Happy 5th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to my Niece

Happy 5th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to my Niece

Your Niece is special to you and so should be her birthday. To make her feel loved as she marks her 5th birthday, I have readied these lovely happy 5th birthday wishes to my niece with messages and quotes for you to send to her.

She will not only have a great day, but will also feel loved, and will grow to love you more. This is how to show love to her and even though she still seems little, she will always remember your show of love.

This is one of the ways to keep strong family ties as this will strengthen the bond you share. So, dig into these sweet happy 5th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my niece and make her feel special.

Birthday Prayer Messages for Your 5 Years Old Niece.

My prayer for you today, dear Niece, is that you stand perfect and complete in all of God’s will for you. As you are 5 years old today, you shall continue to enjoy God’s blessings in multiple folds all the days of your life. I love you so much and this sending you these beautiful messages is one way of showing you how much!

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1. It’s your birthday dearest little niece. You will keep growing bigger, stronger and healthier. Bless you, darling.

2. You are a special gift from God to our family. It’s your fifth birthday, God will enlarge your coast. Happy birthday pretty niece.

3. Happy fifth birthday little niece. God has made you His treasured possession. Keep soaring higher girl.

4. God will keep blessing you every day of your life. Happy fifth birthday niece.

5. You will keep moving from glory to glory in Jesus Name. Happy birthday pretty niece.

6. God has put you in this world for a purpose that will be fulfilled. You will excel, live long and prosper. Happy fifth birthday baby.

7. Your presence in our big family has brought us happiness. This happiness will not turn to sadness in Jesus Name. Happy birthday to you.

8. Dear one, happy birthday. You shall expand in the Lord’s stature and wisdom. Enjoy your day.

9. Five years so soon. Happy birthday little damsel. The Lord will keep you and make His face shine on you. Amen.

10. The Lord is your rock and your fortress. He will strengthen you and uphold you. It’s your fifth birthday niece, have a blessed one.

11. Happy birthday!
My beautiful niece is five!
God has been so good to us all. He will bless you on your birthday and always.

12. I’m so blessed to have you in my life. Though you are still little, I’m sure you are going places. Happy fifth birthday niece.

13. Happy birthday sunshine!
Doors of opportunities shall open for you by God’s grace. Amen.

14. Five years have gone and we are still counting the goodness of God upon your life. May you find favour in God’s sight every day and always.
Happy birthday to you!

15. You’re already a blessing dear one. God make you a channel of blessing to millions. Happy birthday. Love you big.

16. Many returns of the day girl. God will surprise you by granting you all that you desire. Love you!

17. Shout out to my niece turning five today. Your days are long. You’re virtuous and fruitful in all that you do.

18. The voice of joy and gladness will never depart from you. Happy birthday little nice.

19. Your life is going to be a happy and fulfilling one. Happy fifth birthday niece.

20. The mercy and love of God shall not depart from you. With love from your aunt. Happy birthday, niece.

5 Years Old Niece Birthday Wishes

Happy birthday, my darling. Now that you have hit the big 5, I pray that you continue to grow in God’s wisdom and grace. Big congratulations to my amazing 5 years old Niece. I love you so much. Accept my wishes and prayers with love.

21. Happy birthday girl!
I wish you success and happiness in your endeavours. Enjoy your day.

22. Your whole life will not be remembered for sadness but for greatness. Wish you a blessed birthday niece.

23. You are made for signs and wonders. I wish you a life full of testimonies dear one. Have a pleasant birthday.

24. You are full of God’s wisdom. And everything you do prosper. Happy fifth birthday.

25. Blessed birthday to you, niece. You shall keep growing beyond measures. Have a fun-filled day.

26. I wish that wishes come true as you celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday!

27. My wish is that your happiness shall be granted to you beyond measures. Happy birthday dear one.

28. I wish you an unending peace, joy, security and rest. Happy fifth birthday.

29. The grace of God shall abound in your life. Blessed birthday.

30. Happy new year little cousin. God’s mercy, grace, and favour will speak for you forever. Amen.

31. You will be outstanding among your peers. I love you dearly. Happy birthday my lovely niece.

32. Happy birthday to you baby. You will shine brighter in all your ramifications. Have a blast day.

33. In the name of the Lord, you shall be exalted. The sky isn’t your limit. Happy birthday!!!

34. I wish you a beautiful life full of excitement and beautiful memories in Jesus Name. Happy birthday dearest niece.

35. May you always have and never lack as long as you live. Happy birthday little one.

36. As you turn five today, you will always remember today for good and good things shall come your way. Happy birthday!

37. I wish all your dreams come true. Enjoy your day niece.

38. May your life be filled with laughter and love, dear. Happy New Year Niece.

39. As you are celebrating your fifth year, I pray it will be the best year of your life thus far. Happy birthday loved one.

40. You are a dearly loved little niece. Your happiness shall grow with each day passing.
Happy birthday!

Best Birthday Quotes for Niece Turning 5

Happy birthday, darling! Your coming into our family 5 years ago remains the best thing that ever happened to us. Thank you for bringing so much joy into our lives. As you’re turning 5 today, I pray everything turns out great for you in life. I love you, dear Niece, and I will always do.

41. May God shower His blessings upon you. Have a great year my lovely niece.

42. You will never lack anything. God will provide you according to His riches in glory. Happy birthday!

43. As you grow, the Lord will protect you from evils. Happy fifth birthday.

44. At the end of your life, you will never be found wanting. The Lord will keep you in His ways. Wishing you a prosperous year.

45. Dear niece, God’s amazing plan for you will be fulfilled. I wish you the best birthday ever.

46. You will surely shine like the stars. Blessed one, happy fifth birthday.

47. I am happy you are a part of our bug family. We love you and will keep loving you. Happy birthday, dearest.

48. God has loved you, and He will keep loving you till everlasting. It’s your day to celebrate. Happy birthday!

49. I celebrate you now and always niece. God bless you, dear. Happy fifth birthday.

50. You are adding another year to your year. May God’s grace keep being sufficient for you.

51. Every day of your life, the presence of God will forever be with you. Happy birthday, dearest.

52. Whatever you do shall prosper. Happy birthday!

53. May the good Lord grant you more beautiful birthdays. Happy birthday, niece!

54. You’re a lovely little princess. God will make your way prosperous and you shall have good success.

55. You are a treasured gem in our lives. I and the family are glad to have you in our lives. We wish you a happy birthday.

56. I pray that you grow up into a woman of virtue, purpose, dignity and excellence. Happy birthday, niece.

57. I can’t wait for you to fully grow up and share with you some stories. My cute niece, happy birthday.

58. God will grant you a healthy and happy life. Happy birthday, niece.

59. You will forever live to see what God has in plan for you. Happy birthday dearest

60. Today is the day to celebrate God’s faithfulness in your life. We will rejoice and be glad it. It’s your birthday, happy dearie

Birthday Greetings for a 5 Years Old Niece

Happy birthday, my angel. I’m sending you birthday greetings and wishes with all my love. I love your little but beautiful heart and I’m so glad you are my niece. Happy 5, darling. Cheers to more awesome years ahead.

61. You are such an adorable niece. Happy birthday to you.

62. I pray you this day that you become great in all ramifications. Happy birthday, dear.

63. May your yesterday never be better than today. Every day of your life will be a fruitful one. Happy birthday, niece.

64. We can’t tell all that the Lord has done for us in our family because of you. You are such a beautiful gift from God. Have a happy birthday!

65. May your wishes come true. Happy birthday dear niece.

66. I am wishing you the best birthday ever. Happy birthday, niece.

67. Have a beautiful birthday and amazing ones ahead. Love you!

68. I’m grateful to God for keeping you to see another year. Your joy shall know no bound. Have a pleasant birthday.

69. I celebrate you now and always. Happy birthday, niece.

70. You are the sweetest niece I have ever had. Happy birthday, girl!

71. My heart is filled with joy whenever I am with you. You are such a lovely angel. Happy birthday, niece.

72. I can’t wait for you to grow up so that we can hang out and have fun. Happy fifth birthday niece.

73. You are full of God’s substance. God will enlarge your coast and keep you strong in Him. Happy birthday, dear.

74. The faithfulness of God in your life is indescribable. I wish you a beautiful day. Enjoy your day.

75. I can see you becoming an excellent and great woman. Happy fifth birthday niece.

76. God will guide you on your path to greatness in Jesus’ Name. Happy fifth birthday.

77. Hello niece!
You are beautiful in and out. You are so endowed. God bless you. Happy fifth birthday.

78. Surely, or only goodness, mercy and unfailing love of God shall follow you all the days of your life, and through the length of your days, the house of the Lord shall be your dwelling place. Happy fifth birthday niece.

79. I am proud of you niece. Keep soaring higher baby! The sky is not your limit. Happy fifth birthday.

80. You are the most beautiful thing that has ever happened to us. Keep making us proud. We dearly love you. Happy fifth birthday.

Niece 5th Birthday Wishes

It’s your 5th year on earth and I’m so grateful to God He blessed me with such an amazing Niece like you. I love you lots. My wishes for you this year are that grow into the fullness of all that God has planned for you. Happy birthday, darling.

81. May the Spirit of God never depart from you. Happy fifth birthday.

82. You are full of God’s wisdom. You shall keep growing in His wisdom. Happy birthday dear one.

83. Among your colleagues, you are always the success because that is what you have been made to be. Happy fifth birthday dearie.

84. Shout out to my little niece on her fifth birthday. I wish you a healthy and happy life. Happy birthday!

85. In your journey in life, God will overshadow you and make His face shine upon you. Happy fifth birthday love.

86. For the rest of your life, you will experience angelic intervention and interception. Happy new year!

87. Blessed birthday to my niece. It’s your day again to celebrate with you. Have a blast day.

88. I love you to the moon and back. You are forever cherished. Have a great year ahead.

89. Life is incomplete without you. Your birth in our family has brought us more joy and happiness. Our joy and your joy will keep being full. Happy birthday dear one.

90. You are growing up to be an incredible woman of virtue. God will help you in all areas of your life girl. Happy fifth birthday.

91. Your life shall always be full of testimonies. Happy fifth birthday, niece.

92. You achieve your purposes as you grow in Jesus Name. Happy fifth birthday.

93. No matter how much the enemies try to pull you down, the Lord will fight for you and lift you up. Happy birthday.

94. You will not experience sorrow and bitterness in your life. You shall live a happy life. Happy birthday, dear.

95. God will make your way prosperous and you shall have good success. Happy birthday.

96. Just like yesterday, our baby is now five so soon. God’s blessings be upon you niece. Happy birthday.

97. The Lord will not fail you but prosper you. Happy birthday, dear.

98. The Lord shall preserve your soul from evil, now and forevermore. Happy birthday!

99. You shall experience peace, confidence and rest in Christ. Happy birthday my niece.

100. Happy birthday!
You are turning five today. You will see bigger years and we will all be there to celebrate you. Happy birthday, niece, you are loved.

I hope you enjoyed reading the happy 5th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my niece as much as I did writing them. And more importantly, I hope it helped your Niece have a great 5th birthday celebration.

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Thank you.

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