Happy Birthday to My Favorite Son

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Son

There are beautiful ways to know you love and appreciate a son dearly. This son of yours makes you happy all the time and does what you please. There’s no way such a child won’t secure a special place in your heart because you would have grown to become so fond of him.

For this reason, there are simple and spectacular ways to make such a son feel so endeared especially when his birthday is being celebrated.

As you plan to do something special for your favorite son’s birthday, you’ve got to think through what you’ll say to him for your great admiration of him and to make him feel really special as he truly is.

So, here are happy birthday to my favorite son wishes to send to your choicest son on his birthday. While your appreciation of means a lot to you, make his celebration a sweet experience for him.

Here you go with this lovely piece. Enjoy!

Happy Birthday Favourite Son Quotes

I have the best son in the world and I’m so joyful about it. I give thanks to God for allowing me to birth and raise an awesome son like you. It gladdens my heart to commemorate this birthday of yours with this lovely quote, all to your special day, my favourite son.

1. I’m always glad for the gift of you, son. Glad you gave us every reason to be grateful to God always. You are just super amazing, and I can’t but celebrate you always. Happy birthday!

2. Never for once do I regret the birth of you. For the peace of mind you embody and the constant joy that radiates in our hearts, I say you are the best son any parent could ever ask for. God bless your new age. Happy birthday.

3. For your selflessness and consideration in every way, I say a big Thank You, son. No wonder you make loving and appreciating you so easy. Happy birthday to you.

4. Glad you took after your dad in every respect. You’ve imprinted yourself so much in our hearts with your diligence and excellence. We love you and you remain our very special son. Happy birthday!

5. Nothing feels as good as investing so much in a son and seeing him grow to behold the result of the huge investment. Still growing and bringing us a great return is a reward of the many blessings of God in our lives. We are proud of you, son. Happy birthday to you.

6. Your high level of intelligence is so endearing. I always wonder where you get your brain from. Glad you took so much after me. Just that I cannot match up with yours. I desire you to grow better and higher than I do.

7. You are my champion. A star in the making. A giant of the nearest future. Keep making us proud and I will always admire you.

8. While you behold each day with lovely radiance on your face and great optimism in your heart, I can only wish you more joyful days ahead as you celebrate this new year of yours.

9. Grateful to God for the gift of you. You made us realise what being a proud parent is. Glad we’re able to give you all that life requires of a good son like you. Enjoy the bliss that comes with the new year of yours.

10. Looking at how fast and well you have grown always make me forget the pain of your conception and birth. I can behold you now with super excitement and contentment in my heart. You are my world darling, son. Proud of you always.

11. I never knew how much I could love a child until you came into our world. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to always behold you and love you like my very own. You are a special son. Keep being amazing.

12. Your strength and zeal are super amazing, son. You always pull through tough times in a great spirit. No wonder you’re this strong. Keep winning darling. Happy birthday.

13. Son, my testimony of you today: you have not only grown so big, but you have also grown so wise and lovely. Happy birthday to you my boy.

14. The older you grow, son, the more I feel like I’m quickly advancing in years with grey hair. Notwithstanding, your daily engagement with me makes me feel young at heart.

15. Darling, I can’t quantify the joy you brought into my heart. I feel the love of your presence and the joy of your birth as you mark each new year. I’m blessed to have you.

16. I wish I can keep you to myself always. But I will always watch your back while I leave you to grow and become the great man you’ve always aspired to be.

17. Son, being my favourite doesn’t mean I’m cut out to pamper you. It just means I know what you deserve and I’m willing to provide you with the needed care and guidance required of me as a parent. Happy birthday, dear.

18. My utmost desire is to see you grow and become successful. That’s the joy of parenthood. Keep living, son and never let me down.

19. On this special birthday of yours, I’m pledging to give you all the needed support and encouragement that will make you turn out well. Just promise to bag more trophies and make me a proud mum.

20. Never will I trade you for anything in the whole world. I’ve raised you all along and kept you all to myself. Now that you’re growing so fast, live successfully and make me happy.

21. It appeared initially that raising would be quite difficult. But the many blessings that came with your birth made me realise how depressing it will be not birthing you at all. Thank you for coming into our world, son.

22. Your early years were a little slow. But many years have quickly flown past that I can now look back to recount the faithfulness of God. He has only used everything to preserve you. You deserve better years ahead, son.

23. You’ve always seen yourself as a big man. Now, I’m glad to make you realise the huge responsibilities that come with adulthood and independence. Trust you will begin to appreciate being one.

24. I’d almost thought I would be horrible at raising a child. But your birth made me realise the wonderful parent I could become. I can always dream of having more enviable sons like you.

25. You’re not just an ordinary son. But as each new year unfolds and especially on your birthdays, you make me understand what a great son truly means.

26. The beauty and pride of being a parent lie in their ability to train a child successfully. Thank you, son, for turning out to be a success and becoming so enviable. I’m proud of you always.

27. No matter how old you may seem to have grown, you will never outgrow being loved and cared for. You remain my very special son.

28. Happy birthday to my favourite son. My desire is that you will turn out well to return all the fondness, care and support you’ve enjoyed while growing up.

29. While you were still little, you used to tell me how I was your hero. But now that you’ve grown bigger, I can behold you and tell you that you’re now my hero, for you’ve truly lived to become one. I can’t stop admiring you, son.

30. I never learnt to be a great parent until you came. The blessing is so phenomenal, you know. Now I’m glad to see living to be a good man, much more than I trained you to be.

31. No matter what difficulty life might throw at you, always remember you have God and us to turn to. You remain ever dearest to us. Happy birthday.

32. Son, you can never go through life all alone. Don’t be deceived by your age to live totally independent of us. I still need you around for you’re so dear to me.

33. Of a truth, son, your liveliness touches my heart a great deal. It dispels my worries and gives me the assurance that you’ve got a very bright future. Keep living, precious son.

34. No doubt, you’re so enchanting. Scolding you is sometimes difficult for me for you know how to get into my heart. With this good trait, how won’t I love you? You remain my best choice.

35. Even when you go wrong, I can always bring you back into my open arms with love. Never do I condone nonsense with you. Just to let you know that I can never abandon you no matter what.

36. As each birthday anniversary unfolds, I’ve learnt to respect your decisions and also accept your wishes. I know you’re also learning to make great decisions as you grow older.

37. I’ve always prayed to be the best parent I can ever be. Glad you’re growing yearly to see for yourself how much of a good future I desire for you. Happy birthday, beloved.

38. Despite my busy schedule, glad I could still find a good time to guide and nurture you through life. Now that you’re growing to become a full-fledged man, remember to always live by the values you’ve been nurtured with. I love you, son.

39. I have never stopped loving you. The presence of your little sister will not make me stop. You remain my most favoured son for you always make me proud. Happy birthday, my dear.

40. I’ve taken you through life and the lessons therein. But this year, I’ve decided you will live by yourself to make your own decisions. That’s the reward of old age and maturity.

41. You’re always reminding me to treat you like an adult. Glad you’ve now attained the year you can be regarded as one. You still won’t be left all alone, you know. You remain my special pet.

42. It appeared a little difficult to birth you. And it was a little challenging to raise you. But it’s now more fulfilling to see you grown and become so successful in life.

43. This special day, I cannot hold back my tears of joy. Your birth and growth have proven to be of great comfort to us. May the years ahead bring you more wonders than you can ever dream of. Happy birthday!

44. You have given me every reason to appreciate and love you. I wish I could throw you a bigger party for your birthday, but know that my love for you is without bounds.

45. You chose to be a little troublesome while growing up. But looking at you now, I can just laugh at those years of folly and smile at the promising years ahead for you.

46. Son, you have turned out great against all odds, you’ve given me every reason to stay grateful and joyful. It’s a blessing to have a son like you turn out well in life.

47. There are many lovely and enviable traits about you. They’ve given me great confidence and a good projection of a promising tomorrow for you. You remain the favourite son of the proudest parents.

48. Glad at how fortune has so smiled on me. I may not deserve an excellent son like you, but I’m glad for the gift of you. I owe God lifetime gratitude. Keep being astounding, son. Happy birthday!

49. As you advance in age at a point, I was almost scared I spoiled you rotten. Glad you turned out disciplined than I thought. You’re my desired son, and I love you so sincerely.

50. I appreciate you for being so cool at heart. Thank you for giving me the assurance that I have a son I can always look up in my old age. We are divinely connected, son. Happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Wishes to Your Favourite Son

No gift in this world is sufficient to present to the child who has proven himself to be my favourite son. It doesn’t mean I won’t buy him a gift. But much more, I launch his new year with beautiful wishes to make his birthday as special as he’s always been.

51. Your birth was a mysterious one but I accepted your coming with great optimism. I hope your birthday opens you up to lots of wonderful surprises life has in store for you.

52. When I prayed for an outstanding son, glad God answered my prayers and brought you for me. You are a whole package of wonders and testimonies. May you experience more of these as you grace more pleasurable years on earth.

53. You have always stayed out of trouble and given me so much peace of mind. May joy and peace of God garrison your mind as you grow older. I appreciate you dearly son. Happy birthday.

54. As you advance in age and also climb the great ladder of success, I hope your life will be blessed with every good thing of life than you can ever hope for. Happy birthday!

55. Your birth and life has given me so many remarkable memories of you. I hope this special year celebration will bring you more testimonies than you’ve ever experienced in all the past years.

56. I sometimes feel love is being snatched from my heart and given to you alone. You deserve to be loved completely for you’ve worked for it. Happy birthday!

57. I will always remember this day for good. It’s not only the day I went into labour, it’s also the day I brought forth a superhero. Shine on my darling for success is your portion.

58 No matter the wrong choices or dumb decisions you make in life, it will never stop you from being my son. But I can always send my prayers and good wishes that you make an informed decision as you grow older.

59. It’s a blessed day for you, son. Just flip into the past ages with gratitude in your heart and picture into the future with a smile on your face. I assure you, your tomorrow will be better than your yesteryears.

60. Trust me, son, the birth of you is one big achievement I’ve ever had. You are a huge blessing to me and a divine gift from above. May manifold splendour follow you into your new year.

61. Of a truth, your yesteryears were very memorable. This year is looking so pleasant and admirable. I can assure you that the years to come will bring satisfying surprises for you. Happy birthday to my choicest son.

62. One little achievement is never the best you can get. There’s still room to bag more trophies. And as you shoot for the stars, you will always experience success in all endeavours.

63. Glad you’re growing so tall in height that I now look like your sister. I like the feeling and joy that brings to me. As you increase in years, may you grow taller and bigger in success.

64. Grateful we aren’t only connected by the flesh, our connection is deeper and grows stronger daily. May this bond between mother and son grows deeper and stronger daily and mostly on your birthdays.

65. I know this birthday will remind you how passionate I’ve become as a mother. It’s all for your birthday. Glad your birth brought out this virtue in me. May you find joy all through the year and always.

66. Each morning, I bless God for your life and send forth God’s blessings upon you. Today won’t be an exception. I’m sending you lots of wishes and blessings today so that you stay happy in whatever you do. Happy birthday, dear.

67. As you embark on the journey of a new year today, may the blessings and mercies of the Lord abide with you all through the year. Happy birthday, my lovely boy.

68. No matter how old you’ve grown or how tall you’ve become, you are still my boy. I can still spank your buttocks as I wish for I am your mother. Enjoy your new age as goodness follows you all year round.

69. You’ve worked your way into my heart. You’ve won the emblem of a favourite child for yourself. Now you have my unreserved affection and the eternal blessings that come with it will be your portion.

70. Happy birthday to my most endeared son. I hope you stay healthy in the soul, wealthy in the spirit, stronger in the body, and fruitful in all endeavours. Enjoy your new age.

71. Hello son, as you rise this beautiful birthday morning, may you never be deprived of every good thing in life. Your new age is massively blessed.

72. I’m glad you yielded to all the training you were given. This has made my heart appreciate you and bless you always. Wonderful children will rise to your calls and listen to you, my son. Happy birthday.

73. Happy birthday beloved son, nothing compares to you. Thank you for not giving us any room to compare you with any other child. All I wish for you is to continue being fruitful and pleasant,

74. Son, here is a charge to you for your birthday. Hold on to the lessons I’ve always taught you, and be assured of experiencing a prosperous life all your days.

75. Never did I claim to be a perfect mother. But I sure raised you well and you’re turning out to be a perfect son all the way. My wish for you is never to deviate from the good path you’ve always known. Cheers to a beautiful new year.

76. The more you grow, the more you believe in God to believe in yourself. Make your trust in God total so you can live a perfect life. Happy birthday!

77. I love your dad. And I can’t stop loving you because you are his perfect reflection. May this new chapter of your life lead you to a safe landing. Happy birthday!

78. For being the key to our peace of mind, we can’t help feeling like the best parents in the world. We are certain this new age of yours will bring forth more wonders in you from what we’ve seen in times past.

79. On this day, make a wish and see it come to pass. And it will be an unforgettable experience for you all the same. Cheers!

80. Where I place you is where I always meet you. What I tell you is what you always do. No prophet is needed before I can believe that the nations will rise for your sake. Happy birthday, darling.

81. Son, you act more mature for your age. Not to worry, your birthday is also going to bring to fulfilment all your wonderful dreams in life.

82. This birthday party is going to last just for just twenty-four hours. But the joy and fulfilment it will bring will last you all through your years on earth.

83. I wish you a hearty congratulations on this day, son. Good things will not elude you. God is bringing pleasant blessings across your way today.

84. Son, it’s another birthday today. Always be hopeful. Just be in great spirit. Be highly expectant. The goodness and blessings packaged for this birthday occasion will not pass you by.

85. Birthday cakes are always sweet. Your birthday balloons are always colourful. So I wish that all-around sweetness and colour to be added to your life. Enjoy your new age, son.

86. Well, as an extra year is being added to your years today, begin to experience extra shine in all your endeavours.

87. To the son in whom I am well pleased, never be afraid or discouraged to be successful. As you embark on the journey of a new year, face life squarely for success belongs to those who give their parents rest of mind.

88. Son, you are my pride and my reason for motherhood. The little boy of yesteryears has now become the man of today. Thank You, Lord, for the gift of this wonderful son. May you grow to be the father of men that you are.

89. A few years back this very day, I really wept in order to bring forth a bundle of joy. Thank God I could look at now and still smile seeing the great man you’re growing to become. May your joy know no limit this new year and always.

90. Taking care of you from childhood till now that you’re grown is a sign that you will return all the free benefits you’ve enjoyed all through the years.

91. Happy birthday, son. Know that the more birthdays you celebrate, the more chance you stand to live longer. Keep living as you enjoy all the benefits that the new year brings for you.

92. You’re not the only one celebrating an anniversary today. Today also marks the day I became a mother to a darling son like you. May you enjoy good life in abundance.

93. Any mother will be proud to have a great son like you. You are so responsible and full of wisdom. I know you got those traits from me.

94. On this special day, I give you my words that whatever length you desire to grow in life, I am willing to sacrifice greatly for you and also support you. May you attain your destined height.

95. Your birthday brings me lots of memories. Many I can recount none can be displaced. May you always remember this very day for good in your entire life.

96. May you get more than you ask for this in this new year. All your desires shall be met and all your dreams will surely come to pass. You deserve a good life for you have been a good son. Happy birthday.

97. Darling son, in case you never know nor were told, you were our dream come true. Just as you have delighted us, all the love and blessings of life will envelop you. Cheers!

98. Watching you grow is a sweet one. Seeing you smile is a relief to us. Know that you are a promising child for we’ve seen you have a great future.

99. Hearing good compliments of you from people around brings great pride to us. You’re such an amazing son. God bless you with the riches of heaven and earth on your birthday and always.

100. You represent us so well outside. You are a pride many would love to us. As you have delighted us, may your own children also delight you. God bless your new age, son.

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