Letter on Native Language of Your Significant Other

How to Create Love Letter on Native Language of Your Significant Other

One of the most important aspects of talking about how we feel to our significant other who speaks a different language is ensuring that nothing is lost in translation. We all know well that even when we learn several foreign phrases and say them, it always brings up a happy smile. When we want to create a love letter in a foreign language for some anniversary or without a significant date, it always becomes challenging since it is hard to make things work with Google Translate or any other AI translation that can easily distort the original meaning. Therefore, you should consider several helpful tips:

  • Create an Outline. Always start with an outline in your native language to write down the most important and keep the “weak” parts away. Start with more than one idea and have a template that will express your thoughts and ideas. Do not try to translate your love letter right away but take time to create it in your native language first, so you can have a reference as you start with your beloved’s native language. Think about what will make your letter special and remind you of those amazing times or even include the words that you have already learned to make it vivid and powerful. It does not have to be perfect but show that you have tried your best!
  • Approach Professional Translators. As a way to keep your love letter accurate and safe from typos or incorrect translation, your safest bet would be to approach the best online translation services by IsAccurate. You can talk to creative professionals who will understand your vision and will keep things confidential as they make it special for you. After all, only a native speaker will understand the love language and all these specifics that make it sound right. This is exactly when you can show your original template to let the translator understand what you wanted to say in your native language. Ask for a glossary to make sure that you have been understood.
  • Turn to Various Translation Apps. You can also create the basics of your love letter with the help of handy translation apps like HelloTalk that make it possible to talk to foreigners from over 100 countries. Implement video or audio calls or text communications. Furthermore, you can ask for some advice and check the phrases that you already know if you want to create a special design or record a voice message. Alternatively, if you are using a Mac, you may look into several alternatives to iTranslate to check the phrases that you know. You can also learn the pronunciation and train your language skills.
  • Add Something Personal & Design Things. Most importantly, your love letter in a foreign language should be unique. You do not have to make it perfect and static because it has to express your feelings. Add some handwriting and photos that will make your love letter impressive. Regarding your letter’s design, consider adding several decorative elements that speak of your beloved’s country or things that are special to him or her. For example, it can be your hobby or things that you both share as a passion. Make it fun and inspiring to add more life and emotion!

Learn The Cultural Aspects

Letter on Native Language of Your Significant Other

 Even if your love letter is not too large and contains only several foreign phrases, it has to show respect regarding your significant other’s traditions and religious aspects. When you are turning to a person living in the Middle East or a girl living in Japan, you have to think over traditions and the ways that will make your love letter even more meaningful. It will show that you have done some exploration and thought about the important things for him or her. Just remember to be yourself and stay sincere as you create!

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