2nd month birthday wishes

2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Baby Boy

Babies are a blessing to every home and every milestone they achieve needs to be celebrated with the best words. Gone is the newborn phase. It’s the second month of having your child, you are getting better at knowing your baby’s likes and dislikes and becoming a better parent. It’s been an arduous job no doubts, but this second month of your baby’s life isn’t a time to relax.

Speaking positive words to him is crucial to his development, hence, even if it’s not that time of the year to celebrate his birthday, some positive quotes are still needed to strengthen your child’s future learning skills.

Words are a very powerful tool that can affect the level of positivity or negativity in the life of a person. Many negativities found in humans can be traced to their childhood upbringing. Sow positivity into your two months old child by saying some sweet and adorable quotes to him.

Making use of available powerful prayer quotes for your little son, lovely wishes for a baby boy and extraordinary messages for your growing son is a good way to build the foundation of your baby boy.
Your baby boy is precious to me just as he is to you and that’s why this 2nd month birthday wishes for baby boy have been composed to help you celebrate your son. Take a look at them.

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Happy Second Month Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Baby Boy

The stars glitter and beautify the sky just as you shine and beautify my home. It’s been two months now since your grand entrance into my home, but I’ll never stop saying ‘welcome’. Best birthday wishes to you, my baby boy, and a happy second month of living.

1. Adorable, cute, precious, lovely, sweet, charming, delicate, and soft are all the words that define you. With a heart full of love and adoration for you, I wish that you keep growing to be a boy full of strength. Two months is just the beginning for you!

2. Two months with you have been hectic, but every day I wake up, I feel no regrets! I wish to relive every day with you. Happy Growing, my love. I know it won’t be easy watching you grow, but I’m in for it all. May you grow to appreciate the love you are surrounded with.

3. For the first time in my life, I felt unrequited love and I indulged in it willingly. I have hope that my one-sided love for you will earn me your heart in due time. Happy two months old to us my darling, may you live well enough to feel the warmth of my love for you.

4. I made a wish two months ago that I wanted a baby boy whose smile would find its way into my heart to heal my shattered heart. You came to me, smile at me, and gave me the strength to heal myself. Happy two months, may you see happiness as you grow, and may wisdom guide and lead you to make the right decisions.

5. I held your little hands, and it reassured me that in you, I could find hope. You are only two months old, but I have received the best therapy medication from your smile. I love you, and with sincerity in my heart, I wish you the best!

6. You are two months old, my darling! Even with your cute face, I can already guess that you’ll be a charmer capable of stealing the hearts of women. I’m the first to fall for you, there will be more after me. I wish to see you grow in beauty.

7. It’s two months already, and I feel very glad to call myself your mother/father. I feel so lucky to have you, and I promise to stay with you in every situation. I love you, my boy! Wishing you all the best.

8. You are that touch of goodness I needed in my life. Thank you for choosing to be a unique being to me. Happy two months to you. Although we have a long way ahead of us, I promise to love you and I hope that you love me back.

9. Two months ago, I was filled with anxiety when thinking of you. I kept hoping for safe delivery, I kept wishing to hold you in my arms while you smiled at me. My wishes are currently a reality, you have walked into my life with blessings that wiped out my uncertainty. I wish that the good things of life will take the place of your misfortunes. Happy 2 months old!

10. When you breathe for the first time, I felt my breath stagnate. It’s been two months now, but somehow, you still manage to take my breath away. Happy two months old dear, I wish to love you and accompany you for as long as I live. Lots of love!

11. These two months I’ve lived with you are the days of my life that I hope to never forget. You are a miracle to me, and the strength I needed. You came to me at the right time of my life, I’ll forever be grateful. I wish you a lifetime of joy.

12. Every day with you is the best day of my life. Happy two months to you! Seeing you grow as a new month comes feels refreshing and amazing. I can’t wait to do a lot of fun things with you, I wish you countless moments of joy as you grow.

13. Lots of love, darling! You are the best thing that I have ever had. It’s been two months already. Two months may not be the perfect age to teach you how to learn a bike, but I believe we’ll get to that age. Lots of wonderful experience awaits us both. May we live long to have these experiences.

14. You are just two months old! I don’t know what the future will hold, or what you will turn out to be in life but the only thing I’m sure of is that you will always be in my heart and that you will always have me when you need comfort. I wish you peace of mind to enjoy every good thing life offers you.

15. Since your birth which was two months ago, the average time I’ve laughed and smile is double that of an average person. You are an exceptional being who keeps defiling the way of things in my world. I wish you grow in health.

16. The first time I wrapped my hand around you, I felt your warmth slip its way into my heart. It’s been two months now, but just like that day, I still feel your warmth! Happy two months to us, our relationship has been without conflicts and I hope it remains so for a long time.

17. People say ” it’s the little things that matter” but after an encounter with you, I think it should be corrected to “it’s the little boy that matters”. Love you! May you be happy all your life.

18. There is no better in the world than holding you in my arms. There is no greatest fear in the world than holding you in my arms and scared that you will slip off. I love you so much that it scares me. Happy two months old to you.

19. Oh darling, I always thought nobody fitted my definition of perfection until I had you two months ago. You are everything that defines perfection and I’m glad to see you growing into a big boy. I wish good health to you and all the good things that should naturally be yours.

20. You have made my heart flutter countless times, my home has become happier after your presence in it and with hope, I look towards a brighter future with you. Happy two months to you, you are loved, and may you continue to be loved. Your day will be amazing, I promise you.

21. So little you are, but capable of taking up space in one’s heart. Your tiny hands and legs, your tiny voice when you giggle and every tiny thing about you have filled up my heart. Happy growing to you, may this life journey you have started bring you happiness.

22. Like a little star in the dark clouds, you came to me with all you had and brightened me. I want to let you know that I’m grateful to you for coming into my life and I hope that our relationship as parent and child will stand the test of time. Happy two months to you.

23. It has been two months already with you. We have walked past one of the most dangerous stages of your life, but we still have lots of bridges to climb. I have faith in our abilities, and I can’t wait to see what awaits us on this journey. Wishing us strength and good luck.

24. Losing you is like losing my heart and life. You are the reason I stay strong each day, you are the motivation that keeps me going. You have stayed strong for two months, let’s keep the energy going! Sending courage and luck to you through hugs as we go on with life.

25. The universe has given me a valuable gift which is you, I’ll forever cherish and love this gift of mine. As I celebrate your two months stay with me, may the universe be merciful and grant you every wisdom that is above your age.

2 Months Birthday Wishes for My Son

I feel lucky to exist in this lifetime as your mother/father. I think about your future a lot, and all my wishes for is that you find yourself in a good position as you grow. Happy 2 months to you! I wish you all the best on this beautiful birthday of yours!

26. The happiest day of my life was when I became your mother/father. I’ve waited so long for a lot of things that ended up being either worthy or unworthy but you, you are the best thing I’ve ever wanted and waited for that turned out perfect. I love you, son! May the good times of life envelope you. Happy two months!

27. “Angels don’t exist”, they said so how do I explain you to them? An angel came into my life two months ago with all the blessings of life, and I’ll forever remain loyal and grateful to him. Happy growing to you, my darling! May the people of the world be open-minded to accept your existence as an angel.

28. Your first two months on earth have been filled with the sounds of your cries. I never knew how long the night was until you kept me watching over you as you slept. Although you have changed the way I lived, I still have to confess that I had the best time with you. I hope to walk the rest of my life with you. Wishing you long life.

29. Happy 60 days on earth, my darling! I feel honoured to be chosen by the universe to parent you. I may lack a lot of things as a parent, but my love will substitute them. I wish that you grow up to be a son who understands and thrives to be a better person. Love you!

30. The first time your cry woke me in the middle of the night, I felt annoyed! The second time it happened, I got used to it. The third time, I smiled while putting you back to sleep because I understood why you kept waking me up with your cries at night. Watching you sleep in the quiet night made me admire your beauty alone, and made me love you the more. Happy two months to our wonderful times together! Wishing you wonderful moments as you grow!

31. My bundle of joy, you have become two months older today! My wish for you is that you flourish and radiate joy and happiness to everyone with good intentions towards you. May your smile stay sincere forever and may you have happy days.

32. You are growing up into a handsome boy, my majesty! Happy two months old! The journey seems long for both of us but with patience and love, we both will conquer these times that seem difficult. Keep fighting! I wish you strength for there’ll be times you will be down with a sickness.

33. Staring at you is my new therapy for sadness. You have something in you that puts everyone around you in a good mood. Happy two months! I love you so much, I wish that the good things necessary for a happy life locate and envelope you as you grow. Stay happy!

34. I have never set my eyes on a more cute and adorable two months old baby like you! You are indeed a product of the best which is me! A rarity of rare, that’s what you are! Two months has been beautiful with you, may the rest of my life with you be as beautiful as the first day I had you.

35. Wishing a unique boy who has filled my heart with love a very happy two months on earth! May your life encounter happiness in every stage of it! May the light which you carry within you, ward off every darkness that will try to hinder you from seeing the right way of life. Love you, now and always.

36. You give nothing but happiness to those who surround you! Two months of my life with you have witnessed me swimming in an ocean of joy! I want to spend the rest of my life loving you, so I wish you a long and prosperous life! Have a blissful day!

37. Your existence has taught me patience on all levels and the right way to love. I love you so much, and with all of my heart, I wish you a happy and blissful life. May your fears be conquered by you as you grow. May you be filled with the bravery of thousands. May you find happiness.

38. Nobody has ever given me a sincere smile that penetrated my heart and calm the raging storm in it. Two months ago, you looked at me and smiled. At that moment, I knew that my heart had been captured and soothed. Happy 60th day to you, cheers to a wonderful life with you.

39. You looked at me with sincerity in that quiet night, and I took note. Never will your place in my heart be removed, never will I forget you who made me stay true to myself. Happy two months to you! May you grow up to be a responsible man who will love and care for those around him.

40. Happy two months to my precious baby boy! This may be the beginning and the most difficult times for us, but I know I have your smile, and the support of your father to keep us going! May your stay on earth be special, and may the bond you have with me never get broken.

41. Just because you are my baby boy, I wish you a happy two months! I see a happy future together with you, and my only wish right now is to see this dream become a reality. May your life with me bring you joy, and may the love I give to you, be felt by you.

42. All the love I shower on you, is yours to keep! All the happy memories I have with you are ours to keep. You are only two months old, but I promise to share with you when you are older all the lovely time I had with you. I wish myself the grace to love you, and I wish you the grace to embrace all of my love for you.

43. I see forever in you, my precious baby boy! Even if we’ve only known each other for two months, I still see my future with you. May we love each other till forever and may you not just know that I love you, may you feel my love for you in everything you do. Happy two months to you!

44. You make me feel so relaxed with you, I know it’s a sign that you are my soulmate. You listen to me talk, you understand me, you smile at me making me not know how to act. I love you sincerely, and I hope that life treats you well as you deserve.

45. Hey my cute toddler! Happy two months old to you! Your coming to my life has taught me how precious and wonderful it is to be a mother/father. Very soon, you will begin to try crawling with your tiny hands and feet. I hope to stay with you as you open that first page of your life.

46. Dear baby boy, I need you in my life, so live forever with me. You are so important to me, two months isn’t enough to show you how much I love you. May you live long on earth with me, and may you be healthy.

47. And at the end of 60 days with you, all I learned was how to be better at loving and that I couldn’t live without you. Happy two months to you. My best wishes are with you. I wish you wisdom and the ability to stand out in the midst of many.

48. Two months is just the beginning of your life, I look forward to the times when your hugs will seem like a big blanket over me. When that time comes, I wish that the problems of life won’t turn you into a person you are not.

49. It’s two months already, I can’t believe how much you have grown. I wish for a future where I can always wait up next to you. Love you, my baby, may you always find happiness when others find life difficult.

50. I feel so lucky because I have you in my life. Even after a bad day, you still make me smile so widely. You deserve all the good things of the world, and I hope that they become all yours. Happy two months old to you!

Birthday Wishes and Prayers for 2 Months Old Baby Boy

Dear Lord, on this day which signifies my baby boy’s 2 months on Earth, my prayers and wishes that he grows up to become a man who will perform great things and who will become an inspiration to many. Bless my son with the wisdom you gave to Solomon, and anoint him just as he anointed David to be King.

51. Heavenly Father, I thank you for the life you have given to my two months old son, I thank you for keeping him healthy, praise be your name. As he grows into a big boy, may the works of his hands prosper, and may he find solace in you. Amen.

52. Righteous Lord, you know the reason for giving this child to me, and I know that your plans for him are to make exploits on earth. All I ask of you is that, as he turns two months, may you make the promise of giving him a fulfilled life. May he be prosperous, Amen.

53. I thank you Lord for keeping my two months old child alive till this day! I thank you, Lord, for using him to establish yourself in my family. I pray Lord, that as he grows up, he will find happiness in walking according to your word. May he live his life for you only, and may you find his peace.

54. Father, I pray for your protection over the life of my two months old baby. As he’s growing up, may he have a firm stance in you both spiritually and physically. Appoint him to serve you alone. Amen!

55. Lord God, today is a very special day in my life and that of my son. Today marks his second month of living and his second month of staying on earth as your angel. You gave him to me for a reason, I pray that you give him the grace to fulfil that reason you brought him to earth. Bless me with grace to guide him in your word.

56. Almighty Jehovah, I thank you for the gift of life which you have placed on my son, may your name be glorified. My son is turning two months old today, I commit him into your hands. I can only perform my earthly duties as his parents, take control of him oh Lord, and see him as a son who will always need your guidance.

57. Jehovah, My son is turning two months old today, for this I thank you. You saw me through during his delivery, and you promise him life. May this life which you promise those who serve you abound in him. Give him the grace to do your work, and may he be a testimony to many.

58. A two months old boy is still ignorant of the affairs of the world, oh Lord. May any evil, whose motive is to snatch his soul away be destroyed. My baby boy will live in your presence, and in his presence will you prepare a banquet for him. Bless his life with wisdom to serve you even at his young age.

59. Blessed Redeemer, I hand over my two months old son to you. Just as you came upon John the Baptist and appointed him to do your work, may your spirit come over my son, and take over his soul. May the impurities of his heart be purified and may your grace be seen in him. Amen!

60. Dear God, your word is life and the way to eternal life, praise be given to you. My two months old child is growing into a world with no regard for your word, as he takes his steps into adulthood, may you plant your word in his heart and make him see the need to choose you.

61. Alpha and Omega, you promised eternal life to children who take delight in obeying their parents, give my son the grace to find happiness in obeying his elders. He may only be two months, but I seek your presence in him. May all who see him give glory to your name for your work in his life.

62. Giver of life, I thank you for the overwhelming love and protection you have always showered on my son, I thank you for using my son to build my faith in you, blessed be your holy name. As my son turns two months old today, may you accept him into your presence, and take him into your protecting wings. Amen!

63. Sovereign Lord, I bless your name for the new page of life you have opened for my son, I glorify you for showing your awesome power through my son, be honoured. I pray that your grace, strength, and love locate my son. As you go around doing good today, may you not pass my son as he celebrates two months of living.

64. Mighty man of valour, you are the only God capable of making the impossible possible. I bring my two-month-old son to you, every impossibility in his future should become possible with your grace. Make my son your obedient servant. Amen.

65. Immortal God, I thank you for creating a protective amour around my two months old son! I thank you for bringing him into my home to be a light that shines. Thank you, Lord. As your servant, I seek that you walk with my son all the days of his life and that you help him achieve all of his goals.

66. Omnipotent Lord, you know my son and his purpose in life, come and take your place in him. Bring with you, your joy, peace, and protection to reside in the life of my son. Set my son apart from the world, make him a light that shineth. Never forsake his call for you, instead be his only comfort. Amen!

67. Lord Jesus, I pray over the life of my son and I glorify you for your awesome gift of life. Jesus, you made it known that the kingdom of God belonged to little children. I pray that you anoint my son, and make him worthy of your kingdom. Let the life of my two months old son, be an example of your presence on earth. Amen!

68. Jehovah my comforter, I pray over the health of my little boy, this point of his life is a time he is most vulnerable to infections. I pray for your healing power to dwell in him now and forever. May your power in him make him immune to whatever sickness that trouble people of his age. Amen!

69. Glorious God, the present world is filled with agents of darkness seeking for whom to possess, my son is only two months old but I pray that you put your mark of ownership on him. Make the evil one terrified of him, and let his life be a no-go area for the kingdom of darkness. Amen!

70. Creator of heaven and earth, I call upon you today, my son is growing up in a world with no regard for you. I plead that you set him apart from the rest, and make him always seek you in whatever position he finds himself. Give him the faith he needs to hold firm to you. Thank you, Lord, for the answers to my prayers.

71. King of glory, you are filled with glory, no one can compare to you. I bring my son to you in prayer, take a look at him oh Lord, and release the urge to serve you into him. Make him thirst for your glory as he grows and make him your apostle on earth.

72. Lord of Lords, I hand over my two-month-old son to you just as Hannah handed over Samuel you. Make him a vessel of God and an instrument of peace. Through him, people will bless your name, and his story will draw you much closer to you. Glorify your name in his life. Amen!

73. Bread of life, your word says he that drink from the water of life shall thirst no more, here’s my son which I have brought to you, give him that water of life, nourish him with your word so that even at his age, his consciousness will have a connection with you.

74. Almighty God, I know that you own the supreme power on earth and that no power can contend with yours. My two months old son is here today, I ask for nothing but his total dependence on you. May he grow under your shadows and drink the water that gives eternal life. Amen!

75. Lord Jesus, I thank you for the fruit of the womb. Two months ago, you welcomed with me a baby boy, I know you have a laid-out plan for him, so I pray that you remove whatever will hinder his purpose in life. Take your place in his life.

2nd Month Birthday Wishes for Son

On your own, you found me and gave me the honour of becoming your mother. My wishes for you are peace as you grow, the ability to love yourself, and the courage to keep smiling in every situation. Happy 2nd month birthday to you, dear son, greater heights ahead!

76. Lots of wishes to my little adorable prince. You look so handsome today, which got me thinking about who you got your beauty from. Happy two months to you, I hope you keep growing in health and prosperity! My sweetheart, my heart is yours, and I’ll always look forward to your happy days.

77. Wishing you a happy two months of living, I love the times I’ve spent with you, and I hope that it never comes to an end. Hoping for the best for you today, tomorrow, and always. Thank you for turning my life for good with your existence! Mummy loves and cherishes you!

78. Thank you for bringing liveliness into my home, thank you for giving me hope of a happy future! Happy two months old little one, you are the reason this family can smile so brightly. Hoping to watch you grow into a boy filled with love. The path ahead of you will be smooth!

79. Many many kisses to the cute boy who stole my heart so easily. Love, at first sight, wasn’t a thing I believed in, but your charm stole my heart the first time I glanced at you. Many many more years to you I hope! More adventures await us. May the rest of our lives be filled with memories as sweet as yours.

80. It was just yesterday that I held you in my arms while you had your first cry, so quickly you have turned two months old! Very soon, you will be a year old. I look forward to that day. Happy two months old! One step at a time and soon you will be a big boy! Wishing you the best as you age.

81. It’s unbelievable to see you turning two months old! It’s been an honour to have watched you grow! I hope to take the pleasure of guiding and protecting you as you continue your life’s journey. I’ll always be available for you, and I hope that you live long on the earth.

82. Happy two months old to you darling! You won’t understand just how much your dad and I love you. I hope to see you grow into a boy who will understand the importance of love, and who wouldn’t take it for granted. I’m happy about your growth, have fun today!

83. Your legs are the most active part of your body, I can’t wait to see them grow into the legs of a matured man, and I’m eager to know what exploits and achievement those legs of yours will perform. Your future will be bright, and may the rest of your life be filled with happiness.

84. You are so special to me, my sweetheart! Turning two months old is a milestone in your life that needs to be celebrated. Two months with you have been a rollercoaster of joy and happiness! I want to live my life loving you, so I wish that the rest of your life is lived appreciating those who care for you.

85. Watching you turn two months old has an amazing feeling to it! Watching you sleep every night gives me the best feelings. It’s wonderful to be called your mother, I want to be your mother for the rest of my life, so I wish you a very long life. May you be blessed with good health to enjoy the goods things offered by life.

86. Two months ago, I had a terrifying thought. “Am I capable of parenting a wonderful child like you?”. Two months later, the only thought I have is, “how is he able to make me love him unconditionally?”. You have taught me the right way to love, I’m forever indebted to you. Wishing you a life that will seem unrealistic to many.

87. Happy two months old to my baby boy! This day last two months made me the luckiest woman on earth. I will forever cherish the day you brought light into my life. May your youth be filled with vigour, and may laughter be your only language.

88. There are only two candles on your cake, and they represent months not years. Two months may not seem special to many, but it is to me. Every month you live will be celebrated! Happy two months to you. I hope for more months/years for you. Stay happy always!

89. Your embrace changed my world. Your presence in my life has become the perfection I’ve always sought. Happy two months to you, my angel! The storm of life may seem difficult to overcome, but with your love, we’ll sail through! May you be graced with the courage you need to overcome life’s challenges.

90. I’ve laughed more during these two months with you. No words were spoken, but I find you very funny! Happy two months, my little comedian! May you always bring laughter to those who surround you! May people always find you happy! Love you, sweetheart!

91. Happy two months old to the little one who gives me a feeling I can’t explain! I love you so much! Wishing you protection and everything that will make you happy. The world may be a dangerous place to be, but my love will guide you. I hope you do what makes you happy.

92. I have never wanted perfection, I have always wanted sincerity! Thank you for giving me sincerity in all shades of colour! Thank you for making me look up to you to clear up my negativity. Love you and happy two months to you. May the rest of your life shine brighter than the sun.

93. All my love is gone! You have taken them with you! Happy two months old, my love! May you always find all you seek as you grow, and may you grow with wisdom and understanding! All of my best wishes are with you, I hope to see you smile throughout today. Best wishes!

94. My baby boy is growing into a man. You may be a two months old baby who still receives piggybacks from his mum, but a time will come when you will lift me off the ground with your strong arms. In as much as I want that day to come, I still want to carry the little you in my arms. Wishing you good health!

95. May everything you’ll ever want be yours. Happy two months to you! Wishing you happy growth and a life that will bring satisfaction to your family and yourself! May opportunities locate you as you grow and may your loved ones be proud of who you’ll become.

96. It’s fascinating how someone with such tiny eyes, legs, hands, and mouth and has such a loving huge heart capable of loving everyone who smiles at him! You amaze me at times, and it’s times like today which is your second month on earth, that makes me feel lucky to be your mother. Wishing you all the best as we celebrate today with you.

97. Today, I want you to spread out your love to envelop everyone who will celebrate today with you. You have a big smile that has a lasting impression, I hope you give it off today! My wish for you is to have peace of mind. Love you now and always.

98. Happy two months my little darling! I hope that the days of your youth be filled with fun things to do, and may the days of your old age be filled with sweet memories. Have a happy day, you are loved.

99. Dear Love my life, you are my favourite person, and I hope I hold the same position in your heart. Happy two months old! May you meet people who will make you understand just how worthy you are of living.

100. I think it’s beautiful how you hold so much love without needing anyone to carry it. Happy two months old to the boy who was born with love. May your life be surrounded by people who love you. I love you now, till eternity.

The arrival of a baby feels thrilling but the responsibility that comes with it is nothing close to exciting. One of the responsibilities you have to fulfil to your child is celebrating him at all times of the year.

The above unique 2nd-month birthday wishes for baby boy are a way of celebrating him because sincere words will always be the perfect gift.

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