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2023 Best Baby Birth Announcement Sms to Friends

Questions about who you should send your baby’s birth announcement to, or deciding on the right time to announce your baby’s birth shouldn’t give you too much bother. I mean, life is a gift! A beautiful gift and a privilege. And if you feel like screaming your happiness to the world, it is allowed!

Usually, announcement messages of this sort are done on social media. While this is great, you could also decide to make it more personal by sending announcement Sms to your friends and loved ones.

And just so you don’t worry your pretty head further on how to put your thoughts and joy in words, these best of all baby birth announcement Sms to friends have been beautifully written for you here. They will not only help you announce your baby’s birth but can also serve as baby announcements captions for social media.

Please, always remember that when it comes to the celebration of life, there’s nothing such as going overboard!

So, sort the messages that suit your taste and announce the arrival of your baby to your friends today.

Baby Birth Announcement Messages from Parents

Your baby is finally here and you can’t contain the joy! Inform your friends too, so they can rejoice with you. These baby birth announcement Sms to Friends are perfect for you to do that.

1. Whenever trusting gets harder, I’ll think of today and be reminded that dreams do come through. My son is here!

2. When you read this, please say a prayer for my wife. She just gave me the gift of my daughter.

3. It was a really really long wait, but our princess is finally here!

4. The joy in my heart is indescribable. I still can’t help the tears of gratitude. I had my son today.

5. The joy I felt when I heard the cries of this child! Oh, the joy! I’m so blessed. So blessed!

6. Someone is already referring to us as the three musketeers. Yes! We welcomed an addition this morning.

7. My world is a happy and complete one. The birth of this child has made me happy and complete. I have no other words at this point.

8. Please say words of thanks to God on my behalf. My daughter came in today. I’m so grateful!

9. Soon, you’ll be meeting the most beautiful baby in the entire world. Our baby is here!

10. You’ve been with us on this journey since the very beginning. And I’m pleased to announce that you can finally hold our little girl in your arms.

11. Everything about this child is perfect. Not one thing is missing. Our son is here, fam.

12. I didn’t know I could love as deeply as this. Hearing her cry, holding her to my chest. You guessed right! We had our baby earlier today.

13. I can barely remember the pain I felt some hours ago. I’m holding my child in my arms, and the world is a beautiful place.

14. You’re on for babysitting. Start getting ready!

15. I’m sure our child came in early because he could sense how much we couldn’t wait to see him.

16. Hearing my baby cry after he was born is one memory that will always be etched in my heart!

17. The most beautiful gift ever came into my life today. My child has been born.

18. Help welcome, the most gorgeous girl in the world! The princess of our hearts is here!

19. My heart is full. The spaces I didn’t think there was have been filled completely. I can feel the happiness down to my toes. My child is in my arms.

20. You should see my son. Oh, you should see him. He’s so perfect!

21. Children are indeed gifts from God. And He’s given me my own good and perfect gift.

22. I’ve been staring at my husband fawn over our child, and I thought it perfect to let you in on our happiness. Our son is here!

23. God didn’t lie when he said he’d make everything beautiful in his own time. He’s made my life beautiful in his time. He’s given me a beautiful and healthy baby.

24. Our sunshine is here, and she is both beautiful and healthy.

25. Our baby came earlier than expected, but she is the most gorgeous baby we’ve ever seen. Help welcome our baby girl.

26. Start sending in your blessings and gifts, you’re now an aunt!

27. Please prepare for babysitting. Our bundle of joy arrived last night.

28. Dear sister, our baby is here. And she’s the most beautiful girl ever!

29. The joy is indescribable. I don’t know what words to use, but my heart is just full. Our baby girl, our daughter-shine has arrived.

30. Yes, it’s a boy. Yes, he looks exactly like me.

31. We’ve had beautiful memories before now, but nothing compares to hearing the cries of your own child. We are grateful for this gift.

32. The newest addition to our family is finally here! Help say welcome to (*Insert baby’s name).

33. Dear godmother, your godson has arrived! We are super excited!

34. Our baby came in today. In addition to the gifts (already pouring in), we’d love for you to always remember him in your prayers. Thank you.

35. It is with both pleasure and thanksgiving in our hearts that we announce that we have a son now. He’s made this family complete and perfect.

36. My child is precious. Not only because she’s so tiny, but because she’s just perfect.

37. I could have sworn I heard my son call me daddy as I held him this morning. I swear this one is one strong and bouncy!

38. God gave him to us, and we’ll do everything in our power to. Yes! You’re an uncle!

39. I have the strongest women in my life. My wife that didn’t relent in birthing our daughter, and our little sweetheart that didn’t give us too many reasons to fuss.

40. There’s no better time to let you in on our big news. Our child is here.

41. Life has taught us to celebrate beautiful moments always. And that is exactly what we’ll be doing as soon we get our baby home. It’s a boy!

42. We have our prayers answered with the birth of our child. To say that we feel complete is an understatement.

43. Our home and union is finally complete. We have a healthy baby boy!

44. You’re now godfather to the most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. And yes, while we trust that you’ll keep her safe always, we’re also certain that she’ll have you wrapped around her finger as soon as you meet her.

45. We are grateful to God for the safe arrival of our child, as well as your prayers for us. Our baby is here!

46. The wait of the past years is finally over. We now have a child to spoil silly, and to love completely!

47. This is more than being lucky. Having our child with us is a blessing. A big blessing.

48. Her smell is already a balm that soothes me, and it’s not even been up to a week yet. I’m holding my daughter as I type this out!

49. My first child, the flesh of my flesh, and bone of my bones came in today. Help wish her well. Thank you.

50. Weighing a whopping 7.5 pounds, we are pleased to announce the birth of a healthy son!

51. You guessed right! It’s actually a boy! Congrats, aunty!

52. (Insert partner’s name) and I are super excited to announce the birth of our daughter, and the start of our parenting journey. We hope to do right by her always.

53. We have a new reason to ensure we are the best versions of ourselves. We have our boy with us, who is reason enough to try to ensure a better future for us all.

54. I’m sure you’ve never met a more beautiful baby than your godson. Hurry up here, your godson’s arrived!

55. I thought being married made me happy and complete. But merely having our daughter in my arms has made me complete and giddy with happiness.

56. It’s official! We have the most beautiful addition to our family! He’s healthy and bouncy!

57. Start getting your gifts ready. Also, start preparing yourself for the babysitting days ahead. Our angel is here!

58. If you ever think that dreams do not come through, I want you to remember me and the years it took to get to this point. My baby is here!

59. It feels so good to see someone so tiny with both our features. We are so glad to announce that we had a baby girl in the early hours of the morning.

60. We’ve been blessed with a baby girl! Help welcome her.

61. When the going gets tough, I’ll be sure to remember how it felt to hold my own flesh and blood in my hands. For me, there’ll be no greater motivation than that.

62. I believe with all my heart that life is beautiful. I’m staring at my sleeping child, and I can boldly say that life is beautiful!

63. Your friend cannot stop fawning over our little girl. It’s obvious she already has him wrapped around her tiny fingers. We have a charmer in the family!

64. I can’t explain the love I feel in my heart already. It goes so deep that it hurts to even hear her cry. The love of my life is here.

65. Our girl decided to show up a few weeks early. But the excitement isn’t dampened at all! We are so thankful, and our hearts are filled with joy.

66. With news of deaths around the world, we feel so blessed to hold our Sonshine in our arms. We are so grateful for the gift of life and family.

67. Guys! My son is here! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited. PS: please feel free to remind me of this moment when I have to stay awake on several nights.

68. I know the coming days won’t be easy. But I’m looking forward to them. For the gift of my child, nothing is insurmountable. Nothing at all.

69. We now have a child to smother with love, care and attention. We welcomed our new baby last night.

70. You were so right when you said this would be the moment of my life. I’m holding my child in my arms and I don’t think I’ll ever forget this for the rest of my life.

71. I’ve cried a river already because of the joy I feel. Our home has grown by two feet, and we are so thankful.

72. Brings the flowers already, the princess of our hearts is here!

73. We are ‘two’ happy to announce the arrival of our prince. He’s charmed all the ladies in the ward already!

74. It’s a boy! People, it’s a boy!

75. How come no one bothered to tell me about the joy this moment would bring me? How come no one told me about the soothing feeling a child brings? I have a beautiful girl!

76. With the pandemic turning things awry, we are super grateful for the news of life. Guess who’s a new father? Yes!

77. We have twins! The most beautiful girls you’ll ever meet! Deal with it!

78. We have another reason to keep doing life right! Our baby is here, and he’s super healthy!

79. Mother and child are doing okay! Thank you for your prayers and wishes. We don’t take you for granted at all.

80. Our son’s here, he’s healthy, and we so can’t wait for you to come to celebrate with us.

81. Princess Elizabeth of our lives arrived early this morning. All hail!

82. We promised you’d be the first to find out about the birth of our child. And we’re happy to tell you that there’s a new child you are welcome to spoil silly!

83. If she had our hearts before her birth, she has our lives completely now. Our princess came in early!

84. It’s always a privilege to celebrate a new life. It’s definitely a privilege to celebrate our new baby.

85. No one told me being a parent would give this much happiness. I look at my child, and I know I did something right in my life. Next to my wife, of course. LOL!

86. As soon as we leave here, we’re sending you an invite to our baby’s party. Our boy is here!

87. We definitely don’t have the right words to describe the joy and gratefulness we feel. But we’d like your wishes and prayers for our baby.

88. We have a gorgeous girl with us now. Do pray for us to always do right by her.

89. We appreciate your continuous good wishes for our child. Now that our girl is here, please always keep her in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you.

90. The Lord has done a new thing for us, and she is marvellous in our sight!

91. Our piece of heaven came in today. Our existence has taken another meaning; a very beautiful meaning.

92. I didn’t think life could get any more colourful than it was before the birth of our child. Oh, my world is perfect!

93. We’ve had so many miracles this period. But the birth of our child trumps them all!

94. Staring at him makes my world all right. Holding him gives me the peace I can barely explain. I welcomed my baby today.

95. She’s already a charmer and has people fawning over her. You’re about to meet the most beautiful girl ever! Brace up!

96. It’s not coming in too early, but we wanted to soak up all the happiness we’re feeling. Our child is now with us!

97. If it’s possible to overdose on happiness, I’m sure I’d have done so already. We’ve been blessed with a baby boy.

98. My wife’s had twins! Not only are they gorgeous and leave me in awe, but they are also healthy. Thank God!

99. I’ve been walking on clouds since we welcomed our baby. Help us celebrate!

100. I’m sure my baby can’t wait to meet you as much as you can’t wait to meet her. Hurry along!

I felt a lot of emotions while writing this – warmth, happiness and love.

I can’t possibly imagine how happy you are, but I hope you enjoyed reading and sending these messages to your friends and loved ones.

Leave me a comment, it’ll be a pleasure hearing from you.

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