Best Birthday Wishes for Wife from Husband

Best Happy Birthday Thoughts for Wife

Let’s face it: you hardy will be on this page looking for some birthday wishes for your wife if she does not deserve them!

Remember how happy you were when you wife agreed to marry you on the day you proposed marriage to her? You were the happiest man on earth on that lovely day, I assume.

Now remember the beautiful moments spent together and you’ll see that she deserves a beautiful birthday message on her birthday, plus lovely birthday gifts also.

Send these lovely and best happy birthday thoughts for wife to her, and let her know that you are incomplete without her.

Happy Birthday My Wife Thoughts

The best happy birthday wishes for your wife on the internet.

1. My dear wife, I love you very much. You look more beautiful every day. Your positive mood, smooth skin, shiny hair are my motivation to work hard. God has blessed me with a valuable gem when he gave me you. I wish you a lovely birthday and hope that you will spend your day with happiness.

2. When I say what matters most, you are the first one to come to my mind. It’s time for me to show you how much I really love you. Love is nothing without action. Now that I have found the perfect woman who rocks my world, I know what life is really about. You are not just my wife but also my best friend. Happy birthday!

3. I would like to wish my sweetheart a very happy birthday. I feel fortunate that I have you in my life. You always complete me, even before I complete myself. You are my soul mate and best friend who brings joy and happiness to my life.

4. Thank you, my darling wife. Thank you for making my life feel complete. You are my inspiration, ever since I set my eyes on you. What I appreciated most is that you never cease to amaze me with all your passion and love, through thick and thin. Happy Birthday, sweetie!

5. I have found a lifetime love. I never thought it was possible for one person to change everything in my life. I am grateful for your enlightening leadership and soothing charm. It is a delight to be with you, and share in your goal of making the world a safer place. Stay strong, my darling. On this special day, I wish you a happy birthday!

6. As today is your birthday, I will never tire of loving you. I am looking forward to the many more years we have together. Happy birthday, love.

7. Today is your birthday, and I want you to know that I will forever be by your side. Just like the stars we see twinkle in the dark blue sky while we hold hands, we will always smile even if times get tough. I love you.

8. Today is a special day for people to show their love and affection by sending the best birthday wishes. I have been looking for best wishes for my wife for the whole day but couldn’t find any so I wrote this message from bottom of my heart to wish her a happy happy birthday.

9. Wow! The clock has flown fast this year too. Another birthday is here again. I pray that you will have a long, healthy and happy life ahead. You have been a wonderful wife and mother, and I wouldn’t have been half the man I am today without your guidance. Happy Birthday to my wife.

10. Happy birthday, my darling, I am sending you birthday wishes to show you how much love I have for you. You are an amazing woman, and I am lucky I got to be the husband of a wife like you. Your love has taught me lessons that I would not learn otherwise.

11. Wishing you all the happiness that life has to offer! My beautiful wife, you mean the world to me. I love your authenticity, sensitivity and passion. You are like a gateway to my spiritual growth. Therefore on this day, please, accept my deepest gratitude for all you do for me.

12. Happy birthday, sweetheart, you are the most special human to walk this earth. There is no one like you. I will love you to eternity and beyond. Thank you for the moments of joy and sadness; they taught me what true happiness is. I cherish each moment spent with you. You are my life, my world, my everything. Love you always!

13. I am very happy that I found you. I feel very attached to you, close to my heart. Each day that passes makes my love for you stronger. Thanks for making me feel so special. Happy birthday!

14. My heart is all yours and you have completed me in many more ways than one. It’s time to celebrate your birthday with a smile cause all I want to do is make you smile back. I am grateful to have found a partner like you, who loves unconditionally and sticks by me through thick and thin. Thank you for all the unconditional love you have given me, but more importantly, thank you for being my wife.

15. My wife, how would my life look like without you? I am grateful to God for making me your husband love you. Thanks for having so much confidence in me. Happy birthday.

16. No woman on earth can ever love me the way you do. I love you, my angel. You lit up my world, you filled my life with joy, happy birthday.

17. You believed in me, you taught me that with God, all things are possible. I appreciate you. How can I live without you, my priceless jewel? You are a caring wife to me and a loving mother to our children. Happy birthday.

18. It is your birthday today my wife, I want to let you know that you are all I have, my life and my world. Happy birthday to the most important woman In my life, you complete me, darling.

19. Baby, I love you with every fibre in me. Anytime I stare into those eyes of yours, I feel terrific. Your soft lips make my eyes tingle, your body makes me jump for joy. Happy birthday!

20. How I wish I can be the type of man that would wipe away your tears, keep your company and hug you continually. Because you are so good to me. Happy birthday.

Thought for Wife Birthday

Here are best thought you can wish your lovely wife as she is plus one today, to surprise her and make her amazed on her birthday.

21. I want to be with you forever. You are the one I want. You are one who pleases me at all times. Happy birthday, my dear wife.

22. You said ”for better for worse on our wedding day” and you stood by it, I love that .happy birthday.

23. Looking back to how our marital journey started, I can’t stop crying. I was so arrogant and spoke harshly back then, and yet you never left me, I love you. Happy birthday.

24. You make my life so interesting, You are the source of my joy. Behind every successful man, there is a woman, you are my pillar, the fountain of success. Happy birthday.

25. I keep on falling in love with you, over and over again, happy birthday.

26. You are my gift. Back then, you took up all forms of menial jobs so that we can survive when I was jobless. No woman can take your place in my heart. Happy birthday.

27. You make my heart beat fast. Baby, without you, life would be so boring. Happy birthday, my lady.

28. Though I am not there with you, celebrating your birthday with you. I just want you to know I am with you in the spirit. happy birthday.

29. You look so beautiful on your day. You mean so much to me, my wife. May your new age be beautiful. Happy birthday, baby.

30. You fill me with so much warmth. Baby, you are my best friend ever. Happy birthday!

31. I will forever cherish you, my baby. With you, my secrets are safe. I wish you a happy birthday filled with love.

32. It is hard to express how much you mean to me, I admire you a lot. Happy birthday, my wife.

33. On your birthday, you blew my mind with those hearty laughs of yours. Happy birthday.

34. Mine was love at first sight, I fell in love with you immediately I saw you. Happy birthday, my dear.

35. I want to make you smile always, happy birthday my heart.

36. It’s a thing of honour to announce to the whole world that you are my wife. I love you to the bones, baby. Happy birthday.

37. I will spoil you with love and affection. Happy birthday.

38. You’re my lifeline, baby. Your love makes me dance for joy. Happy birthday, my beautiful queen.

39. Happy birthday, my love, you mean the world to me. I am happy to see your precious smile and hear your laughter every day in my life and in my dreams and in my world. Happy birthday again to my wife!

40. Many happy returns of the day to the person I love most in this world. You are special, you are unique, you are beautiful, gentle, sweet-tempered, talented – the list is endless. I appreciate you for all that you have done for me throughout my life. I am proud to have you as my wife and best friend too! Happy birthday!

Wife Birthday Thought in English

Do you need wife birthday thought, wishes and quotes to celebrate your caring wife on her birthday? Then the following cute birthday messages for wife all you need.

41. Happy birthday, darling! I have always admired the vibrancy in you. I can’t imagine my life without you. You are the rock that makes my world go round. I cannot thank God enough for the decision he made to bring into my life. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

42. You are another year older. I thought it would be nice to wish you a happy birthday. I hope you will always look back on today as an unforgettable memory about love and enjoyment deep down in your heart.

43. Your love, patience and grace have taught me a lot about life. Every second I spent with you has been special for me. I wish you a beautiful birthday.

44. I am really feeling thankful today because today you turn one year older my woman. I know that the increased age has increased your love for me. I hope it keeps getting higher and higher by leaps and bounds dear. All my life I have never been a lucky man, but luckily, the day God gave me you to be with was the luckiest day of my life.

45. On this special day, I can’t help but reminisce about all the joys and celebrations we have gone through together. I am glad to have you by my side. You make my life beautiful, and I celebrate having a wonderful soul like you in my life. I wish you a very happy birthday!

46. I think of you in the morning, afternoon and evening. I can’t just stop thinking about you. Happy birthday.

47. Don’t be scared, that if you get old, I would leave you. No, I won’t leave you. I love you. Happy birthday.

48. Happy birthday to the woman who sparkles up my world. Happy birthday to the woman who makes my life work. I love you!

49. I love the happy moments we spent with each other. You are so loving, so beautiful, so elegant. Happy birthday, dear.

50. Oh, come, my beloved, come and hold me tight. You motivate me on a daily basis. Happy birthday.

51. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. Happy birthday.

52. My love, my better half, I am proud of you. Your smiles always set my body on fire. Happy birthday.

53. Happy birthday. You showed me what true love truly means, I am so blessed to spend the rest of my life with you.

54. My life, as you clock a year older today, may you be happy. You are to be honoured and cherished. Happy birthday.

55. You gave me hope that tomorrow would be fine. Happy birthday, my wife.

56. My love for you gets stronger each day, you are my best friend. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

57. Happy birthday to you my sweetie, the mother of my lovely children.

58. I am not worthy to be called your husband, but God ordained it to be that way. I am so grateful to God for this great privilege. Happy birthday.

59. You are the treasure that I seek. The love I have searched for many years is nowhere with me. I love you, my jewel. Happy birthday.

60. My treasure, my very own, my friend, my companion. I am destined to be with you. By God’s grace, nothing shall separate us, I love you, my wife. Happy birthday.

Best Birthday  Thought Wishes for Your Wife

Send the following sweet happy birthday to your wife on her birthday with these lovely happy birthday wishes and quotes for wife from the heart.

61. Even if the whole world hates me, please love me, and always stay by my side, my love. Happy birthday.

62. You are mine and I am yours forever. I love you, you are my breath. Happy birthday.

63. You make my life whole. I love you very much, happy birthday dear.

64. You changed my wrongs into right, love you. We are inseparable, baby Happy birthday.

65. Your heart is filled with forgiveness and love, you are so warm. Happy birthday my life.

66. Anytime I am sad, the thoughts of you make me happy. Happy birthday.

67. I love you, I love you, I love you, baby. I won’t stop loving you. Happy birthday.

68. My darling, though you are miles away, I’m wishing you the very best day in your life. May all your dreams come true, and may you always be happy with whatever life gives to you.

69. You are a rare gem, an angel from heaven. Happy birthday.

70. You changed my status from single to married, I love you, my wife. Happy birthday.

71. You make my heart beat faster, oh, it’s almost falling out. I love you, baby. Happy birthday.

72. Dear wife, you have been a fantastic wife and partner throughout our marriage. You have been patient and caring. We still have all the plans to complete, which we have started years ago. Wishing you a wonderful birthday from my heart!

73. Happy birthday, my love. I have this special wish today that the whole world should stop for you to take in all that you are worth. You are royalty in life. A loving wife, a caring mother, a fantastic sister, a wise friend and a marvellous daughter and co-partner to your father and mother. Your life is full of beautiful colours and shades just like the rainbow and the spectrum.

74. I can’t imagine my life without you and your love. I thought that I am beginning to grow old when we got married, but the more we spent together the younger we both feel. Happy birthday, darling, hope you stay young always!

75. Hello, darling! Have a great time on your birthday and I wish you loads of good things and loads of happiness.

76. To the most important women in my world, I pray that today will be one of the best days of your life. God bless you with every happiness. Wish you a very happy birthday!

77. I didn’t know what lay ahead of me when I first laid my eyes on you. You were special, pretty, intelligent and good-hearted. I knew if I didn’t change, having you in my life may not be possible. I have done my best to make you smile every day. Wishing you a very happy birthday!

78. You are one in a trillion, you are always the best. Happy birthday, my beloved.

79. Please, I don’t want to lose you. If I do, I won’t survive. I love you. Happy birthday.

80. Whenever you stayed near me, I tremble, I love you, dear. Happy birthday.

81. You make me happy, you make me glad. I can’t stop staring at you, baby, happy birthday.

82. You are my beginning, you are my ending. You are so understanding, so friendly. Happy birthday, dear.

83. You gave me hope when I was down. My dream, my future, happy birthday.

84. Thanks for being a part of me. I am pleased with everything you do. Happy birthday.

85. You are always in my heart. I love you. Every hour spent with you is an investment. Never leave me, baby. Happy birthday.

86. I totally believe in you. Please, permit me to continue loving you till I die. Happy birthday, angel.

87. I am speechless. You are all that matters to me. Happy birthday, honey.

88. My beautiful wife, you are in the thoughts of my heart today. Your birthday is very special to me, and I love you more than you can imagine. Happy birthday!

89. It’s hard to believe that our baby is already three years old! I’m still awestruck by our little angel who has brought us so much happiness and joy. You are the best mother in the world, and no words can express how much I love you! Happy Birthday, my love!

90. I guess, I can’t start this birthday message without telling you how much I miss you. The happiest times of my life were the days we spent together and how happy we were. Happy birthday!

91. Honey, on this special day I would like to take the moment to let you know how beautiful, smart and loving you are. I especially appreciate everything you have done for our family. I love you more each passing day, and for this, I want to thank you. Have a very happy birthday!

92. After months of planning your birthday, I am glad that it’s finally here. You deserve to be looked after once in a while. I also hope you will continue to love me, just like how I’ll always love you. Happy birthday!

93. To my wife, thank you for all that you have done over the years. I cannot imagine what I would do without you. You are everything that is right in my life. I hope to be able to make you happy forever.

94. My darling wife, on your special day, I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much you mean to me. Thank you for standing by my side all through the trials and tribulations of life. Thank you for cheering me up when I am down, just by your presence. Thank you for being my strength when I am weak, just by holding my hand.

95. Good morning, dear, happy birthday! I want to take a minute to greet you on this special day. You blessed my life with your presence. You have been a true blessing in my life, and I am grateful to be with you. I am never going to let you go no matter how many times you try to switch me off! I love you.

96. You are my heartbeat, dear wife. I love you more than life itself. Happy birthday, wishing you many happy returns.

97. No matter how dull my day is, I know it would be fun when I get home and spend my evenings with you. Take my heart, it is yours. I love you, darling. Happy birthday.

98. I would be nothing without you in my life. You are so perfect, my wife, I love you. Happy birthday.

99. You make me feel so special, so unique. You make my pains away, you gave me love, you are my pillar. Happy birthday, my wife.

100. I give you the key to my heart. You are so pretty, my wife. You are my star, you shine like the sun. My love for you is pure, without blemish. Happy birthday

With the awesome and best happy birthday thoughts for wife above, you will be making your wife feel so special on her big day.

Go ahead and make the day perfect for her. You can as well share with friends that need to impress their wives too. Thanks.

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