Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Friends Daughter

Happy Belated Birthday Wishes for Friend’s Daughter

Your friend’s daughter deserves all the love and affection she can get on her birthday because it’s her special day, but unfortunately, you missed sending your wishes on her birthday due to some reasons like work or many other activities that happened that day.

Sometimes we feel that it’s not necessary to send a late message because we feel that we had made a grave mistake by forgetting their birthday. Very often this feeling of guilt is not necessary because birthdays are very special moments in their lives and one must send them beautiful birthday wishes and prayers to help make it special even if it gets to them late.

Did you forget your friend’s daughter’s birthday? Are you feeling bad about missing her birthday? Do you think she’ll be mad at you for forgetting? Worry no more, with these beautiful lists of belated birthday wishes for  friend’s daughter she will forgive you for missing her birthday. All you have to do is to pick the best choice that best expresses your wishes to your friend’s daughter in a beautiful way.

Belated Birthday Messages for Friend’s Daughter

Sending my friend’s daughter this beautiful message for her belated birthday. I love the lady you’re growing up to be. You’re a blessing to your generation.

1. Happy belated birthday, darling. I’m sorry I couldn’t wish you on your birthday, may you grow up more in strength, joy, and peace. God bless you, dear.

2. Even though I couldn’t greet you on your birthday, but my heart was with you, praying for you. Belated Happy birthday to my friend’s look alike. You’re blessed beyond measures.

3. It’s never too late to wish my friend’s little princess a very great happy birthday. May the heavens shower you with so many blessings. God bless your sweetheart, dear.

4. Happy birthday sweet angel. You’re a star that will continue to shine till eternity. Grow in grace and joy.

5. I have no excuse to have missed your birthday and I hope you can forgive me. Belated Happy birthday, dear. May Your path be made clearer and better by the day.

6. I know you to be a very sweet girl and I’m proud to call you my daughter too. Belated Happy birthday, dear. You’re a blessing to your generation.

7. This might be coming a bit late but I’m sure it’ll be needed. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May your light never go dim and may your destiny never be cut short. I love you

8. I don’t know what to say but j hope you’ll understand why my wishes are coming Kate. Happy birthday dear. You’ll live to fulfil purpose and you’ll grow to be the best. I hope you enjoyed your day.

9. I wish you abundant joy and unlimited favour this new year. Belated happy birthday, sweet girl.

10. May your light continues to shine brighter and brighter, may you never be put under a bushel. Sorry I missed your big day. Happy birthday.

Belated birthday blessings for Friend’s daughter

Belated birthday blessings to the special daughter of my friend. God bless your darling heart. Keep being awesome. I love you.

11. I’m happy to know that you enjoyed your day, but my heart desires that the Lord answers all your prayers and gives you joy all the days of your life. Happy belated birthday.

12. I pray you for grace and strength this season. Your life won’t be cut short and you’ll grow to be better than your parents in all ways. Happy birthday, dear. kindly forgive the lateness.

13. The lateness doesn’t matter but I hope that this message fills your beautiful heart with joy unending and everlasting happiness. Happy 23rd birthday, daughter.

14. Watching you grow into a woman was a sweet experience for your mother and me. I find it sweet to call you my daughter. Happy 30th birthday, daughter. May your new age be filled with unlimited blessings. Happy birthday.

15. As you celebrate your new age may the Lord grant you wisdom and understanding. You will be brought deeper into another depth of God’s love for you. Happy belated birthday, sorry for the lateness.

16. This year you’ll experience joy all through and may you never know sorrow or sadness. I love you, darling daughter. Happy birthday.

17. I’m not your biological mother but you mean so much to me. Belated happy birthday to you, dear. May the lord align your steps into greatness. God bless you.

18. May your new age be decorated with so much and happiness and may you continue to radiate the joy of the Lord every day to everyone around you. Belated Happy birthday to you dear.

19. Though this is coming later than I expected it, in it is love, light, happiness, and overloads of joy for you, my darling. Belated happy birthday to you.

20. I am sorry for missing your birthday. May your wishes come true and may your new year be filled with so much happiness.

Belated birthday quotes for friend’s daughter.

It might be a belated birthday quote for you, my daughter’s friend, but it does come with lots of love and prayers in my heart. I’m sorry it’s coming late. Happy belated birthday, dear.

21. You are sweet you are kind, you are beautiful and you are wise. My heart desires that you will not lose these virtues and it’ll continue to manifest in multiple folds. Belated birthday, dear daughter.

22. It’s a great privilege to know you for the few years I met with your mum. May the Lord bless all that pertains to you and grant you joy every day in your life. Belated happy birthday to you.

23. May All that you lay hands on continue to prosper and may you never experience any form of sadness. Belated birthday, dear. I’m sorry it came late.

24. May this your new age be filled with so strength to overcome all challenges that come your way. God bless you, dear. Please accept my late birthday wishes.

25. Grace and peace be multiplied into you this season. m you’ll continue to be a blessing to your family and everyone around you. Have a blessed year.

26. Your life will continue to be a testimony and you’ll grow to be strength and hope for others. Belated Happy birthday daughter.

27. May the Lord continue to bless you beyond measures and may you never lose your wonder and essence m happy belated birthday, dear.

28. Sometimes I feel the best way to remember your birthday is to forget it once. Now that I’ve missed your birthday, I hope I won’t forget again. Happy belated birthday, dear. A million hugs and a thousand kisses for you my darling. I hope you had fun.

29. Happy birthday to a sweet, warm, kind, and beautiful daughter to my friend. Please forgive me for sending my wishes late. Have a wonderful year filled with love, dear.

30. Happy birthday to my dear Friend’s daughter… Though it’s coming later than I expected. Sorry about that. May your new Bring you happiness and a sound mind. Enjoy your new year, dear.

Sometimes the celebrant might be sad for not seeing your birthday wishes on their special day and that might ruin your relationship with them but with the right belated birthday wishes to apologize, they will forgive you. That is why these happy belated birthday wishes for friend’s daughter are here to help you send your love and apology to your friend’s daughter whose birthday you forgot. I hope you find the one that best suits you. Please, like share, and comment.

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