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2021 Trending My Birthday Celebration Quotes

Well, everyone is making posts over their birthdays on social media, posting prayers, quotes, wishes, and fun posts. And I guess you also want to do same, and that’s why you’re on this page.

It’s a beautiful thing to post about your birthday, whether that’s what’s trending now or not. And so we put together this list of My Birthday Celebration Quotes for you and other internet users.

There are a hundred sample quotes here for you, so knock yourself out.

It’s your birthday, write 100 inspirational quotes to be used on the status and social media, with some messages of prayers to God for years well spent.

Inspirational Happy Birthday to Me Quotes

Apart from the numerous wishes and the wonderful gifts you’ll get for your birthday, it’s ideal to still share some personal quotes on your status in celebration of your big day. These my birthday celebration quotes and status are all you need to give yourself the best of a treat.

1. If I don’t celebrate today, then no one else should. God has been, to me, one hell of a protector, guide and source of blessings. This is to thank him for bringing me to this point of my life. Happy birthday to me.

2. Years “perfectly” spent should be celebrated. But I’m celebrating even with my fault and flaws. I’m thankful for life, for friends and for my family. I love the person I am growing to become. Wish me a happy birthday.

3. When the rains fell, God stood with me. When the storms came, God never left. He has blessed me and brought me into a life that I’m grateful for. I’ll forever be grateful that I got to know God. Happy birthday to me today.

4. Today is my birthday and I can’t stop saying it. There’s a lot to thank God for, but today I want to thank him for all he has done for me in the last one year. Again, I can’t stop saying that today is my birthday.

5. I can tell you of my strengths, my weaknesses and things I know about myself. You can tell me about a lot of things you’ve seen in me. But I want you to know that every good that can be found in me today is because I have good God in my life. I thank God for being my God. Happy birthday to myself. And to you reading this, thanks for being my friend.

6. 20 years later and I’m still going about life, with worries, but with blessings. With fears, but with blessings. I cannot say all the hard times I’ve had, but I cannot also say all the great times I’ve had. God’s been good to me and I’m glad I have him. Wish me a happy birthday, people.

7. Great people in my life have made life beautiful for me and I will not be where I am this day without the people around me. My mates are richer and stronger and more influential than me, but I’m still growing and moving forward. I wish myself love, joy, and peace on this beautiful day. Happy birthday to me.

8. I’m not the most beautiful person in the world, neither am I all I wish to be. But, if you look at my life, you’ll see that I’m blessed beyond what I deserve. If I did everything for myself, I won’t be what I am today, so I thank all who have contributed to making me who I am today. Thanks to God for being by my side. Happy birthday to me.

9. Today, we will party and celebrate a bundle of joy. I am a person of blessings and I know you love me and are willing to stand by me till I become all I’m supposed to be. This is me wishing myself a happy birthday and reminding those around me that we must party tonight! Happy birthday, Felix.

10. Well, the day we have been waiting for is here and I’m a year older. I will appreciate every gift I get, and I think a word of prayer for me from you would make my day complete. So can we have them in the comments? Happy birthday to me.

11. I may not be popular in this space, but I know that I must have done something good for someone here and I’m happy that I’ve been a blessing to whoever that person is. A lot of you have also done beautiful things for me, and I’m glad we share this space. Today is my birthday and I’m excited to tell you all. Won’t you celebrate me?

12. If I am a country, today will be a public holiday to celebrate my efforts at trying to be the best I can be. Hard times have come and good ones have come, I had friends and enemies too, but I keep pushing on, and today tells me to consciously try to look at my progress. Happy birthday to myself.

13. In the last year, I haven’t gotten a certificate or an award, I haven’t built a house or bought a car, I haven’t even made a million, but I won’t wait for certain things to happen before I celebrate. Today, I celebrate every little thing that was added to me in the last one year. Happy birthday to me.

14. Hey, people. Can I be the trending topic for today? It’s my birthday and this is me shouting. Say a prayer for me.

15. No longer am I 20 years old. I’m now 21 for the next one year! Thanks to all who have been of help to me throughout my life and to all who would do anything to bring the best out of me. Happy birthday to me!

16. It’s been a long ride and I’m here today to thank God for making today just the way it is. This is to wish me a happy birthday and to ask when you’ll start sending in your gifts.

17. Happy birthday to me. No lights or cameras, but I’m still on top of the world. I’m so excited that I could turn into a bird right now and fly until forever. Say a prayer for your boy.

18. Except the world ends, I will paint the city (read as my room) red today. Y’all are invited, if you can find me, to my birthday party. Gate fee: a gift. Happy birthday to your boy!

19. Life has not been at it’s fairest, but I’m here today saying that God has been fairest to me. Since I knew God, he has been working beautiful things for me, so much that I can trust him, even when I don’t understand his plans. Today is my birthday and I’m more than excited.

20. Many years have come and I still have a lot to do with my life, but I will celebrate the little I’ve achieved like it’s all I was made to achieve. Happy birthday to the boy.

21. It’s a bright day and a good one to say happy birthday to me. So join the day in telling me a happy birthday.

22. I can’t stop myself from growing older, so don’t blame me for celebrating a new age today. Just join in and let’s turn this party upside down. Wish me a happy birthday.

23. I can’t get enough of the blessings of God. The last 30 years of my life have been filled with them, and I know there’s more waiting for me. Happy birthday to me.

24. Happy birthday to the most beautiful girl on your Facebook space. Wish me the best of birthdays, please. I wish myself love and joy and peace and more.

25. Happy birthday to me. There are a lot of beautiful things you can do for me today, but all I want is a car. So who’s giving me?

26. Happy birthday to you, baby. Yes, I’m the baby here. Happy birthday to me and all who celebrate the day they were born today. May we do amazing things with our lives.

27. God, guide me through life. Provide for me. Protect me. And help me to be all you want me to be. Amen. Happy birthday to me.

28. How I love the idea of waking up to the wishes and the gifts on my birthday and still waiting for more! But more than that, how I love the knowledge that there are better days ahead. Happy birthday to me.

29. Dear me, may every day, with all they come with, bring you towards being a better person. Live on. Fight on. And do all you can to be the best you can be. Happy birthday to me today.

30. Today is a blessed day for your girl. She prays for more love and provision. She also wishes you give her gifts. Happy birthday to her.

31. Happy birthday to the most interesting person on earth. May the day bring me more than all the good I need and more than all the good I deserve. Celebrate with me.

32. Happy birthday to me. Wherever you are, I want you to know that I’m growing bigger, stronger and wiser. I love the person I’m gradually becoming. I wish you all could attend my party.

33. I’m so excited about today. It’s a celebration day, a birthday, my birthday. Let the whole world join me to turn this day upside down. Happy birthday to me.

34. The pictures I’m uploading show me looking fresh, but life has dealt with me in ways that don’t reflect in them. I celebrate all the victories I’ve had to be where I am. Happy birthday to me.

35. When things don’t go your way, when trouble hits you when you are sad, just, like me, remember the little things that have made your life better at any point, and I think that will help you a bit — or much. Wish me a happy birthday.

36. If I could ever turn back the hands of time, I’ll love to repeat every action I’ve taken because I love the person I am now. Happy birthday to me.

37. One day, I’ll be more of what I want to be. But until then, while working to be more, I will enjoy what I am. Wish me a happy birthday.

38. Facebook may not be a place to talk about everything, but I won’t keep my birthday out of it. Y’all are sweet people and should celebrate with me. Happy birthday to me.

39. Maybe the best way to go through life is knowing that there’s a God who loves you, cares for you, and even died for you. That’s the way I’m going through life. Happy birthday, self.

40. The only note to self I have today is “Happy birthday”! Nothing more!

41. I can write a very long post about my life in 23 years, but first I should say a happy birthday to myself. The other long story will be posted later — or not. Happy birthday to me.

42. How happy I am to be here, with all of you in my life. How happy I am to be 30 and still living, with so much ahead of me. I celebrate myself today and I hope you’ll say a prayer for me. Happy birthday to me.

43. I really can’t tell if this excitement is over my birthday or what I was promised today, but I know that I’m thankful to God for all he has done for me in my few years on earth. Happy birthday to me.

44. I demand to know why I’m growing only older and not younger. Lol. But, well, it’s good to know that I’m growing well, however. Happy birthday to me.

45. I’ll find more love, peace, and joy from now on, and it will only increase as time moves on. Whatever you can do to make my day beautiful will be appreciated. Tell me a happy birthday.

46. May your day, whether it’s your birthday or not, be as interesting as mine. Yup. Happy birthday to me.

47. I woke up today like “yaaaaaaaaaay!” It’s my birthday, a rare day, and seeing it is one thing I am thankful for. Wish me a happy birthday already.

48. Look at my photos and see how my beauty increases. The beauty inside of me increases too. Happy birthday to me at 45.

49. Yesterday, I was scared of becoming 18. But here I am, a few hours into it and loving it already. I hope it remains as beautiful as it can be. Happy birthday to me.

50. Happy birthday to me. Whatever you do, remember that your boy is a year older today. Enjoy the day and wish me a happy birthday.

51. It’s a beautiful day to celebrate a beautiful person like me. I know God has been good to me, and so I thank him. I pray your day goes beautifully and that I’ll celebrate with you one day too. It’s my birthday.

52. If I don’t celebrate myself first, I won’t feel any other celebration. So before anyone of you wishes me a happy birthday, I’m here to say it first. Happy birthday to me.

53. Happy birthday to your girl. She getting prettier, stronger and wiser. I pray that my day and every other day after now will lead me to bliss. Wish me something good.

54. Why do you have to keep staring at your screen instead of sending me a birthday gift? Don’t mess with me today o. Send a gift. Happy birthday to me.

55. I pray that the worst day I’ll ever have after today will be very blissful. That’s my prayer for me. Say yours. Happy birthday to me.

56. Hello, world. This is me, with all my scars, fears and flaws, growing better and better, moving from glory to glory. This is me saying that I am happy to witness today, the day I became 40. This is me wishing myself a happy birthday. I hope you have a wish for me too.

57. Happy birthday to myself. I pray that my birthday will be the best day I’ve had so far and that your next birthday will be a very awesome one for you. Don’t take the attention from my birthday, though. It’s still my birthday. Wish me well.

58. Happy birthday to me. I pray that life will treat me well, and even better from now on. It’s been a long life and I look forward to a longer one ahead. Drop a wish for me.

59. I know you love me and will start sending in your gifts soon, but can you take out some time to wish me a happy birthday first?

60. Someone, help me shout because I’m so excited about today and cannot shout out all the excitement alone. It’s my birthday. Don’t be jealous. Celebrate with me.

61. Someone is about to receive a birthday present from some people and that person is me. Wish me a happy birthday while you still can.

62. One life with many years filled with all sort of things. We can only hope for the best to come out of it all. Happy birthday to me.

63. I choose to use today to just forget about everything and take a break from my regular activities. The other days in the year are still there. Happy birthday to me.

64. Partying is not all I’ll do today. I’ll say a prayer for all who have made me who I am and I’ll receive every gift sent my way. Happy birthday to me.

65. Your favourite birthday girl is here again, after a full year of not celebrating a birthday. This is to suggest to you that you may want to make my birthday interesting for me because it only comes once a year. Happy birthday to me.

66. Today, let’s put all put issues aside and celebrate. From tomorrow, we can think of resolving them. Happy birthday to myself.

67. Again, I’ll say today is a happy day and nothing anyone does can make it darker. Happy birthday to me today.

68. After all the countdown, the birthday is here and I woke up feeling super excited. One thing you can do for me is to help me remain in a bright mood throughout the day. Happy birthday to me.

69. Happy day, happy day, when I broke out of my mom to become a number on the planet. Many people may have been born that day, but here I am as the one among them that matters most to me. Happy birthday to me.

70. Over six billion birthdays every year and a huge number of birthdays every day, but a boy is here in Nigeria knowing that today revolves around him, no matter what anyone thinks or says. Happy birthday to me.

71. I dreamt that today was a blissful one and I’m counting on every one of you here to bring my dream to reality. Happy birthday to me.

72. All I need to have a beautiful birthday is myself, but I can only have the most beautiful birthday when y’all join in the celebration. Happy birthday to me.

73. If the year wants to end now, it can. I’ve celebrated my birthday and nothing else counts. Lol. Happy birthday to me.

74. My birthday comes at the end of the year, and I like it that way because I end work for the year on the eve of my birthday and resume the next year. Happy birthday to me today.

75. Today is a day of joy, because the most important human on the planet, at least to himself, was born in it. It’s my birthday and I can’t shut up.

76. This is not just another birthday. It’s the day a rare piece of art was unveiled to earth. I hope I have brought to your life something good and I hope I will bring more. Wish me a happy birthday.

77. Saying a word of prayer for me today will be appreciated. And I can’t wait for when next I will celebrate again because your prayers mean a lot to me. Happy birthday to me.

78. How’s today for you? Mine is super dope. Throughout today, I’ll feel like the president. Happy birthday to me.

79. One day, I will look back at today and know that your prayers for me today brought a lot of good to me. So, say that prayer now. Wish me a happy birthday.

80. And at the end of it all, you’ll still wish me a happy birthday today. Enjoy the day as much as I will enjoy mine, if you want to, but not more than I will, please.

81. Happy birthday to me. Today’s a great day to be celebrated. I don’t even know why I was born today, but I know it wouldn’t have been better if I was born any other day. Wish me well.

82. I need all you can give me on this day, wrapped gifts, brown envelopes, encouragement and all. Happy birthday to me.

83. Happy birthday to me. I’ve waited for today like (*inserts a woke description*). Rejoice with me on this day that the Lord has made.

84. Hello, guys. There is no party, but that’s not a sign that I’m doing poorly in life. Join me to sound the horn of my birthday and drop a wish for me.

85. Today without me would have been incomplete. Now, I’m thankful to God for making the day complete. Happy birthday to me.

86. Right now, I feel like spending the whole day just saying “thank you, Jesus”. There’s so much to be grateful for. Meanwhile, I want to see your wishes. Happy birthday to me.

87. I’m growing older, but also better. I am thankful that life still has me on it, and I know there’s a lot God still has for me. Happy birthday to me.

88. There comes a time when we have to celebrate the birth of those who have been a great influence in our lives and I hope I have positively influenced you enough to deserve that celebration. Will you prove me right? Happy birthday to me.

89. I have been blessed every single day of my life, and this is me celebrating the arrival of every one of those blessings. Happy birthday to me.

90. No one can stop me, really. I’ve come too far for anyone to stop my progress. I’m not challenging you to try to stop me, though. Lol. Happy birthday to me.

91. One of the best things that ever happened to me — my birth — happened on this day many years ago, and that’s what I’m celebrating today. Happy birthday to me.

92. I can create a long list of people that have added value to my life and I won’t even mention all of them. I am grateful for the gift of these people in my life and for the gift of those whose lives I’ve added value to. Thanks to God for life and everything. Today’s my birthday.

93. God made me for a reason, and I believe I’m doing just what he wants me to do. I know he’s with me every day and I’m grateful for that. Today’s my birthday and I want to hear your wish for me, fam.

94. We may spend the whole day celebrating me, but I think we should also celebrate the reason I am all I am today — God. Happy birthday to me.

95. It’s my birthday. Will you put a smile on my face?

96. Today’s a day to celebrate all I’ve done in the past. It’s going to be better after now because I only go higher and higher. Happy birthday to me. Say a prayer for me.

97. Let me say a prayer for you: your presence in my life will not only bless me but bless you and you’ll not miss any good God wants you to get from or through me. Amen. Happy birthday to me.

98. I have spent a good part of my life well and I know I that the remaining part of my life will be far better than the previous, in how I behave, in what I achieve, and in everything else. Happy birthday to me.

99. I’m hungry for better years ahead and I’ll get it. The past was great, but the future will be greater. I will end well in life. Happy birthday to me.

100. 23 years and, even though I’ve never had a party for my birthday and never travelled out of my country, I’m still learning and growing and becoming all I was meant to be. Happy birthday to me.

Yeah. So you’re at the end of our Trending My Birthday Celebration Quotes, and you know you love it. Care to tell us which you’re using for your birthday?

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