I miss you a lot honey

2023 Heartfelt Missing Boyfriend Quotes Long Distance

Out of sight they say isn’t out of mind. This truth holds over and again and we cannot deny the fact that we direly miss the people we love especially when they are beyond our reach.

At such times as this, you cannot afford to hide your feelings from the one you love. You need to be more expressive and assured than ever before.

These heartfelt messages have been composed and compiled just for you to let your boyfriend who is a long distance away from you know how much you miss him each passing day, and more than that, how much you love and long to see him again.

I Miss You Quotes for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

No matter how far away your boyfriend is to you, these I’m missing you boyfriend quotes long distance will help you express how much you miss him, in a long distance relationship.

1. Every of your picture looks perfect to me, not because of the quality, but because you’re the one in it!  I miss you, honey.

2. Every moment with you I admit are the best for me. I just want to tell you how special you are to me!  I miss you, dearest.

3. Each of the stars we steal from the night sky will never be enough to make me warm just like you do. I miss you, my love.

4.  Ride on the stars like my superhero and let me have a  glimpse of you. I miss you more than anything else, sweetheart.

5. I told you I’ll be okay when you left but I don’t think I can endure your absence any longer. I miss you, babe.

6. Baby,  if you ask me what I miss about you, I can’t tell for sure but I know I miss your whole presence!

7. You’re always on my mind and I wish I can get to see you for a moment!  I miss you a lot, honey.

8. The night is cold and even my eyes have deprived me of sleep coz my heart cries out to just one person and that’s you!  I miss you, my angel.

9. You have no idea how much my heart beats for you, my wish right now is to feel your touch!  I miss you, my king.

10. I’ll wait and count the stars over and over again until you come back to me!  I miss you, my baby.

11. I want to know what you look like right now, your absence aches my heart and I wish I can see you just this once!  I miss you, babe.

12. Only if I knew you would be this far away, I would have made more memories with you and read over and over again till you’re back to me!  I miss you, my love.

13. I miss your sweet smile and your wide hug, nothing compares to it and I wish I can get it right now!  I miss you, dearest.

14. I want to fall into your arms, bury my face in it as you hug me close, I want to be with you forever!  I miss you, baby.

15. Some days are just not meant to be and those are the days you’re not around me! I miss you so much, my love.

16. Nothing else matters right now than to just see and touch you. You’ve occupied my heart and I can’t seem to live without you!  I miss you, baby.

17. I wouldn’t move an inch without you, all I want right now is you by my side. I miss you, sweety.

18. I didn’t know what life would mean without you by my side. You’re all that makes life adorable!  I miss you, sweetheart.

19. Let the days go as fast as they want if only that’ll bring you back to me soon enough!  I miss you, my angel.

20. Baby, my heart is heavy just because you’re not here to make me feel good. Please come back soon coz I miss you a lot.

21. Your heart is as beautiful as your smile, I wish you are here to brighten up my day with your smile!  I miss you, honey bunny.

22. Nothing can replace you in my heart coz you’re always on my mind!  I miss you, sweety.

23. I wish you’ll never leave my side, I wish I’ll always get to see you every morning!  I miss you, lover.

24. Your love is soothing and I wish I can get a Daily Dose of it in your eyes!  I miss you, honey.

25. The more I try not to miss you, the more I do miss you. You alone rule my world, sweet!

26. Yours is a memory to keep forever, your love is inscribed with gold on my heart. I miss you, my love.

27. I hope this message tells you how much I miss you and how special you are to me!  I miss you, lover.

28. Dearest, My world is incomplete without you. I want you to know that I miss your presence a lot!

29. I wish you’re right by my side so I can look into your eyes and tell you how much you mean and how I’ll forever love you! I miss you, honey.

30. I wish you could see the smile on my face at the thought of you, I wish you’re by my side!  I miss you, baby.

31. My heart beats for you and when you’re not here, it seems like I’m losing my breathe!  I miss you, lover.

32. Let the wind take to you the whispers of my heart, telling you how much I love you and how much I’ll live to be by your side right now!  I miss you, honey.

33. I wish I could turn back the hands of time and never let you go! I miss you, babe.

34. The memories of you is what keeps me alive, please come back and make more memories with me!  I miss you, my angel.

35. Your absence makes me void and empty. Please come back and fill the vacuum you’ve left in me!  I miss you, my love.

36. There’s only one reason I’m still breathing and that’s because I know you’ll soon be here with me. So hurry and come back to me coz I miss you a lot!

37. It eases me how the absence of just one person makes my day gloomy. I wish you were here to lighten my day up!  I miss you, baby.

38. I feel your love even in your absence, please come back quickly and show me more love. I miss you, my angel.

39. You’re that angel everyone needs for a complete life. I’m glad you’re my angel. I miss you, my angel.

40. Nothing seem more heartbreaking than your absence, I feel my heart ripping apart. I miss you, sweetie.

41. I’ll be right here waiting for your return, hoping all day that you’ll come back soon. I miss you, lover.

42. The night is dark without the stars or even the moon to brighten it up, and then I realize that only your presence brightens up my nights!  I miss you, honey.

43. Baby, I wish I can go round the world without, not leaving your side for a time coz the truth is that I miss you a lot.

44. I’ll dance around the moon and sing the songs of the stars till you come back to me!  I miss you, my love.

45. A day will not go by without the thought of you, you’re really the man I want to love all my life! I miss you, dearest.

46. I wish I could throw myself in your arms for you to carry me in that special manner you always do!  I miss you, my hero.

47. It’s hard to stay apart from you, it’s like staying all day without a heart to breathe with!  I miss you, honey.

48. I await the day you’ll come back to me and then I’ll tell you how much I love you and how much I want to be with you always!  I miss you, babe.

49. I wish you’re here to hold me tight just the way I’m holding my pillow right now!  I miss you a lot, my love.

50. My eyes are soaked with tears just because I wish I can see you right now!  I miss you, my special love.

51. My heart was an open scroll, you wrote too many love words in it and now I can’t let go of them!  I miss you, babe.

52. Your love is all that matters, even distance can’t take away what I feel for you! I miss you, sweetheart.

53. I kept looking at the clock ticking hoping that will hasten your steps back to where I am. I miss you, my love

54. I don’t want to ever see you go,  I don’t want to be far away from you any longer, please come back real quick. Your baby misses you!

55. I’ll throw myself into your arms a million times, just to feel your sweet smell and your lovely embrace!  I miss you, king.

56. There’s only one feeling that matters now and that is your lips on mine!  I miss you, sweet boy.

57. A decision I will never make is for you to stay far away from me coz it’s like giving up my heart!  I miss you, my angel.

58. I can save the words for another day, but I’m sending you kisses and hugs till you come back to me. I miss you, sweetie.

59. I cried myself to sleep without anyone to stop the flow of tears, just because I miss someone I love. I miss you, lover.

60. The worst days are those when you’re not by my side, it’s like the clouds without the blues! I miss you, sweet angel.

61. Let it rain so my tears can be washed away, let it rain so that my love can return back to me!  I miss you, my love.

62. When the day is over and the thought of you not there to spend the night with me pops up in my mind, I rather wish there are no nights at all. I miss you, cutie.

63. Will you save me from self-hurt and return to me quick enough!  I miss you, babe.

64. When you see a star moving above you, just wave at it coz I’ll be sending you a star to bring you, my love. I miss you, honey.

65. Some days aren’t complete, not because the hours are not complete, but because you’re not in them with me!  I miss you, honey bunny.

66. I wish to see you smile at me just the exact way you did the first time I met you. I miss you, boyfriend.

67. These words are penned down in hurt because you’re not there to see me write them!  I miss you, baby.

68. I want your sweet kisses more than anything else in the world!  I miss you, baby.

69. I miss your morning warmth and your sweet smell at night, I wish you’re just by my side. I miss you, king.

70. I won’t let a day go by without sending you hugs and kisses, that’s to show how much I love you and how special you are to me!  I miss you, my love.

71. Baby, I hope to put my hands in yours as I walk through all of my life’s journey, I hope to see you soon coz I miss you a lot.

72. You’re the only one I think about on my lonely days because you’re that special one in my life. I miss you, sweetie.

73. You have no idea how much I miss you and how that I want to jump into your arms for you to carry me round the room, kissing me with your sweet kisses!  I miss you, babe.

74. The distance between us is a bad idea but hope you know it doesn’t change my love for you. I miss you, lover.

75. Love, you took my heart with you when you left, now I am without life. Please come back real quick as I miss you a lot.

76. I just want to let you know how much I miss you. I hope the days you’ll be away are over already!  I miss you a lot, my love.

77. I can’t think of anything else other than your love. I feel you everywhere I go. I miss you, sweetheart.

78. I can’t go all day without the thought of you, hope you know you’re the one who occupies my heart! I miss you, baby.

79. Every single thing I see reminds me of how moments together. I hope you come back soon and let’s make more!  I miss you, babe.

80. Please, don’t go too far away any longer coz I can’t bear the hurt of you being away from me!  I miss you, honey.

81. Some say I’m losing my mind but I ask ‘how can the mind be sane when you miss the one you love?’ I miss you, sweetheart.

82. I feel terribly weak without you, I hope I’ll see you soon! I miss you, honey.

83. My sweetest dreams were the ones I had when you’re by my side, and now that you are away, I can’t even sleep not to talk of dreaming! I miss you, babe.

84. I miss your words, specially coz you speak them as if they carry equal values. I miss you, boyfriend.

85. That perfect voice that put me to sleep and wake me every morning is so far away that I can hear its echoes. I miss you, lover.

86. If only I can catch a glimpse of you, maybe I’ll be happy this once! I miss you, my love.

87. I hope you’ll come back soon enough to return my heart to its place, coz I feel void without you by my side! I miss you, sweetie!

88. Let the days pass as quickly as possible, only if that’ll bring you back to me! I miss you, sweetheart.

89. Hey boyfriend, I want your right beside me, to feel your warm hug and sweet kisses just because I miss you!

90. I thought it’ll be easier on me if I don’t see you in weeks, it’s just few days you’ve gone and yet I can’t contain the hurt of missing you!  I miss you, lover.

91. I’ll scream your name over the mountains, shout out into the deep oceans if the winds and the waves will echo my voice in your ears! I miss you, darling.

92. I’m thinking of taking the next flight to come see you coz I’m not sure I can survive without you by my side!  I miss you, baby.

93. I miss our pillow fights, our giggles, our gists, our moments and everything that revolves around us. I miss you specially, sweetie.

94. The thought of you sparks up heartbeat, if only you know how much I miss you, you would never be far away from me again. I miss you so much, honey.

95. I want to see you giving me that broad smile, I want to see you in all your handsomeness. I miss you, cutie.

96. The thought of you being away makes me feel sad, but I’ll make do with all our moments and be happy for you! I miss you,  handsome.

97. Everything I see reminds me of you because you’ve made memories with all that matters to me!  I miss you, baby.

98. I can keep calm and act as if everything is okay even in the face of trouble but keeping calm while I miss you is the most difficult thing to do!  I miss you so much, lover.

100. You’ve stolen my heart, now there’s nothing left for me to breathe with, I hope you’ll come back soon and give me my heart! I miss you, my heartbeat.

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