Happy 29th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

Happy 29th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Boyfriend

Birthdays are a very important part of one’s life. Even though men don’t really see the need to celebrate it as ladies do, it’s still very important that you celebrate your boyfriend in the most loving way possible.

I mean, he is everything to you. He loves and cares so much for you, so his birthday should never be forgotten. While you are planning to give him a beautiful gift and probably planning a surprise party for him, you must give him something to always remind him of how much you love him.

And that’s exactly why I have these happy 29th birthday wishes and quotes for boyfriend below. Trust me, whichever one you choose, he is going to absolutely love it.

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Best 29th Birthday Prayer Messages for Boyfriend

Hey boyfriend, you are a very good man and I sincerely am lucky to have someone like you in my corner. It’s my prayer that you continue to live a good and comfortable life. You’re the best. Happy 29th birthday to you.

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1. We are two hearts that beat as one. There’s nothing I can do without you, and the same applies to you. On your 29th birthday, I want you to know that you’ve been so nice to me, and I appreciate all you do. May God grant you length of years. Happy 29th birthday to you.

2. Once in a while, you can be very annoying, but I love you regardless. You are the man who has successfully shaped me into who I am today. I am grateful for all you have done and all you will do. May the remaining of your years be blessed by God. Happy 29th birthday to you.

3. My man, you are the most loving and caring lover I have ever seen. You are great and wonderful in every way. I’m thankful that you are mine, and I really hope to feel this way forever. You are blessed and highly favoured forever. Happy 29th birthday.

4. You are just one year to clocking 30; I hope that you stop disturbing me really. Lol. I was only kidding, there’s nothing I’d do without your disturbance. Thank you for choosing me, of all the beautiful ladies around. Happy 29th birthday to you. I wish you more grace. Amen.

5. So many people don’t even know we have come a long way. You have been there for me since day one. I’m thankful for where we are now, and I know God isn’t done with you yet. You will love to testify of His blessings in your life. Happy 29th birthday, Boo.

6. The fact that I am the only one who can talk you out of your crazy mood makes me feel so special. I have the keys to your heart, and I know which one to use depending on your mood. Thank you for giving me the chance to love you. I want to do this forever. Happy birthday to you. God bless you.

7. When I think of the blessings of God in your life, I just want to keep thanking Him. Who is a man whom God has blessed? God’s grace is so evident in your life. My prayer is that He does not stop blessing you. Happy 29th birthday, my love.

8. While we are in the mood of celebrating your 29th birthday, I want us to acknowledge God because, without Him, you will not be here today. God keeps fulfilling all His promises for your life, and this is worth thanking Him for. Happy birthday, baby. I hope you have a good day.

9. You are a wonderful boyfriend and a very nice person to everyone. I will never ever doubt God’s love for you because you keep giving Him reasons to love you. Today, I and the entire family is thankful for your life, and we pray God keeps prospering in your ways. Happy 29th birthday.

10. I know you are a successful young man, but I will never stop praying for you. I know it’s your birthday and you would rather have fun, but I still won’t stop praying for you. I’m grateful to God for making things so easy for you. I pray that He continues to abide with you. Happy birthday.

11. Happy 29th birthday to the king of my heart and the only one my heart beats for. Thank you for loving me the way you do. With you by my side, I know God’s blessings will never elude me. On your birthday, I wish you peace all around. Amen. I love you, baby.

12. I have been in relationships, but I have never loved one of them as I love you. You are the easiest person to fall in love with because you make loving someone easy. Thank you for years of bliss and peace together. May God bless you forever. Happy 29th birthday.

13. Despite not telling people about the sweet experience my relationship brings me, they still know I am happy in my relationship. This is because you give me peace of mind and I have never had to cry. Much more than you’ve done for me, may God do for you. Happy 29th birthday.

14. You are the man I hope to marry someday because you love me just the right way. You see nothing wrong in caring for me and helping out whenever you can. It’s your birthday, and you deserve more prayers for the coming year. May God answer all your heart’s desires. Happy 29th birthday.

15. On your 29th birthday, I am going to do more than just giving you a cake. I am going to pray for you because with prayers, you can never miss it. May God appear at the centre of everything bothering you. You will continue to make it in life. Amen. Happy birthday to you.

16. I have found my missing ribs, and that is you. You complete me in so many ways, baby. We were made for each other, there’s no doubt about that. I promise to always love and be there for you. May God help me. Happy 29th birthday to you.

17. I know God is love, but you are love too. Even when I feel I don’t deserve such love, you still love me regardless. I’m totally thrilled by your love for me. I just hope our love never dies. May God’s love for you continue to bloom. Happy 29th birthday to you.

18. Just tell me why I should stop being grateful. I have a man who loves me for who I am. I have a man who is successful and known across the globe. I have a man who changes lives with his influence and God’s blessing. My dear, I have all I want in life. Happy birthday, Boo. I wish you more grace to function.

Happy 29th Birthday Boyfriend Quotes

You deserve so many beautiful quotes on your 29th birthday, but I am more particular about making you happy. Thank you for being the best boyfriend. Happy birthday to you.

19. Happy 29th birthday to the most amazing person on earth. Babe, you inspire me in so many ways. Because of your knack for success, I find myself working hard and doing more for society. Thank you for everything. I love you.

20. There is just want thing I will never do, even if a gun is being pointed at me; I will never denounce my love for you. You have been all shades of awesome. Your awesomeness has made me a better person, and no one else is worth me, but you. Happy 29th birthday.

21. I want to thank you for shaping me into the woman I am today. To be very honest with you, you have touched my life even more than the whole of my family. You will continue to be my favourite person in the world, no apologies. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

22. I have heard so many things about the people in relationships, but I must say ours is different; because what we share is genuine. With you, I find it so easy to be vulnerable, because I know you got me. There’s no one else I want to be with, but you. Happy 29th birthday.

23. Love has never felt this easy. Babe, you make things easy for me in this relationship. I was always told about how love can only thrive when two people make conscious efforts to make it work. Babe, you do the bigger part and our lives still feel this blissful. You are the real MVP. Happy 29th birthday.

25. You bring out the best in me. I don’t know how you do it, but I find it very easy to be myself when I am with you. This is exactly why your company is my favourite place to be. Thank you for showing me so much love. Happy 29th birthday, baby Boo.

26. I am going to make sure I am friends with your mom when we eventually get married. She raised a king, and I want her to teach me how she managed to. I know you’re going to be a great dad too. Happy 29th birthday, my love. It’s going to be you and me forever.

27. My love for you will always be greater than your imagination. In loving each other, I promise to always be steps ahead of you. I know you love me, but I feel I can do more. Lol. Happy 29th birthday, great man. You are really growing.

28. Baby, thank you for making me feel I have enough. You have been so good to me and my family. There’s absolutely nothing I’d do without you. I promise to always love you, no matter what happens. Happy 29th birthday to you. I wish you more blessings and happiness.

29. Everyone knows you are my ride or die. They know at the mention of your name, I come back to life even if I am dying. Your love gets me through the darkest moments of life. There are no two ways about it, you are the one I want to be with. Happy 29th birthday.

30. I wish I could prove how much I love you by granting all your wishes today, but I am not God. Baby, you are the reason life is fair to me. You are the reason for my existence because, without you, I am nothing. You’re a blessing to me and so many others. I’m grateful, baby. Happy 29th birthday.

31. While everyone is sending you wishes and greetings on your birthday, I want you to know that mine is genuine and straight from my heart. You loved me even when people never saw the reason to. I’m never going to be ungrateful. Happy 29th birthday to you.

32. I know I can be very proud and arrogant, but I still love you very much. I want you to know that I am working very hard so you can be proud of me. I will continue to make efforts to be a good lady. Happy 29th birthday to you, my love.

33. Even when I talk out of annoyance not to ever come back to you, I still find myself coming back in your arms. You are the only man who has shown me what it means to be in love. Wherever you are is home, my love. I am so grateful for everything. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

34. It’s not how far but how well; our relationship has made me understand this. I have never been lucky with love, and when you came, I thought you’d be just like those who have disappointed me. Thank you for proving me wrong. Happy 29th birthday, dear.

35. I didn’t know what you saw in me that made you choose me, but I wish that thing never goes away because I would love to be with you forever. I want to be your wife and the mother of your children, someday. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

36. I have always been the one in love with men, they have never really been in love with me. But with you, the case is different. Thank you for loving me just the way I want. I promise to love you, even more, baby. Happy 29th birthday to you. I can’t wait to celebrate your 90th by your side.

Happy 29th Birthday to My Boyfriend

You are my boyfriend with whom I am well pleased. I bless the day I met you, baby. You have made my life much more beautiful than you met it. Happy 29th birthday to you.

Two nice places to take your boyfriend for a birthday treat.

37. I always thought true love was a fairytale and only happens in movies before I met you. Baby, you show me the purest form of love; one with no blemish at all. Today, I just want to show you how grateful I am to have you. Thank you for loving me. Happy 29th birthday.

38. Even though I feel you’re doing too much, a part of me feels it’s just compensation for the times I wasted with the wrong people. I want more of your love, please show me more. Happy birthday, my darling. You know I love you too.

39. Before I met you, I was feeble, heartbroken and devastated. My life was nothing close to experiencing true happiness. And boom, you came around and everything changed. No matter what happens, I just want to end up as your wife. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

40. If it takes me to propose to you, then count me in. You are the best man and I never want to lose you to any woman. We are best for each other, the records are there. I celebrate you on this special day for everything you have done, and the ones you are yet to do. Happy 29th birthday, sweetheart.

41. Baby, you do so many amazing things for me, sometimes I wonder how I got so lucky. I know you plan to do even more, but this won’t happen unless we get married. And yes, I want to be your wife, because I have chosen to be happy forever. Happy 29th birthday.

42. We are a perfect match made from heaven, and there’s nothing doubt about ending up together. You are just the sweetest man ever, and I don’t ever want to make the mistake of letting you go. Happy 29th birthday to the world’s best boyfriend. I love you.

43. I am not ashamed to say I made the first move, because it has turned out to be the most perfect decision of my life. Baby, I am thankful I did what I had to do (asking you to be my boyfriend.) Thank you for accepting to be mine. I will never make you regret it. Happy 29th Birthday.

44. Despite the discouragement from naysayers and enemies in disguise, you still had to choose me. I never planned to end up with someone like you, because I always felt like I wasn’t enough. Thank you for making me know my worth. Happy 29th birthday, dear.

45. You are my whole world, baby. If I hadn’t ended up with you, things would’ve been tough for me. I just thank God for bringing the right person my way. Thank you for making it all worth it. Happy 29th birthday to the love of my life.

46. You are more than just one man, to me. You are my everything. All my life, I have been praying to meet a man after God’s heart. God answered my prayers by bringing you my way. I’m never going to push you away. Happy 29th birthday to you, my boyfriend.

47. Even though you are my boyfriend, I can’t but give you the privileges of a husband. You even do much more than some husbands. You know the best way to love a woman and how to care for her. I will choose you over and over again. Happy 29th birthday, my baby.

48. No one makes me feel at home like you do, no wonder I find myself missing you whenever we are apart. I have thought very well about it, and I have decided to be with you for the rest of my life. I hope this is exactly what’s on your mind. Happy 29th birthday, love.

49. Thank you for making me know you’re always hungry for me. I feel the same way each time we are not together. Baby, your arms are the best place in the world; I just want to come home to them forever. Happy 29th birthday, sweets.

50. So many people don’t believe in love. I was one of them until I had an encounter with you. You shaped my knowledge and made me understand true love does exist. Now, all I want to know is to be with you forever. Happy 29th birthday, my baby.

51. I always thought love wasn’t my thing until you came through. You broke everything down and taught me from scratch. I’m never going to allow all your labour of love over me to go to waste. I will even add more techniques to loving you. Happy 29th birthday.

52. I have never been this happy with anyone, in my entire life. Baby, you’re so full of love and light. Everything about you is superb and lovely. Thank you for making loving easy for me, by making your life an open book. I love you so much. Happy 29th birthday.

53. Rise and shine babe, it’s your birthday. I’m super excited for you, my love. You have been through so much, yet you keep coming out stronger. Today, we are celebrating your victories, while hoping for more. Happy 29th birthday, my forever love.

54. No matter the fights, anger, argument and hurtful words, we will keep coming back to each other’s arms. We know how much we love each other and that’s all that matters. Let’s keep doing this. Happy 29th birthday to you.

55. I want you to know that none makes me feel at home like you do. You are the best partner anyone could ever wish for. If there’s a next life, I will still choose you. This birthday, I just want to thank you for being you. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

56. I will never be free and goofy around anyone else like I am around you. You’re my happy place, and with you, I feel very safe and cool. You take delight in protecting and looking out for me. What about we start planning to be together forever? Happy 29th birthday, super boyfriend.

29th Birthday Greetings for Boyfriend

Just a little greeting before your birthday starts. Those who haven’t met you don’t even know what they are missing. You are the best boyfriend and friend anyone could ever wish for. Thank you for being mine. Happy 29th birthday to you.

57. You know I will never lie to you; you are the boyfriend of the century, so please take that from me. I have never heard of the things you do. And even when you do them, you do them effortlessly. I just want to be with you forever. Happy 29th birthday, baby.

58. Have you ever heard anything called a complete package? My dear, you are a complete package. You are nice, handsome, loving, caring, compassionate, just name it. I made no mistake choosing you as my boyfriend, and I’m hoping choosing you as my husband will never be a mistake. Happy 29th birthday.

59. You are the cutest boyfriend ever. If only you know how handsome and clean you are. I can never imagine my life full of so much love and happiness without you. You make loving you look very sexy. How about we start planning our future together? Happy 29th birthday.

60. You are always there for me, no matter what your schedule is like. You listen to me and calm me when I don’t feel good. You never let a minute go by without having to say how much you love me. I think the decision to be with you is the best I’d ever make. Happy 29th birthday.

61. To think I wasn’t even going to consider your proposal, because of all I have heard and my experiences with bad men. Baby, thank you for changing my orientation about love and relationships. You have made me feel so loved, and it’s you I will choose forever. Happy 29th birthday.

62. The man after my heart is 29 years old today. Baby, I am so excited and happy that you witnessed another beautiful year. I thank God for always bringing you closer to fulfilment. I hope more beautiful things happen to your life as you begin another beautiful year. Happy birthday.

63. No man has ever loved me more than I love him. You are a special kind of man, and I’m lucky to be called yours. I want you to know that come what may, I will continue to be yours. I will never leave your side. May God help me. Happy 29th birthday.

64. Before I agreed to be yours, all I saw in you was good looks. It never appealed to me that you had more to offer. I got into a relationship with you and it has been the best thing ever. You are a hard worker and I wish you all the best. Happy 29th birthday to you.

65. Happy 29th birthday, my love. Your love has made me realize just how beautiful life can be. You are everything I have been praying for in a man. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I hope we keep this moving forever.

66. Happy 29th birthday to the man who rocks my world. My heart belongs to you. You are my essence and the one who makes me feel whole. Nothing in this world can be compared to your love. I love you so much baby, and I wish our love keeps waxing stronger.

67. Baby, you drive me crazy with your love. I feel so numb when I am not with you. I am definitely not the best woman, but you make me feel like the best. I want to thank you for making it your priority to make me happy. I wish you a happy 29th birthday.

68. Happy 29th birthday to the man who makes me smile even when things don’t go well. You are too extra in showing me love. Oh please, I am not complaining, I only want you to keep being better at it. I love you with all my heart, baby. Have a blast.

Cute 29th Birthday Wishes for My Boyfriend

My very cute boyfriend, you make me so happy. I always want to go back to the time we had, when we are not together. Thanks for making it all worth it. Happy 29th birthday to you. Best wishes.

Some words you never knew could hurt your boyfriend on his birthday.

69. I have the best days with you. Sometimes, I don’t even want to go to work. You just know how to make me yearn for your attention, and that’s exactly what I love. Happy 29th birthday to you, babe. I wish you all the best.

70. On your birthday, I want to thank you for making me get better at loving people for who they are. You don’t know this, but you have succeeded in making me a changed person. I always look forward to wishing you a happy birthday.

71. The best thing in the world is getting to celebrate the birthday of the one you love. Babe, I am so lucky that I get to call you mine. You have brought the brightest days into my life. In fact, you have done so many great things I can’t start mentioning. Happy 29th birthday. All my love.

72. You know me in and out; no part of me is dark or unclear to you. This is because you make your life an open book for me. There’s nothing I don’t know about you. This is all I ever asked of my ex-boyfriends, but they all found it a hard thing to do. Thank you for coming bare. Happy 29th birthday.

73. You are the coolest and the most cheerful person I know. I’m glad I am gradually taking after your cheerfulness. You are a sweet person and almost everyone wants to have a relationship/friendship with you. I just hope you don’t stop being cool. Happy 29th birthday.

74. When I see you, love is all I see. My baby, you are love, and with you, I am set up for great things in life. Happy 29th birthday to the best boyfriend in the whole wide world. I hope you continue to do just well for yourself. I love you so much. Mwah!

75. You are the most loving and supportive boyfriend ever. With how well I do, you are never intimidated, instead, you feel the need to cheer me on. Today, I want to thank God for blessing me with a boyfriend like you who is so supportive and so caring. Happy 29th birthday, dear.

76. The best thing I ever did with my life was fall in love with you. Falling in love with you has brought me so many privileges. I am not even where I used to be anymore. You have made it your responsibility to make sure I do well. Thank you, baby. Happy 29th birthday.

77. Can you just guess the best thing that’s ever happened to me? It was falling in love with you. If I hadn’t met you, so many things won’t be happening right now. I will not even be half as happy as I am now. Thank you for blessing me with your love. Happy 29th birthday to you.

78. I have promised not to ever be present wherever people are saying bad things about love. I used to be one of them until you came through. Ever since I have promised myself to always spread the gospel of true love. Happy 29th birthday. Thank you for bringing my life the light it needed.

79. I am very happy to be your girlfriend. I have never been this sure about anything in my life. I just know I am with the right person. My baby, I wish I could spend the rest of my life with you, and I know this is going to happen soon. I wish you a very happy 29th birthday.

80. The most special moments in my life are the ones I spend with you. You are a great person, baby. I really want things to work out between us, because I am very sure you are the right man for me. I will keep making efforts to be a loving girlfriend. Happy 29th birthday to you.

81. I have never met such a loving and hardworking boyfriend in my life. You work for such long hours and still come home to show me the greatest love ever. What would I do without you? Thank you for all you do for us. Happy 29th birthday to you.

82. I have always known that there’s a man for every woman and vice-versa. I never knew I would meet my own Prince Charming so soon. I’m happy to have you in my life, and I do hope we do this for a very long time. I hope our love never dies. Happy 29th birthday to you.

83. We have come a very long way, and all I can say is love is beautiful with you. Everything you do shows you are the one for me. I can’t thank you enough for choosing to be with me. I know I can be so dramatic, but hey, it’s all love. Happy 29th birthday. My heart will continue to beat for you.

84. Your existence is a blessing to me and so many others. The fact that you don’t find it difficult to help others is one thing I cherish about you. Baby, you make me want to be a better woman so bad. Don’t worry, I’m going to make you proud. Happy 29th birthday to you.

Funny 29th Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

You are funnier than the funniest boyfriend, baby. I just look spending time with you, because I get to forget all my worries. Thank you for saving me from stress most of the time. Happy 29th birthday.

85. No one does this boyfriend thingy so well as you do. You are so loving and romantic. I wonder where you were before now. Thank God you had to part ways with your ex because it would have been funny without you. Happy 29th birthday, dear.

86. Hey baby. You do so much babyish stuff with me. Lol. You are 29 now, and I hope you stop doing these things. Well, of course, except you marry me as soon as possible, that’s when you have access to things like that. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

87. You are going to stop doing just one thing, baby. It is slapping my buttocks. Even though I enjoy it, it can be very painful. You are an amazing man, and I’m grateful to have you in my life. Cheers to greater years. Happy birthday.

88. Babe, how about you start letting me have my way? You are being so overprotective of me, and this is making me feel like a baby. I know you love me, but mind you, I love myself more. Start doing what is needed, instead. Happy 29th birthday, my man.

89. Happy 29th birthday, my baby. Thank you for allowing me to feel the same way as your mom whenever you are with me. I hope you stop crying for biscuits and sausage rolls, as you turn 29. I love you so much, my big baby.

90. You are the best man ever. Even though you have your excesses, I can still see through them. Thank you for always coming out plain. I promise never to hide any part of me away from you. Happy 29th birthday.

91. I hope you stop doing certain things though. Like not dropping me off at work. I want you to know that so many men want to be with me. If you don’t start taking me to work, I will leave you to be with them. No, I am not joking. Happy 29th birthday, Sweetheart.

92. Being with you is the best thing ever. The only thing I will never be in support of is stealing what belongs to me. Baby, how dare you steal my heart? Anyways, there’s nothing I can do about it because I trust you to keep it safe. Happy 29th birthday to you.

93. You light up my world, my baby. Even though I do crazy stuff, you still find your way back to me. How stubborn can you be? You are the one I plan to be with forever, but who knows what the future holds? Happy 29th birthday to you.

94. I know it’s your birthday, but I hope you are not expecting any gift from me this year because I have none to give. Waking up to me every morning is enough gift for you. Luckily for you, I’m going to be blessing you with more of this. Happy 29th birthday to you.

95. Am I not lovely enough? Imagine someone knowing all of your bad habits and still finds you attractive. Oh, I am the only one who can do this. Baby, I deserve some credits and accolades. In fact, I should be celebrated more than you the celebrant. Lol. Happy 29th birthday to you.

96. Babe, I feel you’re a dullard. Imagine a grown man like you not understanding any language of all the languages in the world, other than love language. Well, I have no choice but to keep loving you the way you are. Happy 29th birthday to you.

97. Baby, from the deepest part of my heart, I want to thank you for being an amazing boyfriend. I mean, you kill this role so well. Even though it’s the only thing you are good at doing, I still love you all the same. Happy 29th birthday to you.

98. You are my greatest encourager and supporter. On your special day, I want to thank you for supporting and encouraging me, for making me happy and feel loved. Thank you for making me the only girlfriend who enjoys so much love even when there’s a quarrel. Happy 29th birthday, my love.

99. I feel so happy when you are next to me, baby. The only problem is that you distract me. I don’t ever get serious with my life when I am with you. Even though I wish for a distance sometimes, I just can’t do without you. I wish you the most amazing day that you will always remember.

100. On your birthday, we are doing nothing other than cuddling all day. If there’s going to be a party, then it will be just you and I in attendance. I just want to have a great time with the love of my life. Meanwhile, stop bullying me already, it’s a new year. Happy 29th birthday.

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