1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy First Birthday Wishes for My Daughter

Which one of us hasn’t looked on a newborn baby with amazement and wondered at the exquisite delicacy of each limb, facial feature, fingernail or eyelash? The birth of a child is still the greatest miracle we have ever seen, and birthday is special occasions that call for a celebration.

It’s our responsibility and joy to make memorable the next big moment in a baby’s life, which is the 1st birthday celebration. A female child is a tenderness and softer side of a man, for she’s the link into the future and ambassador to the next generation. There is no limit to the number of times a daughter should be told how precious she is and how much she is loved.

Here is a catalogue of heart melting and beautiful birthday wishes to shower on your little princess. Don’t forget to touch her life with words enriched with love and a smile of encouragement.

First Happy Birthday Wishes for Your Daughter

Sweet happy first birthday wishes for my daughter. Don’t hesitate to explore these amazing collection of 1st Birthday Wishes for Daughter.

1. I hope your day is as special as you are to me. Not even all the words in the world would be sufficient enough to tell you how much I love you. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter.

2. Your happiness in life is my mission in life. And I promise to ensure that I will do everything humanly possible to make you smile all the time. Happy birthday.

3. Happy birthday to a magical one-year-old daughter, who has me under her spell. It’s so much fun when you turn one. Happy first birthday, my little sweetheart! Enjoy every moment!”

4. Nothing in this world matters but you, my adorable daughter. I will always love you for as long as I exist. May all your days be beautified by rainbows. I hope you have a fantastic birthday.

5. You are going to melt my heart and empty my pockets because I just can’t resist pampering you with gifts again and again. Happy birthday!”

6. You brought me joy that I’ve never felt before. On your birthday, my little princess, I pray that you will always wake up with a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Happy birthday.

7. Your eyes have always had such immense power over me when they’re happy I feel inspired when they cry I want to die, and when I imagine them wide open I could take on the world! So you see I would be half the man I am if it wasn’t for you my precious daughter. Happy Birthday.

8. Wishing a blessed and truly fun birthday to my sweet daughter. Because you mean the world to me, there’s absolutely nothing in this world I wouldn’t readily do to ensure your life is a successful and happy one.

9. My sweet princess, I always believe in you and your successful future. Always follow your dreams. Happy Birthday!

10. My lovely girl, today and always, I will be there to cheer you up. As you enjoy the magic of growing up and the beautiful gifts that come with your birthday celebration, remember to never give up in life, no matter what life throws at you. Happy birthday.

11. I wish all the best to the most wonderful girl on her birthday. You are my precious daughter and my best friend. My life without you would have been ordinary. Happy birthday, my cutie.

12. Wishing my sweet daughter a super duper happy birthday! Sweetheart, on your special day, remember that you’ve always got a friend in me who will always be by your side to support you through thick and thin. I love you so much, sweetheart.

13. Sweetheart, unlimited happiness is the awesome gift you bring to my world. I pray that this priceless gift you give me is given back to you a hundredfold on your birthday. Have a blissfully sweet birthday, my dear.

14. Right now you are way too young to read this but when you’re older you’ll appreciate just how crazy I am for giving you these messages on your Birthday! This is the world we live in and you’ll thank me one day when you’re a genius writer, bilingual academic or scholar of some kind! Happy Birthday!

15. I’m indeed lucky to have a daughter like you. Let’s celebrate your day, my love! My dear, you are like a mini copy of me with your unique personality. Sweetheart, happy birthday.

16. You might not be able to blow out the candles on your cake. But your love is like the light of a million candles that brightens up my life in a way that no one can explain. Happy birthday my dear girl.

17. Your angelic smile and your innocent eyes support my belief that life is worth living despite all the troubles. Happy birthday, my daughter.

18. Whether you turn one, thirty or fifty, you will always be my life reigning queen. Happy first birthday.

19. You may only be turning one, but you have already made a huge impact in my world. Have a good birthday sweetie!

20. Dear birthday girl, when you came into this world, you made everyone around you happier. We all gratefully look forward to another year of joy as we watch you grow.

21. You are my darling one-year-old daughter who is more precious than a box of gold. You are so precious to me. I look forward to many more years of joy with you! Happy first birthday!

22. Happy first birthday to my shining star! I love you to the moon and back. I pray for bigger you.

23. My darling, you are so sweet and chubby, you remind me of a cute little teddy. Happy first birthday to you.

24. You are so sweet that if you were a cake I would have eaten you up. Happy birthday to my one-year-old honey bun. I can’t wait to see what you’ll accomplish in your life.

25. Everyone says you have gone by my looks! Well, then you are definitely beautiful my little girl. Happy birthday my beautiful princess!

26. Who knew that one tiny little ball of sweetness could improve the lives of so many? Happy Birthday to my little miracle.

27. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what is happening around you. First birthdays are understood and enjoyed only in hindsight in the form of cute selfies taken by mommy and daddy. Happy birthday little one.

28. Watching you grow day by day is in itself a pretty sight. I’m sure you’ll grow up into a wonderful person just like me. Happy first birthday, my child.

29. First birthday is special because it‘s the only time when you can eat your birthday cake with your hands, face or feet! Happy birthday!

30. On your first birthday, we want to celebrate the miracle of your birth and new life by stuffing our faces in front of you. Happy First Birthday!”

31. Happy first birthday to my favourite rolly-polly of love, my honey bunch of joy. The cutest selfies ever, are the ones taken with you. Happy first birthday.

32. Congratulations for living life for one whole year. To my heart and soul, you will always be near and dear. Happy birthday!

33. Happy first birthday to the magician in my life, the cute toddler who takes away all my worries with a single smile.

34. To my cutest baby, I know you are about to get many presents in today. Happy first birthday! Let me give you a kiss and say I hope your life is all fun and play. May you grow up to pave your own way and have an awesome first birthday!

35. I wish you stay always fascinated of all what is happening around you. Baby, stay in peace with yourself and with the entire world. Happy Birthday, my biggest love!

36. My dear daughter, I even could not dream of being this happy. You are the light of my life. You have amazing abilities and qualities. You will be a very successful person, be sure of this! Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

37. Any treasure would not make me be as happy as I am since you are mine. You make me smile every day. I want to see you happy and joyful all the time. Happy Birthday, my dear angel.

38. My beautiful girl, I want to wish you the happiest birthday ever! Remember that I love you!

39. My candy, I want to bless you for everything you’ll do in this life. I know that you have only good intentions because your heart is pure. Happy Birthday, beautiful soul.

40. My dove I want to send you the biggest kiss and cuddle on your birthday. Do not be afraid of anything and remember that I am always with you. Happy Birthday, honey girl!

41. The entire world is yours, my sweet daughter. Embrace it and fulfil all your dreams. Your parents love you more than anyone. Enjoy your day and your cake. Happy Birthday, baby girl!

42. You are my beloved daughter, my pure angel. You are the main reason I smile every day. I look forward to your future without any sign of doubt or fear. You filled my hearts with love. Happy Birthday to the best daughter ever!

43. Nothing can bring me bigger happiness than seeing your beautiful smile. I want you to stay cheerful all your life and I will do everything for that. Happy Birthday, the best daughter!

44. I am happy to see your birth and I am proud to see my girl becoming a beautiful woman with a pure heart. Happy Birthday, my baby. God bless you.

45. You’ll surely grow up but you’ll always be my small princess. Darling, I wish you a very bright life. Heal this world with your smile and love. My darling, Happy Birthday.

46. May your one-year soul always remain pure. My addictive love for you knows no cure. Happy birthday to a super cute one-year-old!

47. Turning one year old is “AWESOME.” You get to smash cake all over the place and spit it back out on me, and if anyone gets mad at you, just cry a lot, and they’ll forgive you. Have a Happy Birthday, kiddo!

48. You have the sweetest laugh and the sweetest cry. I can’t stop loving you no matter how much I try. Happy birthday!

49. You are the family’s little wonder. Today is your day to steal the thunder. Happy first birthday! Let’s toast to a year of sleepless nights and immeasurable joy! You turned one!

50. With your unlimited cuteness, you have the power to make anyone do whatever you want. Happy first birthday to the most powerful person in the family right now.

51. My little princess, you are one year old already? Where did the days fly? I hope to celebrate many more birthdays. Happy birthday, darling.

52. You have a natural ability to make people smile and laugh. You could probably do standup comedy. Happy birthday, princess.

53. You’re not just one year old. You are 12 months old. That makes you sound a lot older. Happy first birthday anyway!

54. You have graced my life for a full year now. Thank you for all that you have given to me. Happy birthday!

55. Are you ready to turn one? Ready or not, you are now one! All the best to you, I love you. Happy birthday, princess!

56. Nothing can explain how proud I am of you and how blessed to have you. Have a great birthday today. Many great wishes to you on your 1st birthday ever. I want to wish you nothing but happiness today.

57. My princess, today is your big day and I hope you love your 1st birthday party that I’m giving you.

58. Happy first birthday, princess! May you keep that carefree happiness and overflowing cuteness for the rest of your life!

59. My dear, you are the sweetest and cutest baby girl I’ve ever seen. You are an adorable girl. Love you the most in this entire world. Happy 1st birthday, my love!

60. The warmest 1st birthday greetings to the most adorable creature on this planet! You are just like a little angel, spreading joy and pure happiness everywhere around!

61. You are just one year old, but you already know how to steal the hearts of every single person that you meet! Have a perfect birthday, cutie!

62. You are a great baby, have been looking forward to celebrating your 1st birthday today. You may only be turning one, but you have already made a huge impact in our world. Have a good birthday.

63. You give me a gift of your smile every day. One year with you has meant 365 special gifts for me. Each day with you in my life is an irreplaceable and priceless present.

64. Happy birthday to the sweetest one-year-old little girl I have ever known. It’s been a whole year since I’m blessed with a beautiful baby girl. I count those blessings every day.

65. It is your big day today my little angel! I’m wishing you a very special birthday because you only turn one once.

66. Happy 1st birthday to you! We love you like your parents do and hope you have many amazing presents, that you enjoy playing with.

67. Have an awesome day today, and you might not remember it, but we all will because it is a special day. It is a very special day for you and me. I wish you nothing but the best on this day, and forever and ever.

68. Happy Birthday to my little one! I wish you to have a lovely day and the best in life! Today is a great day, it’s your first birthday anniversary! May you2 be exciting and full of surprises. Happy birthday!

69. Happy 1st birthday to my wonderful baby! You are so endlessly adorable, I’m truly blessed having you as mine.

70. Wishing you a super duper happy first birthday, precious sweetie! Life gives you some many possibilities at your age, like eating cake with your hands and getting dirty, have fun!

71. Today is your special day my little baby because you are turning one! So let us shake, rattle and roll! Happy birthday, cutie!

72. I cannot believe you are one. It seems you were just born yesterday. Happy birthday and have a blessed day my princess.

73. You only turn one once. Have a great day today and I hope you have many great birthdays in the years to come.

74. It is your 1st birthday today! All the best, because you deserve it for being a blessing to me. Enjoy your special day. You deserve a lifetime of happiness.

75. One year ago you came into my life and brought with you so much sunshine and joy! Happy birthday, little darling, let me give you a huge hug!

76. You are so little right now but you have brought unimaginably large amounts of happiness into my life Happy birthday my beloved daughter.

77. You seem to have miraculous powers, little one. You can’t walk or talk but the entire household functions as per your demands. Happy birthday my beloved!

78. I can’t believe you are now one! Have a joyful day today and always. I have the best daughter in the world, and I love you very much. Enjoy your day today.

79. Happy first birthday to the best daughter ever. You’re loved by everyone around you, and you are going to have an awesome day today.

80. Happy Birthday to my sweet baby girl. I couldn’t have asked for a more precious gift than your presence in my life.

81. Just one year ago God reached down and blessed me with a beautiful daughter. I thank Him every day for my special gift. My little princess, your reign over the kingdom of my hearts has reached a full year.

82. May your first year be the first of many more filled with just as much love and family. Happy birthday, princess.

83. The warmest birthday greetings to my cute little princess! May this carefree happiness and joy of your first birthday continue for many years to come!

84. Life will have its twists and turns, ups and downs, but your innocent smile will always wipe off my frowns……happy first birthday!

85. My little darling, may every year of your life be as happy-go-lucky as your first one. Happy first birthday!

86. I want to give you a big hug, my precious little dove. Happy birthday to an incredibly great-looking one-year-old. Hoping you have a great start in life, my precious, little darling. May it begin with your first birthday!

87. Happy 1st Birthday to the sweetest girl ever. You’re loved by everyone around you, and you are going to have an awesome day today.

88. You are the sweetest girl ever, and you might not remember today, but we all will. Have a great 1st birthday.

89. You are one today, and this is a very special day. You might not know it yet, but you are loved by all. Have a great 1st birthday.

90. Happy 1st birthday! You are growing up to be a big girl, and we all look forward to seeing you continue to grow.

91. I have the best daughter in the world, and I love you very much. Enjoy your day today. I can’t believe you are now one! Have a joyful day today and always.

93. Today there is only one candle on the birthday cake. Today is your first birthday, sweet little one. Congratulations on this extraordinary day!

94. The best birthday wishes go to the most cheerful baby! You are so unique, may you always be so happy!

95. It is the very beginning of your life, precious baby. Everything is waiting for you. May your life be beautiful and joyous! Congratulations on your 1st birthday!

96. I thank God you are my baby, and you will have a blessed day today. Wishing you nothing but happiness on your big day today. You only turn one once, so have a great day.

97. Are you really one today? Wow, time has gone by fast. You are the best gift anyone could have. Enjoy your first birthday.

98. Now I know why everyone wants to hold you in their arms. You know how to use your innocent charms and smile. Have an awesome first birthday, my little one.

99. You are as light and fluffy as a bubble. Your smile frees my life of all trouble. May you get the best in life, I hope and pray—here’s wishing my cutest one-year-old daughter happy birthday!

100. You have the sweetest laugh and the sweetest cry. I can’t stop loving you no matter how hard I try—happy birthday my little queen.

101. Hope you get spoiled on your first birthday. You are an awesome daughter who deserves the best things in life. Enjoy your 1st special day my little prince!

102. My precious daughter, you are turning one and it is such a special moment. You might not remember today, but I will and I wish you a great day and hope you receive some great presents.

103. The warmest birthday greetings to my cute little princess! May today happiness and joy of your first birthday continue for long long years to come. I love you, my angel.

104. My little angel, your cute smile is the most wonderful thing that I have ever seen in this world! The warmest wishes on your birthday my queen!

105. Watching you grow is such a blissful experience, sweet little girl. You grow up so fast, and one day you will become a beautiful and charming lady. Have a day, filled with pure delight! Happy birthday.

106. The sweetest birthday wishes to a charming baby girl! May your life be full of bliss and merriment!
Sharing every day of my life with you is so special. You are priceless to me, my dear.

107. Wishing you a very Happy 1st Birthday, my little doll. You bring unlimited joy into my life, sweetie! I wish all the best to the most loving, sweet and wonderful daughter in the entire world. Happy Birthday, sweetie

108. My beautiful girl, happy birthday! The day you were born is one of the most memorable of my life. I will never forget the moment you were in my arms for the first time. I love you so much!

109. I am the happiest being in the world to have such an angel like you. You are the treasure of my life. Happy Birthday, my love!

110. God is very generous to send me a daughter like you. The day you were born is a pure magic. Happy Birthday, my sweet angel!

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