Long Distance Relationship Texts for Him 1

2023 Long Distance Relationship Texts for Him

Long Distance Relationship is never a barrier to true love. Show how much you value his presence even from a distance.

There is even a feeling of stronger love in distance relationship. The fact that the two lovers are not able to see each other, brings loneliness.

Holding hands and laying on the arms of the one you love cannot be compared to when the person is far away. Being together, we know tighten bonds, makes love sweet and creates deep feelings.

In as much, you have your lover at heart, whether near or far, it’s what matters. Don’t be scared of distance, just let him know you’re always thinking of him by sending your heartfelt and deepest feelings through love text messages and love paragraphs.

Long Text Messages for Boyfriend Long Distance Relationship

With these romantic love text messages for him, you are about to proof to your boyfriend (or husband) that distance doesn’t matter in a relationship. Send these long distance relationship texts from the heart to him.

1. I can’t measure how I feel now because in your absence I love you every day.

2. When I close my eyes, I feel your presence everywhere. There’s nothing compared to having you around. You make me whole.

3. Love, they say when it’s distant, passion reduces and feeling dies but I have found that with you in my life, there is a difference. You are still what I desire from a distance.

4. My heart still yearns for you though you are far away. I know you can’t feel or touch me but just close your eyes and know I’m always with you.

5. I do not care about the distance, all I care about is you and will always be you. Be good, my dear.

6. I’m not afraid because you’re far away, rather, I’m made strong. I know it’s for a while and it will be history. I still love you always.

7. I feel true love even from a distance. I’m glad I found you. You’re forever in my heart.

8. I do not care if the world is apart. I love you just the way you are.

9. I can’t wait to hold you close and feel the deep passion I have yearned for. I’m proud to be yours.

10. There’s a voice that speaks inside of me, so loving and tender and that’s your voice. I’ll be with you forever.

11. Distance can debar me from seeing you but will never take you away from the place you occupy in my heart. Much love.

12. No matter what life brings or throws at us, you’ll still be the man I desire forever.

13. I wish all of you was here with me to tell me that love is the greatest feeling.

14. Whatever the distance, it can’t change the decision I have taken to have you in my life. Love you dearly.

15. I know one day it wouldn’t be distant but closer. You’re priceless to me.

16. I can’t take the fact that you’re far away but I’m sure what I feel is love and what I need is you. Much love I’ve got for you, dear.

17. I feel love so strong even from a distance anytime I think of you. You’re precious my love.

18. I can’t get you out of my mind for a second. You mean a lot to me.

19. Waiting so long for your return is just like a few days to me. I’ll always love and pray for you with everything in me.

20. Not seeing you doesn’t cease my prayers for you. I love you.

21. May our love overcome distance and stay strong forever. You’ll be in my heart always.

22. When I feel the cool breeze alone, I wish you were around me. I long for you, dear.

23. Everyone around seems to speak like you which makes both your absence and presence dear to me.

24. All around me portrays you. I know you’re so close yet far away. Love you.

25. Loving you will always be my heart desire whether you’re here or there.

26. If there’s anyone I miss so dearly, it’s you, baby. Everything about you, I miss so much.

27. The heat from the sun reminds me of you and makes me want your warm arms.

28. The cloud can’t even obstruct my feelings for you. I can’t wait to hold you.

29. My heart sings about you daily. Enjoy the music, dearest.

30. The night falls to take us to sleep but you stay awake in my heart. I miss you.

31. My heart delivers your messages of love and return mine to you. You’re all I want.

32. I don’t know how to run the day just to make you closer home but I can run my heart and wish I see you soon.

33. If I should count the minutes I think of you, I’ll count every minute. You mean the world to me.

34. Your love in my heart is unquenchable.

35. My body routine even knows of your absence. You’re specially needed, dear. Missing you.

36. Sometimes I feel distance should never be in existence just because I want my eyes on you every second.

37. If I lose thought of everything, I’d never lost thought of one so dear yet far away. Missing you.

38. When you call for me, I hear your voice so sweet and tender. Be here soon.

39. My love for you swells continuously. You’re just all I want.

40. Some people get imprisoned in love but with you, I fly like an eagle with so much pride. Love, love, love you.

41. Sleeping in your arms makes me feel like a tender little baby full of faith and void of fear. You’re the best.

42. Thinking of you surrounds my day with so many blessings.

43. Your distance never sucks my happiness, I still feel joyous thinking of the sweet times we shared together.

44. I know one day you’ll be so close and I’ll never let you go.

45. Words can’t explain how much I love and desire you. I’m glad you are my companion.

46. Sometimes I want to look into your eyes till dawn. You’re so special.

47. Prizes are given to those who worth the success but you deserve more than a prize my love.

48. When I look at myself, I say how blessed I am to have a peaceful and charming soul.

49. I don’t mind the miles. I’ll run, walk and ride the miles just to be with you. You worth it.

50. If I’m crying, it’s not because I feel hurt but your absence which means a lot me. Love you forever.

51. So many options lay in the bracket but I can’t trade your love for cheap questions. I choose you forever.

52. Many times, smile, strength, joy, fulfilment awakens from my spirit just for one reason, that’s You, my love.

53. I know words and text cannot fully express how much I miss you until I see you, look into your eyes and tell you, I love you.

54. Has anyone ever told that your presence gives warmness? You’re a rare person to love. Kisses.

55. Your words make me feel so courageous and happy. My heart will always cling to you.

56. Many times, values and worth are being appreciated. I want to tell you, from a distance, close by and from my heart I value you.

57. A day wouldn’t be enough to show you all I wish and I’m wishing. You’re sweet.

58. If only I could view you in the camera every day, my eyes would never shift. You mean so much. Much love.

59. I thought I could be strong for just a few days, I thought I could laugh so hard for a moment but now I know you complete my world. I’m proud to have you.

60. So many channels lead to the source of my joy but the only functioning one is you, my love.

61. You occupy the most treasured part of my heart. It’s so full of prayers and love for you. Missing you dearly.

62. If I have one reason to miss a friend, I’ll have a trillion and million reasons to miss you. I admire you greatly.

63. There’s no time spent with you that’s not worthwhile. I cherish you, my prince. Love you overflowing.

64. When I don’t find the courage to move on and things seem unbearable, you tell me those inspiring words and I feel relieved. You’re the best.

65. At every point, I stop to thank God for giving you to me. You’ve made this relationship the one thing I look forward to. Too much love for you.

66. Just holding your hands and seeing you smile settles it all. I value you, babe.

67. Every time your name resounds, I know I have chosen the best and I’m in safe arms. I wait to see you handsome.

68. Many find it difficult to get who would love and care for them but with you my case is unique. I bless your presence in my life.

69. You will always remain in my heart and I’ll keep you close. For I never want to go a moment without you.

70. Loving you has always been the sweetest thing. Let your love overshadow me again and again.

71. I just want to let you know you’re always remembered and you mean the world to me.

72. I wonder if I am worthy of your love. I would never trade this opportunity of loving you for anything the world would offer. You rule my world.

73. My love, wherever you are, always remember I’m praying for you.

74. Dear sweetheart, never forget you make me feel joyful and that you’re blessed.

75. I pray God prospers all your paths with good things and cause His blessings to increase in your life.

76. Love put in mind that I trust you in everything you do. Missing you here.

77. It’s not easy to overcome the distance but I’ll be patient for I know the end will be sweeter.

78. Anytime I look in the mirror, it reflects how much you’ve made me smile. You’re rated high, honey.

79. I thank God I met you at the right time. All I could feel is feeling good every day.

80. Today, I just want to remind you how special you are to me. I pray you experience a fullness of Joy every day.

81. Not everyone could cause laughter and put smiles on people’s faces but you’re exceptional and a great personality.

82. I do not own the world but as long as I have you, I’m contented.

83. What I find in you is priceless. You worth true love and care. You’re a star, Babe.

84. In your arms I find shelter, from your voice I find solace, from your smile, I see love and that’s enough for me. Love you a million.

85. May you be outstanding in all you do. You’re blessed, love.

86. Your presence in my life has brought nothing but blessedness, goodness and true love. I’ll always hold you, dear.

87. If I would lay one request, it is to experience your love again. You’re a wonderful creature.

88. May God water your plants and may it yield bountifully.

89. Your love has shown me a beautiful perspective of life. I’m honored.

90. To build my future with a unique and blessed man has been my dreams. Love you.

91. May all your visions and goals never drain. You’ll always stand out.

92. My heart desires for you goes beyond what you can imagine. You’re elevated, my love.

93. You’ll be the head and your position shall not be taken from you. Keep soaring my love.

94. Every day I count my blessings with happiness in my soul it’s because you’re by my side. I love you.

95. My story wouldn’t be complete without you. You’ve made me an extraordinary woman. More grace, love.

96. You bring out the best in me each day. Let me love you more.

97. My words may seem little but what I have in my heart for you can’t be compared to words. You’re one in a billion.

98. I’d always want you even in my next world. You’re the perfect match.

99. You fit into everything I am. I’m honored to have you, dear. Missing you.

100. Going a day without you feels boring. Your presence brings cheer. I miss you, babe.

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