Trending Amazing Love Letters to My Girlfriend

2023 Trending Amazing Love Letters to My Girlfriend

If you ask around, you’ll know that the most romantic boyfriends are the ones who send love letters to their girlfriends as it helps to make memories that cannot be washed away.

Love letters are the simpler versions of gold and silver most girlfriends await for. Which is why, the wisest and coolest of boyfriends would never fail to extend one to his girl.

Finding it hard to convey your words shouldn’t stop you from practising such higher realm of romance, since, there are more than enough Trending Amazing Love Letters to My Girlfriend written here on your behalf.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply read through these, make a fine choice and send to her as your heart pleases. She’ll be glad to call you her own.

Heart Touching Love Letters for Her from the Heart

When your girlfriend deserves the best, these most touching and most beautiful love letters from the heart are the best love portion to share with her. And if you love the loving you letters, and they’re really amazing, kindly help share. Thanks.

1. To the One Who Deserves My Kisses.
All nights has your name engraved in my heart shinning like a star, blessing me with soothing night sleep. I look forward to the morning, knowing I’d see your lovely face again. To the light of my world; only you are deserving of my kisses. To a special breed; I’ll go the ends of the earth with you. Make up your mind, my love, to love me as I have you. For it won’t cost anything if you give me your hands and commit your dear heart to me for a lifetime. We’ll make the best of our time on earth and when eternity comes, it’ll be the most beautiful place to make love again. I desire you and I’ll never be afraid to show the world, cause indeed, you’re the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh.

2. I Love You More Than I Can Say.
With my words I try to tell how much I’m in love with you. And with my actions I hope to show you just how much I care. It’s never enough to say it, hence, I demonstrate it every day. And it’s never enough to show it, thus, I try to find the words every sunrise. It’s hard to quantify the feelings of my heart for you, my darling. And I’m afraid, the earth can’t take it if I were to pour out all my love for you. Gaze into my eyes and see how far I’ll go for and with you. Listen to my words and find true meaning in them. No matter what stars or rainbow the sky may hold, you’ll be my shinning light from time to time. I can’t love you less, my darling, for you’ve proven to be my destiny and the only one I should love.

3. Ours was Fate!
This love was unplanned. Little wonder, I fell without the desire to stand up again. Ours was fate, and ours would grow. For my legs made their way to you and yours to mine. Forming the shape of love as they met. There’s only a beginning to this kind of love, its end shall no man see. Even in eternity, the angels would bear witness to it. For the troubles of the valley cannot wash away our defiant emotions, the turbulence of the mountain cannot destroy the passion we feel. Let our love shine amongst stars and amongst all men. Let it qualify for a sun shinning every day without tiredness. No matter the weather, we’ll let our love show. I may not promise you the whole world, but I do promise you my love forever. Do not be afraid to accept all of it, my darling. For it is true and pure.

4. Just a Kiss Got Me Glued!
It’s magical feeling the way that I do for you. It’s so surreal, hearing you say that, I love you. Just one kiss from the benevolence of your tender lips got me glued to the splendor of your heart forever. By the still water, I have come to know that you were made for me. By the wonders of your smile, I have seen the one to love until I die. I dream of forever with you. And I pray eternity never tears us apart. Cause it’s you I’ll still love in a world full of angels and saints. There’s no point denying this heart of mine what it wants. So, I’ll fight to have you till the trumpet sounds. I won’t let you down, my love, neither would I let you go, my darling.

5. I’ll Always Love You.
No matter what I feel, love is what I’ll throw at you. Regardless of the time, I’ll put you first, my darling. Through the eyes of love, you remain my number one. My ring awaits you to wear it and my home awaits your comely presence. Love is timeless as it is endless. So, let me love you the way I should, my love. Let me hold you, cause my hand would never find another to be pleasing. The ride is always fun with you, with your tempting eyes by the side. The journey is less hectic with your blissful smile staring back at me. Just stay put and let me show you that this love has come to stay and has come to storm the weather. I promise to love you till the end, my darling. I promise to be the best man for you.

6. I’ll Hold Your Heart So It Doesn’t Fall Into Pieces.
If only the moon could speak, it would cry aloud of my love for you. The galaxies are amazed as they behold my absolute respect for you. I’ll render my most precious feelings to you for as long as I live. You deserve to be the queen of my world looking regal in a royal rope of love. I’ll hold your heart so it doesn’t fall into pieces. My world will forever be made of your beautiful words. My lifetime promise is to you is to treat you right and give you all that you deserve. You’re yet to receive the best of my love for you. Every day of my life will make you happy. I love you beautiful.

7. You’re My Heaven on Earth.
The gate to my happiness is you. You’re my heaven on earth. It feels right to be in your presence than to be in the room of a King. Take a look into my eyes and send my thoughts into a land full of fantasies. Love is what I feel for you and respect is what I have for you. I can’t measure the depth of my love for you but I can go to the depth of the earth to meet your need. You’re the most beautiful pearl in the ocean of my heart. You’re the salt of my world. I count myself lucky to be loved by you, hence I humble myself in your presence. Forgive me if I ever do you wrong, for my intentions towards you will always be right, my love.

8. I Sing Because I’m in Love With You.
My heart keeps ringing. It makes the sound of love. It’s as beautiful as your smile. I sing because I’m in love with you. Bless me with your warmth and I’ll never be lonely again in this cold world. You are worthy of a King’s love. Hence, I’m most humbled that you chose me, still. See the sun looking as radiant as your skin. The moon begs for your attention, cause your glory is out of this world. You own the most graceful step I’ve ever seen. Walk into my life and never take a leave. I’m forever yours just as the sun belongs to the earth. I love you so much that my heart is enlarged because of my uncommon feelings for you.

9. I Wish I Had Known You Before the World Began.
It’s the most beautiful feeling in the world to be loved by someone whom you admire. All my adoration belongs to you. I wish we had started our love before the inception of the world. I wish I had known you before the world began. Let’s make the most of our days on earth by loving each other before the night comes. Every day of my life will I use to love you. I’ll dedicate my life to loving you jealously. Let me kiss you before you go to bed, so I may have fantasies of you and let me smell your breath when you wake up, for it is my lucky charm. I do love you much more than I love myself.

10. You’ve Taken My Fears Away.
God bless the day I found you. You’ve taken my fears away. You’ve strengthen my heart to love unconditionally. I have no regrets about you, only love is what I desperately feel for you. Take my hands and move me slow into forever land with you. I cherish all that you are to me. My life is anchored on yours, cause you’re my life itself. Ask me what you want and I’ll give you the world. I wish nothing would ever separate us cause you’re my everything. I’ll love you till my dying day. Stay strong for me when it’s hard cause our love will always survive trying times. I love you, honey.

11. Why can’t I behold any wrong in you, nor gaze upon your faults? Maybe because I’m too deeply sunk in the ocean of love to see. Joy betides me, my darling. For I am yours forever.

12. Here I am mesmerised by your kisses and smiles. Every fibre of my being pulsates with great awe and reference for you, my love.

13. Being with you is my only desire from ages to ages. As time goes by and the rocks change their forms, my love for you will remain ever abiding and faithful every morning.

14. I’ll let my legs lead into your bosom every day. And my kindness will I let flow only into your heart.

15. I can’t stop loving the one whose beauty at heart never fails to outshine the sun’s. Till the end of time will I affirm my love for you, my darling.

16. My legs receive strength when my heart knows your home is my destination. Delighted I am for calling you mine.

17. Love is a miracle. I’m glad it happened to me. This I pray never dies. May it grow like a tree planted by the river side blossoming every new day.

18. When my eyes closes, I imagine your beautiful figure in my bed and I see you and I conquering every challenge life will bring our way.

19. I promise my love and affection to you. Like the sun never fails to shine upon the earth, so would my love be upon you, my darling.

20. I plead long life on your behalf. So you live to witness my dream of love for us, my darling.

21. Love could have taken me anywhere, but I am elated it landed me into your heart; the one I know to be true and large.

22. No mistakes will drive me away from you like a chaff. No wrong will make me leave the side of the one I’ve promised to love till forever.

23. My lung enlarges with joy when my nostrils smell your scent from afar. I love you too much, my darling.

24. Let’s share a pillow as we do juicy kisses. Let’s share a home as we hold hands together, my love.

25. Communicate your needs to me and I’ll come running to you like an angel sent on an errand. I’m ready to be your hero any time of the day, my love.

26. Staring into your eyes assures me of a blissful tomorrow. Tasting your intoxicating kisses energises my being to be the best for you, my love.

27. The days of my life will be beautiful. I’m sure, because I intend spending each remaining days with you, my love.

28. As life degenerates, you can be sure to hold on to the anchor of my love. You can trust my kisses to be redeeming and blissful.

29. To my Amazon of love; an empire we shall build, cause a love as strong as ours can only find solace in the greatest castle. I love you, angel.

30. Even on the worst days, you are a refreshing dew soothing my hurting heart and turning every pain into joy. I need you, my darling.

31. You don’t need to show off, for your aura and grace are nothing compared to the visibility of the sun’s glory, my love.

32. Keep your feet standing on the solid rock of our love and I’ll set my eyes forever on you, my love.

33. I’ll forgive anyone and anything, but the one who hurts you will I hold hostage. I’ll never be your pain, my darling.

34. Our wedding will be the best, not for its decoration and beauty, but for the splendor of our love piercing through every corner of the room.

35. As broad as the sky may be, my love for you encompasses it all, pouring its moisture of love upon your abode alone. It’s you I’ll love forever, my darling.

36. You hold the key to my heart. Forever will I respond to the commands of your hand, my love.

37. In disagreement, I still love you. And in confusion, I’ll choose you still. For my heart desires you even in the midst of despair.

38. Let’s make new memories together. Many enough to tell new stories to our grand kids every day, my darling.

39. I want your love every now and then. Even without asking, I’ll empty mine into your bosom. Love you forever, sweetheart.

40. Holy kisses will I give to you. For only on your lips will they be found. In love with you, my darling.

41. Your smell intoxicates me like alcohol and your breath gives life to me without doubts. I love you, boo.

42. If I have to mop the ocean for your sake, I’ll do it, just to make you happy, my love.

43. Have faith in my love, cause every day I’ll do what’s within my power to make sure you’re elated, my darling.

44. I want to stare at you all day and not have to blink, cause your beauty is more fulfilling than the satisfaction of beholding a miracle.

45. From the crown of your head to the sole of your feet, you’re far more beautiful than the collection of red roses on the field.

46. Feel the genuineness of my kisses and taste the purity of my love for you. Not on earth would you find any other like it, my darling.

47. Hearing your voice makes me feel the love of the Father from far above. I’ll be sure to make you see why I am deserving of your love, my darling.

48. Never doubt my love for you for a second. Look into my eyes and see how deeply it has eaten into my heart, sweetheart.

49. Stay with me and I’ll do the same with you. Like a king fighting for his dear kingdom, I’ll go all the way for you without refrain, my darling.

50. Through life’s up and down, I’ll be your soothing balm, giving you the necessary strength and joy to see life through, my love.

51. You’re my reflection. And to you alone will my words remain true.

52. Your smiles remain a blessing. Your frowns will I try to turn into an instance of joy, because you matter more to me.

53. You fill my mouth with the songs of love every day. Little wonder, it’s hard to see and love another.

54. You’re my number one and my only one. I hope I am able to shower the rains of love upon you till many generations pass by.

55. The most pleasant dreams happen when I fall asleep in your arms. You’re my peace and gentle water of comfort.

56. Your lifelong beauty amazes me than I can describe. I fall short of you, yet you’re here with me. This, I’ll never take for granted, my love.

57. I’ll love to smell your aura one more time before I go to bed. Make me happier than I am now by surrounding me with your presence.

58. I’ll empty my undying love on you. I’ll go on to drench myself in your pool of affection. My heart acknowledges you alone as my eternal love.

59. Call my name and my soul will be satisfied with a lifetime of love. I’m amazed by the woman you have come to be to me. I love you completely.

60. My soul is plunged into light because your heart found me worthy of your incomparable love. I’ll live to adore you, my love.

61. Joy has overtaken my heart. Love has filled my dying soul to the brim and thus, I live more fulfilled than ever. My love, you’re the reason I feel this good.

62. I’m morally blinded by your love. Hence, I do not mind going against the world just to satisfy your unquenchable desire. You’re my symbol of affection.

63. There’s something about you which keeps my soul burning than an inferno. Your smile smitten my heart and thus, I remain captivated by it.

64. This is more than infatuation and it’s more than a dream. My whole heart feels a fathomless love for you. Words fail me so, I remain speechless about what I uniquely feel for you, my lady.

65. Your heart is heaven-like. Hence, I feel a great deal of peace when I’m with you. You’re the angel sent to guide my life path. Take me by my hand and let me be your man forever.

66. You blow my heart up not with dynamites, but with a magnanimous love I cannot manage to comprehend. Your love has fixed me into the man that I am today. I love you, baby.

67. My heart as taken the shape of your physique cause you’re the one it beats for. Hence, I’m in love with the shape of you.

68. What I feel for you is what an angel would feel for the one she’s meant to guide. You’re my everything cause you’re my love.

69. I’m happy I’m in love, cause loving you has brought me to a blissful place.

70. What we share is an amorous link that would never be cut off. Our bond is eternal and our love is boundless.

71. I take pride in loving you, cause you’re worth more than I can estimate. Your love has humbled me in return.

72. Let me be the light that guides your path until an heavenly radiance overtakes your life forevermore. I love you, baby.

73. I enjoy peace cause my heart knows you and my love belongs to you.

74. I’ll remain faithful to you from now till the end of time. My promises and love for you are timeless.

75. I’ll gather my whole strength to save you from falling, cause when you fall my entire world crashes down with you.

76. I feel your heartbeat in mine cause we share the same feeling. How I love to love you.

77. There’s no room for more in my heart, cause I do love you more than anyone could envision.

78. Your heart is the best place I’ve ever taken a walk into. It is the destination of my happiness, mirth and love.

79. I owe you my life cause you gave me your world when you gave me your dearest heart to cherish and to love.

80. I’m in love with you and everything you represent. So, do not hide anything that you are to me, for I love you just the way you are.

81. I met you on a blessed day and I found love in your eyes on a graceful day.

82. My love for you flows like a water over the edge of a cliff that I can hold onto in times of storm.

83. My love will never drift away in hard times. It would remain steadfast like an unmovable rock. That’s the kind of love you’ve sprouted in my heart for you.

84. I feel like a champion loving a lady like you. You inspire me and make me feel better than a brand new day.

85. You look graceful at sunrise and completely wonderful at sunset. The secret of your glow is your unwavering love for me.

86. I once loved and it felt like I was mourning but when I found you, I found true love and my heart felt a joy like a river. You make everything look beautiful.

87. It takes nothing to break us cause love has made us both infallible.

88. Nothing is too hard for me to give to you, for I’ve given you my whole love which is my life.

89. When I die, I’ll die fulfilled, cause I found love and never did I let go off of it.

90. No chains could hold us, but love has bonded us together this much. Heaven bless the day I found you.

91. I’ll stand on the front line of heaven’s gate to proclaim my feelings for you as my achievement on earth, cause it’s my pride.

92. You’re the mirror on the wall of my heart. You make me see the beauty in myself. I love you, honey.

93. It’s so amazing to be loved jealously and be protected so dearly by the one whom your heart endlessly beats for.

94. I see your love so strong. I hope you can feel the strength of mine for you. I’ll be with you even in guilt and shame. I’ll always be your lover and friend.

95. When I talk to you, I feel the joy in your breath. I dream to share in this joy till the end of time, my love.

96. My end will be glorious, cause I found love with you from the formative years of my life till the very end.

97. You can count on me to be your lover even when you’re not lovable for my love for you is unconditional.

98. My love for you is unquestionable cause I’ve built a perfect love for you, my lady.

99. The truth is, I love you and that’s why I cannot look the other way when you’re around.

100. I loved you from a distance and even loved you more when you came closer. My love for you will always go on.

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