Happy 7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy 7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter

It’s your young daughter’s 7th birthday and you want to make it blissful for her with cute messages and wishes. A birthday message can have a really good effect on your daughter especially when they are filled with emotional words that are simple enough for her to understand.

Birthday messages are one of the ways of expressing love, fondness and appreciation and they will put a smile on her face.

Go through the list of happy 7th birthday wishes for daughter below, pick your choice and celebrate your daughter, to add to the glee of the day.

Birthday Wishes for 7 Year Old Daughter

You are a happy 7 year old and it pleases me greatly to have a wonderful daughter like you. Happy birthday to my bubbly and cheerful little girl, I wish you continuous joy so you remain the happy little girl that you are. I love you.

1. Happy birthday dearie, today is going to be filled with sweets, cakes and cookies but make sure you eat carefully so you do not get an upset stomach later.

2. At 7, you are still my little girl and I will treat you like my baby girl for life. Happy birthday, dearie, today is going to be fun-filled.

3. 7 years on Earth is a beautiful thing and I am happy we can all come together to celebrate it. Happy 7th birthday, daughter.

4. I am still enjoying your childhood years before you cross into those teen ages. Happy birthday baby girl.

5. We are going to paint the whole place blue which I believe is your favourite colour as opposed to red. Happy birthday.

6. It pleases me to know you will be spending today surrounded by your friends and family. Happy birthday, my girl. You are loved.

7. 7 years of blessing us with your smile. Cheers to the last seven years and to the next and next after the next darling. Happy birthday, my love.

8. Happy birthday, angel. Your dad and I care a lot about you and you will always have us in your life.

7th Year Birthday Wishes for Daughter

Happy birthday, dear daughter. On the occasion of your 7th year birthday, I am wishing you brighter days and a life that is sunny and filled with adventure. Today is going to be fun-filled honey; I am going to make sure of it.

9. You are a very lovable person and that explains why everyone in our family loves you a lot. Happy birthday my lovely little girl.

10. 7 is a lucky number and may luck be yours every single day of your birthday. Happy birthday, little angel.

11. You are a wonderful kid and I believe you will retain all your good traits even in adulthood. Happy birthday, kiddo.

12. Enjoy being 7 and start by enjoying every aspect of your birthday today. Happy birthday!

13. Happy birthday, sugar girl, we love and will always love you.

14. Happy birthday to my special daughter. May all your good dreams come true.

15. I am so glad you are a good and well-behaved girl and have never been in trouble in school. Happy birthday, my angel.

7th Birthday Messages for Daughter

Happy birthday to my pretty daughter. It’s your 7th birthday so I will send 7 messages to you as part of my own way of making the day feel more special to you. Cheers to many more beautiful years, little cupcake.

16. Being 7 rocks, you can finally get those big toys you have been eyeing in the shops. Happy birthday.

17. I know at this age you want to be a lot of things but guess what, you can be all those things you choose to be as long as you work towards it. Happy birthday.

18. You have a good person, you are bright and smart and you will do great things. Happy birthday.

19. You exude certain positive energy that adheres everyone to you. You have only just turned 7 but you are touching lives already. Happy birthday, baby.

20. You are a perfect little girl and I see no flaw in you. Happy birthday to you, dearie, I love you just the way you are.

21. May God guide you through life, dearie. I am also going to be there to help you through. Happy birthday.

22. All your friends have good things to say about you, it shows you have been a really good girl. Happy birthday.

7th Birthday Quotes for Daughter

It’s your 7th birthday today, my dear and I took my time in getting the right quotes for you. Happy birthday, baby girl. Life without you would have been dreadful and I am blessed to have a lovely girl like you as my daughter.

23. For someone your age, you are very talented. Happy birthday to my gifted daughter. May life be good to you.

24. We are alike in many ways and I must confess that it is a really good feeling to see your daughter take a lot of your traits. Happy birthday.

25. Happy 7th birthday darling, I am willing to forgive you for all the things you have broken in the house because today is your special day.

26. I hope you will grow up to attain your full potentials and live life on your terms. Happy birthday, sweetheart, you are loved.

27. You are cute but can be very silly at the same time and these are part of what makes you special. Happy birthday.

28. Don’t you ever forget how loved and appreciated you are by myself and the entire family. Happy birthday, sugar.

29. I wish you a happy day and the most wonderful birthday celebration ever. Happy birthday, darling.

Birthday Wishes for A 7 Year Old Girl

One would think writing birthday wishes for a 7-year-old would be easy but it isn’t and this is because you are really special and it’s difficult to put your awesomeness into words. Happy birthday, angel, keep being the good girl that you are.

30. You have been making me proud and you are only 7. Happy birthday, sweetheart, you are going to do great things in life.

31. You are a happy little kid and I hope that your birthday gives you more joy and happiness. Happy birthday.

32. You are already a smart girl but I pray you to grow smarter still even as you grow. Happy birthday, my dear.

33. Today is a good day for all of us as we are all happy it’s your birthday. Cheers to a wonderful day today.

34. On behalf of everyone, I wish you a happy birthday. We all love you and we will always show you love.

35. You are a sunny kid so you will always have reasons to smile. Happy birthday baby girl, the world needs your laughter.

36. You are a blessing to us all and I am praying you will remain one for the rest of your life. Happy birthday!

Happy 7th Birthday to My Daughter Messages

37. Do you see how bright the sky is, it shows even the elements are all happy today is your birthday. Happy birthday, my little daughter.

38. 7 years down, more years to go. Happy birthday, baby, we are going to be here to celebrate the many more birthdays ahead.

39. Your birthday is going to be fun and exciting. Happy birthday and I can’t wait to watch you open your gifts.

40. You have the rest of your life to be serious so, focus on having fun for now. Happy birthday.

41. You always leave a lasting impression on everyone that comes across your path. You are a very impressive child and I wish you a happy birthday.

42. Happy birthday to mummy’s little pet. I am a little envious of the sort of relationship you share with your mum but it’s ok just make sure you never forget I love you as well.

43. You have been a really good big sister and you deserve to have the best birthday ever. Happy birthday.

7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Mom

Happy 7th birthday to the little girl who made me a mom. You have been a good and exceptional daughter and I wish you a life that is free from stress and filled with fun. Cheers, honey to many more beautiful birthday celebrations.

44. You are a kind little girl and it is a really great attribute to have. Happy birthday, sunshine.

45. There is nothing your dad I and would change about you, you are our perfect little girl.

46. Happy birthday to the latest 7 year old girl around. Have a thrilling and awesome day today.

47. Luck is going to smile down on you every day in this new year of your life since you just turned 7. Happy birthday, my special little girl.

48. We are going to have a princess themed party because you are a princess and should be celebrated like one. Happy birthday, dearest.

49. You are honest and that is a wonderful trait you don’t find in most children. Happy birthday to the little girl who is making me really proud.

50. You are going to have to blow out 7 candles today, this shows you are a big girl already. Happy birthday, princess, you are growing into a really amazing little girl.

7th Birthday Wishes for Daughter from Dad

Happy 7th birthday to my daughter, my little champ. You make a proud dad and I do hope you remain my little girl and keep me in your heart even as you grow into your teenage and adult years. Daddy loves you.

51. I am blessed to have a little darling like you and I will always celebrate you. Happy 7th birthday to you.

52. Make sure you remain amazing and don’t let anyone influence you. Don’t worry though, I will be there to guide you every step of the way. Happy birthday.

53. As little as you are, I have learnt so much from you. Happy birthday to my beautiful daughter who has also been a source of inspiration.

54. If I didn’t have you, I would have probably fallen apart. Happy birthday to you my love, I owe a lot to your presence in my life.

55. I believe this birthday will be the best one for you and you will consider it your favourite birthday even years from now. Happy birthday, baby.

56. There is no way I can ever forget your birthday because the day is an important one to me as well. Happy birthday, sweetness.

57. Happy birthday my princess, get ready for the sweets, glitter and games. Today is going to be a great day.

58. Happy birthday to the world’s best 7 years old. This year is going to be a great one for you and consequently for the family as well.

Birthday Messages for My Daughter Turning 7

Don’t mind that I am sending you a lot of messages, sweetheart, it’s just that I am excited you are turning 7. Happy birthday, my dearest daughter. This 7th year of your life is going to be a spectacular one for you.

59. You have all the best qualities a 7-year-old should have and you should be proud. Happy birthday to you, sweetie.

60. Finally, the D- day is here. Happy birthday, my lovely daughter, today is going to be filled with endless fun.

61. Happy birthday my girl, it’s been 7 years of you filling my heart with joy and I appreciate you a lot.

62. You are the light of my world and I will protect you with my life. Happy birthday my lovely daughter.

63. Happy birthday to my little girl, the bundle of joy that has stolen my heart. I am praying you will grow up to be the woman you are meant to be.

64. I pray for you often because you are a fragile little girl and I want you to be safe always. Happy birthday, my dear daughter.

65. You are a cute girl and you always manage to capture the heart of everyone who comes around you. Happy birthday to you, darling.

66. You are so cute my heart melts whenever I watch you play. Happy birthday, I am going to make sure today goes as well as you planned.

Birthday Wishes for A Seven Year Old Daughter

My daughter is seven years old today and I think I am the happiest mother alive. Happy birthday to you, baby girl. My wishes for you are a beautiful 7th birthday celebration today and that we will all forever have reasons to celebrate you.

67. Happy birthday to my daughter. I talk about you a lot and that’s because you are always on my mind. Happy birthday!

68. I know you think I am hard on you but I am not. I love you so much and I will always look out for you. Happy birthday!

69. Happy birthday to my baby girl. I love that you are a happy girl and I pray you to remain one for life.

70. 7 beautiful years and 7 wonderful years. Cheers to these 7 years and the next couple of years love.

71. Happy birthday my little mitten. I know you love cakes and sweets so you would definitely enjoy having them around you today.

72. You are my little champ, you have shown to be very good in sports and I am excited at the possibility it holds for you. Happy birthday.

73. I don’t know how else to show you that I love you, I wish there was something else I could do. Happy birthday my dear

74. Happy birthday princess, how about you flip your wand and make a wish. Don’t forget to make a good wish for mummy too.

Birthday Wishes for Baby Girl 7th Birthday

I was looking for the best birthday wishes for your 7th birthday but discarded the attempt and chose to write from the heart. Happy birthday, baby girl, I am making a promise today to always be there for you and support your decisions.

75. I love you my dearest daughter and I wish you a happy birthday today. May today be bright and clear for you.

76. Happy birthday to you, I am praying all your birthdays will be memorable days for you that you will always remember for good.

77. Today is my favourite day of the year so far because it’s your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my angel.

78. I love you baby girl and I will always choose you above every other thing. Happy birthday!

79. All I am asking is that you remain the absolute kind and pure-hearted angel that you are. Happy birthday, honey, you are amazing.

80. There is nothing I have that I cannot share with you; even my heart. Happy birthday, darling daughter, you are a lovable young girl

81. I have got plans for you and as you grow, I will unveil them once after the other. Happy birthday.

Happy 7th Birthday to My Daughter Quotes

Happy 7th birthday to my daughter. I want you to know that I will be there when you have to make important decisions so I can guide you through till you are old enough to take decisions on your own. I love you.

82. It doesn’t matter if you are turning 7 or 17, I will always take care of you. Happy birthday my angel.

83. I am going to keep investing in you and ensure you have an amazing childhood. Happy birthday

84. Maybe I can’t afford to give you an iPad now, but I have given you my heart and you can keep it for as long as you choose.

85. You should have birthdays every day so every day can be a fun day. Happy birthday, dearie.

86. Happy birthday, my dear, I love the fact that you always stand up for yourself and do not let anyone bully or intimidate you.

87. Happy birthday to the little miss who is ruling our home. You are a real sassy kid and every moment with you is memorable.

88. You are going to be really rich with the sort of business mind that you have. Keep doing those chores and making money off them from your dad and me.

89. Not many your age knows how to pick up after their selves and tidy up their room. You should be proud you can do that. Happy birthday.

My Daughter Turns 7 Today Quotes

I remembered a particular birthday quote and it motivated me to write one for you. Happy birthday to the brightest star in the sky, the prettiest girl in the world and my most treasured possession. I will always admire and sing your praises sweetheart.

90. You have a good heart and it is a good feeling to know I am raising a kid who loves sharing. Happy birthday.

91. I hope my clean freak is doing really well today. Happy birthday my sweet, it’s interesting how you despise dirt and keep your room tidy every time.

92. Today is a special day and with the plans on ground, it is going to be a memorable one for you as well. Happy birthday.

93. I will cross the Nile for you if I have to, that is the length I am willing to go for you. Happy birthday, baby girl.

94. You are a good girl, anyone can see that and it is a proud feeling as a parent to see your daughter so well behaved. Happy birthday.

95. I am feeling generous today since it’s your birthday so I am going to let you stay up later than usual today. Happy birthday!

96. You are growing well and you are growing fast. I am going to make try to give you the best childhood experiences so you have good stories to tell about this time.

96. Not too long ago, I celebrated your 6th birthday and today, I am celebrating your 7th as well. Time sure does fly. Happy birthday

97. I am always happy to celebrate your birthday with you and I hope even when you are grown, I will still remain an active part of your life. Happy birthday.

98. I love you so much my little champ and I have chosen to remind you of that today. Happy birthday, sugar.

100. I don’t know how I have managed to raise such a well behaved little girl. I don’t think I did anything special except birth a special girl. Happy birthday.

Sending the right birthday message is important as the right one can really help your daughter feel special on her day. If you liked going through the list of happy 7th birthday wishes for daughter in this post, kindly leave a comment.

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