Instagram Birthday Post Captions

2023 Top Instagram Birthday Post Captions

When you have an amazing picture and catchy caption, what else stops you from making birthday posts on Instagram?

Social media especially Instagram sure has a way of making one feel good especially on their special days with pictures and more importantly well thought out captions.

Now all you need do is take a great picture and pick beautiful Instagram birthday captions for you, your friends and loved ones to celebrate their big day.

Instagram Birthday Post Captions for Yourself

Best Instagram Birthday Post Captions for Myself.

1. Hurray, let’s give it up one more time for me, it’s my birthday, today we cheer, we make merry and turn up.

2. Dear happy soul, it’s your birthday, embrace every moment of this new year.
Happy birthday to me.

3. To better pictures and more beautiful memories, I’m plus one today.

4. Looking forward to sharing more amazing pictures here, happy birthday to me.

5. Hey IG fam, it’s my birthday and I’m here to conquer.

6. Another year to get my groove on and have a good life.

7. All the way up to greatness, it’s my day people. Happy birthday to me.

8. Dear self, have the best year ever.

9. I’m here for all the love and hugs. Wishing myself a bright and colourful birthday celebration.

10. Heaven and earth are full of your glory oh Lord, thankful for another year to my beautiful life.

11. It’s the anniversary of my birth, hurray, a year older and happier.

12. Birthdays are my favourite day, so happy favourite day to me.

13. Let everything good, perfect and beautiful come to me. Happy birthday to me.

14. Words are not enough to express how happy I am, it’s my super birthday fam.

15. Happy super fun birthday to me. Birthday picture out in a bit.

16. Lots of pictures, cakes and oh drinks too, it’s my birthday.

17. * Fully activates birthday behaviour *, happy birthday to me.

18. Hoping to capture more beautiful moments in this new age. I’m all for the gram. Happy birthday to me.

19. Happy gram birthday to me, thank you my gram fam for all the love.

20. To an amazing 365 days ahead. Happy birthday to me.

21. Pretty excited for everything this new age holds for me, happy birthday to me. I’m sure it’s going to be a great one.

22. Happy birthday to me, it’s all positive vibes from my end.

23. Happy birthday to me, wishing myself lots of beautiful memories and amazing sunsets.

24. Everything priceless, everything beautiful and more, to me on this blessed day, happy birthday to me.

25. Heaven’s best to me from God, happy birthday to me

26. Basking in my best birthday behaviour.

27. A celebration of love and waves of laughter, happy birthday to me.

28. Best birthday wishes to me, to soaring higher and winning all year round.

29. Picture perfect, party rocking, joyful hearts, birthday mood.
Happy birthday to me.

30. The sun is shining and I’m still rising, it’s the anniversary of my birth.

31. Like the constellation of the stars, let good things align to decorate my path. Happy birthday to me.

32. Hearty cheers and a thankful heart, it’s my birthday gram.

33. Today I’m a year older, on to become my best self.

34. It is the little beautiful moments that make up our lives, it’s this beautiful new age that will propel me on to greater heights.

35. The older the best right? Well, I’m a year older today.

36. A year older and more ready for the rest of my life.

37. Sending you all love and good vibes just because it’s my birthday.

38. Like the cedars of Lebanon, I continue to grow in God’s love. Happy birthday to me.

39. To a new year and a better life, happy birthday to me.

40. There’s no better feeling than this, a new age for me. #birthday

41. Here’s wishing myself a beautiful birthday and a remarkable year ahead.

42. Every day I’m thankful, but today I’m extra thankful, it’s my birthday.

43. It’s a new year and I’m still unstoppable, I stay winning. Happy wonderful birthday to me.

44. Taking beautiful trips to explore the world yet another year, a beautiful birthday to me.

45. Turning up for my new age people, way too excited. Here for the beautiful life.

46. It’s a new year for me, not planning to settle for less, happy beautiful birthday to me.

47. To beautiful expectations and wonderful experiences, a blissful birthday to me.

48. I’m way up I feel blessed, so much good energy on my beautiful birthday.

49. To more sunny and brighter days, wishing myself a beautiful birthday and a lovely year ahead.

50. I live for better days, a year older and brighter. Cheers.

50 Instagram birthday posts captions for friends/loved ones.

Instagram Birthday Post Captions for Friends and Loved Ones

For your friends and family members and lover.

1. Love you loads honey, may God continue to guide you. Happy birthday, dear.

2. Wishing you a fabulous birthday darling, love you.

3. Le’boo, I love you endlessly. Have a lovely birthday.

4. Hey gram fam, my bestie is a year older today. A big shout out to you girl/guy.

5. I’m his/her biggest fan and he/she is my foremost cheerleader. Have a blissful birthday.

6. Sending you tons of love, light and warmth on your special day.

7. Roses are red or maybe white, I don’t know… well my darling is a year older today.

8. Cheers to the first day of a new age dearest friend.

9. I will tell you ‘I love you’, but you already know that. Have a fantastic birthday honey.

10. I would never be tired of celebrating your special day with you, cheers to your new age.

11. I feel lucky that I get to share in your joy every day and most especially on your birthday. Love you loads.

12. The best birthday to my favourite human being, I hope you turn up real good.

13. Take lots of pictures and be happy, it’s your birthday, I’m here for you.

14. Super excited because it is your special day, have lots of fun.

15. Looking forward to all the success stories you will share in this new year. Happy birthday, dear.

16. Wishing you so much peace in your soul and endless joy too, have a fruitful new age.

17. I hope you never settle for less than you deserve, you deserve the best darling, have the best year yet.

18. Have fun today and always, have a fabulous birthday.

19. It’s the birth anniversary of an amazing soul, have a good one dear.

20. Explore and see the best of this world. Cheers to the new age.

21. Too beautiful and exciting opportunities, I wish you all the good you deserve honey, have a beautiful new age.

22. It’s your big day honey, just thought I let Instagram know * insert big smiley*

23. Tonight we party hard, happy birthday to you babe.

24. This new age, live every day like it’s your birthday, keep living honey.

25. Hey sunshine, sending you all of my love (well maybe not all) * insert big grin emoji * on your special day.

26. I will be coming for my cake later, have a beautiful birthday.

27. You, babe, are the real MVP, I love you to the ends of the earth, do have a lovely birthday celebration.

28. It’s one life you got honey, live it to the fullest, happy birthday sweetheart.

29. My best friend for life is a year older, hurray!

30. It’s your freaking birthday, have all the fun you want.

31. You are incredibly awesome, glad to have you and super excited for your new age, happy birthday baby.

32. Dear friend, it’s your birthday, so let’s party.

33. A pop of champagne and some cupcakes, I do hope you enjoy your special day.

34. Have a day as amazing as we are.

35. Celebrate each moment dear, happy born day.

36. A year older and a face younger cheers to you on your special day.

37. 24 hours isn’t enough to celebrate you, but I’ll try. Cheers, honey.

38. Letting the world know how I’m almost obsessed with you, tons of love to you.

39. I hope the universe is kind to you in this new age.

40. It’s your special day, the anniversary of your birth, become your best self.

41. Today, I just want you to be all shades of happy. Have a beautiful birthday.

42. Happy birthday my darling, I can’t love you any less.

43. Your birthday is an excuse for me to get drunk, you know I love you nonetheless. * insert big grin emoji *

44. Do have a terrific birthday yo!

45. Happy birth anniversary to you buddy, have a beautiful one.

46. Let’s get lit literally, I have zero ideas what I just said, cheers on your big day.

47. Your birthday is my huge deal, I love you buddy.

48. My best pal and friend is a year older today.

49. I’ll give you money ( lol you wish) hugs and kisses to you sweetheart. Enjoy your special day.

50. Y’all take chill pills, it’s my best friend’s birthday.

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