Latest and Best Good Looking Sms in English

2023 Latest and Best Good Looking Sms in English

There are rare moments we run into angelic humans with the most stunning looks that stop our heart from beating for a second.

This scenario calls for appreciation. We can do that by sending Good looking Sms in English to the carriers of this beauty that radiates from the face to the heart.

So, go ahead and celebrate someone’s good looks and rare beauty with these befitting messages that reflect their exceptionality.

You Are Good Looking Quotes for Him or Her

You need to tell him or her how good looking they are? These good looking sms messages will help you express exactly how seeing them makes you feel.

1. The look of love in your eyes makes you the most beautiful creature to ever grace the earth.

2. No one has an idea of where you got your good looks from. It’s simply out of the world.

3. I’m mesmerized by the graceful movement of your lips, so also by the beauty in your eyes.

4. I’ll always look good for as long as I’m with you, cause you’re the spring of my beatitude.

5. No matter how ugly the world gets, your kind heart reflects an unfading beauty on your face.

6. I’ll always remember how you beautify my life with the words of your mouth that count worthy more than many perfect diamonds.

7. The unbridled excitement on your face lights up my life with so much beauty.

8. The most supreme beauty in the world is the one that lies in the core of your heart.

9. It’s indisputable that, your face is as good looking as your kind heart.

10. The most lovely thing about you is not seen on your face, but your heart.

11. Your good looks is no deception, but salvation for a lost soul like mine.

12. I find strength merely gazing through the beauty on your face.

13. I love the way you look good. It makes me fall in love with you all over again.

14. I receive a fresh breath of air, once I get a grasp of your beautiful face.

15. The beauty of the rainbow is nothing compared to the colour of your skin that glows from dawn to dawn.

16. No time of the day rules out your beauty. The morning favours your pulchritude just as much as the evening.

17. With or without out a crown, you’ll always be the most beautiful girl in my world.

18. No one can escape your charms, for it lies on your beautiful face.

19. I can lift my head up high today, cause you taught me how to look effortlessly good.

20. We’ll make babies that took after the shape of your beautiful face.

21. Each morning, I’ll beautify your day starting with a confession of my love for you.

22. See how forgiving your heart is. It makes everything about you beautiful.

23. Your humility stuns everyone than the beauty of your face.

24. You learnt how to look good not forgetting how to be kind, for that makes perfect beauty.

25. You’re trustworthy, faithful, kind, humble and grateful. These are your true beauties.

26. Physical beauty does not define a person, but the beauty of their heart does. Hence, I can say you’re so beautiful.

27. Indeed, I care about your beauty. Hence, I wouldn’t let it fade away, but to blossom each passing day.

28. This smile that you fake not makes the world as beautiful as you.

29. Without a doubt, heaven lost an angel to the world, cause your type of beauty is only found beyond the sky.

30. As beautiful as the stars may be, they lack the power to becloud your beauty.

31. Your words alone do not just encourage me, but also the beauty of your face does.

32. I’m inspired by your good looks to make you proud and to give you a befitting life.

33. You hold my heart down with the beauty that drips down your face every second of the day.

34. The Lord holds the heaven, but your beauty holds the earth together.

35. You’re the most carefully created human being to have been blessed with so much good look.

36. When I look at you, I see how far your beauty goes.

37. Your beatitude is born out of the beauty of your heart.

38. As long as you’re with me, my life will remain a beauty to behold.

39. You beautify the surface of the earth with your stunning smile.

40. A look at you can last a lifetime, cause your beauty is an everlasting one.

41. Your love is strong, so also is your beauty.

42. The beauty of your face demands my rapt attention every moment of my life.

43. What an ebullient beauty lies on your face. You have no match.

44. As long as I live, I’ll nurture your beauty as though it were a baby with life.

45. For you, I’ll always look good, so you don’t have to look elsewhere.

46. Your beautiful face makes me feel less worthy of you, my love.

47. Your beauty makes me stumble on the best things of life. You’re my lucky charm.

48. I know a lot of beautiful people, but you’re the happiest of them all with the greatest beatitude to show for it.

49. You look exceptionally good; it’s not a matter of your face, but your heart.

50. I see a kind of beauty in your eyes, that I’m yet to find elsewhere on the surface of the earth.

51. True beauty is you. The stars see it and hide in envy.

52. You beautify my world with love. Peace smokes out of your lips. Hence, it is my pleasure to plant gentle kisses upon them.

53. I can’t get enough of your beauty when you gaze with your eyes wide open.

54. My world is beautiful because you’re in it along with your lovely smiles.

55. It’s hard to not fall deeply in love with you when you’re all shade of beauty.

56. You’re my favorite movie. For you’re good looking every time of the day.

57. She looks good; I said when I first saw you walk pass me.

58. I’ll look good for you and make happy the lenses of your eyes, my darling.

59. Your dresses are good looking and so is the poise of your feet, my love.

60. I’ll lay on my couch thinking of your beautiful figure all day long. For I’m lost in the beauty of you.

61. Hardly, is there a color that mars your beauty, my love.

62. Let no one compete with your grace. For you’re effortlessly beautiful, my darling.

63. Place your fingers upon my skin. For they’re good looking even in the dark.

64. Your beauty blinds me. Hence, you have my heart forever.

65. Your face is lovely, but your character is more beautiful. Hence, I’m lost in your arms.

66. You look stunning like the rainbows. Hence, I wish you the beatitude in heaven and on earth, my love.

67. You’re my weakness. For true beauty rests in your heart.

68. It’s easy to fall in love with your beautiful face, but your loving heart captures me any day.

69. Express your beauty to me through love. It is what I pray for all day and night.

70. Rest beside me at night. Let me wake up to your beautiful face, my darling.

71. Looking good for the eyes that look straight into my eyes to hear me say that, I love you.

72. Your beautiful dresses look perfect with a smile accessory.

73. Consume my love to feel good. For you look good already with my kisses.

74. Your beauty cannot escape my mind. It lingers in my head all day long.

75. I’m in love with the whole of you, even with your beautiful flaws.

76. You light my face up with a smile inspired by your lovely smile.

77. For the rest of my life, I’ll tell you a thing about your beautiful self.

78. Your kisses taste better than wine. But your heart is more enchanting than an array of rainbows.

79. As the clock ticks away, your beauty fades not over time.

80. My heart remains yours forever to nurse. But your lovely smile remains my open secret.

81. Do not change for anything. For you’re more beautiful than the blue oceans.

82. Looking good is what you do least even though you never fall short of beautiful.

83. You’re the best at what you do. And the most beautiful at being yourself.

84. Look again in the mirror, for the reflection of your beautiful soul reflects.

85. Your good looking face at night keeps my eyes open whilst it is dark.

86. Forgive me, my darling. But I must confess, “you look more beautiful than the eyes can dream.”

87. You beautify my world with your beauty. And ease my heart with your love.

88. Looking good for you is my choice from when I met you.

89. My heart is full of beatitude. For I know you love me to the moon and back.

90. Your name is beautiful and it makes my heart skip when I hear it.

91. The sound of your step is music to my ears. And the beauty of your soul is redemption to my dying self.

92. The sun isn’t beautiful enough, for I have seen a perfect beauty in you.

93. You need not spend to look good. Cause you’re beautiful already.

94. I’ll always be mindful of your beauty, cause like the sun, it is ageless and ever-present.

95. Beauty does not exist anywhere else but inside your heart.

96. Words can’t tell how beautiful you are. But I can say I love you.

97. When they stare endlessly at you, it’s cause you’re an unmatched beauty on earth.

98. Spread your wings to fly and soar. For you’re good looking with them.

99. I love to feel you in my heart. For it is the most beautiful feeling on earth.

100. I’ll love you more than yesterday. Cause your beauty never ceases to grow.

These Good looking messages in English will gladden the heart of the recipient, believe me.

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