100 Thank You God for Giving Me Another Year of Life Messages

Thank You God for Giving Me Another Year of Life

It's your birthday and you know, and are sure, that God is to be thanked for giving another year of life?

You even know it's been God all the way and one way to show appreciation is by writing gratitude messages for friends and family members to see (on social media)?

High five!

To whet your appetite, below are messages and quotes to say "thank you God for giving me another year of life."

If you love them, help share them. And... Happy birthday to you, may the good Lord bless you. Cheers!

I'm Grateful to God for Giving Me Another Year of Life

1. You gave me this life yet again, to feel the breeze, and to breathe the air, thank You Lord for another blissful chance to celebrate this life of mine.

2. Through every dark and rainy weather, and through every moment that I felt just as gloomy in and out of those moments, thank You, Lord, for another chance to be alive and celebrate my birthday.

3. Thank You, God, I made it yet again cause you choose to love me enough, to surprise me with another year of life and to celebrate my existence.

4. Here are my grateful smile and several silents but joyful exclamations to say Thank You God for a new chance and to another life to celebrate on this special day.

5. Life constantly presents us with opportunities but staying alive to make beautiful deeds of it, all depends on God. Thank You, God, for this chance to witness a new age.

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6. For the daily journey that began with a second, minutes, hours, and now 365 days, this is more than just a chance. God, thank You for many chances, happy birthday to me.

7. As I close a year and open another, I think back to all of the blessings, benefits and favours, I lost words for appreciation Lord but still, thank You God for all.

8. Every breath taken is a blessing that's embedded in new chances, and here is my gratitude to see a new life, thank God for me, friends, for a new year of life.

9. More than ever, I'd appreciate if you'll join me in thanking an amazing God for giving me the chance to see and celebrate a new phase of my life.

10. For every minute I've spent on this planet earth, it's all thanks to God for every new chance, give glory to God with me as I celebrate my existence.

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11. Thank you God for teaching me to number my days, and helping me apply wisdom in every area of my life, it's my birthday today and I'm grateful.

12. Today, I realise that without God, life would've been a constant mess but thanks to God for many daily chances and especially for today, my happy day.

13. Thank you God for all the beautiful deeds that have happened according to your many chances in my life, it's another chance to celebrate myself, it can only be you Lord.

14. Thinking back, I realised I had given God plenty of reasons to turn His back on me, I didn’t deserve another chance but for a merciful God, all thanks to You, my God.

15. Thank You God for the chance to smile, and laugh, for another chance to feel pleasure and pain when necessary, and thank You for a great chance to be among family and friends to celebrate my birthday again.

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16. Dear God, if I could show You how I feel for Your love towards me, for this beautiful chance to be alive again, then I'd be out of control, thank You for giving me this new year of life.

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17. It's amazing to see another special day of my life, it's a great blessing to feel alive at this moment, in the midst of loved ones and here is my gratitude, thank You God for giving me another chance.

18. The joy I'm feeling today is epic, it's another year added to my life, I don't even have the power to wake up on my own but here I am feeling bubbly, thank You God for being alive.

19. For being able to get out of bed today, for the blood flowing through my body, most especially, for another chance to count my days, thank You, God.

20. You gave me this glorious life, with many chances to be with family, friends and loved ones and to celebrate another year of life, thank You, God.

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21. It's good to be alive today, all glory and thanksgiving go to God for another year of life and the opportunity to celebrate it with you all.

22. Words alone aren't enough to express how happy I am to be celebrating another year of life today, come on everyone, thank God with me for this chance to see a new life.

23. Today, I became a year older, a year wiser, and a year better, to the God that gives chances to see this new phase of my life, I give all my love and gratitude.

24. You have made every minutes, weeks and year count, and now, another year to celebrate, for that and many more, thank you God and Happy Birthday to me.

25. Waking up to a new day, filled with laughter and good cheer from family, today's another chance to feel alive and thank God for blessing me with another year.

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26. No love can be compared to Yours oh God, without Your love, I wouldn't be here today, to celebrate another year of life, all thanks to be to You, God.

27. Thank you God for every chance I have had courtesy your grace and it's another time of the year to give special gratitude, it's my birthday, friends thank God for me.

28. I've had so many chances in life, from infancy till this moment, and another one is added today and it begins with a smile, thank you, God.

29. Every day I wake up to is another chance to bless God, seeing another year is another blessing, thank God with me for another blissful year.

30. Thank you, God for giving me another chance to live and experience another set of beautiful moments, and to also count my days, thank God for me, everyone.

Thanking God for My Birthday

31. Thank You God for my life today, for this life granted unto me today, is a bliss new day, to enjoy my new life with friends and loved ones, I am grateful.

32. Today is a special day, I'm given another chance to recount my blessings, no need to ask for favours, for what more can I ask than a new life, thank You, God.

33. Thank You for the chance to see another day, especially for giving me another chance to start a new year afresh, it's all by your doing, thank You, God.

34. Today, I wake up and realize I have been blessed with another year on earth, with my family and friends to share it with, and with a grateful heart, I say thank You, God.

35. Life is not always fun but all the same, it's a blessing that God bestowed on me another year of life today and I can't wait to thank Him for another chance to live.

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36. I am thankful to be alive today, for the gift to enjoy another chance, to celebrate a new age of life, I implore you my friends and loved ones to thank God for giving me a new life.

37. Thank you is too little for all the blessings and happiness I receive every year, with my family and loved ones, I still have to say Thank You God for another year of life.

38. Another year to live, another chance to grace the opportunity in the day and another moment to savour the blessing that comes with another year of life, thank You, my God.

39. Thank You Lord for the breath of life, another chance to enjoy sound health, shelter and another year of life, many people aren't privileged but here I am, alive with a grateful heart.

40. I have decided to tell the world how blessed I am today, I got another chance of 365 days to live life and I'm calling on my friends and loved ones to shout "Thank You God" with me.

Thank God for Everything in My Life

41. Another precious day gifted unto an undeserving being like me, to explore the grace of a precious God, who am I to deserve a love like this? Thank You dear God for another year of life.

42. There's something special about waking up to realise it is your birthday, I'm having that special feeling today and I just want to bless the only God that deserve all the thanks.

43. Seeing the sunrise today and knowing it is my birthday sent such a blissful feeling to my soul, and so with my mind feeling elated, I'm here to give back the glory to you my God.

44. Definitely, God deserves to be praised, for intentionally giving me many blessings and for another year of life to celebrate with family and friends, thank You, God.

45. It is indeed an honour, to be given another chance to not only be alive but also be able to witness another year, Thank God for me for another day to live.

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46. God be praised, let His name be praised for today He kept me among the living and I'm grateful, I am privileged and I'm not taking it for granted.

47. My heart feels happy with such an unseen joy, I'm here today to praise God for adding to my year today, I know how blessed I am to see another birthday.

48. I am currently on another journey of my life, set for me by the only capable God, I can't thank Him alone, join me in praising the Lord for another year of my life.

49. Birthdays are one of the best days to not be alone and that's the reason I love to be with friends and loved ones, share lovely moments and to also praise God for an additional year.

50. Today, God made me a custodian of another 365 days, with His help to cater and nurture for my life and from my heart of hearts, I'm saying thank You, God.

Thank You God for My Birthday

I am thanking God for my birthday. I'm thanking Him for giving me another year of life in His limitless grace and favour.

51. I'm gratefully saying Thank You to God, cause today marks another of the day I was brought forth to the world, and God has been my keeper since even till this day.

52. God's assurance for me as the rest of my years kicks off today, is that He'll continually stand by me, happy birthday to me and thanks to God all the way.

53. Thinking about my existence & how favoured I am today, to have woken up to see a new day, my birthday, God has been faithful and He is to be praised.

54. Yesterday, I waved goodbye to a chapter of my life but today, I am opening another with gratitude in my heart, and for this new life of mine, thank You, God.

55. How do I describe the feeling inside of me, another year of my life in good health, shielded by God's grace and surrounded by family and friends, I say thank God.

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56. I looked back on my previous years, and how God has constantly safeguard a flaw-filled person like me, God really deserves all the accolades.

57. It's my birthday today and knowing what life could be like without You motivate me to just be merry today and say a continuous thank You God for adding a year to my life.

58. This new year of life You have given me has got me thinking, about how caring a God you are, thank You God for favouring me with a new year of life.

59. Every new day is a good day but been blessed with another year to live comes with a special feeling, thank You God for this awesome blessings upon me this day.

60. Reflecting on my becoming way back, I realise it has always been by God's grace, for another year to live with friends and family, thank You, God.

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61. It's evident that God wants to always be a part of my life, and today, I am blessed with another chance, a new day, a new year, and a new season of life, all thanks to You God.

62. Celebrating my new-year today, it's all ‎because of God’s great love, how do I appreciate this great love, of a new life granted to me, thank You, Lord.

63. Right from the depth within my heart, with a smile to my face and with a merry soul surrounded by family, friends and loved ones, I say Thank You, God.

64. Today is the beginning of another wonderful year for me, the beginning of a new season, I'm grateful to the only source that made it happen, thanks for Your love, God.

65. Few minutes into another phase of my life, I am wishing myself a lovely birthday and also giving my gratitude to the Almighty God, for another chance to live.

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66. Happiness is made up of many things, waking up to a smile and a warm hug of a loved one on a birthday is laced with extra happiness and it's all thanks to You God.

67. Happy Birthday to me, a prayer that God grace my new age with more favours and uncountable thank You to God for the breath of fresh season.

68. Entering this new year of my life with so much gratitude in my heart and a word to You my God, help me never to forget your love as it's the source of my life.

69. The golden glow of a sunrise, the happiness of smiles, the sounds of laughter is what I wish for myself today as I add another year and I thank God for this new life.

70. As I begin this new year given to me, my thanksgiving to You my God is everlasting and I wish for all of my dreams to come true as I walk the path in this new year of mine.

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71. I have so much to do today, but first, I'm giving an intense praise to God, for making today possible, it's another precious year added to my life and all thanks to Him.

72. In every situation, we're expected to be thankful, today is my blissful day, I am a year older, thank You God for a new year of life.

73. Too many things to be grateful for today, it's only by God's mercy that I am still alive to witness this beautiful phase of my life, thanks to You, my God.

74. For the deep love of God, that's vast beyond measure, and it's bestowed on me even with another year added to my life, my heart's overfilled with thankfulness oh God.

75. Thank You, everlasting God, for the promise of another year that's been fulfilled in my life today, thank You for adding a new age to my life.

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76. A cheerful heart is a good medicine, and today my heart is feeling cheerful for God has added to my life a new year of life to live, I'm grateful Lord.

77. Today marks a fresh start to my life as I clock a year older, counting back on all the beautiful experiences I've had, I want to say thank You, God.

78. I'll be counting my blessings today, my life would not be enough to thank you for all the happy moments you’ve given to me, especially for another beautiful year of life.

79. If I am to be truthful, I'd never be able to thank God for all He's done, for blessing me much more than I deserve, and for giving me another year to celebrate, thank You, God.

80. 86,400 seconds in a day is a great gift, to have such gift in a yearly basis without payment, is a big deal and for adding another year, I am grateful for life, dear God.

Thank God for Another Birthday

81. You've kept me under the shadow of Your wings for a whole year, today I begin another year, thank You for always shielding me, Happy Birthday to me and thanks to God.

82. My heart knows that I have so much to be thankful for, for unseen and seen blessings and even for a new year of life to celebrate, I'm forever grateful Lord.

83. The way of wisdom and happiness lies in God's hands and His plan for me is to be happy, today I'm a year older and all my praises today, go to Him.

84. Every of my praise today is to my God, for the new life given to me today, and for every minute in this new year of mine, thank You, God.

85. Appreciation is said to make things ours, today I have decided to appreciate God for another year added to my life and for all His goodness, thank God for me, I'm a year older.

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86. Today, I’m blessed and I thank God for every day, for everything and for a new year to live life, thank You God for this life.

87. Thank you, dear God, for this new age of life, from the depth of my heart rises thankfulness and it all belongs to You my God.

88. My hearty thanks to God for keeping me alive to see another year of my life, I am happy and I can't thank You enough dear God.

89. For giving me this new age of life to live, in happiness, in good health and with family, friends and loved ones, thank You, God.

90. My heartfelt gratitude is to God today, as He adds unto my years another year, I'm grateful Lord.

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91. Birthdays are a special day of life and today is my own special day that God has blessed me with a new age, thank You God for blessing me.

92. As I ponder my mind on the goodness of God, for gifting me a new age to celebrate today, and for pouring happiness in my life, I am thankful.

93. Today, I'm a year older, I am thankful for every minute that is shaping my life, I am thankful for all of the moments within this new year ahead, thank You, God.

94. I am not where I need to be but I'm grateful to God for adding another blissful year to my life and taking me on a journey to where I need to be, I am thankful God.

95. With each year comes more experience, thank You God for a new year of life added to my life cause it means You'll bless me with a pleasant experience.

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96. It's beautiful to advance in life, and being a year older is moving forward, I'm a year older today and I'm grateful to You God for all the good that has happened in my life.

97. Thank You Lord for this new year You have added to this life of mine, thank You that I could spend this day with my family and friends, Happy Birthday to me.

98. Lord, thank You for giving me a new day, new hope and a new year to celebrate, thank You for new favours that comes with this new age of mine.

99. Dear Lord, thank you for giving me hope, mostly I am thankful for this new year added to my life.

100. For this life You gave to me, thank You, for giving me life and happiness, thank You but most importantly, for adding another year to my life, I am most grateful Lord.

Written By Adegboye Olushayo.

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