Happy Birthday Wishes for My Friends Son

Happy Birthday Wishes for My Friend’s Son

Birthdays are special, not only for the celebrant but for all that celebrate with them. As a matter of fact, a birthday is a great time to establish a friendship in love, as it creates the opportunity to express and show appreciations.

There are a few times that you need not do much to keep your friends and such includes remembering your friend’s son’s birthday. This will not only make your friendship easy but will make it last.m

That’s a good reason you need these cute happy birthday wishes for my friend’s son’s birthday. You can do well to send them to your friend if the son is still tender or directly to your friend’s son. Feel free to send any of these birthday prayers, wishes, and quotes to make his day awesome.

Birthday Quotes for Your Friend’s Son

Hey, dear friend’s son! It’s your birthday and I wish you the very best as you become a year older, wiser and better. Have real fun!

1. Great people aren’t just born, they are made. You are another year into making it. Happy birthday, son.

2. There goes another year well-lived. Another year you can live better is before you. Hearty birthday to you.

3. To the world, you may be one person, but to us, you are the world. We are so lucky to celebrate you today. Happy birthday to my friend’s son.

4. Happy birthday to the son that stole not only his parent’s heart but the heart of their friends too. Have a blast son.

5. Your smile is sweet and your hugs are warm, happy birthday!

6. It’s such a great privilege to see the beginning of a great man. I know you will do exploits. Happy birthday to a great man in the making!

7. We learn every day. May every day give you a lesson profitable to learn. Happy birthday.

8. You are adored for who you are. You are yourself more than you have ever been. Celebrate your moment in time. Have a happy birthday, dear friend’s son.

9. All your dreams and wishes can come true if you have the strength to pursue them. I wish you have that strength you need daily. Happy birthday.

10. You only turn a new age once. This new age would be better than the last, my friend’s son. Hearty cheers to your new age.

11. Wisdom is not by the number of years but by the number of knowledge and experience acquired and applied. You have displayed both and I wish you a happy birthday wise boy. Soar!

12. You mark it just once a year. It is another time to say happy birthday, dear son. Enjoy your day.

13. Standing before kings is your thing. It is no surprise because it is said that you shall stand before kings and not mere men when you are diligent in your ways. Happy birthday to my diligent friend’s son!

14. You are valuable because you’ve always added to your parent and me since you were born. Don’t stop being valuable. Happy birthday.

15. You are unique. At this moment, you are the youngest you’ll ever be, the oldest you’ve ever been. You are perfectly you at the moment. Happy birthday to you!

Birthday Wishes Messages for Friend’s Son

We may seem far both physically and biologically but, this I know, you are close to my heart. Happy birthday to you. You are more than my friend’s son, you are my son. My wishes for you is that everything around you will work together for your good.

16. I am happy my friend had you. I am happier that you have grown to be loved by all your parent’s friends. My best wishes are with you on your birthday.

17. Happy birthday, son. I wish you have a fulfilling year ahead. A year in fulfilling your purpose here on earth.

18. Since I have met you through your parents, I know you would have a life full of great things. My wish on your birthday is to go make that life a reality. Happy birthday.

19. I am so glad is your birthday. I wish you many happy returns. Happy birthday.

20. Your birth marks a new phase for your parents. It marks the time of new abundance. Yearly, your birthday reminds us of that day. Wish you have more years of abundance. Happy birthday.

21. I still couldn’t fathom how a little boy could have such a noble heart. Exceptional wishes for exception son! Happy birthday

22. I wish for more opportunities for your birthday and more achievements through utilized opportunities. Happy birthday!

23. Happy birthday to my friend’s boy. A boy with an excellent spirit and an exceptional attitude. I desire you to ascend more than your expectation. Happy birthday!

24. You are a son to me though through my friend. I wish you have another fruitful year as you celebrate your birthday.

25. I am very delighted to have you as a friend’s son. Knowing you this lifetime is a blessing. I wish you have a greater impact on the world than you already do. Happy birthday, son!

26. Your cake is made by the best. It is sweet but not as sweet as you’ve been to me. Happy birthday, dear.

27. For all the questions you ask that I couldn’t answer. I wished I know the answers but wishes aren’t horse. Happy birthday, my clever boy!

28. A son is one of the sweetest things one can get from life. I am happy for my friend when she birthed you. Now over a decade, I am still happy for her, happy birthday son.

29. With each year, my friend’s son gets sweeter, better, funnier, greater, and brighter. I am so glad you are celebrating a new year. Happy birthday.

30. Your parents are my friend. You mean so much to them and to me too. happy birthday, dear son

31. Look back with fondness in your heart and look forward with hope for a great future. happy birthday.

32. I wish you a delightful and wonderful year. Happy birthday.

33. Good wishes are sent your way because it is my friend’s son’s birthday. A very happy birthday, son!

34. For all the favour you have done for me in the time past, I am wishing you very heart cheers for your birthday. You are dear to me. Enjoy your day to the fullest, my dear!

35. I am very proud to join in the celebration of an exceptional son, my friend’s son. Wishing you a fulfilled life!

36. You are adored by many, son. I know it because you have such a good parent and a pleasant family. It another year in your company of great people. Wishing you a pleasant year ahead, son.

Birthday Greetings to Friend’s Son

You mean so much to my friend and you mean so much to me. That’s why I can’t but send my sincere greetings as you celebrate a new age. Happy birthday to the son that means so much to us all. You are loved.

37. I know my friend has a very good boy. I have seen it with my eye. A special greeting to you on this special day, happy birthday boy.

38. The happiness you bring to your parent’s life is invaluable. So is this happiness transferred to us. Happy birthday to the source of our happiness. Happy birthday, son!

39. You have seen me as a parent though I am just a friend to your parent. You have made me happy on countless occasions. It’s time to return the favour, happy birthday to you son!

40. I treasure every moment I have eth you because you love unconditionally and you treat everyone with respect. Happy birthday. You are an exceptional kid!

41. The best of the day to you to the son of my friend, happy birthday son!

42. Good is for the time day: Good morning, good afternoon, and good night. Happy is for a grander occasion: happy new month, happy New Year, and happy birthday. Hope you have a blast!

43. A princely greeting to you, my friend’s son. You are more than a prince to us. Happy birthday, prince.

44. Have a year of incredible discoveries and fantabulous life. May your happiness be full such as you have made your mum and me happy! Happy birthday!

45. To an important son to our group of friends, we say a very happy birthday to you. Long life and prosperity.

46. Happy birthday, my friend’s son! My warmest greetings and best wishes are with you as you celebrate today.

47. Who wouldn’t want to be with a very bright and agreeable person? Attending your birthday party is a privilege I wouldn’t take for granted. Happy birthday my dear friend’s son.

48. It is your birthday son. You have the right to do all the good and cute things you need. Happy birthday, my friend’s son.

49. You are the most charming son in the world and I am happy you are my friend’s son. Have a great birthday celebration!

50. May you have an amazing year. Lots of love from your parent’s friend. Happy birthday, boy!

51. Special greetings to your son on your special day! You are popular among your mum’s friends. I know you are on a path to be popular across the world. Go and make us proud. Happy birthday!

52. My friend’s son topped his class last school session. I know you are destined for greatness and I seize this moment to say happy birthday to a wonderful boy. Have a great year!

53. You have grown to be a handsome young man. Wishing this goodly man a hearty birthday celebration.

54. The opportunity of celebrating your birthday with you fills my heart with great delight. You are special and invaluable to me. Happy birthday, my friend’s son.

55. Congratulation on another year well-lived. It is the beginning of another session of your life. Happy birthday, dear friend’s son.

56. It’s hard to find a friend prouder than me because I have a wonderful friend son. Today is his special day and I want to wish him a very happy birthday. Cheers!

57. Best regards to my friend’s little boy that I am proud of. Have a hearty birthday dear!

Birthday Prayers for Friend’s Son

Wishes are good, but prayers are better, I pray all your wishes come true and your prayers are answered. Happy birthday, my darling friend’s son.

58. A prayer for your birthday. May the good lord perfect that which concerns you. Happy birthday, son.

59. Lines fall in pleasant places for you. All you need would be available to you at the right time effortlessly. Have a pleasant birthday.

60. You are more than just my friend’s son, you’ve become my son. Good wishes come true for you this New Year, happy birthday.

61. You are a light in my friend’s life. I pray that the Lord will make his face shine on you. Happy birthday!

62. Life is in stages and phases. My prayer for you is to enjoy life in new dimensions as you mark your birthday today.

63. You’ve caused a lot of people happiness since you were born, your mom and myself inclusive. You will never cease to make people happy all the day of your life. Happy birthday.

64. For this birthday I pray that you are successful in all your endeavours. You will find favour from God and man. Happy birthday. Many more of it to come.

65. Blessing from the north, east, south, and west would follow you all the days of your life. You are a blessed son! Happy birthday.

66. You are older than you were last year. May you also be greater than you are last year? Happy birthday, son!

67. Abundant blessing with showers of grace is your portion this new year. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s son.

68. I pray that my friend’s son is surrounded by family and friends as he marks another year. Happy birthday, son!

69. You shall prosper and the lord will increase you in all ramifications, happy birthday dear friend’s son.

70. On your birthday, you shall receive double honour, blessing, and grace. All these shall abound all through the year ahead. Happy birthday!

71. A gift for you today, a short prayer it is: grow in grace! Happy birthday.

72. You are made perfect from birth. I pray the lord perfects that with you. Happy birthday.

73. Soar on eagle’s wing this year, renew your strength. Go and do exploit, it is your new year of greatness, my friend’s son, happy birthday.

74. May God keep you in all your ways and bless you as you proceed into your new year. Happy birthday.

75. When my friend was praying for a baby boy, we didn’t know we would get such a wonderful boy as an answer to our prayers. But God did it anyway. I pray for long life coupled with prosperity for you.

76. Oh God, please make certain my friend’s son has a very happy and hearty birthday.

77. Our father who art in heaven, bless this my friend’s son. For today is his birthday. Let your protection be upon him, all the days of his life.

78. May you experience the fullness of God as you add another year today. Happy birthday!

79. All the desires of your heart will be met and every wish is granted. You will achieve all your heart desire this new year. Happy birthday

Birthday Wishes for My Best Friend’s Son

Wishing you, my friend’s son, the best on your birthday. May it be one of the best birthdays yet.

80. Wishing my friend’s son a year full of fun and fulfilled wishes, happy birthday!

81. Last year was good. This year will be better. That’s my wish. Happy birthday!

82. I wish God refresh you with strength and happiness for each new day in your year. Hearty cheers, son.

83. I am sending lots of wishes to you, my friend’s son. May they all be fulfilled? Happy birthday, son!

84. I hope you get every good thing a son could get for his birthday. Happy birthday, son!

85. The wish of every parent is to have a good son. Other wishes s for the son to be in good company. You have been one for my son too. You mean more than a friend’s son. Happy birthday, son!

86. My wish this year is for you to be great and achieve unbelievable things. Go make that dream come true. Happy birthday!

87. Knowing that you clock another year today fills my heart with happiness. I hope you have a fantastic birthday.

88. Though you are not my biological kid, I love you as much as any would. Hope you had a blast today. Happy birthday, son. Do have a memorable birthday!

89. It is rare to find such a combo as you two. A faithful friend and a faithful friend’s great son. I am happy to have both of you. Happy birthday to you, my friend’s son. Wishing you a hearty big day.

90. I seize this opportunity to make a wish for a very special boy. Wishing you a sound and healthy life. Enjoy your day, dear son!

91. May you always walk with your head held high. You won’t have any moments of depression. Wishing you a better life and a happy birthday.

92. It is your birthday. Dream big, save big, live big, and enjoy. That is my wish for you. happy birthday.

93. You always light up everywhere you go. I found out it is in your nature. Wishing a light a very happy birthday. Shine brighter, dear.

94. Wishing you, my friend’s son, a beautiful year filled with love and a lot of blessing. Happy birthday.

95. Immense luck; endless happiness; and outstanding greatens is all I wish you have on all sides. Hearty birthday, dear friend’s son.

96. It is such a great honour to be a friend of your parent. Wishing you find such honour everywhere you go. Happy birthday, rare gem.

97. May your days be bright, your mood is sunny and your luck b great. Happy birthday!

98. More energy, joy, happiness, greatness, and all those good things of life as you celebrate your birthday. Wishing many more of it!

99. I wish you a good life full of laughs, adventures, good tales, and joyful events. Happy birthday, boy!

100. You deserve all the attention and the spotlight of the day. It’s your special day. happy birthday, boy.

Friendship is sweet when we all put in the effort to make it sweet. These happy birthday wishes for your friend’s son’s birthday is one of the ways to keep yourself on the good side of your friend. These have been specially crafted here should you need wishes and prayers to make your friend’s son birthday exhilarating.

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