Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for My Cousin

Happy Birthday Prayers and Blessings for My Cousin

One thing should be established in our lives; a birthday is a special gift from God and it gives the celebrant a wonderful opportunity to continue to have a life with hope for the future. Hence the saying: ‘where there is life, there’s hope.’ The gift of life is where everything begins and a birthday is an extension of that priceless gift.

Birthdays should be an occasion for thanksgiving and joy.
This is followed by prayers for the celebrant who in this case is your cousin. This particular cousin may be a distant relative or the best of friends with you. Either way, happy birthday prayers for my cousin will mean so much to him or her.

Starting a new age with prayers will always be a great idea especially for a family member. As you seek to send good wishes across for your cousin’s special day, these happy birthday prayers and blessings for my cousin are not only ideal immaterial gifts, they’ll also show that you’re thinking of them in a special way.
Whichever of the messages you decide to go with, your cousin will absolutely be blessed and love any of them.

Go through the birthday prayers below and make your cousin’s day blessed.

Birthday Blessings for Your Cousin

I thank God every day for making us cousins because I don’t know what I’ll do if you weren’t in my life. I thank God for you and your new age. The blessings of God will never depart from you, happy birthday dear.

1. Happy birthday dear.
Let this year bring you healthy and happy days, amen.
Have the best of today.

2. With a heart filled with gratitude, I thank God for giving you the gift of a new age. I pray that your new age will have so much success and rewarding opportunities. Happy birthday, dear (insert your cousin’s name).

3. As the Lord has added another chapter to your life, may He bless you and this new age abundantly.
A beautiful birthday cuz.

4. Today is your birthday and I rejoice with you.
You shall have a fruitful new year and an incredibly happy birthday.

5. We return all the praise to God for blessing you with a new age; a new age that will be beyond amazing.
A wonderful birthday to you.

6. This is definitely your season to flourish in all that you are doing.
Happy birthday (insert your cousin’s name), have a fantastic day.

7. Wishing you so many birthday blessings and all the progress you need for your new age.
Happy birthday, cousin.

8. Today, I pray for you in an extraordinary way, that God will bless you endlessly and grant you the wisdom to navigate through this new chapter of your life.
Happy birthday!

9. Happy birthday dearest cousin, may the light of God shine abundantly on your path and lead you to your best year yet.

10. Arise and shine as you become a year older today.
The blessings of God is upon you.
Have a fantastic birthday.

11. As you mark the beginning of a new year in your life, may the joy of the Lord continually be your strength, amen.
Cheers to a happy birthday.

12. I have no doubt that the Lord will be with you all through your new age and always.
My darling cousin, happy birthday to you.

13. I’m beyond excited to wish you a happy birthday and to pray for God’s blessings and favour to guide you all through the year.

14. I await all the good news that will come with your new age.
All that and more good wishes to you. Have a fantastic birthday.

15. You are a blessing to the family and everyone around you and so shall it always be.
I wish you a fantastic birthday.

16. Happy birthday to God’s own favourite who also happens to be my wonderful cousin.
Dear (insert your cousin’s name), may God be with you always.

17. Wishing you many more fruitful and better days for your new age.
It is well with you always and forever.

18. I pray that you begin this new chapter of your life in the name of the father and the Son and of the holy spirit.
Happy birthday, dear cousin.

19. You will have an absolutely beautiful year because I’m praying for you.
Have a beautiful birthday.

20. Happy birthday my dear, God will always make a way for you in every situation.
Have a truly special day.

Birthday Prayers for a Cousin Brother

I have a brother and a friend in you and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Happy birthday, dear (insert his name. It is my prayer that you will have a year that is filled with so many breakthroughs and progress all around.

21. A new age is here for you bro and I can assure you that God will make it completely amazing.
Happy birthday to you.

22. A wonderful birthday to you bro, your new age will be inspired by divine grace for increased results.

23. I pray that you will be met with kindness and favour wherever you find yourself, amen.
Happy birthday, love you.

24. Ever thankful for you and the man that you’re becoming.
I know that God will always bless your efforts abundantly.
Happy birthday.

25. Birthday blessings to you bro.
May God take you under his wings and provide for your needs always.
Do have a wonderful day.

26. May the peace of God be yours today and always.
Have yourself a wonderful birthday celebration.

27. Birthday greetings to the latest birthday boy in town.
I pray that you have a truly fulfilling year ahead.

28. I’ll be thinking about and praying for you today in a special way.
Birthday blessings to you bro.

29. You shall have the best of everything in this new age, believe it and it shall be so.
Happy birthday dear brother.

30. Welcome to a year of abundant thanksgiving and God’s multiple blessings for your life.
Do have a fantastic birthday.

31. You are practically my brother and your birthday brings me so much joy.
May this year be absolutely peaceful and rewarding for you.
Happy birthday, dear.

32. Cheers to what will be an amazing year all around.
Blessings to you bro, happy birthday.

33. You are being lined up for all-round blessings and favour and so shall it be.
Have a fantastic birthday and make sure to enjoy your day.

34. To a cousin brother and great friend, happy birthday dear (insert your cousin’s name).
It shall indeed be a great and awesome year for you, amen.

35. It is indeed a blessing to have you as my cousin brother.
May the blessings of God be upon you as you celebrate your birthday.
Cheers to a beautiful year.

36. I cover this new age of your life with the precious blood of Jesus.
You shall live a long and happy life starting with this new year of yours.
Happy birthday!

37. I’m not there in person to celebrate with you but I pray for you that your birthday will mark the beginning of special moments in your life.

38. God will always be with you; as you go out and come in, amen.
Have the best of birthdays.
Love you, bro.

39. Dear cousin bro, happy birthday!
Your new age is blessed every single step of the way in the most amazing way, amen.

40. God’s love and blessings are yours to have now and forevermore.
Happy birthday, bro, cheers.

Birthday Prayers for a Cousin Sister

It is with immense thanksgiving that I welcome you to this new chapter of your life. I know that it will be incredibly amazing and that God will be with you every single day. I absolutely love having you as my cousin sister. Happy birthday, dear.

41. May you receive God’s blessings today and always, amen.
Happy birthday dear sister.

42. I celebrate the amazing cousin that you are to me and the incredible lady that you have become.
Praying that your year will be filled with celebrations and happiness.

43. Thankful for your kindness.
Praying that your birthday today will open more doors of favours for you in everything.

44. To my dear cousin sister in who I am well pleased, I hope that you have joy and peace in abundance for your new age.
Have a wonderful birthday.

45. Happy birthday sis, every day of this chapter of your life will be incredibly successful and easy for you, amen.

46. I hope that you have a beautiful life all around, great health and tons of success in your work.
Happy birthday dear sister.

47. I have so much faith that God will grant you so many breakthroughs for your new age.
Happy birthday, sis.

48. You are deserving of so much love and beauty in your life and I’m praying for God to come through for you.
Dear (insert her name), have a wonderful birthday.

49. I hope that your new age is filled with the blessings that you deserve and so much more.
Have a fantastic birthday dear.

50. To my darling cousin and sister, happy birthday.
This will be for you, a year of golden opportunities and abundant successes.

51. You will meet people who are as amazing as you are and God will perfect the things that are most dear to your heart.
Dear sis, have a blessed birthday.

52. Your days will be blessed and so will your nights.
Happy birthday dear sister, thank you for being a fantastic cousin.

53. I’m so thankful that I have you as my cousin sister and I thank God for your birthday today.
Happy birth anniversary dear, so much love to you.

54. You are so special and I pray that God will bless you in the most special way possible.
A special birthday to you dear.

55. I hope that your new age brings you all the love and goodness that you deserve, amen.
Happy birthday, dear.

56. You are a wonderful sister and cousin to my siblings and me.
I thank God for your birthday celebration.
Wishing you so much love and success.

57. I never tell you enough; I’m so glad that we’re cousins.
Thank God for this special day of yours and may it bring you abundant blessings, happy birthday dear.

58. You are part of my life’s blessings and I’m always thankful for you.
Thanking God for your new age and all the blessings He has in store for you.
Happy birthday (insert her name).

59. Wishing you a happy birthday with all the heavenly blessings and love to last you the entire year.
Have a great day.

60. Thinking of you today as you mark another birth anniversary and praying for God’s grace to be with you all through the year.
Happy birthday (insert her name).

Happy Birthday Cousin Prayer Quotes

The Lord is near to the kind-hearted, rescuing them from all their troubles.
You are one of the kindest people I know and surely, God is ever near you.
Happy birthday dear cousin, have a great day.

61. One thing is for sure; you’ll always have God to sustain you now and always.
Have the best birthday ever.

62. You can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you, amen.
Happy birthday dear cousin.

63. From dawn to dusk, you shall be highly favoured and shown kindness.
A great and fantastic birthday to you dear.

64. God will perfect the things in your life and make you succeed in all that you do.
Dear cousin, have yourself the perfect birthday.

65. The best people deserve the best gifts from God.
My darling cousin, you are one of the best people I know and you’ll receive the best of things today and always.
Happy birthday.

66. Your kindness and generosity would not go unrewarded, God will reward you abundantly.
Do have an incredibly fantastic birthday.

67. Because you stay true to who you are, God’s light will always shine in your life to illuminate your path for greater heights.
A beautiful birthday to you.

68. For there is nothing that God cannot do for you.
That is your testimony for the rest of the year, happy birthday!

69. Happy birthday dear (insert your cousin’s name), get ready to receive the most beautiful of miracles and blessings for your new age.

70. Happy birthday to you.
Welcome to a new chapter of answered prayers and multiple blessings.
Make sure to enjoy your special day.

71. Your heavenly father will perfect the things in your life and make this new age so beautiful for you.
Have a beautiful birthday.

72. It is my sincere prayer that everything you hold dear to your heart will go well for you as you begin this new chapter of your life.
A happy birthday to you.

73. This birthday will usher you into a season of happiness and success.
Signed and sealed by the goodness of God.

74. Jesus loves you and so do I.
Happy birthday, dear. Thank you for being an absolutely amazing cousin.
Have a fantastic day.

75. It’s going to be an incredibly successful and peaceful new season for you.
Happy birthday dear cousin.

76. Wishing you the best of birthday celebration and praying for God’s blessings on you as you begin another year of your life.

77. May the Lord bless you and take care of everything that concerns you today and always.
Cheers to your new age, happy birthday.

78. My greatest joy is knowing and believing it in my heart that God will make this new age of your life as beautiful as you need it to be.
Happy birthday (insert your cousin’s name).

79. Happy birthday dear cousin, may your efforts be richly rewarded with outstanding results.
Have a wonderful day.

80. You are a year older today and so, therefore, God will bless you abundantly for excellence and more success.
Happy birthday dear cousin.

Happy Birthday Cousin Blessings

I welcome you to your new age in the name of Jesus; our Lord and saviour. Be rest assured that you’ll have an incredibly fantastic year filled with God’s favour and continued blessings. Happy birthday, dearest cousin.

81. I celebrate you today with so much joy.
I want you to have a happy birthday with so much goodness from God.

82. Wishing an amazing cousin a happy birthday.
Dear (insert your cousin’s name), all the birthday blessings to you.

83. Sending special birthday prayers to you because it’s your special day.
A beautiful birthday to you.

84. I pray for your continued progress and endless excellence.
Have yourself an excellent birthday of joy and happiness.

85. You will have so many breakthroughs as you begin this new chapter of your life journey.
A wonderful birthday to you, dear cousin.

86. Remarkable days are ahead for you in this new age and beyond.
Best believe it, happy birthday to you.

87. I’m manifesting a new age of unending blessings and beautiful moments for you.
A beautiful birthday to you.

88. It is my sincerest birthday prayer for you that God’s abundant blessings will be a part of your life all year round and always.

89. That kind of peace and calmness you always talk about, I pray that you have it in abundance for your new age.
A beautiful birthday to you.

90. May the blessings of this new age bring you so much more success and prosperity.
Happy birthday to you my dearest cousin.

91. To my favourite cousin and friend, a happy birthday to you.
Praying for God’s love and blessings to be all around you now and always.

92. On this wonderful celebration of your birth anniversary, I’m praying for more excellence and happiness in your life.
Have a beautiful birthday.

93. With a heart full of gratitude, I thank God for your brand new age.
Let it be beautiful and absolutely successful, amen.
The very best of birthdays to you.

94. Happy birthday to my cousin who makes life a lot more special for me.
May God make your new age incredibly beautiful and special.

95. God knew that I would need you in my life as my cousin.
Happy birthday sweetheart, blessings on blessings to you.
Love you.

96. A merry birthday to you.
It will be an awesome day for you and so will the rest of the year too.

97. Another birth anniversary for you, another batch of God’s unending grace and goodness for your life.
Happy birthday, dearest one.

98. To my cousin of life and an absolute gem, I pray that you receive the best of birthday blessings and love, amen.

99. You will have a smooth and beautiful year, amen.
Cheers to another new beginning, happy birthday dear.

100. Your life journey continues as you celebrate another birthday today.
You will have an unbelievably blessed new age, amen.
Enjoy your special day.

You have come to the end of this post, I just wanted to remind you that you can tweak any of the messages to make them more personal by adding nicknames and stuff like that.
Your cousin will definitely love any of these birthday prayer messages.

Something else that you can do; you can share some of these messages with your siblings and your other cousins so that everyone can have, at least, a prayer message for the celebrant.

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