Best Birthday Appreciation to God Quotes

2023 Best Birthday Appreciation to God Quotes

Thanks be to God the giver of life for all He is in our lives. Every birthday is from Him and we should acknowledge God has our source of health and joy. The excitement and introspection that comes with a birthday can never be complete without appreciating God for a moment like this. It’s special! It’s exciting, but the joy of the moment won’t be complete without saying a “Thank You” to God.

Your birthday this year just got better with these 2023 best birthday appreciation to God quotes. Copy, share on your social media timeline. Have it written out. Stick it on the wall to read and see and remember how God has been great to you. It’s a wonderful feeling to appreciate God and I want you to feel all the emotions that come with it. That’s why you have here the best collections of 2023 best birthday appreciation to God quotes. Anything for you to be happy on your special day!

Thank God for Another Year of My Life

For as long as you see God in the picture, your appreciation will be endless. And on the occasion of this birthday of yours, these appreciation messages and quotes are sweet offerings to God for being the source of life and strength daily. Post them on WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and the likes.

1. Thanks be to God the giver of life who has made it possible for me to see this day. I can’t praise Him enough, but I’m grateful and I’ll shout it to the rooftop that it has been God all the way! Happy birthday to me!

2. Whenever I look to my life, I see nothing but grace. God has highly favoured me and I’m not just lucky, I’m blessed! It’s a new age today and I give thanks to God who has made this day possible.

3. I give thanks to God for He is good and His mercy forever endures. He has been my pillar all these years and he is not ready to leave me now. I celebrate God’s goodness as I celebrate my birthday today!

4. Happy birthday to me! And to God, my Father who has kept me from infant to this moment, He deserves all the praise.

5. I appreciate God for all He is to me and for all He would always be. He restored my soul and brought me close to Him. It’s a wonderful birthday for me!

6. I bless God for the strength He has given me through my years on earth. He has been the best thing ever to me. He made this day possible!

7. For the laughter and the tears, for the down moments and the wonderful moments, for all your goodness this many years, God I say “thank you!”

8. I appreciate God for the different people that He sends to me. He has made the journey to this new age beautiful by sending help my way at all times. I owe every thanks of this new age to Him!

9. Come celebrate God with me! I’m a year older today and I just want to bless God because He alone deserves my praise.

10. Thank you, Lord for the life you have given me. For the love and how you make things work in my favour, I’m forever grateful God!

11. I bless you Lord for loving me still and for the forgiveness of sins. It’s your grace that I see and I’m grateful for it all!

12. God kept me and His mercies have been new to me everyday. Today is a wonderful day to praise God again and again!

13. My life is a testimony and I owe all the praise to God who has made it possible.

14. To a wonderful birthday today, I bless God for free will and for His guidance through that will. He has been faithful!

15. Happy birthday to me! I join the host of heaven to praise God for all that He is.

16. God made a way! He has been the Lord over my desires and though it’s sometimes challenging, He saw me through it all. Happy birthday to me!

17. It’s not just a new day, it is also my birthday and I wouldn’t be here if not for God’s sufficient grace.

18. I bless you God for making learn from my mistakes and the will to make decisions and abide by it. You have made my existence wonderful.

19. I appreciate God for family and friends. For love and care and for everything His goodness sends me. It has been glorious years.

20. God has been my comfort through the years and He has thought me to laugh through the process. I appreciate Him for this new age.

21. I’ve been jealous of everyone else, but through the years, God has made me see how blessed I am. I’m grateful for the life He gave me!

22. I’m a year older today and it is a day for me to bless God through it all!

23. He has given me the wisdom to continue living my life positively. God, it has been you and nothing else but you.

24. Every breath means we’re living to serve God and I’m grateful for the opportunity to live my life again and again to serve God. He is great!

25. My birthday is a reality today because God cares for me. I love Him!

26. God had me in mind and He forgave my sins and also made every birthday a day to return all glory to Him. God, I’m grateful!

27. I will never stop thanking God for changing me and making a difference in my life. I want to live everyday in the fullness of His glory to praise Him.

28. God, I appreciate you for this new age and also for happiness. You deserve my praise!

29. God has always light my way and this birthday is part of the light. I just want to thank you, Lord.

30. God, I appreciate you for teaching me to love others and to be grateful for each moment you give. It’s another birthday and I’m grateful, Father!

31. It’s another new age, another time to become a better person. Thank you, God!

32. I thank God for the life He has given me. For the opportunity to share with friends and family, it is awesome!

33. This is not just another birthday, it is a day that God has made and I’ll rejoice and be glad in it.

34. If you see me shining, it’s not by my strength, God my Creator did that for me and today, I praise Him, again.

35. Humanly speaking, I don’t deserve the life that I have today, but the love of God is so beautiful and make me deserving of life. Happy birthday to me!

36. I never thought this day would come, but God kept me and gave me all the happiness that I deserve.

37. This new age is not by merit, but by grace from God.

38. Even the air that I breathe is worth it to be thankful for. I bless God for every detail of my life!

39. Hey, tell me what I can do to tell God how much I appreciate Him? Celebrate God’s goodness with me.

40. Everything that I have today, I owe every detail of it to God. He blessed me so much!

41. Glory to God! I’m a year older today and God deserves all the praise of all I have to say today.

42. I can’t stop trusting God. He has been so good to me. Happy birthday to me!

43. God has done so very much for me. He has given me a new song to sing today, again. I bless Him!

44. God made me experience love through the years. He gave me friends and family who are just so amazing! Tell me why I won’t appreciate Him on my birthday and always? He deserves more!

45. No one would have done this except God! He gave me life and satisfied me with happiness. I appreciate you, Lord!

46. Dear God, thank you for this birthday and every other birthday. It has been your love through the years and I’m grateful!

47. Celebrate! It’s my birthday and to God alone I praise for this new age!

48. For all the happy moments and my down moments, you still remain God. I bless you for the gift of life!

49. Your mighty power has been at work in me and it has kept me and I feel your love all around me. Thank you, Father, for everything!

50. Thank you, God for being my help from my very first cry to this day. You have kept me and I’m grateful!

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