Happy Birthday Prayers for My Sister

2023 Best Happy Birthday Prayers for My Sister with Love

A sister does not always mean a sibling born of the same parent that stays under the same roof with you, sisters maybe friends but of the female gender.

A quote from Cali Rae Turner says “The best thing about having a sister was that I always had a friend”. But having a sister may sometimes appear to be a thorn in the flesh but the beauty of it is that it all makes up wonderful memories.

Although either you like your sister or not she/they will always be a part of your life so if you’ve not been showing care to sisters either biological or a sister in the Lord you can start on her birthday and make her feel special.

Here are 100 prayers for sisters, to show you care and you appreciate her.

Best Birthday Blessings for My Dear Sister

Celebrate your junior or elder sister on her day, as she is plus one today with the following cute happy birthday blessings for my dearest sister and happy birthday prayers for my sister.

1. Sister, I always feel lucky when I’m around you, thank you for being here and there for me you’re more than a sister you’re a friend indeed. Happy birthday sweet sister.

2. As you clock a new age this year 2023, you’ll discover joy unspeakable and heaven sent surprises. Have a happy birthday my dear sister.

3. This will be a special birthday to always remember, have a nice birthday my wonderful sister and friend.
Happy birthday.

4. I thank you, sister for your love and care, you’re the best in the entire world.
I wish you a happy birthday.

5. I don’t get to have my sister around all the time but when you’re around me you make me feel loved. I pray may the Lord make even this day your birthday a special day. Amen.

6. We were made siblings by birth, but we became friends over time. I pray that the Lord brings more of himself to you, Happy birthday sister.

7. Even as you age on earth, may the father of light shine his light on your path. Happy birthday to you my beautiful sister.

8. You’re starting another phase of life today I pray the Lord amount to your strength every day of your life. Happy birthday, sister.

9. As today marks your entry into another, on this day and always, heavens will lavish you with everything good and desirable for happy living. Happy birthday, sister.

10. Once a year comes your birthday, lovely sister, God will not forget you, not even once will He forsake you. Happy birthday.

11. Weather changes, humans are never static, as you increase in age, you will also increase in knowledge and wisdom. Happy birthday, sis.

12. Best wishes come from God alone, in his unending love will He make you loveable among your peers and immediate community. Happy birthday.

13. May your birthday never turn deathday. Have a happy day my sister.

14. Reasons for you cursing your birthday will not come your way. Happy birthday my sister.

15. Birthdays are milestones attained every year, yours will be a greater one to praise God for. Amen. Happy birthday.

16. I was surprised when I heard the rooster crowed ‘Happy birthday’ early this morning, today joy will overflow your heart and your joy will know no bound. Happy birthday, sister.

17. Some breakdown on their birthday, your case will always be different, breakthrough will always be yours on your birthday and always. Happy birthday my sister.

18. Though you have been singing war song for a period of time but on your birthday your song shall be that of
victory. Happy birthday, sister.

19. As the strength of an Eagle is renewed and restored whenever it pulled off its old feathers so is your strength renewed on this new day of your new year. Happy birthday my awesome sister.

20. The comforter who proceeds from God cleanse and comfort every wound in your heart and show you love on your birth commemoration day. Happy birthday my sweet little sister.

21. Every second, minute, hour, day, week, and month will work for your good always. Happy birthday, sister.

22. As you celebrate your day, you are closer to your greatness, fall and tomb. Your tomb will not be closer to you than your greatness. Happy birthday my elegant sis.

23. May the good Shepherd keep and guide you on your birthday and always.
Happy birthday my little sister.

24. The lord who turn Christ from dead to living, turn all dead things in your life to live on your birthday. Happy birthday, sister.

25. May God restore all your lost possession and fill your day with love and all things good on your birthday and always Happy birthday sister.

26. Through miracle, Moses and Jesus escaped death on their birthday, this miracle will turn your life into a living testimony. Happy birthday to you my sister and friend.

27. As a new year calendar in your life has come calling, success and upliftment will always come your way always. Happy birthday, sister.

28. The love of Christ will teach you and to love and be loved in your daily life.
Happy birthday, sister.

29. The essence of living will appeal to your birthday and your life. Happy birthday, sister.

30. Enlightenment needed for erudition in life be added to your life on your birthday. Happy birthday sister.

31. Good health, love and wealth are my presents to you. Happy birthday sister

32. On this special day, marks the exit of suffering. Happy birthday, sister.

33. Heavenly surprises will not cease in your life. Happy birthday to you little my sister

34. May the blessings of Christ not elude you Happy birthday big sister.

35. Hurray! it’s my little sister’s birthday today may you be relevant throughout your stay on earth Amen. Happy birthday.

36. May the Lord be your shield and your ever-present help in time of trouble. Happy birthday, sister.

37. Happy birthday my little one, may God be with you in all your endeavours. Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

38. Today will be a pleasant and a memorable one for you. Have a wonderful birthday my adorable baby sister.

39. I love you my sweet friend and I bless the day God sent you to be my little sister may God bless you with all the Good things of life Amen. Happy birthday.

40. Happy birthday, sister, today shall mark the end of sorrow in your life Amen.

41. Happy birthday to you my lovely sister, the LORD shall protect you from all evils in Jesus name.

42. As you are growing physically, you shall grow spiritually. Happy birthday sister

43. The Heavenly father will grant you eternal life as you both in the spirit and in the body. Happy birthday my sister.

44. O Lord, make my sister a prosperous woman as she clocks another age today. Happy birthday.

45. Father Lord, as my sister clocks another age, she shall be filled with the spirit of praise and joy. Happy birthday.

46. Father Lord, grant my sister all her heart desire in this wonderful month of her birth. Happy birthday.

47. Your blessing shall be uncountable like that of Abraham and long life like that of Noah. Happy birthday, Sister.

48. In the good book, God made the light. Heavenly Father shed light in every way for my sister. Happy birthday

49. As you grow, You shall be fruitful. Happy birthday to you, sister.

50. The Favor of God shall follow you everywhere you go. Happy birthday, sister.

51. The grace of the Lord Jesus shall be with you always.

52. As you clocks another year, the God of Abraham shall enlighten you more about His words. Happy birthday to you my sister.

53. As you are looking great on this special day of yours, you shall be great in life. Happy birthday, sister.

54. The beauty of the Lord shall not fade away from you. Happy birthday to you, sister.

55. As you are growing big, both in the spirit and in the body, your big dreams shall be fulfilled. Happy birthday, sister.

56. You shall live long to witness the success of your fruits(children) in Jesus name. Happy birthday.

57. You shall live long to see your great grandchildren. Happy birthday.

58. As it is beyond Man’s understanding about how water got into coconut, your prosperities will be beyond Man’s understanding. Happy birthday.

59. Father LORD, grant my sister divine healing from as she clocks another age. Happy birthday to you, sister.

60. Happy Birthday, sister, you shall be wealth, healthy and Strong in body and spirit.

61. The blood of Jesus shall guide you from evil till the rest of your life. Happy birthday, sister.

62. As it is written in the good book that ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall found, knock and it shall be open, I pray for you sister, as you clock another age, the Lord will grant you everything you have asked for and everything you will be asking for. Happy birthday to you, sister.

63. I pray you shall overcome every enemy and your challenges in life. Happy birthday my dear sister.

64. Happy birthday, sister, as you are moving forward in age, You shall move forward with grace.

65. You shall Overcome all evils deceit. Happy birthday, sister.

66. May God touch everything you lay your hands on Happy birthday my blood sister.

67. Today, even as you bask in God’s grace and favor, may you live long in unending love of Christ my sister. Happy birthday.

68. When you least expect to be favoured God will send a mighty help to you. Happy birthday, sister.

69. I’m filled with utmost joy because you’re going on a new age today may joy from the heavenly fill your heart Amen. Happy birthday my big sister.

70. You’re a rare gift, sister, you’re heaven sent, honey to my tea I appreciate your presence in my life may every good thing not elude you Amen. Happy birthday, sister.

71. Happy birthday sister, long life and prosperity is your, may you grow from strength to strength in the light of God’s word Amen.

73. My dear sister and friend, I pray that as your love for the lord grows may he give you the heart template the wisdom can be laid. Happy birthday.

74. May our heavenly turn your struggles to strength and may he grant to light at the end of every tunnel you encounter in life Amen. Happy birthday my little sister.

75. The freshness of your birthday radiates your life and destiny HBD, my sister.

76. Good morning sister, mountains are known by the sounds of water, you’re distinguished by your birthday and you shall always be honoured. Happy birthday.

77. Phoenix gives itself a rebirth from its ashes, your birthday shall give your life a meaningful rebirth. Happy birthday, sister.

78. Meaningful and beautiful experiences shall begin to grace
your youthful days and your strength shall not be weary. Happy birthday, sister.

79. Sophisticated grace shall abound and amount in your life. Happy birthday, sister.

80. Whatever your hands are laid upon shall prosper now and forevermore. Happy birthday, sister.

81. Happy Birthday, blessed are you among your mates and how wonderful you’re among your siblings. Happy birthday, sister.

82. Happy Birthday! The Apple of God’s eye, and for sure God will protect His precious asset. Happy birthday, sister.

83. May your birthday turn everything round for good as God breathes life into your new year. Happy birthday, sister.

84. Every Calvary fortified to hinder you from seeing a new birthday be destroyed. Happy birthday, sister.

85. Every mask waving off good things and good wishes on your be removed by God. Happy birthday, sister.

86. Synchronise with your destiny and glory on this your day. Happy birthday, sister.

87. You shall locate your pathfinder and your pathfinder will locate you too. Happy birthday, sister.

88. Every stumbling block, determined to draw you back, be removed by God. Happy birthday, sister.

89. All the minor setbacks be turned to major comebacks in your life. Happy birthday, sister.

90. You destined glory will not be a dazzling mirage. Happy birthday, sister.

91. God bless your new age. Happy birthday, sister.

92. May the heavens catapult you into your desired destination. Happy birthday, sister.

93. May the peace of God abide with you. Happy birthday, sister.

94. The vacation of road blocks in your way is stamped by the heavens. Happy birthday, sister.

95. The floodgates of heaven lavish you with riches from heavens dams. Happy birthday, sis.

96. Your unrealized goals are realized through the power of resurrection
as you celebrate another year. Happy birthday, sister.

97. The strength needed to carry on the journey of another year be given
unto you. Happy birthday, sister.

98. Keys to unspeakable success and joy be given to you. Happy birthday my big sis.

99. You shall be fruitful in all your dealings on earth, in health and wisdom.
Happy birthday my lovely sister.

100. The taste of a pudding is in the eating but not you, my sister I believe you as a pudding is not to be eating, you’re a pudding at heart. Happy birthday, sister.

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