yes, you are and it feels so good.

93. I had felt loved before but nothing compared to how you do and how my heart tingles for you. it is unexplainable. I just know this is special. I just know I found the man for me and I love him the way he loves me.

94. I have for the first time in my years of living understood the meaning of love. It entails sacrifice. It entails availability. It entails companionship, and above all endurance and patience. You taught me all these with your actions. They speak loudest. I love you my heart.

95. I love the way we listen to each other. I love the way we inspire each other. I love the way we endure each other. I love the way we communicate with sighs. I love the way we love each other. It is the best form of love.

96. So far in this relationship, we have been able to complement each other in numerous ways. For example in the way we inspire and teach each other, in the way we build each other, in the way we help each other, in the way we contain and manage our weaknesses. They are beautiful.

97. You are the best boyfriend. You do everything to make me happy. You have a strong personality that makes me want to listen to everything you have to say. I also love the way you listen in return. You are so caring and understanding, and I love you for everything you are.

98. While you have made me stronger than the woman I used to be, I have made you emotional too. It is good. Now you understand a lady’s point as much as I understand the men’s point. I must say you have earned yourself the best boyfriend title. I love you.

99. So I have literally seen the Angel and the devil in you. I must confess that they are beautiful and compliment your personality. They are what make up your individuality. And it is perfect because I am able to manage them well.

100. For the first time in years, I have been able to understand a person from his weak points to his strongest points; the sympathetic and the non-sympathetic sides. Dear boyfriend, you are a good gift. I am bound to love you forever and I know that with strong conviction.

I am confident your boyfriend would be rolling with admiration if he gets some of these long paragraphs to send to your boyfriend copy and paste right now. He would be calling you a love poet while smiling to the messages.

How about you? How did you enjoy searching for the right content? Was worth it, right? Now, share with your friends on your various platforms. They will be very please and will want you to recommend more.

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