Touching When You Miss Her Quotes

2023 Touching When You Miss Her Quotes

Disconnection, separation or distance invoke the deep feeling of loneliness and sometimes leads to despondency if not quickly checked.

This then unveils that when someone, especially your woman, has been a part of you, but something happened somewhere somehow to create a gap, the emotionality of her great importance at that moment cannot be ignored.

So how do you savour the situation?

Pretense cannot overrule the aching feeling in your heart towards her. You’ve tasted the difference, and you’re missing her already, no doubt. But for whatever reason this recent sentiment might be, the quotes and messages below will serve you to help relieve the situation.

I Miss You so Much Quotes for Girlfriend or Wife

For as long as there’s a deep connection of affection between you and your girlfriend or wife, it’s normal to feel so longings for her when you’re away from each other. At such times, these when you miss her quotes can come to your rescue.

1. I’ve been finding it so hard to cope with your absence. I pray to survive this period without much hitches.

2. I could deal with anything but nothing to be measured with what your absence has done to me.

3. Only you can fill the void your absence has caused to me. Please, come back soon.

4. I just can’t wait to see you again. I have missed you so dearly.

5. Every night I look out for you only to discover how cold the whole night is without your warmth. I miss you, baby.

6. Nothing seems right when you were not here. That’s why I need you to come back soon.

7. I really can’t explain why I am missing you this much. All I know is I am missing you.

8. Now I realise how much it means to lose an opportunity. I have realised my mistakes and I need you back baby.

9. Please, dear, don’t stay so long on your trip. I am feeling so lonely here and missing you badly

10. My heart is seriously burning for your presence. Please come back soon, baby.

11. Telling you why I miss you will only reveal the loneliness I feel more in my heart for you.

12. This is just to let you know that I miss you and you mean so much to me.

13. Saying I miss you is an understatement. Baby, I want you.

14. Boredom fills the air whenever you’re not there. Your presence is highly significant here.

15. A part of me left the very moment you said goodbye. I look forward to your return so I can become whole again.

16. Nothing feels the same when you’re not there. Only your presence can make things come back to normal.

17. Our values and ideas are just so complementary. When you’re not here I can’t think of what next to do. Please come back soonest dear.

18. I pray to recover soonest from the shock of your saying goodbye. I can only fare better when you choose to return.

19. I don’t but realise the impact of your absence until when I need some comforting words. I miss you every single day.

20. Though we will still see in the next few hours, I just want to quickly steal the moment to tell you ‘I miss you’.

21. Your timely counsels endeared me more to you. I’m missing you here badly.

22. I can’t survive a day without thinking about you. Your memory will forever linger in my heart.

23. I always behold your beautiful picture, as a way to keep me calm anytime I’m missing you. But nothing can be compared to having you here in person.

24. I’ve missed those delicious meals of yours. Can’t wait anymore for your return.

25. You motherly role is indeed appreciated. Whenever you’re not here to advice me, I know what I’m missing.

26. Coming back from office every day without a welcome hug from my darling angel makes me miss you more. Please, do not linger any longer.

27. You fill my thought every blessed minute. I need you more than you can ever imagine.

28. We have come so close and seem inseparable. And so, not seeing you for weeks makes my heart grow so lean.

29. I am missing you here, darling wife and can’t just explain why. Please come home soon.

30. I will not only express my undying love for you, I just want you to know how much your absence is making me so unstable.

31. I pray this loneliness will not take another hold on me as I long for your quick and safe return.

32. We’ve become so used to each other that staying apart for days has become so unbearable. I pray to recover from this period of absence.

33. Honestly, babe, no one can help me elevate my dreams as much as your brilliant contributions do. The more reason for missing you while you’re not here.

34. When I need someone to talk to, your beautiful face comes to my memory. I’m missing you dearly.

35. May this distance not come between us. I have missed everything about you, darling.

36. I can’t wait to see and hold you close again. Missing you is an understatement.

37. I can’t stop you from making this trip. If I can, I surely will. I am missing you already.

38. You just won’t know how much I’ve missed you here until you show your face.

39. No one can take your place. I miss you just so dearly.

40. We’ve come a long way. And we will be together till eternity.

41. For always giving me a lifting shoulder that I can always lean on, this makes me miss you more than ever before.

42. Your absence is always greatly felt. Never knew I could miss you this much.

43. May not have appreciated your person enough but for the loneliness your few weeks of absence has caused. Now I value you better and always.

44. For the special way you’ve always treated me, makes me miss you more than anything. I need you now baby!

45. Calls or chats is not enough to bridge the gap of the distance between us. I wish to see your face and hold you close.

46. If I have my way, I will postpone or stop completely this journey you’re embarking upon. Pray to cope for the little period of your absence.

47. The mistakes I made recently couldn’t but be attributed to your absence. I’m being affected by this. Wouldn’t want to fail you more.

48. Old memories can never be forgotten. I miss all those beautiful days and how we started.

49. If you ask me what I need right now, nothing order than to just behold your beautiful face.

50. Baby, I am sick of your love. When you return, I will surely be made whole. I miss you dearly!

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