1st Birthday Wishes for Nephew

Happy 1st Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Nephew

To be the best uncle or aunty, you must understand children love sweet words and promise. There is always a special bond between a nephew and his aunt and uncle that cannot be denied. It’s your nephew’s birthday and you are looking for the best text to make the parent and the kid feel the best, pick one of this happy 1st birthday wishes for my nephew lots.

First Birthday Messages for Nephew

Best collection of 1st birthday wishes for nephew.

1. To the nephew that is as cool as his mother, I wish a long life in happiness. Big sis, help me tell him in his own language that he has a place in my heart.

2. To my honourable baby, sweet as his age, stronger than his strength, I wish you a very great birthday.

3. Enjoy the goodies because it is all for you! Happy birthday, honey.

4. Happy birthday, sugar! I wish you a lovely day and a great year of joy and happiness. This year must make you stronger.

5. To the strong nephew, I wish you a happy birthday filled chocolates and cakes and toys. Live long and make the world better.

6. You are sweeter than honey from your birth, your smile with that toothless mouth makes me laugh. Happy birthday sweet nephew.

7. You are the bright star today and I pray that you continue to be one. Happy birthday, honey.

8. I pray that your new year is as sweet as you are neph! Happy birthday, baby, I wish you a long life.

9. I know you’ve got a lot to look forward to in your life, that’s why I wish you a long life and prosperity.

10. Wishing you a celebration beyond bright, happy birthday best nephew.

11. Happy birthday to the best nephew, may you live long and may you continue to make your parents happy. I wish you the best in life.

12. To my bouncing nephew, I wish you great health throughout the year. Happy birthday dear boy.

13. Great time, I’ve spent with that baby of yours! He gives me great vibes really. I wish you a very long life in peace and joy. May the Lord protect you all through the year.

14. Having him as a nephew is the greatest gift I’ve received in a long while. Happy birthday to the gift from God, may you grow to become to become great.

15. Happy birthday, nephew! Enjoy your days in the new year. I pray that today brings all the goodies that you love.

16. Play cool, take it gently, live strong. Happy birthday, sweetheart, I wish you long life and prosperity.

17. He always amazes me with his new moves, happy first birthday to the best nephew in the world.

18. He’s sweet, lovely, and always cheerful, my prayer for you in this new is that your new year will be filled with happiness and joy.

19. Happy birthday to my dearest baby! I hope that your birthday is everything that your little head dreamt of.

20. I pray that as you celebrate your first birthday, that you become better by the day. I wish you long life and prosperity.

21. You are not just my sister’s baby but also my small pal, the time we spent together is fresh in my heart. Happy birthday dear nephew.

22. May your day be filled with all good things. Happy birthday to my special nephew.

23. Your mama knows you are my favourite nephew! Have a great and fantastic birthday dear.

24. May this day be full of fun and goodies for you. Happy birthday darling boy.

25. Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew, may all your parent’s wishes for you come true in this year.

26. Happy birthday darling baby boy. Wishing you a great and wonderful year for my nephew.

27. I wish the amazing nephew an amazing birthday. Happy birthday, honeypie.

28. Happy birthday, I wish you an amazing year ahead. Say my prayers to him.

29. To my best baby of the house, you are celebrated by your big sister. Happy birthday to you dear, grow well in peace and happiness.

30. Happy birthday to the best nephew in the whole world. Please allow him to enjoy himself today.

31. I wish my nephew, a great birthday.

32. You are smarter than your age, so cool to look at, I wish my nephew a great life in the land of the living. Happy first birthday to him.

33. I wish my sweet nephew a goodie-filled birthday, long life in happiness, sweetness, innocence, and love. Happy birthday, honey.

34. Happy birthday my sister’s baby boy! I pray that your day is filled with so much joy that you will smile all through your first year.

35. Happy birthday, boy! I pray that life will always treat you well and may your parent always be happy you were born.

36. Bounce bounce, baby bounce. It is exactly a year she gave birth too you. Happy birthday soldier boy, I wish you good health.

37. B man is finally rocking his first birthday, I pray that it is filled with love and happiness. Happy birthday, sweetheart!

38. My baby boy is a year old! Glory to God for this opportunity to celebrate you. I wish you a goodie-filled year dear.

39. You mean a lot to us in our family, cos you are as bright as a star. Happy birthday baby boy, continue to grow in grace.

40. My handsome nephew is a year older, I wish you long life in all joy and happiness. Happy birthday, boy.

41. Happy birthday, Neph! I hope this year will offer you its best even as you venture in. long life and prosperity I pray.

42. With so much joy in my heart, I celebrate my handsome nephew. I wish you an enormous and great year dear.

43. To my baby boy, long life is what I pray for as you celebrate your first birthday. Make sure he enjoys his birthday sis.

44. Happy birthday, nephew, I wish you long life and prosperity.

45. I am sending my warmest wishes as you celebrate your first year. Happy birthday sweet!

46. Lovely kid you’ve got big sis, I wish him a happy birthday and I pray that you have a great first celebration.

47. To the best nephew in the whole world, I wish you a successful life even n your childhood. Live long and make us happy and happy birthday boy.

48. My lovely Superman is a year older, I wish him a long life and I pray that your life will be decorated with love for life.

49. With love and joy from your aunt, I wish you long life and prosperity, I pray that you will continue to be a source of joy to us all. Love you baby boy.

50. Live long, long boy! I wish you the best of life in this new year. Grow in grace and the knowledge of Christ sweet boy.

51.I’m sending my biggest shout out to you through your mother, believe me, you are the best nephew around and I pray that you will be that for life.

52. You are so special to your parent and also to me because you brought joy to this family a year ago, I wish you all the sweetness that you will always need or wants. Happy birthday dear!

53. I wish you all the sweetness that you will always need or wants. Happy birthday dear!

54. Neph john, when you are around ii feel your great vibes and your laugh gets me laughing, I wish you a great year ahead and I pray that your party will be full of food and toys.

55. Happy birthday, nephew, whenever I hear your voice you make my day and life brighter. May you always be bright even as you grow older.

56. To my baby boy, you’ve always been a good medicine for the heart. I wish you the best out of life and I pray that you grow in grace.

57. For a nephew as sweet as you, only the best things will do. I wish you the best birthday around, live long baby.

58. To the one who has the best and honest smile in the family, I wish him a lovely birthday filled with brothers and sisters. May you never be lonely for the rest of your life.

59. Little man is finally a year old. Happy birthday lovely love, I wish you and your parent a great year.

60. Believe me when I say I love him. He is my sugar and honey and wishes him a sugar and honey filled the year.

61. I prefer my life with you as an aunt to my previous one! I love your trouble and you smile, happy birthday sweetheart.

62. Happy birthday to my number one rock baby. I wish you a long life in good health!

63. The best nephew deserves the best aunty and that makes me the best because you are the best! Happy birthday pal, long life and prosperity.

64. It’s a new year for my best nephew and I wish him the coolest moment he has ever had. Happy birthday, dearest.

65. The best thing I’ve been gifted to do is to pamper you with gifts and toys! Happy birthday dear and be ready to get more toys.

66. The best thing I’ve been gifted to do is to shower you with love and I pray for you as you celebrate your birthday that may joy never cease in your life. Happy birthday, honey!

67. The best thing I’ve been gifted with is you! Happy birthday to you darling bobby.

68. I wish you every joy and happiness, baby boy. Happy first birthday to you sweetheart.

69. I am attracted to you because you have captured my heart with your liveliness. Happy birthday dear baby.

70. Happy birthday to our laughing gas, I wish you the best in this new year. Continue to be a source of joy to your parent.

71. He is the naughty type and the one who smiles the most, our laughing gas is a year old and I’m happy to celebrate you. Happy birthday!

72. He’s the coolest in the family, and I love him for being the youngest. Happy birthday honeypie, may you grow in grace and good health.

73. I wish your baby a happy life all through his days. Happy birthday to my best nephew.

74. To the gift of God that came in last 12 months, I pray that may you always be a source of blessing and joy to us and the world at large. Happy birthday sweet.

75. Family is sweet and you made our complete nephew. I wish you a happy birthday honey.

76. You are less like a nephew and more of a son to me, so I wish you a great life filled with all goodness and love.

77. I know you are too small to make a wish, but I will wish that you grow to be a strong boy full of love and joy.

78. I didn’t realize what a life as an aunt will be until you were born. Thanks for giving me the chance to nurture you. Happy birthday, love!

79. May you always be happy and be in good health. Happy birth anniversary 2nd nephew.

80. Our sweet boy is a year, all the world will know that you were born today because I will paint the world colours. I wish you long life sweetheart.

81. As you clock, may blessings follow you. May this birthday offer you enormous gifts. Happy born day.

82. Glorious birthday sweet boy, I wish you all life’s best as you start a new year. May you be protected all through your life.

83. Thanks to God you are finally 1! I wish you a glorious birthday and I wish your parent happy life with you.

84. I wish you could answer my question today but I will save it till you are 5. Happy first birthday to you sweetie. Continue to bask in the grace of God.

85. Our little clocks a year today, not only your parent are happy but I am also happy cos you are growing. I wish you a great year full of the grace of God.

86. He makes my heart bubble whenever I lift him. Happy birthday, nephew, may you be lifted all the rest of your life.

87. You are the best thing that has happened to me in a long while! Happy birthday young one.

88. A baby was born this day last year and he brought me so much joy. Happy birthday sweetie pie!

89. My lovely nephew is a year old and I pray that may you always be filled with joy and happiness.

90. I wish you a long life in love, peace, happiness and prosperity. Happy birthday dear nephew!

91. You become more special and sweeter each day, happy birthday sweet nephew.

92. My nephew is phenomenal, I hope your birthday is filled with lots of cake and goodies.

93. I know that your future will be an exceptional baby! Great birthday to you best nephew, greater height.

94. We deserve to brag about your birth sweetheart! Happy birthday coolest pal and grow well in grace.

95. Big sis, don’t tell others he’s the best nephew ever! Happy birthday, my love, I wish you long life and prosperity.

96. My nephew is so sweet that I don’t want him out of my sight. Happy birthday, darling dear nephew!

97. Happy birthday first nephew, you light up my world and you make my world go round! Long life baby.

98. Lovely boy is a year old now and I pray that may you continue to grow in good health dearest.

99. Your birth is a blessing to my sister and even to me, I pray that as you celebrate a new year may you also be blessed all through.

100.Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to my favourite baby boy. I wish you long life in love.

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