Happy Birthday Prayers for Little Boy

Happy Birthday Prayers for Little Boy

If you don’t know how best to say a happy birthday with prayers to a little boy, this post is just for you.

Everyone knows that kids love parties and gatherings. This allows them to devour as many candies as they want without being scolded by any concerned adults. That’s why, for a little boy’s birthday, in addition to every other preparation, don’t forget the candies!

There are many ways you can use to win a child’s heart, candies are one. And if you can afford it, throwing them at a party is one amazing way of handling a difficult child. It’s not totally awkward if you are considering some kids vacation ideas.

Everyone has been a child before, and of course, we all have a childhood memory that we held on to, no matter how older we get. All of these memories (bad or pleasant), were made by some persons around us. This implies that you should help the little ones around you make pleasant memories that can bring joy to their heart when they grow older.

Children’s day and every other special day are not enough for celebrating these little bundles of joy and great energy in our lives. Their birthday is a perfect time to show them all of those love and attention.

Whether he’s your son, a friend’s, your nephew, cousin, godson or whatever his relationship with you is, you should show your genuine happiness to that little young man as he celebrates his birthday. And one of the best ways to do that is to pray for him.

It’s your little boy’s birthday, right? Note that you should always have the right words to say to kids on all occasions. Birthday prayers on his birthday are not out of style, send some across to him as a parent or you can have it written in a card to be delivered to him so he can read the words out loud to himself, that’s if he is of age to read.

Show your love and genuine affection to the little boy in your life with any of these happy birthday prayers for little boy, and don’t forget the candies!

Prayers for a Little Boy on His Birthday

One thing I’m sure of is that I have always been blessed to have you, my little boy. You are the smile on all of our faces and the joy in our hearts. May the universe be in your favour, that’s my prayer for you today, for your birthday. Live long champ!

1. Blessed are you among children my dear little boy, may the occasion of this special day be an amazing one for us all. Happy birthday sparkly lively little man.

2. As we have known your beginning my dear baby boy, we’ll never know your end. May God make his face to shine on you brightly all the days of your life. Happy birthday my bubbly little one.

3. My prayers for you today is that you’ll grow well and strong, nothing will harm you in this life. Long life and prosperity my champ, happiest birthday to you today.

4. From the north to the south, the east and the west, favour will locate you every moment of your life so that you can grow well into what you were meant to be. Enjoy your day my baby, happy birthday to you.

5. The goodness of God will be with you and your family always so that everyone we see you and call you blessed. Happy birthday to you today baby, I love you always.

6. The plans of the devil be frustrated over your life and family my dear baby. May this day be the beginning of pleasant things into you, my little man. Happy birthday to you.

7. Only one prayer for you today baby, and it is that you will grow well and strong no matter what. I am rooting for you always my love, happy birthday to you today.

8. Just like the baby Jesus grew well and obtained favour from God and man, so shall your life be forever. Happy birthday, long life and prosperity little champ.

9. May every step you take in life be the right one, this is my prayer for you as you grow. Long life and prosperity, many happy returns of today my baby.

10. The only little boy with the cutest smile that I know, I’m so glad to be celebrating your birthday with you today. Happy birthday, darling.

11. Continue to soar son, that’s all I can say to you today. Have fun and enjoy your cakes because it’s your birthday.

12. May your growth in life and all that you do never be stunted. I wish you a glowing life ahead baby, happy birthday today

13. May the days and the years ahead of you be filled with pleasant occurrences and surprises my baby. Happy birthday to you.

14. I pray that you will grow to be an amazing man with a good heart like you have now. God bless your life my little cute man, many happy returns of today to you.

15. My darling little man, may you never lose your smiles and the bubbly nature you’ve got. May God bless your life with so many blessings too. Happy birthday to you today baby.

16. Watching you grow is so beautiful, I’m sure you’ll be an amazing young man. God bless your days. Happy birthday today my little champ.

17. My little superhero, my favourite man and greatest buddy, happy birthday to you today darling. May the best of life come to you.

18. Today, I am wishing you nothing but happiness and a very prosperous year and life ahead. Enjoy your day and do justice to the cakes baby, they’re all yours.

19. I don’t care how much sugar you take in today, it’s your birthday and you’re at your growing age so enjoy yourself. Happiest birthday my sweetheart.

20. May your life be filled with perfection. Happy birthday today honey. God is with you, you won’t ever fail.

21. A new age and I’m here again to wish you just like I always do since your birth. Happy birthday baby long life and prosperity to you today.

22. I don’t have to wait till it’s your birthday to tell you how much I love you. But since it’s your birthday today, here goes it. Happy birthday to you the love of my life.

23. Are you growing fast or I’m the one ageing slowly? May every birthday be pleasantly memorable to you my sweetness, happy birthday to you.

24. You have always been a bundle of joy to us all, so mu h that we can’t get enough of you. Happy birthday, my baby, I’m ways rooting for you.

25. To the best kid in the universe, cheers to your new age my darling. Eat up as much as you want today, you’ll need the energy. Happy birthday my little champ.

Birthday Blessings for Little Boy

In wishing you a very happy birthday today, I’m also praying that may all the blessings that come with birthdays come to you today. Thanks to your birthday, I can take the day off today, aren’t you just the perfect baby? Long life and prosperity to you my little boy, soar high.

26. Happy birthday to my little baby who brings out the baby part of me to play. I love you so much son, may God colour your life with beautiful things for us all.

27. May your guardian angel never go to sleep or slumber so that you’re kept safe always and forever. Happy birthday my baby.

28. Blessings, blessings and more blessings all the days of your life darling. May your life be beautiful too. Happy birthday my darling.

29. Happy birthday little one, you have always been a blessing and so you will forever be. Many happy returns of today to you.

30. Today, I am praying that this life that you live will be amazing all through. You will have no reason to be down in life. Happiest birthday to you my little darling.

31. May those smiles of yours so sweet and heartwarming, never wear out. Happiest birthday to you today my darling little one.

32. I want to see plenty of actions from you today and that includes devouring your cake and all of the sweets. Happy birthday to you darling, grow well.

33. May God help you grow into a man that we all will be proud of. This is my prayer for you today baby. Happy birthday to you.

34. All around happiness and blessing for you my baby, all of your years will be blessed so much that generations to come will call you great. Happy birthday, baby.

35. The world will come to the understanding of your light and awesomeness, this is my prayer for you today. Happy birthday my baby.

36. I pray that no force will hinder your greatness so that the world will see your potentials. May this life be good to you, hearty happy birthday my baby boy.

37. Happy birthday to you baby, cheers to your new age today! May God bless you and your family forever.

38. Every day of my life will be spent thanking God for you and also praying that you will grow up to be a perfect gentleman. God bless you baby, happy birthday to you.

39. Glory to God for giving you to us. As you have been, may you forever be our source of happiness and joy. Happiest birthday, my darling boy.

40. May God’s grace, blessings, favour and mercy always be with you. I wish you a very wonderful lifetime, happy birthday, kiddo.

41. My little body mighty engine, happiest birthday to you today. May your days be great!

42. Let’s rock this birthday of yours together today, it’s a fun time! Happy birthday, darling.

43. Best wishes to you today baby, blessings of God to you and yours every day of your life too. Happy Birthday, my little friend.

44. This new year, I’m praying that you play carefully and don’t break any more things because you’re becoming a big boy. Happy birthday to you today my baby.

45. With all of my love, I’m wishing you a very happy birthday today my little sugarpie. Enjoy today my love, happy birthday to you.

46. Among several things, I wish you a very bright future with no hindrances at all my darling. May all of your days be beautiful, happy birthday to you.

47. Happy birthday to my super-active and energy baby. God bless your days and all that you make up your mind to become.

48. No one loves you like I do, well, maybe your parents. That’s why I’m wishing you the happiest birthday today. May God keep you forever my champ.

49. I love you and I’m praying for you always that your future be bright and you will stand strong no matter what. Happy birthday to you today darling.

50. Happy birthday to my super charming kid, with a super beautiful heart and a super attractive face. God bless all of your existence my baby, cheers to you today. Enjoy your cake, it’s all on me.

One of the ways to be a loving and responsible parent to your little ones around you is to shower them with love and attention; kids love it.

Help your little boy celebrate his birthday with one of two of these happy birthday prayers for little boy so that he can always look forward to having you around and be blessed.

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