Best Romantic Missing You Sms Messages

2023 Best Romantic Missing You Sms Messages

In the world of lovebirds, irrespective of the quality time spent together, ‘I Miss You’ is a mantra on every lover’s lips.

Adding a bit of romance to a message informing your lover how greatly you miss them sure is a gesture that’ll have them longing for your company too wherever they are.

Like a hot coffee, grab any of these 2023 Romantic Missing You Sms Messages for your sweetheart and have them feel the same way that you do. And in no distant time at all, they’ll come knocking on your door.

There’s no limit to the choices you can make, so grab as many as it pleases you.

I’m Missing You Love Messages for Him or Her

If you are in a working relationship, it’s normal to miss your lover. And these romantic I’m missing you sms and I miss you messages were written with you in mind. Send to Your boyfriend or girlfriend as an expression of your heart towards them.

1. I miss you not because you’re not here but simply because I cannot have enough of you. Miss you, boo.

2. The more I remember the look in your eyes when you gaze into mine, the more I miss what it feels like to be in your presence.

3. No matter how strong I try to be, I become weak when I don’t see you before the night falls.

4. Nothing in the world can replace you. Hence, I miss you when you’re not around, baby.

5. Even when you’re with me, I still earnestly look forward to missing you, cause that’s how you make me feel.

6. There’s no me without you and that’s why I miss you than anything else. See you soon, my love.

7. You’re the beauty of my heart. When you’re gone, it seems like everything fades away. I miss you so much, honey.

8. I feel so alone when you’re not here with me, but I take solace in the fact that you’ll soon be by my side.

9. I cannot wait to see your comely face again. It soothes my heart and brings joy to my face. I miss you, beautiful.

10. My heart makes a sad cry when I’m far away from you. I cannot wait to be where you are. I miss you so much.

11. You left with the stars and the moon. My life is benighted because you’re far away. Miss you, my love.

12. Joy is when I’m by your side and sadness is when you’re out of my reach. I miss you, helplessly.

13. I hope to see another sunlight so I could behold your glittery face. Missing you, dearie.

14. Aside loving you unconditionally, missing you is what I also do best, my love.

15. My feelings for you are unparalleled to nothing. I miss you like I never saw you yesterday.

16. It feels like a star is gone from my sky, not just anyone, but the brightest of them all. Missing you so much.

17. Because I miss you unbelievably, I’m so numb to the joy that swirls around me. Please, let me feel your face in my hands once again, so that I may be happy.

18. Your love has captured me and thus, my heart finds every way to miss you in each second.

19. When you’re not around, I search for you in every breath I take. I miss you like never before, babe.

20. It’s killing me that I have to miss you this much. Make me happy by showing me your face once again.

21. My love, nothing else matters to me when you’re absent. Please, make yourself available to me by all means, my darling.

22. One of the things I’ll ever miss in my lifetime is you. You’re irreplaceable.

23. Every hollow in my heart is caused by you. This is because, I miss you terribly, my love.

24. Living apart from you has been my greatest challenge. It tears my heart apart, until I see you again before I’ll be fixed.

25. You’re my better half. Little wonder, I feel so incomplete when you’re just an arm stretched away.

26. You’re the one I’ve been caused to miss. You alone can bequeath that feeling in my heart. I miss you, sweety.

27. When I see you again, my soul will find rest and my heart will feel loved. I miss you, bae.

28. When you speak, my body quivers in excitement. I miss hearing your sweet voice, honey.

29. I may miss the sound of the trumpet, for I only give my ears to hearing your footstep. I miss you, my love.

30. In my lifetime, I’ve never missed anyone the way that I do you. You must have stolen my heart away.

31. My heart finds you unique, so I miss you when you’re not close by.

32. When you make my heart your home I won’t miss you so much. Kindly build your dwelling in my heart, my love.

33. When I see you, I’ll kiss you a thousand time just to show you how much you’re missed.

34. I know how much I love you, because I cannot quantify how much I miss you, my love.

35. Every single day gives me a chance to miss you. Make this day different and special by making me hold you instead.

36. I look into the mirror and I see this dying look in my eyes – I miss you so much.

37. I look so pale, because missing you has sickened me. Make me well again, baby.

38. I’ve missed you so much, yet I can’t find myself doing otherwise.

39. My smile and beauty will only come alive the day you come back to me. I miss you.

40. When I look into the sky, each star reminds me of your radiance, even at that I still miss you.

41. You have so much power over me that I just can’t stop missing you even while I sleep.

42. When I wake up, the first thing I think of is you. This is how much I’ve missed you, honey.

43. Where can I find you? For I don’t mind looking for you beneath or beyond the earth, I miss you so much.

44. When you’re not around, the sands beneath my feet drift away like I were under water. I miss you profoundly.

45. I can’t quit missing you, but I hope you can help me to feel better. I miss you, honey.

46. My heart wanders into loneliness and becomes barren of happiness when you’re far away. I miss you more than you can imagine.

47. You’re the pearl of my sea. I find you priceless and worthily precious. I miss you like nothing else matters.

48. My love for you is proportional to my feeling of missing you. I cannot help myself.

49. I smile because I know a day will come when we’ll never be separated. I miss you, honey.

50. I dream of a life with you whenever my heart misses you to the point of hurt.

51. In no time, I’ll make it to your side, so I’ll not have to miss you like before.

52. Heaven bless the day I’ll see you again, cause I wouldn’t let you go. I miss you, boo.

53. Come let’s make a home together. So, we can be bonded forever. I miss you, honey.

54. You’ll be the first woman I ever loved and the one I ever missed to the core.

55. How can I learn to do without you when my heart is conditioned to nurture your thought daily? I’m missing you, my baby.

56. I find myself dreaming of you even when I’m awake, that is how much I miss you, handsome.

57. My heart feels broken because you’re not here with me. How can I miss you less?

58. Each day draws me closer to you. Nevertheless, I can’t stop missing you like it would take forever to see you again.

59. I feel so alone even when I’m surrounded by a body of water. I miss you, darling.

60. My heart will travel so far away for as long as you’re at a distant. Whilst you come back, bring my heart with you. I miss you, my love.

61. The sky is filled with thorns when you’re away. I miss you, my love.

62. What I want the most is you. Come near me soon, my darling. Missing you.

63. As much as my heart loves you, it misses you gravely too, my darling.

64. No more fabulous days, because you’re far away, my darling. I miss you.

65. I need you more than I need the sun. I want you close, my love.

66. Every fibre of me misses you. I just need to behold your comforting smile once again.

67. My life was meant to be spent by your side. Little wonder, I can’t live when you’re away. I miss you.

68. Love is sweet but missing you is too terrible.

69. We may be separated by distance but in my heart you will always live. I miss you, my love.

70. Everything reminds me of you, even the wind blowing its soothing breezes across. I miss you, my love.

71. Sometimes, I love you, other times, I just miss you too much.

72. Behind my smile is a heart missing your warmth and laughter.

73. I’ll hold on to the memories made, for they comfort me with a smile when you’re away.

74. You’re irreplaceable. It’s a fact my heart cannot deny. I miss you, my love.

75. Because we’ve spent every day in love, now my heart aches cause you’re far away.

76. I just want to be near you. It’s the only way the storm living in me would calm. I miss you, love.

77. Your love is pleasurable until the burden of missing you comes upon me. I miss you, bae.

78. One more minute without you; I hope I survive it. I miss you, my love.

79. I watch as the time go by, regretting why we are not next to each other. I miss you, my love.

80. Even if it were for a minute, I’ll appreciate being right next to you for a while. I miss you, love.

81. Like a flower without color, so has my heart become. I miss you, my love.

82. I pray the next seconds bring you right next to me, my love.

83. I’m missing you, so much so, I do not find pleasure in other things around me.

84. I want to be where you are. Surrounded by your love and warmth. I miss you, baby.

85. It hurts to see you in my dreams when in reality you’re nowhere near my yearning arms.

86. I miss the sound of your laughter and the familiarity of your loving arms, my darling.

87. I miss the look on your face when you speak and the mystery of the joy you bring to me when you’re right by my side.

88. I don’t want to be separated from you again, cause it hurts to know you’re far away.

89. I hope we watch the same stars at night. I miss you, my love.

90. When the wind blows in my direction, I hope it brings your letters of love to me. I miss you, my darling.

91. Come have a taste of my love again. Prepared with the best ingredients of love. I miss you, my love.

92. You belong to me and I, you. I miss you, my only one.

93. I hear your voice through the melody of our love song. I miss your eyes when I want a dance with you.

94. Just a shadow of you would put a timeless smile on my lovely face. I miss you, my darling.

95. I wish you were at the other side of the table with me, sharing every glass of wine with me. I miss you, my love.

96. The company of friends wouldn’t do and the amusement of comedy wouldn’t wipe my needs of you away. I miss you, love.

97. I want you to make it into my world again as you did my heart. I miss you, love.

98. Loving you has come with a price; the pain of missing you. But I’ll hold on till forever.

99. The comfort I need lies in your hugs and the pain I dread is embedded in missing you.

100. My eyes gaze upon the road hoping to see you make a miraculous return. I miss you, my love.

101. I hope to lay my head on a pillow with you. I crave it at night when the stars come. I miss you, my darling.

102. My heart is colored in grey, because it is gloomy from the pain of missing you.

103. One more kiss from you will heal my heart of every pain. I miss you, my love.

104. My smiles can’t find rest because you’re far away. I miss you, my love.

105. You’re beautiful even from the top of the mountain where I stand. I miss you, my love.

106. Keep your love reserved for me until your unfailing return. I miss you, my love.

107. My heart is drenched in the restless river of missing you. Help me not to drown, my darling.

108. My ears itches to hear of your return. I hope you bring dance to my feet soon. I miss you, love.

109. With your arms wrapped in mine, love is all pleasant and fun. I miss you, my darling.

110. The night escapes me into a land of dreams where I do not have to miss you all day long. So, I await it painstakingly.

111. My lips are dry, because they yearn for your juicy kisses. I miss you, love.

112. The light in my eyes will come alive when it behold your pleasant return. I miss you, love.

113. Because I miss you so much, I can’t help but recite the words that you spoke to me.

114. I wish I could hold on to you forever, saving me from the hurt and pain of missing your kind eyes.

115. Like an unsettled water, I go round and round just to behold your face. I miss you, love.

116. I desire your smiles more than anything else. I miss you like the cloud over my head is gone.

117. When you’re far away my heart is shredded into many pieces only your kisses can bind.

118. I wonder what else to behold in order to take the pain of missing you away. I need you now, my darling.

119. I’ll climb any mountain just to behold your face. I miss you, my love.

120. We’ll hug out our pain and kiss away our misery when next we see. I miss you, my love.

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