Happy Birthday Wishes for Handsome Boy

Happy Birthday Wishes for Handsome Boy

A son is one of the greatest companions one can have in life. His presence is deeply felt, and his absence makes his parent unhappy. A son like this might even mean everything to his parent. And when you have a handsome one, sending him some thoughtful wishes on his birthday is just one of the things that will make him happy.

Even though you will love to gift him some wonderful presents for his birthday, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating him with some beautiful wishes. He will love to read from you. He may not even be your biological son but a handsome boy you like and want to make happy on his birthday.

The happy birthday wishes for handsome boy below are just some of the things he needs to make his birthday a wonderful one. Sending one of them to him could pass a stronger message than getting him gifts.

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Son Quotes

Hey son! This lovely quote is dedicated to you on your special day. I just wanted you to know how much you mean to me. I promise to keep being that parent you’ve always been in love with. Happy birthday, my handsome son. Enjoy.

1. Your love brightens up my day. You bring me so much joy and laughter. Having a son as handsome as you will always be a blessing to me. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to be your mother. Happy birthday, my handsome son.

2. You are not my husband, but my heart beats for you. No one has ever shown me the level of love you keep showing me over the years. On your birthday, I want you to know that I am not only lucky, I am also blessed. I wish you a very happy birthday my handsome son.

3. Telling you I am proud of you is an understatement. I love absolutely everything about you. You are a great guy and I won’t trade you for anything. It’s your birthday, my love. Whatever plans you have, I will support you. Don’t forget to have a happy birthday.

4. You have no idea how handsome you are. Whenever you tell me about how ladies flock around you, I just disguise myself like I don’t know what you’re talking about. The thing is, you’re very intelligent and handsome. I see no reason for others not to fall for your personality. Happy birthday to you.

5. For the rest of my life, you’re the only one I want to keep celebrating on this special day. More than this day means to me, the celebrant means so much to me. I’m grateful for this present stage you are in life. I wish you many more accomplishments. Happy birthday.

6. You’re the most handsome boy ever. I wonder how I got so lucky. You’re not only handsome but very smart and kind. Your presence in my life means everything to me. From the bottom of my heart, I wish that you have a very happy birthday. I love you so much.

7. Can you see how full the house is? We all are here to celebrate you on your special day. You’ve been very good to everyone here, in a way or the other. As your mom, I just want to let you know that you look very hot and handsome today. I wish you all the best. Cheers.

8. Dear son, a new year is upon you. I want you to garner as many opportunities as possible, and work on them. Well, I have always known you to be a very smart boy. That’s just one of the pieces of evidence that your handsomeness is not a waste. I wish you good luck. Happy birthday.

9. I have never seen a boy so down to earth, even though I have seen several girls who are nice. I’m glad that I am your mother, and that makes me very proud of you. I just want you to know that I’m proud of having a handsome son like you. Do have a happy birthday.

10. Despite your stubbornness and rigidity, you’re still very handsome. I wonder how you do it, though. On your birthday, I just wanted to let you know that whenever I yell at you, it’s only out of the love I have for you. I hope you turn a new leaf. Happy birthday to you.

11. You’re like a dream come true for me. I have always dreamed of having a son, but not until God made it happen, I never knew a son could have much hold on his mother’s life. You make everything in my life beautiful, and I’m so blessed to have you. Happy birthday, my darling.

12. Who deserves a son as handsome as you, if not a woman as beautiful as me? I have been patiently waiting for this beautiful day, just to let you know how much you mean to me. The day is here, and I want to let you know that nothing’s ever going to come between us. Happy birthday to you.

13. You’re absolutely everything to me. Without you, my life will be in shambles. I’m grateful for everything you do, just to make me happy and comfortable. On your birthday, I just want to promise you that I will keep being the best mom to you; nothing’s going to change that. Happy birthday to you.

14. A son as handsome as you is all a parent needs to be okay in life. Staring at you alone makes my heart leap for joy. I’m thankful for a son as smart and handsome as you. I want you to know that nothing will ever be too big for me to do for you. Happy birthday, sweetness. Do have fun.

15. I’m not much of a birthday person, but whenever it’s your birthday, I just feel the need to celebrate you, because you deserve even more. My life has experienced more beautiful moments with you, and I can’t wait for more. Happy birthday, my handsome son. I love you.

16. Life with you is more beautiful than life with fake people. In a world full of fake people, I have chosen to make you my one and only person. You’re the one who can always be true to me without having to conspire against me. Thanks for occupying the biggest space in my heart. Happy birthday to you.

17. Nothing makes me happier than thinking about you. The thought of having a son as handsome and responsible as you make me feel like a real woman. The fact is that you make motherhood very easy for me, so I don’t have to do much. Happy birthday. I love you.

18. I love how you take very good care of yourself and your siblings, whether or not I am around. You make provisions for their needs like you’re their parent. I honestly am lost for the right words to appreciate you on a day like this. I just want to let you know that I’m very proud of how far you’ve come. Happy birthday.

19. As long as you’re always happy, nothing will ever get to me enough to make me sad. You’re the one who keeps making me want to live life. If you weren’t here, I would’ve left this world. I enjoy every moment with you, and I look forward to having more of you. Happy birthday.

20. I will never understand the notion behind not showing as much love as some parents show their girls, to their boys. I’m never going to use anyone’s manual in raising my children. I love you and your siblings equally, and I will never stop. It’s your birthday, darling. Have fun.

21. You have always been a very brilliant boy. In fact, your intelligence is out of this world, and it’s one of the unique qualities that set you apart from others. Having you as my son is a very big blessing I don’t take for granted. I hope you keep doing very well. Happy birthday.

22. Saying that you’re the most handsome boy is even an understatement. You are more intelligent and wiser than others. You’re a rare breed, and I’m thankful you’re my son. I honestly can’t wait for to you start making money. Then, people will discover how handsome you are. Happy birthday.

23. I have never seen a boy as handsome and contented as you. You’re one of a kind. You’ve never disturbed me for anything. Instead, you keep going for menial jobs to get things done. I really appreciate your understanding, and I hope to do more this year. Happy birthday to you.

24. I’m the happiest person today, and I’m sure you figured that out already. I feel so on top of the world. I don’t know where to start thanking God for making this journey worthwhile for me. Hey son, you are the most handsome, and I hope you keep it this way. Happy birthday.

25. I will never say no to any of your requests because you’ve not stopped making me happy. In fact, making me happy has become a full-time job for you. Thank you for loving me this much, despite my excesses. I wish you all the best for the new year. Happy birthday.

26. You will forever be an important part of my life, no matter what. No matter how bad what’s happening in my life is, once I look you in the eye, everything clears off and becomes normal again. You have had a great effect on my life, and I’m grateful. Happy birthday, my handsome son.

27. I know calling you handsome gets into your head, but I can’t stop calling you that, because it’s the truth. You’re more handsome than all the men in my life combined. Knowing that you’re my son even makes me happier. Happy birthday, son. I wish you a wonderful one.

28. How can anyone hate you? You’re a complete package and more. You are tall, handsome, kind, hardworking and focused. What else does anyone need in a son? My boy, I’m very happy with all the new developments in your life. Please, keep it up. Happy birthday to you.

29. My life is incomplete without you. Only I know what I have had to go through just to take good care of you and give you the best future. If this is going to keep convincing you that I’m a good mother, then I might just keep doing it. Happy birthday, my handsome son.

30. I can see how the ladies rally around you every time. You have never had the balls to take advantage of any of them, even as handsome as you are. I’m very glad that your dad and I could give you what’s enough to set you up for life (morals). I wish you a happy birthday.

31. Things have really gone beyond what they used to be. Times have changed, and I’m glad that I have a handsome son like you beside me. With you, I’m sure I’m never going to experience any setback. I love and will keep making you happy. I wish you all the best for the new year. All my love.

32. Dear handsome son, I’m glad God gave you to me at my lowest point in life. You were the only one I saw, and even though you were really small, you still communicated with me. You’ve brought nothing but light and joy into my life. I wish you a fantastic happy birthday.

33. I can’t imagine my life without you. You have brought nothing but light and joy into my life, and I can only hope that over the years I can be there for you like you have been there for me. It’s your birthday, son. Make sure you do all that’s in your power, to have the best. Happy birthday to you.

34. The Lord is great; He has been merciful and today, I’m thankful. I’m thankful for so many things, but you top the list because I still find it difficult to believe I have a son as handsome as you. You’ve really grown, trust me. I just hope the growth will not be limited to only your stature. Happy birthday, dear son.

35. I don’t even know what to say. In fact, it’s very obvious that I am lost for the right words. You’ve been a very good son to me; always running errands and making sure everything is fine. Trust me, I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for choosing me. Have a happy birthday.

Happy Birthday to My Handsome Boy Wishes

Hey handsome! You brighten up my life with your presence. Your presence just has a way of making everything come alive. I hope this year brings you people who truly deserve it and will take you to the next level. Happy birthday, my boy.

36. I used to be very lonely until I had you. Some people even think that you’re my man, because of your huge stature and how handsome you are. I’m grateful for a good looking son like you, and I hope to support you in getting the best out of life. Happy birthday to you, son.

37. Some things are better left unsaid, but showering praises on you on your birthday doesn’t include those things. I’m very happy to be celebrating you today. Here’s wishing that the coming years come with more celebrations than your birthday. Happy birthday, my boy. I love you.

38. Whatever people say about you is always positive. Is it that you don’t fight or argue with people? Well, I want you to always stand up for yourself, whether it takes fighting or arguing. You will definitely get there, son. I wish you a very happy birthday. Have fun all the way.

39. My love will always be enough for you, and you will always be very dear to my heart. You’re my son, and the least I can do is love and support you. I want you to know that I will never deprive you of those two things. It’s your birthday, get up and rock it. Happy birthday to you.

40. Whenever you are going through hard times, do not fret because they are bound to happen. If it gets really hard, let me know about it. I never want you to go through anything alone; not even with all this hotness and handsomeness. Make sure you keep making yourself happy. Happy birthday to you.

41. There’s nothing better I’d love to do with my time today than celebrate you. You actually deserve more, but since that’s all I can afford, I beg you to accept me the way I am. I promise to make it up to you as soon as possible. How are you enjoying your birthday? Do have a good time. Kisses!

42. I don’t care what anyone has to say, all I know is that I will keep being the best mom. You’ve given me a reason to keep going and never give up, even on the verge of giving up. I’m very sure I can go through any storm with you in my life. Make sure you have a fabulous birthday celebration. I love you.

43. No one has existed when you’re with me. You’re the one who makes me do the right thing. Your handsomeness captivated my soul like you’re more than a son to me. I feel very blessed to have you, and I honestly can’t stop feeling like the best mom. Have a happy birthday.

44. You’re the best and most handsome son in the entire universe. That you exist in my life is a great blessing to me. My life has really changed from the way it used to be before I had you. If there’s anything I want to keep doing, it’s to spend my entire life loving you. Happy birthday.

45. Whenever you’re going through hard times and feeling down, all you need to do is just think of my love for you; it will make you stronger and eventually set you free. Life brings struggles at times, but our determination really matters in all of these. Happy birthday to you, my son.

46. You always manage to fill my heart with love and positivity, no matter what you’re going through personally. I wish I could be there on your birthday to give you a hug in person, but know that my thoughts are always with you. I love you, son. Do have a very happy birthday with your friends.

47. Your love for me is everything to me. It’s like a soothing balm to my wound. I’m very lucky and blessed to have such a handsome young man in my life. Thank you for making my life much more beautiful. It will only get better from here. I wish you a happy birthday.

48. I am sure it’s going to be a happy birthday because you have everything you prayed for in the last year. I’m very happy that things are working out just as you planned them. If there’s anything still bothering you, let me know so we trash it together. Happy birthday, handsome son.

49. When I discovered I was going to have a boy, I knew it automatically meant that I was going to have a best friend. Ever since your arrival into my life, things have really been working out fine. I’m thankful for God’s grace in your life. I hope you keep enjoying it. Happy birthday, my darling.

50. You’re the only one that matters and will always matter to me. I will always place you above everyone else, because you’re more loyal and honest, unlike others. Having you as my son even makes it more amazing. I wish you a good life, as you start this beautiful new year. Happy birthday.

51. You’re my big baby, and I love you very much. I have never deprived you of anything you deserve, in fact, I do more than what’s expected of me. I do this because you’re a very good boy. Apart from being handsome, you’re so focused and determined. You will always have my support. Happy birthday to you.

52. I don’t care how other people feel, as long as you’re fine. You’re the reason I keep working very hard. I find it difficult to live life without giving you everything you deserve. If at all I’m going to fail at anything, I don’t ever want to fail at being a mom to my handsome son. Happy birthday to you.

53. You don’t only make me happy, you bring me enough proud moments. You take every opportunity to make sure you do something I will be proud of. You’re a son who lives with his mother’s love in his life; no wonder you keep getting it right in life. Here’s wishing you a happy birthday, son. Enjoy the rest of your day.

54. Honestly, you have no idea how it feels to be celebrating a son as wonderful as you. Look how handsome and hot you are. No one will ever believe you’re my son; the most they can do is call you my boyfriend. Thank you for always twinning with mom. Do have a lovely birthday.

55. You’re one of the few people who keep me grounded in life. Because of you, I now prepare for the worst times in life, because I have realized how strong I need to be for you. Hey son, I’m never let you go through the things that once broke me; it’s a promise. Happy birthday to you.

56. You’re such a kindhearted human. It’s so beautiful to see that you take after me in so many beautiful ways. I love you for so many reasons, but how you love me tops the list. Thank you for choosing me to be your mom. The experience has been great, so far. Happy birthday to you.

57. There’s more to motherhood than just the “mom” title. Motherhood has thought me so much. One of them is how I now love other people’s children without feeling weird about it. Motherhood for me is mainly about humanity, and I’m here for it all. Happy birthday, my son.

58. Maybe I was lied to. I was made to believe that motherhood is something else entirely. I was scared to the point of concluding I wasn’t going to have children. Thank God for your dad; he talked me out of that shit. Now, it’s my greatest blessing. I love you so much, son. Happy birthday to you.

59. I honestly don’t know where to start telling you how much you mean to me. Right from when you were still in the womb, I have always loved you. Nothing has ever been about just me, I include you in everything. I just hope to keep doing the right thing with you. Happy birthday.

60. Times and seasons have revealed that you’re the only best friend I have. Others flee whenever there’s a problem, but it’s only you that I see. I’m sure if I wasn’t your mom, you will still be the same person because I see how much you love and support other people. Happy birthday, son. Keep it up.

61. The only thing that makes me in this life is you. Nothing else makes sense outside of you. You are the most real and most supportive person in my life. I’m very grateful that God blessed me with you. I couldn’t have chosen a better son. Happy birthday, my dear. Enjoy yourself.

62. I have always promised to make things easy for you. And when it gets to a point where I get help, I will never make it more complicated. You’re my son; the only one who makes me comfortable. I only want you to keep doing great in life. I wish you the very best. Happy birthday to you.

63. You’re a dream come true for me. My life was meaningless without you. I will never do anything that will make me prefer my past to my present because you’ve made it more wonderful. I can’t wait to celebrate you in a grand style. For now, here’s wishing you a happy birthday. I love you.

64. You know I’m never going to lie to you; no one brings me as much happiness as you bring into my life. You’re the reason I keep living my best life. All I ever want to keep doing is take good care of you, my boy. Happy birthday to you. I hope this year ushers you into a great future. Enjoy!

65. No matter how comfortable and trouble-free my life is, I will always need you in my life. You’re my flesh and blood, and nothing is going to work in my life without you. I sincerely love and cherish you, my boy. Here’s wishing you the best of everything. Happy birthday to you.

66. You’re one of the reasons I will always be grateful to God. You bring me great moments. My experience in life since I had you, has been really great. I have in turn been a blessing to others people as well. For that, I will always love and honour you. Happy birthday, my boy. I love you.

67. You’re my ride or die; the one who I spend the most time with. I can’t even live a day without you. I’m happy to have carried you in my womb for good nine months. You will always hold a special place in my heart. Happy birthday to you. How about we throw a party?

68. I will never get carried away with the things going on in the world. My focus will always be on you because you’re the only reason I live and love life. I have really learnt a lot from my relationship with you. I hope this year is better than the previous one. Happy birthday, my handsome boy.

69. I have always known you to be an amazing boy with a bright future. You have all it takes to be who you want to be. I want you to know that I will never get missing in the course of going after your dreams and making them a reality. My full support goes to you forever. Happy birthday to you.

70. My darling, I have always loved you. I have always known you will become a great man in life. You’ve grown from being a handsome boy to being a handsome man with so many achievements to his name. I am exactly what a proud mom looks like. Happy birthday, son. Keep keeping on.

Cute Birthday Wishes for Handsome Boy

Why are you so cute, though? You are the cutest boy ever, and I’m not even joking. I’m thankful for having you in my life. You keep bringing me joyous times, and I can’t wait to experience even more. Happy birthday, my handsome son.

71. My love and support are the two key things I will always make sure you never lack. I have seen you go through tough times just to make ends meet. Despite all your struggles, you’re that cute handsome boy. Don’t worry, things are getting better. Happy birthday to you.

72. I want you to brace yourself up and forget whatever will keep you down. The top is where you belong, and you should be doing all that will make you reach there. It doesn’t promise to get easy, but I will be right here beside you. Happy birthday to you.

73. My dear son, you have done so much just to make me happy. The least I can do is support your dreams and make them come true. Whatever plans you have in life, I will never leave until you achieve the end result. It’s your birthday! Cheer up and enjoy yourself. Cheers to the new year.

74. Here’s another chance for you to get it right since things didn’t go as planned in the last year. I want you to restrategize and be ready for the worse. But in all of this, keep your head up high and stay focused. Your comeback will surely be legendary. Happy birthday to you.

75. Some moves you make show me how talented and you are. You are always on the move to get things right. You prefer to have sleepless nights than to leave a stone unturned. I wish I had your level of determination when I was your age. In all, I’m thankful for the life God has blessed you with. Do have a great day.

76. Your love is all I need to weather the storm of life. Your love is like headway for me. I easily figure out my next step, just by thinking about your love. I never want to do anything without your love, my boy. It’s your birthday; do all you can to make things right. Happy birthday.

77. You are the one who gives me the will to keep going when I’m down and out. Thanks for being such a comfort in my life. If you are ever struggling with anything at all, just come to me, and I will always be glad to return the favour. Happy birthday, my boy. Enjoy yourself.

78. We only live once, they say; but you gave me a rebirth. I was not this person some years ago. You were the one who lifted me from being just an ordinary woman to being an extraordinary woman. Thank you for being a great blessing to me. I love you forever, my cute boy. Happy birthday to you.

79. Well, I consider you the cutest of all boys. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so that automatically makes me a great mom. Thank you for letting me nurture you the best way possible. If there’s a next life, I’d love to do this again. Happy birthday to you.

80. I don’t even know where to start serenading you with some lovely words. You’re the answer to my prayers, son. I keep being grateful for having you in my life. I’m sure you can’t wait to be a king, but I hope you know that you’ll always be a little prince to me. Happy birthday.

81. My joy knows no bounds today. In fact, my joy is full. Having you as my son has been confirmed to be my greatest blessing. You’re such an amazing young man. I hope your birthday is filled with as much joy as you bring me. Happy birthday to you.

82. Where do we start the celebration from? It’s really going to be a very long day today because I am celebrating my cute son. My darling, I hope your birthday marks the beginning of an incredible period of your life. I am super proud of the gentleman you’ve become. Happy birthday to you.

83. I can’t ever forget how you used to trouble me when you were little. You were really a hard nut to crack. I never really had time for myself, because you were always crying. Now that you’ve grown, no one laughs as much as you do. I love you, honey. Happy birthday to you.

84. I know you can’t wait for the too many birthday presents I have for you today, because it’s now like a tradition. I will never let you mark your birthday without gifting you something very great. Just anticipate, my boy. Now, I just want to wish you a happy birthday.

85. When I look at you now, I see a version of me that also happens to be more kind, honest, and hardworking. I am overjoyed that you have turned into the kind of man I am proud to call my son. I hope that you don’t stop making me happy and proud. I love you, son. Happy birthday. With love from your mom.

86. Having a son as handsome and cute as you will forever remain my greatest blessing. Trust me, I would give you the world if I could, but I’m just going to give you what I can afford. I trust you to understand because you always do. Have a happy birthday, my love.

87. Words cannot begin to express how awesome it is to have a son as cute and handsome as you. You mean so much to me, and I love you more than life itself. I hope you keep thriving, no matter what happens. Happy birthday to you. Mom will always love you.

88. Even now that you have more responsibilities as a father, I still see you as my little boy. You have been really amazing. I love how you love and take good care of your family. Take only shows that the training I gave you didn’t go to waste. Happy birthday, son.

89. There have been many times in life where you have brought me so much dissatisfaction, but you have also brought me so much joy and happiness. This year, I would be expecting even much more than the joy and happiness you’ve brought me. I know you can do it. Do have a happy birthday.

90. You were absolutely adorable as a child, you are utterly cute and handsome right now, and there’s nothing doubt that you will be incredibly spectacular in the future. Thank you for making me such a great mom. Happy birthday to you. With love from the proudest mom in the world.

91. You give me so many reasons to be proud of you. I have never seen a boy as smart, handsome, and courageous as you. I hope your birthday is filled with every delight you could possibly imagine this year. I am proud of you, and I can’t wait for more proud moments from you. Happy birthday, my darling.

92. Hey son, it’s that time of the year again. I want you to know I love you so very much. You mean the absolute world to me, and I hope your deepest desires and dreams come true this year. May your year be filled with the endless love of God. Happy birthday to you.

93. If there’s only one thing I don’t regret in life, then it’s having a son as handsome and cute as you. You have no idea how proud this makes me feel. Thank God I could do all that’s expected of me as a mother, to make you become a great person in life. I hope you have a happy birthday.

94. As you grow older, you continue to make me even more happy and proud. What have I ever done to deserve a son as handsome and wonderful as you? Well, celebrating you is all I want to keep doing till I leave this world. And no, I’m never going to get tired. Happy birthday to you.

95. I honestly am not sure of what I did to deserve a son as wonderful as you. Whatever it is, I hope to keep doing it, because I want to be the best mom just for you. I hope you have a year better than the last. I love you so much, son. Happy birthday to you.

96. My love will always be with you because it’s the greatest thing you’d ever need. To survive the struggles and uncertainties of life, you have to keep doing the right things, and the love of a mother is what makes this possible. Happy birthday, son. Do have a swell one.

97. I am so grateful that I have a son as wonderful as you. You are my joy and inspiration in so many ways. I hope that this year brings you everything last year couldn’t. I love you from the deepest part of my heart, and you know it. Do have a very happy birthday with love.

98. You have enriched my life with your love and presence. You’re the kindest boy in the entire universe. I thank God you’re mine, and I hope your kind heart always paves way for you. What are your plans for this beautiful day? I hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest. Happy birthday.

99. Nothing warms than thinking about how kind you are. Sometimes, I don’t even want to believe I am your mom. Your kind and caring ways absolutely set you apart from others. Again, I’m not sure how I had a son as wonderful you, but I am so glad I did. Happy birthday to you, my dear.

100. Having a son as genuine as you makes my life complete. No matter what you go through in life, I hope your future is just as bright as you are, and may you experience nothing but happiness on this special day. Happy birthday to you. I wish you a more joyous future.

Hey there! How did you find the happy birthday wishes for handsome boy up there? I’m sure you enjoyed going through them. I hope you got at least, one of them to celebrate your son or your handsome boy. Kindly let me know how you feel about this content by dropping your comment(s.) Thank you.

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