Words Cannot Express How Much I Love You

Words Cannot Express How Much I Love You Quotes (2020)

Have you ever fallen in love to the extent that you can’t find the right words to convey your feelings? I sure have!

Those moments when you can feel tears welling up and your tongue getting screwed don’t happen all the time. In fact, if they happen to you, you are damn lucky!

Nevertheless, you still have to express your feelings to that love of your life. This romantic selection of words cannot express how much I love you quotes and messages can help you sustain the feeling. Pick any of your choice below.

I Cannot Express How Much You Mean to Me in Words

So you can’t express how much your lover or crush means to you or how much you love him or her in words? These sweet and romantic words will help you say to him, “this is how much I love you and how much you mean to me.” Best written for your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. And your crush too.

1. You mean different things to everyone around you but to me, you mean favour and joy in the same plate.

2. Just when my fears were becoming a reality, I found you and you became the reality I never want to end.

3. True love is me waking up beside you regardless of how mad I was at you.

4. You taught me about all about love and its possibilities. More importantly, you taught me how to love by loving myself first. You’re amazing.

5. I love you now and forever. And if there be love in paradise, I’ll love you still.

6. I can’t explain the joy in my heart at each sight of you or even at the sound of your voice. You’re my world.

7. I never knew love was a six-unit course until I met you. I can’t afford an extra year baby, I’m all yours.

8. You represent every I have prayed for.

9. Life with you makes heaven worth hoping for. You’re my heaven on earth.

10. You inspire me and motivate me in ways too numerous to mention. You occupy my thoughts and feature in every fantasy. Don’t you ever leave me.

11. I cherished our friendship but now, I value our relationship. I look forward to a premium courtship. Is it a yes?

12. You are the stage upon which I get to fulfil all my fantasies. You make my dreams valid. I love you.

13. With you, I can be a child this moment and an adult in the next moment. What sorcery is that? Love sorcery? I bet it is!

14. You’re my reality and my fantasy. Thank you for your consistency.

15. Nature has a way of constantly reminding me of you. The dancing trees testify of your skills and crown you Queen.

16. You’re my addiction. I need no rehab.

17. Love doesn’t check the time because it is timeless.

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18. Love makes a difference. You make me positively different. I like it.

19. My love for you transcends generations, time and seasons.

20. I thought I knew what love was all about until I met you. This feeling is so soothing that I will do everything to keep it on.

21. Since I can’t afford to lose you, I’ll do everything possible to keep loving you.

22. Even if you were a dessert, I’d happily make a home in you.

23. Each day I see you, I fall in love all over again.

24. My love for you controls my head, my heart and my pocket. Lols.

25. My life is completely perfect because you perfect me completely.

27. You give me a reason to live. I’m expressly grateful for this.

28. You’re in my thoughts today, tomorrow and always.

29. The love I have for you is not selfish even though you are yet to make up your mind about me, I will keep loving you still.

30. Change is constant they say, well my love for is constant yet unchanging.

31. You are the calm I need in my life. I can’t do without you.

32. Here I am, scouting for words that express how much I love you, I’m still scouting dearie.

33. The best voluntary decision I would ever make was falling in love with you.

34. What part of speech should I use to explain my love for you? An adjective? A verb? A noun? You confuse me beautifully baby.

35. In my heart, that’s where you dwell. Take up an apartment right there, it is all yours.

36. I am grateful for those times you stood by me despite me being impossible. I love you.

37. Since I met you, I have kept growing. Yes, your love is my fertiliser.

38. Let me imprint your name on my heart. Let me be the last and the best.

39. All these years and you haven’t left my side, I am lucky I’m favoured. Thank you, angel.

40. Your love for me makes everything around me blossom. You’re indeed my healthy addiction.

41. I love who you’re and who I see you becoming.

42. Love is endless receiving and endless giving. I want to be a recipient of your love for I am ready to give you a sea of love.

43. You’re in my thoughts when I am waking and in my dreams when I sleep. What have you done to me?

44. The first day I set my eyes on you, I realised my incompleteness immediately. You are my missing rib.

45. As long as I am in your heart, in your thoughts and in your goals, I am fine.

46. You are my short term plan as well as my long term plan. In fact, you feature in every of my plan. I love you.

47. I have not been so sure of any decision I took until I met you. Loving you is the best decision ever well, after buying our house lol.

48. Every day with you is just like the first time.

49. I fear you will disappear when I fall asleep. Please, promise to never disappear. You’re my dreams come true.

50. You’re my garden. You give me tranquillity. I still don’t deserve you.

51. You are too valuable to be left as my friend. I’m glad you’re going to mine forever.

52. Just as plants need all the soil and air nutrient to flourish, you’re my major nutrient. I can only flourish through your love.

53. The smiles, the jokes, the chats, are what I look forward to each day. You’re my best friend. I’m amazingly lucky.

54. Your love is my fuel. It drives me, it pushes me, it propels me to heights unimaginable.

55. My love for you has no definition, boundaries or features. It is unexplainable, it is intoxicating, it is pure wine.

56. I am not clumsy. No, I am not clueless. Words just seem to always fail me at the sight of you.

57. You make paradise a must to get to. A taste of your kiss is bliss indescribable. You’re a replica of heaven.

58. Suddenly love has meaning since I met you.

59. I can’t afford to lose you. Even God wouldn’t be pleased. You are my universe.

60. You can entrust your heart in my care, I will definitely safeguard it.

61. Your face shadows me every step of the way however, this shadow I am not afraid of. In fact, I am content with it.

62. You’re my good fortune. How did I get this lucky?
God must have really paid some attention to my heart cry.

63. My all is yours. You have my heart anyway so why should I hold back any other thing.

64. When you laugh at my jokes, it makes it seem as though I won the award for the best comedian of the year. I am grateful.

65. Your laughter lights up a dark place I shield away from people.

66. You rescued me from a loveless ditch. You covered the ditch up. I am alive because of you.

67. I was going to type a lot of words but they don’t seem to convey my thoughts. I hope I love you will suffice because that’s the summary.

68. I love you across the solar system.

69. Let me be your pilot. I promise to land you in my estate safely.

70. Indeed, it took a while for me to open up about my feelings but it was out of being in awe of you.

71. I want to travel the world with you. I want to build a home with you anywhere you choose. With you, there are no risks.

72. If I was given the option to mould the love of my life, I wouldn’t even come halfway close. God made you perfectly for me.

73. Sometimes I look at you and I wonder how I got this favoured.

74. I hope I won’t be needing an extra heart because you occupy so much space in my heart already.

75. When some people find love, they can’t find trust, some find trust but not love. With you, I have found both.

76. You intoxicate like new wine. I have stopped drinking since I found you.

77. I never knew giving was this easy before I met you. Perhaps it isn’t still easy except it is given to the one I’m in love with.

78. You have made me a philosopher, a poet and a preacher. As a philosopher, I think love, as a poet, I write love, as a preacher, I preach love. I found these careers since I met you.

79. I worry about losing you maybe because I never believed I could get you.

80. You see our connection is no longer physical, it is now spiritual! How did we get this lucky!

81. Falling in love with you has no explanation. Yes, it defies logic but that I love you is a fact.

82. To think that helping a stranger can bring this amount of peace into one’s stormy life is a shock. I love you, stranger. I love you bestie.

83. As we journey through life, breaking limits and achieving set goals together, may we never forget the miracle of our togetherness.

84. I thought love was a feeling until I met you. I was wrong all this while! Love is a person. Love is you.

85. Will giving you myself be enough gift for you? I am yours to have and to hold. Unbelievable right? I’m an everlasting gift.

86. They say when you love something you set it free and if it is yours, it will come back. I am definitely not taking that risk with you. I love you.

87. To speak or not to speak? To write or not to write?
Let me just say that words cannot express how much I love you.

88. I have searched for words even the wrong words of love seem to have taken a break. See, how speechless you have made me.

89. The love you show me in and out of season is so consistent that I wonder why me?

90. Getting to be with you after all these while is the greatest miracle of all. I can’t believe this isn’t a dream. If it was, I wouldn’t want to be awake

91. The only thing blind about my love for you is that I’m blind to your flaws. You’re my perfection.

92. When I hear how everyone is amazed about our love story, I smile since we are all in the same shoes.

93. The experience of love can turn a life around. I say this because I am experiencing it with you.

94. I see how much of personal growth I have had since I met you, it can only be love.

95. I am no poet, I’m no writer but I seem to have few sentences to describe how much I love you. Let’s start with I love you.

96. Your smile holds me spellbound. Your voice is all I need to hear on repeat, Your love is all I need to thrive.

97. Whether or not people believe in our love, it doesn’t matter because we live in our love.

98. Dislike and hate were what I thought I had for you before. How foolish of me! How on earth could I have hated God’s best for me. Thank you for making this love work.

99. If I am stuck in a dessert, water, food and you are my items of survival.

100. Just thinking about you gives me joy unspeakable.

With these words of love that express how much you love your partner, you can be sure to keep them smiling a day.
Use any of our words cannot express how much I love you quotes to get your partner’s mood up in the day, noontime or at night.
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