Happy Birthday Sweetheart Messages Quotes

Happy Birthday Sweetheart Messages and Quotes (2023)

Birthdays are really happy events, especially when someone dear to you, someone close to your heart is the one celebrating; perhaps your boyfriend or girlfriend, husband or wife.

And to celebrate these special person’s birthdays, you would need messages, texts or quotes that can really speak your good wishes and prayers alongside your love for him or her at the same time.

There is a really large collection of amazing birthday quotes and messages here, created uniquely, from differential perspectives, with different ideas so you can find something that will be useful to you.

So, if it’s your sweetheart’s birthday this year 2023, run through this list of happy birthday sweetheart messages and quotes and send across to your sweetheart.

Happy Birthday Messages and Quotes for My Sweetheart

Here comes the big day you have been looking out to; your sweetheart’s birthday. It’s possible you feel like bringing heaven to earth just to make make it memorable, but I can assure you sending him/her these amazing happy birthday messages and quotes for my Sweetheart might just be heaven for him/her. They will convey your wishes, blessings and prayers for him or her. So, get started below.

1. It takes less than one minute to read this text, but it takes all of my heart to write this to wish you a happy birthday, my darling. I wish you more joy and happiness. I love you, plenty.

2. I’m glad to be a part of your growth, to be able to say that I was with you at certain times in your amazing life! Happy birthday to you, my love. The best is waiting for you to grab.

3. Happy birthday, sweetest heart! Counting down to today felt like the longest period ever. I couldn’t wait for this day to celebrate the one who’s closest to my heart. I love you so much, baby.

4. I’m not trying to tell you something sweet when I start describing you with words that are pleasant to your ears. I’m just celebrating you in my little way, while also saying the truth about you. The truth is that you’re awesome. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

5. I’m so proud to be associated with you and celebrations of you. Happy birthday, my king/queen. Let’s keep doing amazing things and setting the world on fire together.

6. Baby, this morning message is to say I love you while wishing you a happy birthday. This is to remind you that you’re still my favourite person and that will never change. May your dreams, those your big, scary dreams, come true.

7. Sweetheart, everything about today is beautiful. The only issue is that I wish the day would last longer. But we have next year to do this again. Happy birthday to my heart’s only King!

8. Tell everyone who described you as a loving person that they did not lie. Tell those who praise you for being great that they are not misled. Happy birthday, my heartbeat. I pray and wish you attain more heights.

9. Let it be said that the most important day in 2023 is the day we all celebrate the Queen of my world. This celebration may not be loud, but it means everything to me. Happy birthday to you, my darling wife.

10. Spend time with yourself now, do all you need to do, because as soon as I catch you today, it will be a party for the rest of the day! Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I pray that you’ll be more blessed than you expect today, in Jesus’ name. Amen. I love you.

11. At the end of today, the fairest of them all will be certified one year older. And I’ll be by her side through it all, telling all who cares to hear that she’s mine. Happy birthday, sweet baby girl.

12. Happy birthday to my husband, the one that’s most perfect for me. Every hour, minute and second will see you excited for good reasons today. And every day after today only gets better. I love you.

13. My darling, I’m more than excited today. I’ll never get tired of occasions to celebrate you. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I pray that all the best dreams in your head become reality. Amen.

14. Happy birthday to the only one I share my life with, my perfect wife. Let everyone argue that drew no perfect partner. As for me, I know different. I pray for everything a sweet girl needs for you. I love you, baby.

15. Days with you are my favourite. Life with you is my preferred kind of life. Sweetheart, you are a mobile bundle of sweetness and I love you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

16. Isn’t today a good day to remind me that all of me is yours? My money, my body, my everything. Use it as you want today, honey. Happy birthday to you, my love.

17. If the sun shines today, I’ll understand that it’s trying to shine as bright as you, my love. And if the rain falls, it’s only trying to control the temperature of your celebration to what we can handle. Lol. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

18. Sweetness recognizes sweetness, so expect all the sweet things in the day to come your way, sweetie. Happy birthday to you, babe. Let’s rock today madly.

19. Among all the messages that have made and will make your phone ring today, this is one that just wants to remind you that you’re my most expensive possession! I love you, darling, and I wish you a happy birthday.

20. You’ve been making me and the family proud with all these Superman things you do. You’re intimidation to your mates. Happy birthday, my darling. You are loved by me and God!

Birthday comes just once every year and today is your lover’s birthday. Why not grace the day for him or her by sending the following happy birthday wishes, prayers, quotes and messages for him or her? The following happy birthday messages and wishes are just the perfect gift you can send to your sweetheart on a great like birthday.

21. My love, today’s another day to celebrate an anniversary of you. May all the best gifts decorate you this year 2023. I love you forever. Happy birthday, darling.

22. There’s a lot of sweet things about you that I’ll tell you of today. I know they’ll ring a bell and maybe sound like quotes to you because you’ve been sweet since forever. Happy birthday, my sweetheart.

23. May every day from today make us love better and live better. May our lives be one progression of beauty and grace. I love you, darling. Happy birthday to you.

24. Honey, I love celebrating you and your awesomeness. And when I’m tired of celebrating you, guilt won’t let me rest. Lol. Happy birthday to you, my queen. I wish you the best of life and of me too.

25. LOML, can’t you see excitement written all over the day already. We’re celebrating the prettiest, strongest and best partner ever! I love you plenty, babe. Happy birthday to you, love.

26. Thanks for achieving everything we are celebrating today, baby. I love that you have made us this proud. May you achieve more and even more than we expect of you. Happy birthday to my darling girlfriend!

27. Happy birthday to this lovely, sweet, and perfect man! I just want to sing how perfect for me you are right now. I pray that you’ll never lack any good thing, today and forever. I love you and say happy birthday, my love.

28. Baby, while I think you’re worth every good gift you have gotten and every act of goodness shown to you, I wish and pray that you get more than you’re worth today. Happy birthday to you, my sweet boyfriend.

29. I’m yet to recover from the last celebration we had and here’s me celebrating the most important person in my life on a special birthday like this. Isn’t 2023 just amazing? Happy birthday, my lover. More sweetness waits for us ahead.

30. Darling, today’s definitely a good day to tell you that the beautiful things I say in those messages that make you blush are true, all true! I love you, baby. Happy birthday to you!

Your sweetheart deserves not only the cake and drink kind of birthday, he/she deserves a birthday filled with your sweet messages, quotes, prayers and wishes. You need not to go too far for all these; they’re well written here for that special person on their birthday.

31. It’s beautiful to know that this bundle of love, you, are all mine. It’s one thing I’m most proud of, sweetest and dearest and sweetest heart. I wish you a super happy birthday. Stay blessed, love.

32. I look at the day, with you at the back of my mind, and I see a day where nothing should go wrong. Darling, I love you over and over again. Happy birthday to you, my sweet baby.

33. My baby’s growing older. Older, but also stronger and richer and prettier and sexier and sweeter. I wish you the best of growth and long life for us to enjoy ourselves. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

34. My heart is on the dancefloor today, and it’s definitely not going to get off until midnight. Today’s my baby’s birthday and I’m excited. I pray for more reasons to smile for her. Happy birthday to you, love.

35. From the rising of your head from the bed to the night’s sleep, you’ll receive all the sweetness you daily dish out and even more. Happy birthday to you, my darling. I love you forever.

36. Honey, I love you now that you’re this young. And today I want to reassure you that this love won’t wane when you’re old and grey and it won’t die before us. Happy birthday to you, darling.

37. My sweetheart, permit me to express these three words from my heart today, no woke quotes and plenty talk, just three words. I LOVE YOU! Happy birthday to you, my girl forever.

38. You’re the sun of today, darling, the reason why the day shines the way it is, the one the earth revolves around today! You’re blessed, my heartbeat, and I pray you to have the happiest birthday so far today!

39. A list of what I like about you? I’ll write and write and dump it after twenty years because I’ll see that I haven’t even gone halfway. Happy birthday, darling. Life will be good for us!

40. I’ll be too horrible to not mention that there are certain blessings I only enjoyed when you came into my life, baby. Today, I celebrate you and all of them! Happy birthday to you, my heart.

41. I’ll soon start counting down another year to celebrate you again, darling. I always look forward to celebrating you. Happy birthday to you, love. I wish you good health and prosperity.

42. There are many things to say if one wants to talk about you. Without going down that super long road, let me just remind you that you’ve captured my heart for life and eternity. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

43. I see a beautiful day, one filled with love and joy and thoughts of you, my darling. I see the best day of the year. It’s your birthday! Happy birthday, baby. I love you forever.

44. Happy birthday to my world’s queen. You’ve been my paddy through fears and tears and through awesome and amazing times. I wish you an end to lacking any good thing, honey. I love you.

45. Sweetheart, I’m here today to say three things. (1) I love you and that will never change, (2) happy birthday to you and (3) I wish you all that a girl needs!

46. Wake up to my favourite day in the year. I’m all yours today. Use me as you will, my king. Happy birthday to my favourite person. I wish you more wisdom, strength and joy! I love you plenty.

47. I guess I can say it’s my heart’s birthday because you’re the number one in my heart! Happy birthday, sweet girl. I wish you all the blessings that can come from the world.

48. The best of me, the best of you, the best of earth, the best of life and that best of God are what I wish you on your day this year 2023. Happy birthday to you, my darling (insert name).

49. Look at yourself, sweetie. Give yourself a good look and tell me one reason I shouldn’t be joyful that you’re in my life! If you come up with one, I’ll show you a mountain taller than Everest! Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

50. Today, there’ll be a rush of goodness to you from heaven. You’ll enjoy the day so much that you won’t forget it ever! And your birthdays ahead will be even more enjoyable. Happy birthday to you, babe. I love you.

51. Happy birthday, sweetheart. There are many beautiful and amazing people on earth, but I’ve never met one that means to me what you do. I wish you the earth and heaven’s best. I love you plenty.

52. Happy birthday to you, my darling. I wish that your very beautiful heart stays for a very long time on this earth because it’s just irreplaceable. I love you forever, my love.

53. My baby for life! No matter how old you grow, you’ll still be my sweet baby. The only difference is that you’ll be a big baby. Lol. Happy birthday to you, darling.

54. My love, thanks to you, for being sweet and beautiful and someone I’m proud of! Thanks to your mom for giving birth to you too. I love you, honey, and I wish you a happy birthday!

55. Darling, your tears will be washed away, your joy will be full, and you’ll enjoy bliss for the rest of your life. I love you forever, and I wish you a happy birthday.

56. Sweet girl/boy, you deserve all my sweetness and I’m bold and proud to say that I love you, anywhere, any time! Happy birthday to my bundle of joy and the one I find peace with! I love you madly.

57. Happy birthday to you, baby. I have mad love for you, babe. You’re one person I can share all my strengths and weakness with. I love the way you love me too and I wish you all the best in life!

58. Baby, don’t let our celebration of you determine how you see yourself because no one can completely celebrate someone as amazing as you are. I love you, darling. Happy birthday to you!

59. Happy birthday to you, darling. Stay beautiful and amazing for me! I pray that your day showers you with happiness, smiles and even joy! I love you, darling.

60. The birthday of a Queen like you should be a public holiday. But since we are not in the government, let’s just give ourselves a great treat today! Happy birthday to you, darling.

61. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Your new age looks good on you. It’s obvious it never looked as good on anyone else. I bless you with all sweet, beautiful and good things, my love.

62. Darling, I’ll never trade you for anything in this world and out of it. I celebrate you today with all of me and I love you madly, plenty and forever. Happy birthday to you, love.

63. Time will never reduce your worth to me and what you mean to me, baby. Keep growing in strength and grace. I wait to see the bliss that waits for you and us. Happy birthday, baby boy/girl.

64. There’s only one person that can make me feel the way I feel right now! You! Happy birthday to you, my darling! I wish you life and every sweet thing that can come with it.

65. Happy birthday to you, my lover. Left to me, you wouldn’t have a reason to frown, because I only want to see smiles on your face. However, I will shower you with all my love. Let that be my little effort!

66. Happy birthday to this amazing body, beautiful heart, sweet soul girl. I wish that everything about you only gets better and better, sweetie! I love you always.

67. Tell me one great thing about me and I’ll tell you a million awesome things about you! I love plenty of things about you, my darling! Happy birthday to you, babe.

68. I look at you and see the most beautiful things about humans, baby. Thanks for standing by me. Happy birthday to you, my king. I love you and how you rule our world.

69. Today I celebrate someone who is a personification of all beautiful things to me. Today, I celebrate you, my lover and my wife/husband. Happy birthday to you.

70. I love you, baby. Of course, you know I do. What other choice do I have with someone like you? Happy birthday, darling.

71. Happy birthday to you, babe. A prayer for you: I pray you to live your full potential, walk in favour and experience the height of joy. I love you madly!

72. Happy birthday to you, my sweet beautiful boyfriend. Your beauty causes those not-so-beautiful parts of your life to be completely beautiful, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

73. Happy birthday to you, my love. You’re my favourite everything. I celebrate you with all my heart today. Mad love, boo.

74. Because of what you’ve done for me, honey, celebrating you is like celebrating every beautiful thing in my life. Happy birthday to the best girl ever! I love you.

75. Every year, I have a chance to celebrate God’s big gift to me — you. Thank God for you. I love you, sweetie. Happy birthday to you.

76. Happy birthday to you, darling. Today’s the beginning of another great year for you and my prayers and wishes are for great opportunities and maximizing them all. I love you madly.

77. My lover, I’m happy you’re doing great and glad that you’re in my life. Happy birthday to you, darling. May your day and days ahead know no sorrows, but only love and mad joy!

78. I love you, darling. As the morning rolls into afternoon and afternoon do same to evening, may the joy in your heart only increase. Happy birthday, love.

79. Sweetheart, you have a lot of sweet things in you. And I know you can only get sweeter. I love you plenty and wish you a very happy birthday!

80. Happy birthday to you, honey. Watch and see how sweet the day goes and take it as a clue to how amazing the next decade of your life will be! I love you forever, girl!

81. Happy birthday to you, darling. I waited for this day of mad celebration and here it is. I wish you more than you have prayed for. I love you forever.

82. When I call you anything sweet, I don’t need to put it in quotes because you’re literally sweet! Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. I can’t stop thinking of you and how sweet you are.

83. Happy birthday, my love. Hope life is treating you better than you ever hoped for? There’s even better things waiting for you today and ahead. I love you madly.

84. I don’t need these messages to say happy birthday to you, but while you wait for all I have for you today, let this virtual communication send my love and best wishes across. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

85. A lot of things makes the year for different people, and what makes mine is your birthday. 2023 to me has gotten to its peak today. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.

86. A paragraph to say that I love you, a text to say that I wish you all the beautiful things you wish for, and a line to say happy birthday to a pretty/handsome person like you. Love and kisses and best wishes.

87. Your birthday is beyond just another opportunity to pray for you and say I love you and send you wishes. It means more to me. Happy birthday to the love of my life!

88. Once, someone told me that I’m drawing closer to my grave as I celebrate every birthday. At least, I spent my life enjoying the one I love most. Happy birthday, darling.

89. Sweetheart, among all the texts and wishes, here’s the one that says “you’re wonderful and better than any description anyone can come up with.” I love you. Happy birthday, sweetheart.

90. Someone doesn’t need to be woken or trendy to see that you’re everything amazing. But since blindness is still a thing, let’s forgive those people that think otherwise. Happy birthday to you, baby.

91. Sweet man, every day in the year should be your birthday because I celebrate and thank God for you on a daily. Happy birthday to you, my king. I wish you love, life and all the beautiful things!

92. Baby girl, may love continually guide you and may peace not take a break from your life. Also, may joy fill you all the time! Happy birthday to you, my girl.

93. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Your day will really be a happy one. Your family and friends will only give you excess joy and nothing less. I love you madly!

94. I prayed that I’ll be totally alright in 2023 and today I pray for the same for you, my sugar. I pray that you’ll only find life’s best on your side. Happy birthday to you, honey.

95. Thanks for beautifying my life and for beautifying this year for me, sweetheart. Thanks for being a lot of amazing things to me. You are celebrated by me today, love. Happy birthday!

96. Yay! Thirty-two years and you’re still doing well. I’m proud of you, baby. I love you madly. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart.

97. I may not have a coat of many colours to give you, but I have no doubts that you know how my love for you is! Darling, happy birthday! More faith and joy!

98. You’ll never walk in the wrong paths, baby, and your life will be a journey of total bliss! I love you forever. Happy birthday to you, my darling.

99. All the sweetness you shower me with will bring you much good. 2023 will bless you and the years after will do even more and better! I love you forever, my heart. Happy birthday to you!

100. The excitement in me right now could make an ocean. And only you, baby, can make me feel this way. Today, I pray for the best of earth and heaven for you for the rest of your life, darling! Happy birthday!

101. Sweetheart, the skies up there and the sun too, the wind and even the seas and oceans are all waiting for me to say happy birthday to you. Here we go, baby: Happy birthday!

102. One time to remind you that I love you. Two times for every time that I told you. And three times for the break I’m taking today to tell you that I celebrate you! Happy birthday to you, my love.

103. I thought your birthday was over when I woke up, darling because in excitement I celebrated you in my dreams and it felt so real. Happy birthday to the love of my life. I cherish you.

104. May every step you take this year being back heavy positive rewards. And may you enjoy another level of wonder from now on. I love you, honey. Happy birthday. Your 2023 will be awesome!

105. Remember all the beautiful things I and so many others say about you, sweetheart? Today’s a day to celebrate all of them too. Happy birthday to you, my love. I wish you more beauty.

106. Darling (insert name), I’m thinking of you today and I have more sweet things to say to you than the day will permit. So I’ll just say happy birthday for a start. I pray for the best of you to be revealed. Amen.

107. I love celebrating, love. And one thing I love more than celebrating is celebrating my boy — you. But what I love most is you. Happy birthday to my heart’s desire.

108. What do you need madly, my lover? Today, the process of acquiring it and they will begin. Happy birthday to you, baby. I love you forever!

109. Happy birthday to you, honey. And talking of honey, your sweetness has no side effects, so I’m not worried. Loving you is sweet and easy! Happy birthday to you!

110. Recently, my texts may not have been flowing in the way you want them to, but this is to mark the day I wished your sweetest dream to become reality! Happy birthday, my love!

111. Hello, darling. Your birthday gives me another chance to thank God for bringing you into the earth for me! Happy birthday to you, darling. I pray you only encounter good and more good.

112. Happy birthday to you, love. Happy hours, glad minutes and joyful seconds are yours today and forever! I love you plenty!

113. My man and husband! Happy birthday! And may the day bring more happiness than you envisaged. And may you not hit any problems today! Amen.

114. You’ll live above troubles, baby. The worst that will happen will be you witnessing trouble but not being a part of it. Happy birthday, love.

115. As your friends and family gather to celebrate you, they’ll realize how blessed they are that they know you and are connected to you. Happy birthday, my wife!

116. Sweetheart, you are growing in grace and lighting up the world. May you receive in good measure the good you give out. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart.

117. And it’s that time of the year where we celebrate the royalty that you are! Happy birthday to you, love. Life’s bringing more good than you can handle for you!

118. Fifty years now and your voice is still my favourite sound and your face, my favourite picture. Happy birthday to you, baby. I still admire you a lot.

119. Never seen a heart as beautiful as yours and never felt as safe with another guy, not even my brothers! Happy birthday to you, baby. Thanks for everything!

120. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Until we’re dead and gone, shame and sorrow won’t come to us. I can’t wait for when we’re older so I’ll remind you of how good God is to us! I love you.

121. My baby, every day is beautiful with you, but today is a special kind of beautiful. Happy birthday to you! Quote me when I say you’re the best girlfriend anyone can have. I wish you more wins in life!

122. Sweetheart, you’re the one who keeps me happy and excited. I pray that because of today you’ll enjoy happiness and excitement for the rest of your life! Happy birthday, sweets.

123. I’ll tell everyone that comes around today to celebrate you that beauty lives here, that joy lies here and that blessings have found an abode here. I enjoy here with you. Happy birthday, honey.

124. Today’s is we celebrating you, darling. Keeps achieving more and loving me like I’m the only man in the world. The best is yours and we’ll claim it together. Happy birthday, darling.

125. Babe, it’s one thing to be in love and another entirely different thing to be in love with you. You add spice to loving that’s never been experienced by any human! I love you, babe. Happy birthday to you!

126. It’s a beautiful thing to know you, to love you and be loved by you, to celebrate you as you grow older. You’re my pillar, darling, and the best hubby ever! Happy birthday to this king!

127. Age is just a number, I know, but I want to celebrate you at every chance earth throws at us. Happy birthday to you, wifey! I wish you are a far better version of yourself by your next birthday. I love you.

128. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. Today’s all yours and I’m here to spend it with you, to remind you that you deserve all the celebration you’ll get, and to celebrate you too! Love, your darling boyfriend.

129. Thanks for being someone I can pride in! Thanks for boosting my reputation with your amazing activities. My woman, my wife, my best friend, I love you madly. Happy birthday to you, love.

130. Today, I celebrate a man that’s everything to me. You’re my husband, brother and bestie! Happy birthday to you, babe. Best wishes from your girl!

131. You in my life has put in in a never-ending circle of bliss. Yes, with you I’m happy to say my life is going in circles. Lol. Happy birthday to you, darling. I celebrate you!

132. Darling, you’re the one I want to wake up every morning to see. I excited to know that there are many more years for me to have you. Happy birthday. May the years ahead give you much smiles.

133. I’m blessed to have you as a partner for life! Happy birthday to you, my love. The future is definitely amazing with you in it. I love you madly.

134. I may have just met you this 2023, but you’ve brought a change to my life that I can’t ignore. I celebrate you and that gift to me today! Happy birthday to your sweetheart.

135. Hope I’m the first to drop you a birthday message today? If I’m not the first, I won’t be bothered because mine will definitely put the biggest smile on your face. Happy birthday to you, love.

136. Happy birthday to you, darling. I’m more excited than I expected to be. May our love only go stronger and better! I love you madly, baby.

137. Happy birthday to you, my favourite human, my sweet darling husband/wife. Earth is not complete without you, and my life too! I wish you the best wishes you have for yourself.

138. I don’t need sugar-coated quotes to say happy birthday to you. This is my voice saying: happy birthday, darling. You’re doing well, babe. Take it from me.

139. Your candle is burning bright and lighting up the world. I’ve also enjoyed the light; I think I’ve enjoyed it the most. Happy birthday, my darling. I wish you all good!

140. Baby boy, see how sweet you are. I see how you don’t have to stress to impress me and I trip for you all over again! Happy birthday to you, sweetheart! Love.

141. Darling, you are a joy to me. I’m excited to share my life with you. You give my joy and someone to love! Happy birthday to you, babe.

142. The place you have in my heart is the part called “everywhere!” My heart is all yours, baby. Happy birthday to you. May you enjoy all you should. Amen.

143. I once stumbled upon some quotes about celebration and understood why I find it easy to celebrate you and with you. It’s because you’re worth it! Happy birthday, sweetheart.

144. Happy birthday, wifey. It’s been a pleasure being a hotspot to you for years. There’s a lot of celebration ahead of us, so let’s brace up for it! I love you.

145. Happy birthday to this gem of a man! You’re a husband that drops sweetness. If you were to be an animal, I guess you’ll be a bee. Keep overflowing with sweetness and all good things. I love you for life!

146. The biggest celebration for me this 2023 is this birthday! Honey, your growth means more than a lot to me and I’m happy to celebrate it. Happy birthday, bae.

147. Happy birthday to you, sweetheart. There’s a lot I can commend you for, but let’s just send the prayers and wishes today. Love will follow you and your paths won’t be ever dark. Much love!

148. Hey, baby. Hope your day’s going smoother than you planned? If yes, then that’s great, because that’s how it should be. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. I love you madly.

149. I’m so glad that you’re living and loving the way you’re living! May that never change. For you, it can only get better. Happy birthday to you, babe.

150. Happy birthday to you, darling. I wish you all the goodness you dream of. Enjoy with the knowledge of my love at the back of your mind. I love you forever!

With the quotes, messages, texts and paragraphs you’ve read, is it still impossible to pass that happy birthday across to your partner? I’m sure it’s not.

So help others to also share the love across to the one they call “sweetheart” this 2023 by sharing these happy birthday sweetheart messages and quotes with them. Can you do that?

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