Best Birthday Captions for Cousin Brother or Sister

Best Birthday Captions for Cousin Brother or Sister

In need of birthday captions for your cousin brother or sister? Find the most interesting, heartwarming and captivating ones below.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a very close relationship with your cousin or just a cordial one; these captions would do.

Moreover, I made sure to write them in categories to ensure you find the most appropriate one for you.

All you have to do is scroll through and make a choice.

Captions for Cousin’s Birthday

On my cousin’s birthday, I’ll strike a deal with the stars that they present themselves with blessings for you because you’re so amazing. Happy birthday, sweet cousin.

1. When you’ve got the best cousin in the world, you have their birthday engraved in your heart. Wishing you the best year yet, dear cousin.

2. When cousins are like siblings, they deserve only the best wishes. Hence, I’m sending all my kind wishes to you on your birthday.

3. Have you forgotten how much I love you? Do you still remember how important you are to me? Please be reminded on this birth anniversary of yours that you’re super special to me. Wishing you many happy returns.

4. The nicest cousins deserve true blessings on their birthdays. May you have all that you desire, sweet cousin.

5. I promise you on this historical day that I won’t take your friendship and unconditional love for granted. Happy birthday, cousin.

6. See the face of the best cousin in the world. Happy birthday to you. Stay happy and at ease always.

7. Some cousins are like a rainbow. They bring colour and hope to our world, just like this cousin of mine. I hope your new age fulfils your dreams.

8. I hope we’re friends forever as much as we’re cousins for life. Happy birthday, sweet cousin. I love you for and ever.

9. Take it from me, dear cousin; you’re worth more than a thousand gems. Happy birthday to you. I genuinely love you.

10. You’ve been a good cousin to me. So your birthday is super special to me. May you enjoy prosperity and tranquillity in this new age.

11. Because your birthday comes once a year, I’ll go up and down the earth to ensure you have the best celebration. Happy birthday, darling cousin. You’re the greatest.

12. Drink your wine, savour your meal and accept my wishes. Happy birthday, lovely cousin. You’ve been very kind to me.

13. Only the cousins made from the fairest clay in heaven were born on this special day. Happy birthday, my love. May you have only good experiences in this new age.

14. Since you’re clocking a new age, my love for you will grow even more profoundly. So keep me as your best friend as you live every chapter of this phase. Happy birthday, sweet cousin.

15. It’s the best day of the year – my cousin was born today. I feel so lucky to share friendship with you. Happy birthday, cousin. Many happy returns to you.

16. I can’t describe your beauty, but I sure can say a kind prayer for you. I wish you all the joy and gladness your heart can take. I love you.

17. Life didn’t prepare me for a gift like you. But I’m super privileged to have you. Happy birthday, sweetie. You rock.

18. Here’s the cousin behind my smile. You make ageing such a real blessing. Happy birthday to you. I love you.

19. Here’s to a better life ahead of you. Happy birthday, lovely cousin. You make the world go round. I love you.

20. To the most beautiful and fashionable cousin I know – happy birthday to you. Ensure you enjoy every moment of today. And do have a phenomenal year ahead.

21. Life didn’t fail me when it blessed me with you. Cheers to a new life. Happy birthday, super cousin.

22. We can dance into the late night because it’s your day. Happy birthday, my lovely cousin. Have a fantastic year.

23. For the moments you’ve blessed me with your smile and encouraged me with your words, I say a big thank you to you. Happy birthday, lovely cousin. Many happy returns to you.

24. You have the largest heart in the world. I know because I’ve been there. Happy birthday, sweet cousin. May you live to enjoy many more years.

25. To a perfect cousin, I wish you a blissful birthday celebration and new age. I love you unconditionally.

26. If I wouldn’t change anything in this world, it would be about you cause you’re perfect just the way you are. Happy birthday, super cousin. Never stop being yourself.

27. Thank you for being a backbone. There’s no other cousin in the world like you. Happy birthday, my darling.

28. I hope that every day of this new age will please you like the sun pleases the flowers. Happy birthday, angel. I love you.

29. Don’t worry about a thing on this day because you’ve got a true friend in me. Happy birthday, darling cousin.

30. I’m forever grateful for the blessing of a friend and cousin in you. Happy birthday, sweetie. Age gracefully.

31. Thank you for redefining the meaning of cousin. You’ve been a great friend and sister when I needed one. Happy birthday, angel. Many happy returns to you.

32. Of all the beauties in the world, you take the crown. Happy birthday, my darling.

33. If all cousins were like you, no one would need a sibling. Happy birthday, my love. You’re the best.

34. My heart loves you beyond what my words can say. Happy birthday to the best cousin in the world.

Birthday Captions for Cousin Sister

Your birthday rings a bell in my heart like your smile tickles me when I remember it. Happy birthday, beloved cousin sister. You rock.

Here are the best birthday captions for your cousin sister.

35. Your cousin and mine aren’t equal. Happy birthday to the most loving cousin in the universe. Enjoy the best age yet.

36. Some cousins make life a bed of roses. My cousin is one of them. Happy birthday, phenomenal human. You rock.

37. I’ve always loved you. On this day, I confess it openly. Happy birthday, sweet cousin. I hope you grow old and have gold.

38. Smile more often in this new age cause you look more beautiful when you do. Happy birthday, my darling.

39. I couldn’t find the right words but perfect suits you. Happy birthday to a perfect cousin. I love you like it’s my purpose on earth.

40. Have a beautiful birthday. One as gorgeous as your smile and graceful as your steps. Enjoy your day.

41. I don’t take this day for granted because it blessed me with the best cousin in the world. Happy birthday, sweet cousin and friend. Many happy returns to you.

42. Who says cousins are no big deal. You sure are one thoughtful cousin. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. I can’t love you less.

43. When I met this cousin of mine, I knew the heavens loved me. Happy birthday, lovely cousin. I hope you enjoy a blissful year.

44. I’ll show you off because you’ve been a great cousin to me. Happy birthday, special one. I wish you all the best life has to offer from her bosom.

45. Thankful to have another lovely year with a terrific cousin. Happy birthday, angel. Keep growing and living happily.

46. Life has given me something more than gold. And it’s you, my cousin. Happy birthday, sweetie. Many more cheerful years to you.

47. Of all the things that count on this day, my cousin counts the most. Happy birthday, dear cousin sister. I’m super proud of you.

48. Don’t change a thing about you even as you age. Because I love you just the way you are, cousin sis. Happy birthday, my darling.

49. Live life on your own terms because you’re enough. Happy birthday, darling cousin. I wish you nothing but joy and peace.

50. Your birthday has to be my favourite day of the year cause it reminds me of how blessed I am to have you. Happy birthday, love.

51. You’ve shown me that cousins can take the most significant part of one’s heart. Thank you for taking mine. Happy birthday, sweet cousin sis.

52. Some things are better said, like confessing that you mean the world to me. Happy birthday, gorgeous cousin sis.

53. I wouldn’t mind spending the rest of forever with you. Cause you’ve made my world a better place. Happy birthday, lovely cousin.

54. I don’t wish for a better life because you’ve given me one as a cousin sis. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you happiness that lasts forever.

55. Of all the blessings in my world on this day, you stand out. Happy birthday, stunning cousin. You’ve been a loyal friend to me.

56. You’ve blessed me with something money can’t buy – true friendship. Happy birthday, cousin sis. I love you more than you know it.

57. Take all of my heart as we spend your new age together. Happy birthday, lovely cousin sis. Break new grounds and enjoy life to the fullest.

58. You’re brilliant, beautiful and successful. Cheers to a better year. Happy birthday, darling cousin sister. I love you.

59. Even from afar where I stand, I know you’re a great individual. Happy birthday, cousin sis. You’re adorable just the way you are.

60. You’ve endeared me with your kindness and perfected me with your love. Happy birthday to the cousin whose happiness gives me pure satisfaction.

61. True cousins keep each other at heart. Thank you for keeping me in yours. Happy birthday, angel. I wish you many perfect years on earth.

62. Take all the stars in the sky and all the gems in the ocean. You’re worth much more than I can give. Happy birthday, precious cousin. I love you.

63. Your dreams are valid. So ensure to dream bigger this year, for you can bring them all to pass. Happy birthday, sweet cousin sis.

64. When you need a sister, you only have to turn to me. Happy birthday, darling cousin. I love you all the time.

65. All cousins are cousins, but mine is more loving. Happy birthday, sweet cousin sis. May you live to see many more happy years.

66. Today is the best day to tell you that I love you, and wish you all the good in the world. Happy birthday, lovely cousin sis.

Birthday Captions for Cousin Brother

I consider our bond super special and strong. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Happy birthday to a phenomenal cousin brother. Come drink from my cup of love.

These birthday captions for cousin brother will melt your heart and theirs.

67. If I were to ask for another cousin, I’ll still wish for you cause you’re the best there can ever be. Happy birthday to my favourite cousin.

68. I love the jokes we share and the laughter that follows them joyfully. You are the unique cousin every family wishes for. Happy birthday, love.

69. To the coolest cousin in the world, never forget I’ll always love you now and forever. Have a merry birthday.

70. I love a cousin that encourages rather than vie; you are that person and more to me. I wish you many happy returns of beautiful moments like this one.

71. Never let your fear take the best of you, cousin. I’m here to overcome the world with you. Happy birthday, my darling.

72. No matter the distance between us, we’ll always be bonded by love and respect for each other. To the best cousin in the world, happy birthday.

73. A cousin brother like you is like a light at the end of the tunnel always shining through my darkest moment. Happy birthday, bro.

74. You have been helpful to me more than I have been to you. I need you to know that you are appreciated. I love you. Do have a blissful birthday party, cousin bro.

75. Maybe in our next life, we’ll come as siblings instead of cousins cause that will aptly capture what we truly are to each other. Happy birthday, bro.

76. I see you like my better half cause you know me more than I would have wished for. Hence I love you for that. Happy birthday, cousin bro.

77. I’m so lucky to have you as my cousin. There’s no doubt, we were meant to be family. Thank you for staying true to our bond. Happy birthday, cousin bro.

78. For all the times you’ve been there and never giving up on me, I say thank you, bro. Happy birthday to a wonderful brother.

79. You may be a distant cousin, but your love for me has pulled us closer to becoming siblings. May this birthday kindly reward you with bliss and true joy.

80. If you ever need me for anything, never hesitate to tell me cause I promise to be there come what may. Happy birthday to the perfect cousin brother.

81. My wishes for you go beyond this day. May you find the true love that your heart is longing for. This new age shall take you higher in life. Sending my warm kisses and hugs to you.

82. God bless the day you told me you are my cousin bro. You’ve been a rainbow in my sky and an angel coming through at all time. Happy birthday, my sweetest cousin.

83. May you overcome all of life’s travails. I know you to be strong and unrelenting; surely, your joy will come sooner than later. Happy birthday to you, bro.

84. I asked for a brother, and the Lord sent me a cousin who perfectly plays that role. Today, I choose to say a great thank you to the best cousin bro in the world.

85. Having you by my side has taken away my fear and distrust in life. You are appreciated and loved. Happy birthday, cousin bro.

86. The only twin I have is my cousin brother. Thank you for coming closer to me than I asked for. It’s one of the best gifts you ever gave me. Happy birthday, best cousin.

87. I find you to be kind, forgiving, lovely and trustworthy. I pray this new age blesses you with all of the good things you never imagined. Happy birthday, big cousin bro.

88. I’m so happy knowing that we shall be cousins for life come what may. Happy birthday to my ride or die cousin bro. You’ve always been my shield, and I promise to be that and more to you, too.

89. Happy birthday to the happiest man on earth, my cousin bro. He blesses the world with nothing but kindness, love and smiles. Today is your day, may the universe bless you a million folds.

90. You are the cousin everyone loves to have. I’m glad you came my way without even a prayer. May you be blessed with the things you never asked for. Happy birthday, cousin bro.

91. I love so many things about you, but your largesse stands out the most. Happy birthday, sweet cousin bro.

92. If all life has to offer me is you, then I’m thoroughly blessed. Happy birthday, darling cousin brother.

93. Our connection is fantastic. I’m so glad I have you. Happy birthday, lovely cousin bro. Savour life to the fullest.

94. Let’s face it – you’re the most amazing cousin in the universe. Happy birthday, lovely cousin bro. I love you forever.

95. Let today always remind you that you matter to me more than I can confess. Happy birthday, dearest cousin brother. May you have all that you desire.

96. Life may not give you all the answers to your questions, but I hope it answers all your prayers. Happy birthday, dear cousin bro. I love you.

97. You’ve been the best cousin brother I could ever ask for. I hope I am that to you as well. Happy birthday, my love. You amaze me.

98. I think of you as brave, strong, compassionate and perfect. Happy birthday, lovely cousin brother. I wish that your wishes come true.

99. Today is beautiful because you were born into our world. Happy birthday, my superhero cousin. I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.

100. I’ve awaited this day only to tell you that my heart has got you all lifelong. Happy birthday, lovely cousin brother. Wishing you all the bliss in the world.

I’m so glad you made it to the end.

Which of these birthday captions for cousin sister or brother did it for you? Please, let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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Thank you for coming. I love you.

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