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Heart Touching Happy Birthday Quotes for Husband

Yippie, it’s your darling husband’s birthday! It’s time to throw worldly cares, routine concerns, tantrums, grudges, justified anger with teeny weeny bits of resentments out of the window; and embrace love in all its entirety.

Your husband’s birthday celebration is cause for burying hatchets; agreeing to disagree while moving on gracefully as the best partners you are. The one who put stars in your twinkling eyes, needs to know how special he is to you. He knows that already? Let him know again… and again. Remove the unseen, unknown and unfounded traces of doubt by opening your heart to him with sweet messages of love and best wishes.

Today is your husband’s birthday, ignite a fresh flame in his heart with words that warms his heart and assures him he’s still your number one guy.
Here is heart touching happy birthday quotes for husband you can explore to dazzle your sweet darling.

Whatever others say about your husband, will pale besides your own expressions of love and wishes. No matter how close they are to him, your loving words will cut more ice than a thousand best wishes from friends. This is because you mean the world to him. He cares about what you sat and do.
Perhaps, you already planned all the fanfare of a surprise or exotic party for him.

You know the exact gift that will “wow” him. You’ve got all the angles that will make this birthday celebration memorable; a real blast. Fantastic! Take a step further. Add flavour to your beautiful plans. Put beautiful icing on your delicious cake; by sending him messages of love and good wishes.

Words that will remain indelible in his memory and make him realise how special he is to his beautiful wife. Words are powerful tools. Use yours to ginger, tantalise and appreciate your love.

The party will end. The gift will get used up or fade with time. The value of the gift may diminish or become irrelevant with time. Your words of love will remain in the marble of his heart forever. It’s the soft touch that softens the hardest of heart.
It’s time to celebrate, put on that beautiful dress and accessories. Spring that wonderful surprises; carry out a great get together gig to perfection, but send him lovely thoughts on his special day. You can’t beat the feelings it’ll evoke in him.

Are you games? Too busy or preoccupied to put anything down? Never one for words? No idea of what to say? Too many words churning inside of you? Do not trouble yourself further. All you need is here.

Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Husband

The best of all Happy Birthday Husband Quotes is available here. Make your husband feel loved on his special day with these Happy Birthday Wishes Quotes for Husband

1. You are my soul mate. My heart beats solely for you. I’m one with you: spirit, soul and body. You are my heart’s delight. Happy birthday, my Sunshine.

2. Happy birthday, my love. May your joy be full and overflowing. May your heart be filled with love, peace and fulfilment. Congratulations, my husband!

3. You are an exceptional man, an epitome of excellence. By no means perfect, yet perfectly perfect for me. You are a phenomenon of mind-blowing proportions.
No word can convey your goodness, you’re simply amazing!
Happy birthday, my crown. May you find happiness every day of your life.

4. You are a special man, in every way. You bring and share happiness everywhere you go. Your reliability is frighteningly constant; your dependability is unparalleled. You are the best husband in the whole world: you make me indescribably happy. You are the world’s best dad to our children! May you be great, without declining. Happy birthday, my love.

5. God is good to me. He gave a special gift to you. No word is suitable perfect enough to describe you. True, there are times you are less than perfect; your imperfections are actually endearing to me. They make me realise you are just an angel in human form! I love you, sugar pie! Happy birthday to you, my handsome!

6. Love is the song I sing when I’m with you. Longing is the poem I compose when we are apart. You are an awesome man! My friend, lover and confidant. Today is your birthday, I’d give you the moon if you but requested it. Happy birthday to the love of my life. May you live long and well.

7. Hurray!! It’s my husband’s birthday! Happy birthday, my darling. You are one of a kind: a rare breed of a limited version!! God’s special and awesome creation. You are a masterpiece: you have equal! May this year be filled with testimonies and extraordinary achievement. Love you loads, dearie!

8. It’s a beautiful day, a wonderful occasion. The sun is peeking out of the gloomy sky already; brightening the sky and illuminating the earth. Just Like you, my amazing husband of immeasurable value. You are a shining star that brightens lives and spread joy. Happy birthday, Honey. May you continue to shine without dimming your glow.

9. A lovely day that starts with showers of blessings promises to be a wonderful one. It’s your birthday, my Prince Charming; a wonders-filled birthday celebration for you. May the Lord bless you from above and cause His face to shine upon you.

10. I feel like celebrating you with no holds barred, free of restraints. Happy birthday, my Angel of light, God’s special gift to me. You are immeasurably generous, incomparably kind, and uncommonly ingenious. You are the reason my heart is full of melody, and I sway gently to the sound of the love song you sing into my heart. Rock your day with joy. Cheers, love!!

11. Happy birthday, my Sunshine! You are a man of noblest character, integrity and sterling qualities. I am grateful to God you are mine. Your children are blessed to have you as their father. You are a husband like no other. Have a beautiful day, flavoured with God’s special blessings.

12. Happy birthday, my Crown. You are a Jewel of inestimable value. More precious than Diamond, more glittering than gold. Nothing in this world can compare to the blissful feeling of being loved and cared for, that I experience daily with you. I love you more today than all our yesterdays. I will love you forever. Rock your day with glee!

13. No word can sufficiently describe your worth. A trillion pages can not cut the mark. From now till eternity, I can’t describe your worth in full. You are simply awesome. A wonderful husband; an amazing lover and a great friend.
Happy birthday to you, Handsome. Love you till eternity.

14. Happy birthday to my darling husband, my baby boo. Today is your very special day and I love celebrating you because you are a lifetime reigning celebrity. Your sun continues to shine, without setting.
May the Lord bless you with heaven’s special gifts.

15. To my wonderful, loving, caring and ever supportive husband, I celebrate you today and always. You are my number one fan, my never tiring cheerleader. You are the reason others celebrate me and see my shine. You are my light and inspiration. I admire and adore you without qualification. Happy birthday, my sweetie pie.

16. Loving you is a commitment; it’s beyond the manipulative power of subjective feelings. Loving you from the depth of my heart, and with the whole of my soul; is a choice that’s beyond my very essence. I was created to love you, fit to size to adore you. Happy birthday, my precious Gem. I love you.

17. On this special occasion of yours, may you never know a better yesterday. The Lord will make each day great, special and utterly memorable in your life. In this new season, my dearest, may your path drop fatness and robust blessings. Happy birthday, my Prince.

18. Today is your day of joy and celebration, may the Lord give you a wonderful birthday package. You are one in a trillion, simply terrific and uniquely excellent. I love you beyond description. Happy birthday, my very heart Delight.

19. Happy birthday, my sweet pumpkin. You will fulfil purpose and destiny. You will be a great vessel in the hand of God to fill your generation with God’s awesome light and love. May you continue to be relevant in God’s awesome plan. Stay on top and have plenty of fun. The sky is not your limit, my sweet husband.

20. Happy birthday, my husband. May you run your race without being weary and walk without stumbling. The Lord will be your strength and help. He will make things beautiful for you at its own time. Have a great year.

21. Happy birthday to my dearest husband. You are a wonderful man of deep and unshaken faith. I admire you: you love and serve the Lord with wholehearted devotion. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

22. My darling husband, it goes without saying that you are a blessing to me and our children. You make our lives colourful, meaningful and relevant. You are our lifelines. I love you. The children adore you. You are our role model without equal. Happy birthday, my Treasure.

23. You are my friend, my husband and my total being. You are worth your weight in gold, a husband like no other. Exemplary and outstanding in every way, my heart beats only for you. Happy birthday, my knight in shining armour. You rock!

24. Happy birthday to my favourite man. You are my everyday man crush, my forever love. May you live long and prosper beyond your imagination, my darling husband. Have a blissful year full of God’s glory.

25. Happy birthday, my superhero. You are my champion, my protector and mentor. God knows my life would have been a meaningless shamble without you. You are my rock and anchor. Organised and focused. Love you loads, my handsome dude.

26. Happy birthday to the crowned king of my life. You rock, honey! I love everything about you. What others call mischievous, I see as endless fun. That’s why you were specially made in Paradise – just for me. May your joy be full now and forever, my love.

27. On this very special occasion, my dearest husband, I wish you God’s abundant blessings, divine wisdom, knowledge and understand to make more impact in your generation. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

28. This new year, God will go ahead of you to smoothen every crooked path. His abiding Presence shall be with you, and His glory shall be your rear guard. It shall be a year filled with new songs and wine. Happy birthday, my precious husband.

29. You are my best friend and husband, my darling. You are the crowned king of my heart and kingdom. You rule with love and care. You reign without hitch or skirmish. I am so proud to call you my husband, the payer of my bride price. Happy birthday to you, my love.

30. You are the salt of my life. You add flavour, glamour and essence to my being. You are one in a billion. You thrill my heart without fail. I love you, my hero. Happy birthday to you, my treasure.

31. Happy birthday to my number one man. I’m crazy about you. Totally sold out to you, with no chance of redemption. I love you without excuse or reason. You are an amazing husband, extraordinary lover and trusted friend. May the Lord gladden your heart with all you ever desire and more.

32. Love was an illusion that remained perfectly elusive until I met you. In you, love became my constant reality. I’m nuts about you, my love. You never ceased to make a heart beat fast in excitement at the very sight of you. You have the most beautiful and kindest eyes in the world. Happy birthday, my handsome husband. You rock my world without fail.

33. You are my everyday miracle because you never fail to amaze me. Your brand of love intoxicates me; I’m hooked to you, my husband till eternity. Happy birthday, my dearest. You mean the world to me.

34. Marrying was the best decision I ever made in my life. Everything became fantastic because you are the rose-tinted glasses through which I view the world. I love you, my sugar pie. Happy birthday, my darling husband.

35. You are exceptionally kind. Truly amazing, jovial and brilliant. Thank you for being my husband. Happy birthday to you. You rock!

36. You are the kindest and most understanding man I’ve ever met in my entire life. You are indescribably special. However, did I deserve you? It sure beats my wildest imagination hands down. I’m without excuse or apology: I love you. Happy birthday, my precious Jewel.

37. Behind every genuinely happy and successful woman is an uncommon and extraordinary man. You brought out the shine in me and I glow and shine every day. Thank you for being my Sunshine. Happy birthday to my amazing husband. You rock!

38. I rejoice with you, my ever bubbling husband, on this joyous occasion of yours. May you enjoy God’s uncommon favour and overwhelming blessings, this new year and forever. Happy birthday, my Sugar.

39. Happy super duper birthday to my superb husband. You are caring, open-hearted, prayerful, loving and encouraging. May you continue to enjoy God’s endless love and blessings. Enjoy your day, my darling.

40. Happy birthday to my ever easygoing, funloving and carefree husband. Depression has no claim on you or anyone around you. You are an incurable optimist. The cup is never half empty, but always half full, to you. Life without you is unthinkable. I admire you, my Crush. May the Lord continually strengthen you and give you peace, joy, favour all round. Congratulations, my dearest!

41. Thumbs up for you, my Champion and Hero. You are the most caring and selfless person I’ve ever known. Thank you for your labour if love over me, our children, the body of Christ and humanity. You are one of a kind, extraordinarily rare! Happy birthday to you, my darling husband. Shine on, and keep on being amazing.

42. Congratulations, my dearest husband! Happy birthday, my love. I pray that the Lord will renew your strength and cause His face to shine upon you.

43. Happy birthday to my dearest husband. May your path continue to shine brighter and brighter unto the perfect day. May the Lord give you the grace to fulfil your purpose and finish strong. May your strength does not fail in the day of adversity. Helpers of destiny shall show up for you at every turn in your journey. Enjoy your day, my Prince.

44. It’s your birthday, my precious husband. May you experience unprecedented blessings SNF uncommon favour. I wish you a new year filled with amazing grace to do extraordinary exploits, in Jesus’ awesome name.

45. This year, may God’s goodness and favour shows up in every area of your life. You are an awesome man! I love you. Happy birthday, my sweetie buns!

46. Happy birthday, my darling treasure. You are simply amazing in every way. You are a great leader, innovator and motivator. You are a destiny helper, a rare gift to our generation. May God give you more grace for greater exploits.

47. Happy birthday to my sweetheart. We have every cause to rejoice, you are a product of grace and mercy. The gift of life is a most precious gift and I’m eternally grateful to God. May your day be filled with joy and your heart with peace.

48. Glory be to the most high God, my king is plus one year today. You are a sparkling star and a pacesetter. The expanse of the sky beckons to you; shine on, fly and soar to great heights. It’s your season of breakthrough. Congratulations in the air. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

49. Happy birthday to my love. You put a radiant smile on my face and a twinkling to my eyes. You are my best buddy, my confidant, and my number one fan. Thanks for all you are and promises to be. Have a blast, my darling.

50. Happy birthday to my best friend, lover and my whole world. On this special day, I celebrate you, my husband. I am grateful to God for keeping and preserving your life. You shall celebrate many more years in good health, peace and prosperity. The hand of the lord will be mighty on you. You shall excel in every way. God bless you, my love.

51. Happy birthday to my role model and champion. You are incredibly brilliant, intelligent and smart. You are handsome and charming; loving, caring and considerate. God bless you with all you desire and more. You shall do great exploits to the glory and honour of His name. Thanks for your constant love and support. I love you and I am crazy about you. Only you forever!

52. Without you, I’m practically nothing. No kidding! You are my life and very essence. Happy birthday, honey pie. Forever with you is an eternal deal with renewal mode. Have a great day, my husband.

53. My darling husband, you are sweeter than my favourite ice cream. I’m totally nuts about you. The cure is a forever together with you. Happy birthday, sweetie. You rock!

54. Happy birthday to the most amazing, witty and funny husband’s. There’s never a dull moment with you. You are always full of life and fun. You spread joy wherever you are. Your very presence brightens the dullest atmosphere. I love you, my darling!

55. Hurrah, it’s my husband’s birthday! You are the most thoughtful, loving, kind and considerate husband on the surface of the earth. I feel blessed to be yours. You rock my world without a glitch. Have a fun-filled day, sweetie!

56. Men are impossible creatures, or so I was told. Amazing discovery of the century: mine is the easiest man to love to distraction. An absolute doll! Thanks for being awesomely different, my precious love. Happy birthday, my sweet husband. You rock, like a lone shining star!

57. I love every moment of my life with you, I wouldn’t exchange a second worth of it for all the diamond in the world. I treasure every day with you; it’s a great gift. I love you more than life itself, my wonderful husband. You are simply the best! Happy birthday, my love.

58. You are my Sunshine; you brighten my world; illuminate my being, and warm my heart, just so! When I’m with you, I feel so much alive, inspired and positive. Your optimism and zeal for life are infectious. Happy birthday, my desired husband. May your oil of gladness continue to flow.

59. I am not a perfect being; yet for all my faults and blemishes, God chose to give me the best of His sons. You are God’s perfect gift to me, my husband. I cherish and treasure you. Happy birthday, my love. May God continue to put a smile on your face.

60. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. I appreciate God for your life. You are selfless, generous, and supportive. I have no idea what I’d do without you. I’m totally clueless as to where I’d have been without you. A life without you is unfathomable. I love you!

61. You are every woman’s dream guy, yet you chose me of insignificant background. You envisaged a great future with me completely unseen by opposing others. Now, they see; wowed and applauded, what you saw through the eyes of love, then. I’m now not just relevant, I’m indispensable… because of you. I love you, my hero. Happy birthday, my darling husband. You rock, forever!

62. Happy birthday to my husband and best friend. I’m totally high on you, hope you know? I don’t want to be cured; I’m not delusional. You are the real deal- the best deal ever!
Congratulations, my love.

63. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for supporting my ambitions and dreams. Thank you for not discarding my inspirations or dismissing my brainstormed ideas. You are a real treasure, my husband. Happy birthday, Honey.

64. No woman on earth can be loved as much as you love me, I bet. You are the authentic Mr Romantic, loving, caring and unrivalled lover boy. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. Many years of extraordinary exploits, exploding blessings and unlimited fun, await you.

65. I feel blessed: the finest and smartest man ever created is my husband. Wow! That tickles! You are the most inspiring and supportive man on earth; I adore you. Happy birthday, Honey. Catch fun, today and forever.

66. Happy birthday, Husby. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you and shower you with His abundant blessings. This new year, Mercy will speak for you and Grace will accompany you. The glory of God shall be your rear guard. Have a blast, my love.

67. Relationships are strained over the barriers of distance with all its accompanying limitations. Our love story is unique, nonconforming to norms. Our love waxed stronger every day, fueled by the emotions of neediness caused by absence. Absence is the tool we have magically used to make our hearts fonder. I love you, my amazing husband. You are a rare breed! Happy birthday, my handsome hunk. Looking forward to seeing you soonest. Your babe has missed you! Have fun, darling and send pictures.

68. I don’t need a prophet to tell me this: I’m blessed. I got the best man ever created as my very own husband. What’s more? He’s as high on me as I am on him! A match specially made in heaven! Happy birthday, my love. You never fail to ginger my swagger!

69. Nothing has changed drastically. I love you now with a slight difference. Yesterday, I was passionately in love with you. Today, I’m positively nuts about you. I took a peek into tomorrow, and I see myself perfectly crazy about you. You are a real charmer, I love you, my Teddy Bear! Happy birthday, Honey!!

70. All day long, my thoughts are of you. You are why I perform excellently on the job. You inspire and bring out the best in me. Tasks get done on time because I can’t wait to see you at home. A big ‘No’ to undue delay. All night long, I dream about you. Sweet and awesome dreams. I love you, my baby boy. Being married to you is my best engagement yet. Happy birthday, Handsome. Have fun!

71. I loved growing up with you; it’s sheer bliss! I enjoy every moment of our moment together. I’m positively looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you. Happy birthday, my pumpkin!
Have a blast, my husband.

72. Thanks for being a great leader, mentor and friend. Thanks for not forming macho. Thanks for not being a typical African man. Thank you for being your own unique self, for being your own man. Happy birthday, sweetie. Love you like there’s no tomorrow.

73. You are the most handsome man on heart. Call it prejudice or bias, the fact will hold up anywhere. You are a real charmer and a head turner. You are a gentleman to the boot, no one can have it better. Happy birthday, my husband. Have a great day.

74. You make me laugh. I love being locked in a sweet embrace with you, dancing slowly to the beats of our favourite songs. With you, tension, trouble and worry flee for dear lives. I can’t do without you; you are my sanity pill in this crazy and chaotic world. Happy birthday, my darling husband. Your baby girl loves you!

75. Happy birthday, my Prince. Today’s is going to be an exciting day, so watch out! I intend to beat you at your own game; the winner takes all. I get to have you all day, yippee!! My dancing shoes are ready, I’ve practised to perfection. Let’s have the music; the game is on! Let’s catch some fun, my husband deserves to be celebrated! You rock, my sweetie!!

76. With you, I get to eat my cake and have it. Aren’t I blessed? I got married to my best friend, confidant and prayer partner. You are the real deal clincher! Happy birthday to the most amazing man on earth. Have a wonderful day and an awesome year of greatness!

77. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. I love you more than life itself. You are my anchor, you mean the world to me. May you experience God’s explosive blessings in new dimensions this year. Have a blast!

78. My heart beats solely for you. It slows down when we aren’t together; beats erratically when I hear the sound of your voice and settles nicely when I’m with you. You are God’s awesome wonder to me, my husband. Happy birthday, my precious love.

79. Life is never boring with you. It proves to be an endless journey in a fun, adventure, fruitful engagement, stimulating brainstorming and life-changing experiences worth their weight in gold. Verdict: I got my perfect match, my soulmate. I’m here for keeps! Happy birthday, my husband. Love you loads!

80. I never feel cold: your loving embraces keep me warm, just so! I’m never hot even when it’s sweltering, your sweet love fans and keeps me cool. I’m never bored: you are my in-house comedian. My brain is always upbeat because you stimulate me. I love the life I have with you; I’m extremely wealthy in all the things that count in life… because of you. Happy birthday to my champion. You rock!

81. I love the rains and the cold weather; they give me the perfect excuse to cuddle up to you! Plus a chance to have a heart to heart talk with you. I enjoy the hot sweltering weather because we get to deal with important issues. Haven’t you noticed? The seasons and weather matter little when I’m with you. You are all that counts to me. I love you, my precious darling. Have a wonderful birthday filled with joy and God’s blessings.

82. When I sleep, I not only cuddle up to you; I also hug-loving thoughts about you in my heart and drift off to dreamland. My waking thoughts are of you. You feel my life with indescribable joy. I love you, my husband. Happy birthday to you, my Prince Charming.

83. Darling husband, you haven’t lost your touch. You are still as charming and handsome as ever! My heart still beat wildly for you, my love. Happy birthday, my dashing Hero. I love you more today than I did in the past years. My love for you tomorrow can cause an explosion. Have a blast, my dearest!

84. Happy birthday to you my Husby. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are my most favourite/best gift ever, from Santa Claus. Nothing tops that, you are the best! Have an awesome birthday!

85. The most beautiful thing I have in this world is you. You are my treasure, my rare gem. You mean the world to me, my darling husband. Happy birthday, love. May you be blessed beyond all expectations.

86. Happy birthday, my amazing husband. You are special beyond description. You are too good to be true or real. I love you! Lots of love with loads of kisses from me and your entire crew rooting for you. Have a blast, it’s your day!

87. I got lucky: by marrying you! Fate smiled on me and brought you to my life. Faith and love sealed the deal; today, I’m more than ecstatic. Happy birthday, my dashing hero. Love you loads!

88. I have experienced nothing but pure joy, undiluted love, and blissful peace with you. You are a man of many talents, humble, loving and fiercely loyal. I feel honoured to be yours. Happy birthday, my husband.

89. I love ice cream, but I love my husband more. No matter how heavenly the taste of a melting ice cream tastes in my mouth, the pure ecstasy of your love sure beats the feeling. Happy birthday, my precious sweetheart. I cherish and adore you.

90. A wonderful birthday wishes to my husband, mentor, special adviser, lover and soulmate. Actually, the job description is inexhaustible; you mean the whole world and a chunk of heaven to me. God bless your new age with lots of blessings, loads of favour and uncountable testimonies. Cheers!

91. Happy birthday, my sugar pie. I’m so sweet on you, now and forever! Have a wonderful celebration!

92. Happy birthday, my King. You treat me so much like a Queen that I feel like royalty. May you be crowned with joy, prosperity, peace and love.

93. Happy birthday, my Prince Charming. You are my heartbeat. Without you, I’m not just breathless, I cease to be. I’m alive and vibrant because of your love and care. May the Lord grant you long life and prosperity.

94. Happy birthday to my amazing husband and wonderful father of our lovely children. May you experience unending peace and joy all the days of your life. Congratulations, my love!

95. Happy birthday to the funniest, happiest, funkiest and hunkiest husband ever! Catch loads of fun, it’s your day of unlimited enjoyment. No dull moment.

96. I can’t resist your love. I’m hooked to your love; addicted to your care. I love you, completely, no buts. You are the best! Happy birthday, my awesome husband.

97. Happy birthday, my sweet husband. You are the only one whose cap fits my head, perfectly. Exactly right and suitable. You are specially made just for me. I love you, Honey. Have a swell day!

98. Happy birthday to my husband, my first love and my hero. You mean the world to me, my darling. The fire of my love for you has never dimmed; if anything, the passage of time has fanned the flame to a roaring blaze. Have an awesome day, my love.

99. Happy birthday, my love. There’s nothing I can give you today that will seem adequate. You deserve the best. Expect God’s awesome blessings and gifts this new season. Be ready for divine visitation. I sought audience before the throne of grace on your behalf. My requests were granted. Congratulations, my husband!

100. Happy birthday, my honey pie. You are amazing, unique and special in every way. Handsome, charming, smart and generous to a fault; you rock, my love! Have a blast today and always. Your doting wife loves you!

101. I love being your wife. I enjoy being your friend, companion and partner in naughty deeds. Boredom is a nonexisting word in our home. Strife and tension have no hold on us; not because I’m perfect or dutiful. Quite the contrary! You are the amazing secret to the success of our rock-solid marriage. Little wonder I’m nuts about you. Happy birthday, my Sunshine and Superhero.

102. Happy birthday to my dearest husband. May this day mark the beginning of greater achievements in your life and may God bless you beyond your expectations. Keep smiling my honourable darling; it’s your year of unending laughter.

103. Today is a special day. I can’t keep quiet, I’ve to blow the trumpet; put on my dancing shoes and beautiful ball gown and dance like there’s no tomorrow with my dashing Prince. Happy birthday, my darling husband. May you succeed and excel in all your ways, today and forever.

104. Happy birthday to my loving, caring and handsome husband. Crowned king of my heart, you are my joy and everything good. Lots of love, tight hugs, with loads of kisses – all for you, my adorable. Have a blast!

105. Breaking News: it’s my awesome husband’s birthday. All road leads to party and fun with my beloved! Happy birthday, my knight in shining armour. Today is going to be a blast. Lots of fun loading, all for you. Cheers, my pumpkin!

106. Happy birthday to my loving husband. Your new age looks good on you. You look more handsome and dashing. I think I need to get you a bigger wedding band and employ fierce looking bodyguards, to protect you from being mobbed by female fawning fans. Have a blast, my sweetie!

107. You are my good and absolutely perfect gift from above. Your love has been tried, tested and proved over the years. You are my heart’s delight. You are everything my heart desires and more. Happy birthday, my darling husband. Have an awesome celebration!

108. Forever with you, is a song I’ll sing into your ears till our old age. Thank God for the smartness and intuition to know what’s good for me when dating was no more than a game to many others. You are good for me, as well as being good to me. I love you from the depth of my heart, my sweetie pie. Happy birthday to my amazing husband!

109. The idea of spending forever with you sounds great to me. The only problem is that forever will not be sufficient. A thousand lifetimes with you will still be like an appetizer. Throw in the main dish of eternity and heaven; I’m gaming. Happy birthday, love of my life. Loving you is my only ambition.

110. No one can put up with me like you. If I’d married the best of the pack, I’d be barely tolerated at best. I’m so naughty that I’d task the patience of a saint. You aren’t just a saint; you are my Angel. Even I often wonders why you love me so. Hey! No complaints here, I’m just thankful. Thank you for being my superhero, Superman and champion. Happy birthday, my super precious husband. I adore you!

111. I asked for a Prince, I got a King. I prayed for a patient man; I got an Angel. I requested for real love, I got a taste of heaven. You are my Paradise here on earth, Husby. I’m blessed beyond measure. I love you more than my life. Happy birthday, my Honeypie.

112. I am a die-hard, incurable romantic; fairytale stories are my forte. I dreamt of a man that will cherish me completely, flaws, strength and all. I fantasised about a Prince Charming with eyes only for me, even in a crowd of stunning beauties. A man that would love me as his life depended on it… You are my dream come true. You fulfilled my wildest fantasies and then, some! No one on earth can love me as much as you do. I feel blessed and privileged. You are awesome! Happy birthday, my Prince Charming. Loving you is as easy as pie!

113. Happy birthday, sweetie pie. You aren’t just smart, you are a genius! You make me indescribably happy and fulfilled. People often ask me what my greatest achievement is. My response: marrying you and being the wife of your dreams. It’s a baffling response that dazes or confuses many. Everything I am or have pales to you in comparison. You are my trophy; I cherish you. Happy birthday to you, my sweet husband.

114. It’s no secret, I’m still nuts about you. You are the easiest person to love in the world. Your bark is worse than your bite. Underneath that tough exterior, is a heart of pure gold; soft and tender. Happy birthday, my gentle giant. God bless your new age, my husband.

115. Today, I’m a successful career woman, wife and mother; poised, confident and upbeat; because of you. You are the miracle worker who drew a scared rabbit out of her shell, mended and healed my tattered ego and restores greatness in me. May the God of heaven open up the windows of heaven and shower His blessings upon you. Happy birthday, my dearest husband.

116. I love you with all my heart. Marriage to you is a turning point, deal-clincher for me. You walked into my life and life took on a greater meaning, higher purposes and fulfilment. Happy birthday, my loving husband. Long may you reign in my heart!

117. You give my life a great definition. Life without you is utterly meaningless. Finding special means of showing you my love, is my favourite pastime. Happy birthday to you, my cute darling.

118. When my world turns topsy-turvy, all I have to do to get back on track; is to look deeply into your lovely eyes. The calm assurance; love and acceptance; support and quiet strength I see there, helps me to bounce back, and better. Happy birthday, my rock solid Angel. You are God’s best gift to me. You are a treasure, my sweet husband.

119. Thank you for instilling confidence in me. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for the ingenious way you make me feel like a genius, even when I’ve been outrightly stupid. Thank you for the special gift of you. Happy birthday, my husband.

120. You are a rare breed; an uncommon species; a one in million guys. Making your wife a roaring success, alongside you; making every necessary sacrifice; working at her pace with a gentle push here and there… you are a genius! While others are busy casting down their wives to massage their overripe ego, you are preoccupied with making a star out of yours. You are a marvel! I love you! Happy birthday, my husband. Joy and peace will continually be your portion.

121. Happy birthday to the husband of my youth. My handsome, cool, calm and collected husband, you are wonderful. May the Lord satisfy all your desires with good things. I love you, dearly.

122. To my dearest, loving husband; the one who cares so much for me than anyone else in the world, wonderful birthday to you. You are the singular reason I survived life-threatening illness. Your relentless love, staunch support and untiring care literally willed me back to life. Without you, there would have been no me. Thank you, my Crown for loving me so. May the Lord reward you with bountiful care and shower you with favour.

123. Happy birthday to my wonderful husband. You share in my joy and pains. Your support in all life’s season is solid and complete. Darling, I can’t appreciate you enough. My sun rises and sets around you. Forever with you is my daily eager anticipation and delight.
Love you loads, my Rock.

124. What better day than today presents an extra opportunity of letting you know how awesome and special you are! Happy birthday, my precious husband. You are the apple of my eyes. The lone shining star in the expanse of the sky. The coder and decoder of my entire being. I love you with the whole of my life. Have a glorious celebration and a fabulous year!

125. To the possessor of the only key to my heart and being, happy birthday to you. Honey, I wish you all the best in life. The good deeds God has started in your lives, He’ll perfect in Jesus awesome name. May the door of stupendous blessings be opened unto you. You will fulfil God’s purpose for your life. Have a great day, my loving husband!

126. Happy birthday to my gist partner, a friend like no other, business partner, a brain stimulator, one-man never-failing encouragement squad… I can go on and on, without running out of words. It’s no false compliments but well-deserved accolades. When God’s angels distribute awards, you can bet you’d get the best in all categories. I adore you, my darling husband. May the Lord keep and bless you for me.

127. Happy birthday, my dearest husband. My number one man, mentor and chief mischief maker. Whatever can I do without you? Absolutely, nothing! I am always on a roll whenever I’m with you, in every aspect of life. You are my stimulant; energy booster and vitamins supplement. Tell you what, my love? You rock!!

128. A wonderful birthday wishes to my awesomely special and extraordinary husband. This new year, you will take over territories, and expand beyond every imagination. The Lord will be gracious unto you and cause His face to shine upon you. I love you, my darling hubby. Have a blast today and forever.

129. When I first set my eyes on you, I knew without a trace of doubt that you’d be mine to love and cherish forever. You were too shy to make the move even after getting well acquainted months later. You were decidedly blind and deaf to all my modest hints of being interested until I threw caution to the winds and shoot the shot. The rest is a lesson in love history today. I love you more today than I did in the past. Happy birthday, my gorgeous husband.

130. Happy birthday to my dearest husband. Darling, may the Lord keep and preserve you. May He grant you sound health, sound mind and sound resources, with long life. You married the King’s daughter, you’ll obtain favour from the Lord. Congratulations, dearest!

131. Happy birthday to my darling husband. Here’s wishing you God’s very best in this season. He’ll give you cause to rejoice and celebrate. I love you, Honeypie. Have a wonderful time.

132. Yippie, it’s my guy’s birthday! My baby boy, my bobo, friend, lover, and account officer. Honey pie, you are my commander in chief; Chief executive officer; my breakfast in bed chef; my dance partner; my confidant, and the handsome father of our cute children. Happy birthday to you my awesome husband. You are my everything. You rock!

133. Happy birthday to my sweetheart. May God bless you abundantly as you celebrate your birthday today. Lines will fall upon you in pleasant places. May the Lord lift up your head like the horn of a unicorn. Have a blast, husband dearest.

134. There’s nothing boring about you. You have such zeal and zest for life that no one can match. You are special in every way. Everyone loves you; even those who hate your guts secretly for being awesome, can’t help but admire you. Just that, no one can love you as much as I do. I own the sole right to your heart and happiness. Extraordinary joy is your lot, now and forever. Happy birthday, my love.

135. Husby, I love you. Thanks for being my friend, protector and defender. You own my heart exclusively. Happy birthday, my darling husband. May you experience unlimited favour and bottomless joy.

136. Being married to you is the best thing that has ever happened to me, in life. That singular event was my turning point. I can’t appreciate you enough. I cherish you as my life depended on it. Happy birthday, my pumpkin.

137. Happy birthday, my charming husband. I searched for the right words to describe you: Google and Advance dictionary failed me. All I got didn’t really cut close. Indeed, you are considerate, magnificent, inspiring, awesome, amazing… and much more! Have a glorious year, sweetie!

138. What better day to tell and show you how crazy I am about you than your birthday? Happy birthday to the most considerate, kindhearted and loving husband God ever created. You are my world, I’ll cherish you forever. Happy birthday, my handsome and delightful sweetheart.

139. My sweet husband, you are my commanding officer and the ruling king of my heart. Your reign is without end. I love you. Happy birthday, honey.

140. From the depth of my heart, I wish you the best birthday ever. This new year, the Lord will give you beauty for every past ash. He’ll restore your glory and give you fresh wine, grace and unlimited access to divine favour. Happy birthday, my dearest husband.

141. Impossible is a phenomenon that assumes I can stay mad at you when I’m totally mad about you. Happy birthday, my gentle giant. You have won my heart several times over; you are my heartbeat. May God bless you now and forever.

142. True love is getting extinct, is a myth that has no hold in our love story. Our love isn’t only true, genuine, lasting; it also gets better with the passage of time. You are an amazing husband! I love you. Happy birthday, my pumpkin!

143. You are my Knight in shining armour. You filled the deepest recess of my empty heart with love unimaginable. You fanned the flame of passion and love within me and kept the flame alive and roaring. Happy birthday, my sugar pie. You are a husband, like no other. May God bless you for me.

144. Happy birthday to my cute and dashingly handsome husband. You always look great; I admire your fashion sense. I love your killing smile, infectious laughter and caring nature. You are modest, kind and humble. My heart races at the mere thought of you. My whole being catches fire at the sight of you. You rock, my love!

145. Others are getting older each passing year, my dearest husband is getting younger. It’s baffling! Perhaps, not by much. You are fun loving, full of merriment and life. You are incredibly kind and gentle in every way. Happy birthday, my charming Prince. Long may you live!

146. You are the eyes through which I see the world. You are the anchor that holds my life rock steady. You are the love that fills my life with radiance and joy. You are magnificent! A rare breed. I love you, husband of my youth. Our differences only emphasise our need for each other. Without you, my life is incomplete. Happy birthday, my dearest husband.

147. May the Lord bless you and cause His face to shine upon you. May He answer you when you call upon you and shower you with the abundance of His storehouse. Happy birthday, my love. You are an amazing husband!

148. You never cease to amaze me, my amazing heartthrob. You are one in a zillion. Loving you has brought so much joy, fun, adventure, achievement and contentment. Thank you for being your unique self. It’s my lifelong aim to make you happy. Happy birthday, my precious husband.

149. Happy birthday to my delightful husband. Thank you for always being thoughtful and considerate. Thank you for always watching out for me. You are my number one fan, trusted critic and leader extraordinary. God bless you, my love.

150. A bitter truth is always better than a sweetened lie. Facts more realistic than illusions. When the facts and truths align, an extraordinary, super special legend is revealed. Truth: you are a rare breed. Fact: you are an uncommon and limited edition. You are too wonderful to be described. Happy birthday, my husband. You rock!

151. Happy birthday to the most brilliant, kind and charming man on a heart. You are an angel sent to make our world a better place; mine and our children’s, especially. I appreciate beyond measure. Love you loads.

152. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for championing my dreams. Thank you for making sacrifices. You are incredibly amazing. I love you; I cherish and adore you. I’m captivated and mesmerised by you. Happy birthday, my sweet husband.

153. It’s your birthday, darling husband. Have fun: you deserve it. Be expectant: great things are coming your way; I just got the news from a heavenly emissary. You are a wonder to happen.

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