Happy 2nd Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Happy 2nd Birthday Cousin Wishes and Quotes

Sometimes, we have every reason to be very happy, celebrating the birthday of our little ones, like a 2-year-old cousin. Everyone gets exhilarated and joyous but when it comes to exact things to do on the birthday of a toddler, it becomes a task that many people detest.

However, we all know that being present on the birthday of these toddlers can make them hop in joy and smile, yet, we may not be present at all times and then, a message comes to mind. Great messages that can be relayed to a baby cousin for birthdays then comes to mind, and I have managed to sift out the best for you here.

The best write-up for the birthday card of a little cousin are also here for your use. You should go through them; from funny ones to assuring messages and then to prayers messages, I’ve got them here. Celebrate your wonderful little cousin with happy 2nd birthday cousin wishes and quotes here. Have fun going through them.

Second Birthday Wishes and Prayers for My Cousin

My little cousin, happy birthday to you. It is so amazing to know that 24 months have passed by so quick. My prayer and wishes for you is that you will have steady growth as you celebrate your second birthday.

1. Today is another day to remember the mercies of the Lord and all he has done for us. Happy second birthday to you, my dear and amazing cousin. I pray that you will be sustained in the power and might of the Lord.

2. My little cousin, though I know that this message will be read by your parents, I am confident that the prayer therein will be on you. I pray that your light will never go off. Happy second birthday to you.

3. The best we can offer to God is thanks for the life of this little one. You are the youngest cousin in town. Happy second birthday to you. Continue to shine brighter.

4. Dear baby cousin, I pray for you that your future will be secured and your glory continually shine forth amidst every obstacle of life. Happy second birthday to you.

5. My lovely cousin, how beautiful are you today. I congratulate you on your second birthday. I pray that the Lord will keep your spirit, soul, and body all through your life.

2nd Birthday Messages for Cousin

My baby cousin, I wish you a happy birthday as you mark your 2nd birthday today. My birthday message to you is that the Lord uphold you and give you the enablement to fly and soar higher in life.

6. My dear cousin, I counted your teeth today and I saw that they are slightly more than the number of your age. I can’t wait to see your years will outnumber them. Happy 2nd birthday.

7. Happy birthday to you, pretty cousin. The joy exuding out of you and because of you today will be a permanent one as you grow to become a beacon of light, happy 2nd birthday to you.

8. My little cousin, happiest 2nd birthday to you. As you grow under the capable hands of your parents and the fatherly care of God, I pray that all that concerns will be attended to.

9. Happy 2nd birthday to you, my lovely cousin. I hope you are now capable of holding your cake without rubbing it all over as body lotion. Enjoy God’s goodness.

10. Dear cousin, I wish you could read this but I’m confident that it would get to you. The more your years, the more your blessings. Keep growing on numbers and grace.

Happy Second Birthday Cousin Quotes

Dear cousin, I am proud to have you as my cousin though you are so tiny today, you will be big tomorrow. Happy second birthday to you.

11. The best things in life are not seen on the surface; they are hidden in-depth of us. I know that greatness lies inside of you. Keep manifesting them one after the other. Happy second birthday to you.

12. My lovely cousin, on your second amazing birthday, I hope that all your days are as sweet as your face and glorious like your birthday. Happy second birthday to you.

13. There are many ways to celebrate a birthday, but the best way is to stuff a cake in your mouth and smear it all on your face. Happy second birthday to you.

14. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. I wish you a life full of vigour and joy in all you do. May everything work together for good for you as you climb on the ladder of your 2nd birthday.

15. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. There are just 2 candles on your cake this year. Never worry, we add one more next year. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

Birthday Wishes for 2 Years Old Cousin

16. Happy birthday to you, my 2 years old cousin. May your days be long and full of joy, peace and happiness. Enjoy your day.

17. Your birthday is a quick reminder of how beautiful you are and how lovely you are too. You are a darling and I will always be grateful to have you as a cousin. I wish you greater feats in this life.

18. You will always be dear to me, my baby cousin as you continue in this journey. Let every helper that is attached to you locate you as you come to me.

Birthday Wishes for Cousin Turning 2

You are turning 2 today and I am more than excited to see you grow. My wishes for you is that you will grow to become great in life and be a blessing to your generation. Happy 2nd birthday to my wonderful cousin.

19. Hmnn, it’s so lovely to see you turning 2 years today. Last year was splendid and you have developed so amazing too. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

20. There are many beautiful faces but your face is the most beautiful given the fact that you are turning 2 years today. I can’t wait to see your beautiful face at 3 years. Happy 2nd birthday to you.

Little ones may sometimes be troublesome, they may deny us the silence we want around but if they are not there, they will be missed. So, celebrating them and sharing in their joy is what is needed.
Therefore, do well to give your little cousin a grand celebration using the happy 2nd birthday cousin wishes and quotes here.

Do not forget to come back for more scintillating messages for your beloved ones.

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