Happy 14th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Happy 14th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

If you are a quite sensitive person, you will want to have several many memorable life experiences to celebrate and hold on to. These moments can be scarce and far between but then, when they come, you will love to do your best to make sure they are worth it. One of such occasions is the anniversary of your nieces 14th birthday.

Many people hold the belief that 14 is when a child completely launches into adolescence, this might be open to discussion though as we are in the age where everything moves at the speed of light.
Children do not take long to grow and mature these days, unlike in times past.

The 14th birthday, just like every other birth anniversary, is quite important and worth celebrating. The celebrant is a girl and most girls like parties and celebrations.

Your niece is looking up to you to help her celebrate her special day so, you most definitely should not disappoint her.

One out of the many ways to do this is to start with presenting her with the perfect gift for a 14-year-old, your niece is a girl, best collection gifts for girls might just be okay too.

She is a young adult, asides from birthday gifts and surprises, she most definitely needs some motivational messages and wishes. It is your own way of making sure she has a guide to healthy adulthood; this could be your gift to her too, sort of. And maybe she lives far away from you, you can send any of these long distance happy birthday wishes to her.

Apart from the partying and gifts, your niece could use some heartfelt birthday prayers on her special day. This, of course, you can afford asides those unique birthday gifts, a little touch of funny birthday jokes does not hurt too and awesome birthday wishes. These are just a few out of several ways to mark your niece 14th birthday.

Not sure of the right words to send your wishes to your niece? isn’t that why I am here for you? To help you find the perfect words for the occasion, here are happy 14th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my niece you can use.

Of course, you can send them across as text, have them printed on a birthday card or even make it into a handwritten note. Just make sure you’re celebrating with your niece on her special day and help usher her into another year with excitement and readiness for whatever is to come.

Best Birthday Wishes for Your Niece Turning 14

As you are turning 14 today, my best wishes are that you grow to be a strong lady and woman. You are and will always be my favourite niece so, with all of my love, I wish you a very happy birthday today.

1. I could remember vividly the day I first held you in my arms, that’s when you stole my heart with your smile. You have grown to be a very beautiful girl and now you’re 14! Happy birthday to you, my love.

2. It is with great excitements that I welcome you into your 14th year. You will grow into a fine young woman, that I’m sure of. Long-life to you, my darling. Aunty loves you.

3. Happy 14th birthday to my favourite niece, I have always loved you and I’m sure I will continue to do so. Make sure you have all the fun and enjoy yourself today. May God bless you all of your days.

4. Even if I can’t be there to celebrate with you be sure that I’ve asked the heavens to bless and guide you all of your days. So far, I’m proud of you, dear, and I’m sure I will continue to be. Happy 14th birthday, baby.

5. I’m glad you turn out to be a fine young woman that we all are very proud of. You can tell me whatever you wish for and I promise to do just that. Many happy returns of today sweetheart, happy 14th birthday.

6. Becoming 14 is a big deal, but don’t worry, you have us all to look up to. Long life, good health and sound health are my wishes for you. Happiest birthday, darling.

7. See who is 14 today! It felt just like yesterday when you were just 4 and we were all excited to have you in our lives. I’m so confident that you’ll grow to be a fine and cultured young woman. Happy birthday to you, love.

8. Undoubtedly, you’re Gods gift to us all and so far, He has been keeping you. This new year and even till the end of your days, you will grow into your full potentials. Many happy returns of today darling, happy 14th birthday to you.

9. I pray for you today that you will never stumble in your life. Cheers to today, your new age and all that you are destined to become. Happy birthday, my favourite niece.

10. The past 14 years passed so quickly that it feels just like yesterday that you were born. Happy birthday to you our princess, you will break boundaries definitely.

11. Someone slept yesterday and woke as a 14-year-old this morning. Happy 14th birthday to you my love, may God bless and keep you.

12. Cheers to the amazing young woman you’re becoming, I am so proud of you so far my baby. I pray that you will continue to grow well. Happy birthday to you.

13. It is going to be a beautiful age ahead for you. I pray that you will continue to be the good girl that you are. Best wishes to you my baby girl, happy birthday.

14. I guess it’s time I stop calling you a baby as you’re steadily moving to become a young adult and a lady. May your life be filled with excitements and pleasant surprises. Happy birthday to you love.

15. There is nothing as important as celebrating you today my angel. Happy 14th birthday to you my favourite niece, long life and prosperity are my wishes for you.

16. You have always been and forever be my little princess no matter how old you grow to be. With all of my heart, I wish you a happy 14th birthday.

17. I will forever bless the day of your birth, and as you celebrate today, I pray that the heavens will continue to keep you. Happiest birthday to you my baby girl.

18. I know you will do just fine but still, make sure that you continue to make us all proud. Welcome to 14, sweetheart, you’ll celebrate more years by Gods grace. Happy birthday to you, love.

19. You are an adult already, so make sure that you carefully select your thoughts and decisions and let no one ever influence you. Welcome to 14, baby, you will do just fine, I’m sure.

20. The years ahead will bring beautiful experiences for you. May you grow up to be more than just a girl in this world. Long life and prosperity to you darling.

Birthday Prayer Wishes for 14 Years Old Niece

Whether you’re 4 or 14, you are my niece that deserves nothing short of gifts and prayers as presents on her birthday. The most important of my wishes is that you will live long and in good health too. Happy birthday to you, princess.

21. God is going to take good care of you even more than your parents can try to do as you grow and go into the world. Happy birthday to you, darling.

22. Among your peers, you will grow to be the best. May your path be shiny and successful darling, and you will be a source of great joy for us all. Welcome to 14, live long and grow well.

23. My prayers are that you will never disappoint us all. I am happy you’re my niece already. Happiest birthday to you today, my love.

24. Beautiful, amazing, successful, pleasantly surprising and extremely exciting, these are my wishes for you and every day of your life. Make sure to rock your new age well darling, happy 14th birthday to you.

25. I am more than excited today, my darling is a year older. From 14, you will grow even to 104 and you will fulfil purpose. Happy birthday my darling niece.

26. I am more than confident that you will grow to be a woman to be celebrated. But for today, let’s have fun and celebrate your 14th birthday. Many happy returns of today my love.

27. AS you go into a new year, another phase of your life, I am optimistic that you will have all the fun and never forget your morals. From 14 to forever darling, happy birthday to you.

28. It’s your day today baby and there’s no special way to celebrate you than to commit you into Gods hands. Now and forever, you will be a great source of joy to us all. Happy birthday, sugar.

29. Whenever you don’t feel like yourself, remember that we are all here for you and we support you no matter what. From a princess, grow into a queen, baby. Happiest birthday to you today.

30. We will forever be grateful to God for the gift of you to our lives. You have been our bundle of joy and I pray that you will forever be so. Happy 14th birthday to you darling princess.

31. Ever since the first day you came into our lives, you have been so special to me and trust me, you’ll remain so. Today, I am praying for you to have a good life ahead. Cheers to your new age and the woman you’re becoming baby. Happy birthday to you.

32. Looking back now, it’s been so much fun watching you grow that I almost can’t believe that you’re 14 already. Have fun, today, sweetheart, it’s all on me. Happy birthday

33. No one is as proud as I am today baby, and I love you so much too. Have a very beautiful celebration today. With all of my heart, I wish you a very Happy birthday.

34. Today, my baby is an adult and I am a super proud uncle right now. May every year bring to you significant achievements and amazing opportunities too. Happy 14th birthday sweetness.

35. As from today, may every year bring you beautiful surprises and in multiple ways too. Continue to grow in Gods grace and strength, happy birthday my love, 14 will be awesome.

36. Happy birthday to the coolest 14-year-old. You’ll find today who doubles to be my niece. I am proud of you no matter what darling. Many happy returns of today to you.

37. I will forever cherish the memory of mothering you into a fine adult. Thank you for not letting us all down. With love from me, happy 14th birthday to my most treasured niece.

38. Even if I don’t get to see you every day, it doesn’t change the fact that I love you and I’m praying that you will grow into a fine adult. Happiest birthday to you, my pumpkin.

39. Officially to me, starting today, you’re an adult. Now make sure you do not misuse the opportunity. Your days are blessed forever. Happy birthday, baby.

40. May every day of your life be as beautiful as you wish it to be. I’m glad you’re my niece and I love you so much, my dear. Happy 14th birthday, long life and prosperity to you.

14th Birthday Wishes and Quotes for Niece

The least I could do is send you inspiring quotes on your birthday, baby. As you celebrate today, my wishes are that you will grow to your full potentials. Happy 14th birthday to you, my favourite niece.

41. These days it seems so hard to keep track of how fast you’re growing and now you’re 14? Make sure to give life your best shot darling, I wish you a very happy birthday.

42. You are our perfect baby girl, the golden child, make sure nothing tampers with that. Happy 14th birthday baby, you will live to celebrate more years.

43. Welcome to 14, you will never be stranded in life, that’s my wish for you. May your days be fruitful and prosperous.

44. I want to remind you that age is not a determinant to success, set your heart to do what’s right no matter what. It pays in the long run. Happy birthday to you my favourite niece.

45. All you want to be is in your mind, make sure you never give up on them. May God keep you till the end of your days baby, I wish you a long and prosperous life.

46. From this day henceforth, I elevate you to the position of a queen and not a princess anymore. Many fabulous years ahead of you for sure, happy 14th birthday my baby girl.

47. Happy birthday to you, our special and complete package. I pray that you will grow in the wisdom and understanding of God. God bless your years already.

48. Let me be the first person to officially welcome you into the 14th year of your life. May the journey of your life make sense to you and us all. Many happy returns of today, sweetheart.

49. Your grandma and I wish you a very happy birthday. And even though we can’t be with you physically, we hope you have more than enough fun. Happy birthday my niece.

50. The celebration of the great woman you will become is just starting. We all love you and pray that you will make us proud one day. Happy birthday to you darling.

51. Fourteen hearty cheers to my baby turn princess today. I’m glad you are growing well and doing very fine too. I wish you an abundance of blessings, baby. Happy 14th birthday.

52. May the Lord usher you into 14 and even the years beyond, but then, I hope you will have fun and enjoy yourself because this party is going to be until next year again. Happy birthday, baby.

53. From 13 to 14, someone turned a lady overnight. May life and happiness be your constant companion. God bless your days and years. Happy 14th birthday, girl.

54. I am more than confident that you will rock 14 very well. Happy birthday, my dearest niece, long life and prosperity is yours in Jesus name.

55. I just want to subtly remind you that with new age comes new responsibility, and now that you’re 14, watch out for more. Just kidding darling. Happy birthday to you

Birthday Messages for 14 Years Old Niece

It is my greatest joy to wish you, my niece, a very happy birthday today. I should get you a book titled on being 14-year-old right. Just kidding! Happy birthday to you, darling, may your life be a beautiful message to everyone around you.

56. 14 hearty cheers to the child you were, the girl you are and the woman you’re becoming. My wishes are that you will be favoured all the days of your life. Happy birthday, love.

57. I sincerely pray that you live a healthy and very fulfilled life. God bless your existence darling, continue to be a source of joy. Happy 14th birthday my niece.

58. I know how much you have been looking forward to this day, and now it’s here. May you have a smooth life journey. Happy birthday to you my niece, live long and prosper.

59. The memories of the laughter your childhood gave is still so fresh in my mind that sometimes I wonder at how fast you have grown. Welcome to 14 my dearest niece, may life be good to you.

60. I wasn’t so sure of the appropriate present to get you but I hope you will love this little package from me. I am happy you’re becoming a lady now. I wish you a very beautiful 14th year ahead.

61. The most important prayer for you is that God will keep you from the claws of the wicked and raise you to be a most favoured woman. I wish you long life and prosperity my dear, happy birthday to you.

62. Today is another perfect opportunity to make you know that even if we don’t get to see you all of the times, I love you my dearest niece. Many happy returns to you today, happy 14th birthday.

63. Welcome to another of your teenage years, may all our wishes for you come true. Happy birthday dearest niece.

64. It’s been awesome having you in all of our lives. The smiles and happiness that comes with loving you are warming. We all love you baby, happy birthday to you today.

65. I’m very positive you woke today feeling very different. That’s fine, it’s your birthday. Remember that you’re the joy of us all, happy birthday to you sweetheart.

66. I hope you get to celebrate this birthday in style and as much as you wish. Don’t worry, say whatever you want because I’ve got you. Happy birthday, love, may you live long and be a great success too.

67. Your birthday is a big deal to me too so, come tell me what you want. Make sure you have loads of fun today as it is till next year if you miss that. Happy Birthday!

68. Today is another opportunity to thank God for bringing you into our lives. You will grow well and live well too, happy 14th birthday my princess, aunty loves you.

69. The years have been so good that we didn’t even get enough of your childhood before you became an adult. Happy birthday to you, sweetness, I love that you’re my niece, always.

70. Let me officially welcome you into your 14th year today, remember, you’re not a baby anymore, so no more tantrums and fights. Long life to you, darling. I love you always.

There are more than enough ways that you can celebrate your niece on her birthday and these wishes and prayers are just one way out of them all. Help her look forward to the coming year with all excitements and confidence, of course.
I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I had fun putting them together.

I look forward to your feedback.

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