Happy Birthday Wishes for Close Friend

20th Birthday Captions and Quotes for Best of Friends

Our best friends are so wonderful, they are worth celebrated and appreciated because of the different roles they’ve played in your life. so, giving them, some treats on their special day isn’t negotiable.

It’s your best friend’s 20th birthday, right? Are you looking for the perfect words that will convey your heartfelt wishes to them? Here you are, on the occasion of their big day.

I have carefully put these sweet 20th birthday captions and quotes for best of friends. Show them you care and wish them well!

Here is an awesome collection of 20th birthday captions and quotes for best of friends that you can use to make your friends who are clocking 20 happy.

Best Happy 20th Birthday Captions for Close Friends

Wish your male or female friend happy birthday from your heart, with the following well-constructed happy birthday wishes and quotes for my close friend.

1. You are specially made by God to spread love to people all over the world. Happy 20th birthday!

2. Happy 20th birthday to a rare gem. A person of great worth, an enchanting personality. As you get a year older, may all your wishes come true.

3. You brought smiles to sorrowful faces. You rendered help to those who need it. You are truly that star the world needs. In order to shine more brightly. Happy birthday.

4. You are a year older today. May you increase in wisdom and understanding. Lines shall fall for you in pleasant places. Happy birthday!

5. Happy 20th birthday, my friend. God bless you and perfect all that concerns you. Thanks for being a good friend. Your path shines brighter and brighter.

6. Happy birthday to the best friend in the world. Remain joyful as you’ve always been.

7. May God, make you sit with kings and not mere men. Happy birthday

8. Happy birthday to a dear friend with a bright spirit. God would set you in high places.

9. You are amazing, funny and full of inspiration. Wow! I am glad to be your friend all these years. Happy birthday!

10. It is your 20th birthday, let’s look nice and go for a treat, you deserve the best.

11. Oh angel, happy birthday. Can I come over for my own share of birthday cake and jollof rice? Keep mine in the microwave oven. You are the best.

12. To the prettiest friend I ever had, I wish you a bubbling birthday. Let’s catch fun. Happy birthday

13. I wish you a day full of joy and rejoicing. Let your heart be full of joy, it is your day!

14. On this great day, I wish you the best. I wish you happiness, prosperity, and peace in every aspect of your life.

15. My friend, you are blessing wrapped around me, wrapped in a parcel to me. The moment I unwrapped the parcel, I found you. You are the bomb! Happy birthday.

16. Your smiles are captivating, you walk gracefully, you are so feminine and cool. Happy 20th birthday.

17. The bond between us is so strong, and cannot be broken. let’s plan the big party with DJ’s around. It is your birthday, catch fun!

18. Where should we use for your birthday venue? Beautiful gardens, beach or amusement park? Time for enjoyment. Happy birthday.

19. True friends are rare, you are one in a billion. Happy birthday to a friend, like a sister

20. Wow! I love your hairdo! It’s beautiful. Happy birthday, it’s going to be rosy.

21. Happy birthday to a brave friend, so courageous and never tired of striving for the best. I celebrate you.

22. Beautiful beyond comprehension, blessed beyond description, that’s who you are. Happy 20th birthday.

23. You saw something special in me, you brought out the best in me. Thanks for believing in me, happy birthday.

24. Your strength is renewed each day. You soar high like the eagle. Happy birthday.

25. Who can stand against the rising of the sun, who can prevent the wind from blowing? No one, no one will prevent your star from shining. Happy birthday.

26. Nations jump for joy at the sight of your presence. Prince’s bow to pay you homage. Happy birthday.

27. Wake up! Sleeping dude, take your bath. It is time to dance and merry. Happy birthday

28. As you get a year older today, wear a cheerful face and show us your dance steps. Happy birthday

29. Happy birthday! Happy birthday to you, grow more in understanding.

30. You make my life exciting. You cause me to laugh when I am sad. Thanks, friend. Happy birthday.

31. Happy birthday! How blessed your parents are, for bringing you to the world. You envelop the world with beauty and clarity of purpose. Happy birthday.

32. The birds of the air, are singing, the trees of the field are dancing, the hills and the mountain burst into song with me, we all chorused ‘happy birthday’

33. You’ve got such a great character, you go out of your way to end the suffering in people’s lives. You are so special.

34. Words can’t express how happy I am for you today. You are too much much! Happy birthday.

35. Congratulations to you. Keep up the good work. Work hard and be confident at all times. Happy birthday.

36. Happy birthday, I wish you peace and love. May your helpers of destiny locate and help you today. Happy birthday.

37. Happy birthday, I wish you the best in your career.

38. You bring me courage and comfort. Have a great life. Happy birthday

39. Friends like you are scarce. We’ve been through thick and thin. But no matter what happens, I would be there for you. Happy birthday.

40. Happy birthday, I wish you supernatural breakthroughs. Your dreams shall be fulfilled.

41. You are selfless, you are kind, so caring. Happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday to a goal getter, a self-determined lovely friend.

43. Happy birthday to my Prince charming, I love you.

44. How I wish I could come and celebrate your unique day with you over there, not worry, have fun, happy 20th birthday.

45. Enjoy your day, it only comes once a year. Happy birthday,

46. Happy birthday to you, God loves you so much.

47. May you enjoy every single day, Happy birthday.

48. Uncommon success will locate you, happy birthday.

49. Life is beautiful if only you can clear the weeds. Happy birthday.

50. Happy birthday to the one who makes my heart jump for joy. You are blessed.

51. All that you have learnt in life put it into practice and it would set you on high. happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday, friend. You mean the world to me.

53. I search for a great present to give you but found none. All I can give you is a warm hug. happy birthday.

54. How blessed is your man to have you? You are a gift to his world. Happy birthday.

55. Happy birthday to my beautiful friend with an angelic face.

56. You are my joy, my happiness, my everything. Happy birthday.

57. You are so a prolific writer, anointed and with a passionate goal. Happy birthday.

58. May your dreams of achieving financial independence come true. Happy birthday.

59. Happy birthday to you, on this occasion of yours. Happy birthday to you. Many happy returns.

60. Happy birthday to you, arise and shine, for your light has come and the Glory of the Lord has risen upon you.

61. The earth is waiting for your manifestation, prove that you are loaded with God’s talents. Happy birthday.

62. I give God the glory for allowing you to witness such a beautiful day as this. You are a year younger today. Happy birthday.

63. I count myself lucky to have you as my close friend.happy birthday.

64. Your life shall be like a tree, planted by the riverside, which brings forth fruit In its season and prospers in all things. Happy birthday.

65. Happy birthday, you shall be great, you shall be lifted, it shall be well with your soul.

66. Things that seem impossible for you, begin to become possible. Doors shall open unto you.

67. Wow! May the good God bless you. All things would work together for you.

68. Now, I know that item 7 is going on. Please, can you pass my own through Bluetooth?

69. May the Lord grant you long life. Happy birthday.

70. I hope no one is disturbing your party. Enjoy life to the fullest. Happy birthday.

71. It’s so great being in your company. We had beautiful memories together. Happy 20th birthday.

72. Happy birthday to you my friend. May life give you all that you wished for, in life.

73. You have such a warm personality. You are a lady of many parts. Happy birthday.

74. You beam with divine light, your joy radiates like the sun. I wish you a happy birthday.

75. I sat down and reflected on the time we shared together, it brings joy to my heart. Happy birthday.

76. May your birthday bring you goodness and exceeding joy. Happy birthday.

77. You fought for me all through the way. You defended me even when I did what was wrong. Thank you for all these. Happy birthday.

78. You are one of the people who connected me to where I am today. I am grateful. Happy birthday.

79. May your life be a complete manifestation of the goodness of God. Happy birthday, friend.

80. On your birthday, I want to make a promise that I would always stand by you. Happy birthday.

81. To me, friend, you are much more valuable than the stars of heaven. Happy birthday.

82. Real friends render help to each other and do not hide any secret. You are a real friend. Happy birthday.

83. Whenever I am depressed, you encouraged me and made e hopeful about life. You filled my life with happiness. Happy birthday.

84. I love you so much. Happy birthday.

85. As the colour red signifies passion, excitement and energy, may you passionately pursue your goals and find excitement in all you do. Happy birthday.

86. May your life be filled with God’s warmth and love, happy birthday.

87. Orange signifies youthfulness. May God make you fresh and youthful at all times. Happy birthday.

88. Dear friend, don’t be sad, be happy, optimistic, it’s your day. Happy birthday.

89. You are naturally beautiful and full of action. happy birthday.

90. Oh! You are so lovely, communicative and trustworthy. Happy birthday.

91. You are a person of great royalty. Yeah, you are the daughter of the King of kings. Happy birthday.

92. Thanks for being so simple and honest in all deeds, my friend. Happy birthday.

93. You are so feminine, so graceful ad so alluring. Happy birthday.

94. You are a person who is innocent, and pure. on guilt or stain is found in you. I love you for that.

95. Honesty and truth are very important values everyone must have and you have both. Wow! Happy birthday.

96. I love your character. You never look down on people. You always give honour to whom honour s due. Happy birthday.

97. My friend, I love this virtue in your selflessness. You go out of your way to help others. Please keep it up.

98. Wow! Happy birthday. You have a strong-willed heart. Once your mind is made up, nobody can change it I like that.

99. Do you know what attracted me to you? Patience. You show understanding, you tolerate people and you don’t get annoyed easily. Having that trait in you has helped us to solve many challenges that came our way. Happy birthday.

100. You know the most powerful tool to a happy life is effective communication. Effective communication helps us to understand each other more. Happy birthday.

I hope you were able to pick one or more from the 20th birthday captions and quotes for best of friends above. Please, share with friends and relatives.

Thank you.

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