Happy Birthday Paragraphs and Letters for Your Cousin

Happy Birthday Paragraphs and Letters for Your Cousin

The amazing thing about a birthday celebration is that no matter how old you are; you will always cherish when people give you a special day of attention. No matter how busy you are, when your loved ones show you love and perhaps flood your timeline on social media with beautiful letters expressing love and wishes for birthdays, you will be glad and feel special. That is how a loved one like your cousin will feel when celebrated on their birthday.

To give your cousins the wow-effect on their birthdays, you need special expressions to make a birthday glamorous which would, in turn, produce joy and happiness in their bosom. Believe me, you may be the reason why the birthday would assume the highest form of a joyful moment. For this reason, you would need some birthday wishes for your cousin. Tell me why you wouldn’t want to send a paragraph to your cousin when you have here, amazing happy birthday paragraphs and letters for your cousin.

Remember that a hidden love does no one no good but love rightly expressed, even in messages that celebrate your cousin in style is equivalent to the actions that show the true love expressed. There are varieties to choose from in this section. Just go through and find the right words to say to a cousin on the occasion of birthday. Let’s do this together.

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for My Cousin

In the letter written on the tablet of my heart to you, a full paragraph is dedicated to eulogizing you on the occasion of your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin.

1. Happy birthday to the cousin of life. Your life is to me, the example of a friend and a relative. Happy birthday to you. I wish you long life and prosperity in all you do. Continue to soar and excel in all you do and make it a point to always remember me too.

2. I celebrate your birthday as mine because you are worth to me more than many millions of rubies. You are a cousin in a million and I wish you a higher level of prosperity and upgrade in life and endeavours. Happy birthday to my handsome cousin.

3. May every second, every minute, every hour and every day of your life be filled with laughter joy, beauty, excellence and greatness. I know today is a special day to you above all things and you deserve it more than anyone. Happy big happy birthday, my cousin.

4. With understanding, life can go on a smooth sail even in the midst of turbulence because, in the most difficult times, understanding brings love which reigns over all things. I wish you a beautiful birthday, my favourite cousin.

5. Life becomes easy when we learn how to put our feet in the shoes of others and feel the pains and how it suits them because the most beautiful thing in life is sharing your love with someone who understands and ready to give it back to you. Happy birthday, my cousin.

6. Peace perfect peace, when all the challenges of life come, peace perfect peace. When it seems no one understands, you stand out as one to run to for comfort. Happy birthday to my special cousin.

7. I can decide to say that there are many ways by which people survive the world but the best way is through love. I cherish your companionship, my dear cousin and today is the day to live again and again if only for your birthday and celebrate you all the way. Happy birthday, man.

8. If for only today I reserve my love for you, then, my love to you is worth nothing. But my love for you is not only on your birthday but expressed daily and experience it daily because you have shown to be a great deal that yours is in a continuous flow. Happy birthday to you, my cousin.

9. For all the rain in the sky, for all the beam therein in the sun. For all the breeze coming with the wind. Even if they are used up and there is no other way to express myself, yet will I use the last alternative thing available to wish you a happy birthday to my beautiful cousin.

10. Happy birthday to my cousin. If there are many special people to spend each day with, today belongs to you and with you, I want to spend it because I see you like the best cousin in the world. Happy birthday, my cute cousin.

11. You are not just beautiful, my dear cousin but your heart is also very lovely and beautiful. I pray that your face will be more beautiful than your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my beautiful cousin.

12. Every day I get to see your worth and how much you mean to me. I hope to use today as the day I will tell you who you really are. You are the best cousin to know and to be with. As you celebrate, I wish you abundant life and a full of testimonies.

13. The celebration is for your birthday, but I will celebrate my handsome cousin every day, not just on his birthday because one day isn’t enough to give you back the love you give to me. Happy birthday to my special cousin.

14. My dear cousin, time wouldn’t permit me, I would have told you how lucky I consider myself to have a cousin like you. I am glad we are both cousins and I hope to always love you the way you love me. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

15. To share the same blood with you a relation is an added advantage to me because the world received the perfect filling of the void in it when you were created. You are amazing in your way and I pray that you continue on the path of greatness. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

16. To the best cousin and brother, happy birthday to you. To the most handsome cousin who doesn’t deprive people of his worth and value, I say happy birthday to you. I know that you are going to the height that no one can reach you for a stoppage. Congratulations.

17. How the weather is attached to your presence or absence is something I wonder about. With you, the sky is blue, but in your absence, it becomes white. But I am consoled that white depicts peace, so you are a carrier of peace even in your absence. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

18. Declaring someone wanted shouldn’t always be taken in the most serious way because today I am declaring you WANTED. Yes, wanted for celebration, care, love and merriment. Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin.

19. Being cousins with each other gave me the best feeling in the world and the greatest opportunity to learn how to show concern to people. I cherish you a lot. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. More wins in this new age.

20. Who can question your good behaviour and positive way of life? I admire your strength and courage in solving the puzzles of life and your resilience in seeing that most of the things that affect others down do not bring you down. You are unique. Happy birthday to you.

21. Nothing can stifle your growth, no person is fit to withhold from you the good things of life. You have come on many occasions to fill up the vacuum created in the life of people and especially in my life. I celebrate you on your birthday. Happy birthday to you.

22. Many people have crossed my path but none has been like you, my beautiful cousin. Your encouragement to me has improved me and challenged me to go higher than I used to be. Happy birthday to my gorgeous cousin.

23. I may have the grace and opportunity to keep seeing you today, tomorrow and who know, forever, but that shouldn’t make me forget that your birthday is still very special to me. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin.

24. I have looked for many things in the universe to represent you but I haven’t found any, be it the sun, the moon and many beautiful stars in our galaxy. That’s how special you are to me. Happy birthday to my lovely cousin.

25. You are worth the volumes of water in the largest ocean. You are special and unique. You are the cousin I love, cherish and can relate with. Happy birthday to you on this great occasion of your birthday.

Favourite Cousin Birthday Paragraphs

There are many things I want to say to you, many paragraphs would not be enough, so, I have decided to pray for you and wish you a life full of goodness. You are blessed by the Lord. Happy birthday, my favourite cousin.

26. No matter how far you have gone, your best is still ahead of you and as you add one more year today, I pay for all things to work well for you. You are meant for the top, please go and be that person people will look up to. Happy birthday to my favourite cousin.

27. Whatever it is that you have seen success will be nothing compared to the glory that is ahead of you. Your greatness is embedded in you and it will definitely come out. And I pray that the joy that cannot be explained overshadow you. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

28. My dear cousin, I know how special a person you are. You are full of greatness and the potential that is inside of you has to come out for the entire world to see. Happy birthday to you. I ask that by the reason of your birthday, help will come to you from every part to assist you.

29. My beautiful cousin, my greatest desire for you is to become the best you can ever be especially as you celebrate this birthday of yours. Remain unstoppable and continue to excel in everything you do. Happy birthday, cousin.

30. Today could be just any other day in the life of many people but t you, it is one of the best of your days, and as you find today memorable and unique, I pray that you will be unique and special in every area of your life. Happy birthday, my cousin.

31. I ask for more open doors upon you as you begin another year in your life. It is a new dawn and a year of possibilities that lie ahead of you. Continue to excel and receive the grace to prosper in it. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

32. Continue to ride on in glory because you have given the assurance that you will never be left stranded, forsaken or forgotten. You are protected from all evils and the grace of God is all over you. Happy birthday to you, cousin.

33. To love is to give and to give and to be given is to re-give. I celebrate you on your birthday, my favourite cousin as you celebrate another birthday. May the Almighty God grant you all that you need for growth and excellence.

34. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. In this new age, you will continue to climb higher and higher on the ladder of success and victory. You will be placed at the top with no one able to shake. Once again, happy birthday to you.

35. There is no lack with trees at the oasis lack no water, there will be no lack in your life as you climb onto another year in gory. The best of you is still waiting to be unveiled. Happy birthday to a wonderful cousin.

36. Your wishes to God will never be rejected. Your prayers unto Him will never be delayed. Your birthday rights and privileges from above will arrive in your life just on time and you will always smile. Happy birthday to the cousin I have.

37. You are not just a cousin, you are a special breed and the beloved of everyone. I celebrate you today and wish you abundant life and good health. With the speed at which time flies, the same way new things will become evident in your life. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin.

38. Happy birthday to my dearest cousin. Growing up with you is one of the blessed memories I keep of my childhood and as you celebrate your birthday today, I wish you will enjoy today with every blessed wish and joyful moments. Happy birthday to you, my cousin.

39. I have been your cousin for years. LOL. We will both be cousins forever. Thank you for the times we both spent together, the adventure and all the fun attached. Happy birthday to you, my very special cousin.

40. Happy birthday to an amazing and beautiful cousin. I am very proud to have you as a relative. You have shown that that family love is one that you can rely on and it is very great to know that you exhibit this without fault. Happy birthday to you, my darling cousin.

41. I ask that the memories of today will always be permanent in your life. I also pray that your joy will be a permanent one. May all your dreams and aspirations in life never look beyond you. Happy birthday my dear cousin.

42. I love you dearly, my cousin. Happy birthday to you. I hope that this new age will bring you more blessings and prosperity than you can ever imagine. May your yesterday never be better than your today.

43. The love you display and share is one to be envied. I admire your courage, your resolve and your dexterity in doing things. I wish you a glorious birthday and long life to you. You are a precious cousin and I love you.

44. My favourite cousin, happy birthday to you and wishing you more happiness, joy and peace in all you do. Today is a day to reflect on the essence of living and I am confident that your life will not just be a pass away. Happy birthday to you.

45. I admire and cherish you for all the attention, love, care and joy that you give to me as a cousin, I pray that the Lord will never abandon you in your needed time and when you call for help. Happy birthday to you, young man.

46. Let it glow. Let it glow. Let it glow. It’s your birthday, my gorgeous cousin. Share your light to the world for it’s your day. May your light continue to shine even in the midst of darkness. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

47. Beautiful people deserve beautiful lives. I ask that you get all the beautiful things that you are deemed for and that none will be too hard for you to attain. Happiest birthday to my world-class cousin.

48. Aren’t we free to make needed noise because it is my cousin’s birthday. Happy birthday to you on this beautiful day. May everything in you ring you out for glory. Happy birthday to my cousin. May your joy never be truncated.

49. You are unstoppable. You are unlimited. You are meant for the top. You are an overcomer. Happy birthday to you, my special cousin on the occasion of this birthday. Keep shining.

50. Happiness belongs to those who see good in the little efforts of others. I celebrate you today, my dear cousin. Every time you need light, you will see it shining on your path and you will headway into all paths in life. Happy birthday, my dear cousin.

Birthday Letters to My Favorite Cousin

My favourite cousin, happy birthday to you. How beautiful is it today to behold your glowing face? I could have sent a letter full of pleasant wishes to you but I would summarily say to you belongs God’s favour.

51. Happy birthday to you, cousin. You are the most wonderful person I know. On your birthday I wish you all the joy you deserve. My letter is wrapped with the roses of love sent and forwarded to you. Once again. Happy birthday.

52. Happy birthday to the most amazing, loving, caring and awesome cousin I have. Your birthday brings the reminiscence of many pleasant memories. Have a great and wonderful day.

53. Your birthday is long-awaited and voila, it is here. The day is here, it’s your birthday and with the joy of today, I wish you a future that holds for you greater things. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

54. My girl, my friend and my cousin. Thanks for all the hot gist and the companionship you always give whenever you are around. I cherish them above all thing. On your birthday, I wish you grace over all problems of life.

55. My cousin is the cutest, most understanding and amazing relative I have. Today belongs to you because your birthday is today. I wish you an overflowing abundance of everything good and great. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

56. Happy birthday to you, my cousin. There are many cousins on earth but you stand tall among them all. Your openness and love is one that I can never forget. Wishing you more profitable years ahead.

57. Your effect on my life would need a matter of life and death surgery to remove because every chapter of my life is filled with the imprint of your influence. I admire you more than just a cousin. You are a lifesaver. Happy birthday to you.

58. The goodness of your heart and the personality of your life cannot be overemphasized. You are a gem wrapped in human flesh. As you celebrate this birthday today, I wish you a breakthrough and more success.

59. When you are surrounded by good people, naturally good things fall into places and you are inundated with good news. You are one of the good personalities in my life. Your influence on me is on great that I see you as a cousin-mentor. Happy birthday, dear cousin.

60. The sun is shining so brightly today. What could have been the cause? Oh, your birthday triggers the sun to shine so brightly, no wonder. Happy birthday to my young man cousin. Please accept my lovely wishes as we hope to see you grow higher in wisdom. Happy birthday.

61. My love and respect for you will not just be for your birthday; it’s for today and always, you will be the cousin I admire. Happy birthday to my beautiful cousin. Thanks for your love, patience and lessons.

62. No matter the distance between us, I will always know your birthday because, on the day you celebrate, the sun shines with more intensity and like a collabo, the breeze in the evening has a greater effect. Happy birthday to my wonderful cousin.

63. I had always felt your love and presence though you are away, the most reassuring is that I know you love me more than I can ever imagine. Today, it’s your turn to receive little of the doses of love you give. I hope I can reciprocate it to your level. Happy birthday most handsome cousin.

64. Do I wait till you have grey hairs before I tell you how wonderful you are? No, because you are the most wonderful person I have been in ages. As you celebrate with shining black hairs, I have to tell you that you a wonderful and full of wisdom. Happy birthday to a cute cousin.

65. I have a letter to post to you but if I wait, it may not get to you very early and it may turn out to be another belated birthday. You are special and unique. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. More than just today, I celebrate you and always.

66. With you, my dear cousin, birthdays are special days, not just any other day. Happy birthday to you. Wishing you long life and prosperity on your special day. Happy birthday to you, best cousin.

67. There are many ways to celebrate a cousin; a special cousin on the occasion of a memorable birthday. You are the epitome of love, care and discipline. Happy birthday to you. Keep shining and illuminating your life.

68. I have to scream for all to hear because it is your birthday. I know how important this day is to you. Continue to enjoy and excel in all you do. Your words of encouragement alone are worth all the hype. Even without speaking, you care and love is expressed. Happy birthday, wonderful cousin.

69. My cousin, thanks for your being that wonderful person and that great friend I look up to and I reach out to. Thanks for having a listening ear. I cherish and adore you. As you celebrate your birthday today, I wish you numerous blessings. Happy birthday to you.

70. There are many lovely things to say to you that I could have written in a letter but let me tell you something: You are the reason for today’s celebration and gathering. You are a friend to many people. Continue to be exceptional in all your ways. Happiest birthday to an amazing cousin.

71. Growing with you is one of the most memorable experiences I have. I wish you a splendid day and hope that all your dreams, wishes, desires to climb up this ladder of life comes to pass. Happy birthday to you, dear cousin.

72. Seeing you look so big today gives me joy. I remember when you were younger and I was filled with joy because you have been the wonderful cousin I used to know you to be. I wish you all the best. Happy birthday to you.

73. We can party all day and all night because it is your birthday, dear cousin. What you are to many people is worth celebrating. What you have become also is something to cherish. Once again, happy birthday to you, cousin.

74. Birthdays are special occasions; when they come, they inspire praise and joy from within us and when we know the value of lives, we can be grateful for thus far we have been taken in this journey of life. Happy birthday to my dear cousin.

75. Cousins are not just ordinary people. They are unique people. They are just relatives, they are super-relatives. Happy birthday to this super-lady cousin. More grace to your elbow as you celebrate another year. Cheers.

76. This is not just any other celebration. This is your birthday, my special cousin. It is more than just any other day, it is the day commemorating your birth. Happy birthday to my cousin of inestimable worth.

77. Your expression of love and care is in a way that makes it too easy, yet I know the sacrifice you put into it. Thanks for being that person that sacrifices for others. Today is the day to receive from the rest of us. Happy birthday, cousin.

78. I would have love to give you a pet name, but it seems you have now overgrown it, yet, it is still never too late to celebrate you on your birthday. Happy birthday to you, my lovely cousin. May the joy of your special day not be truncated.

79. I can fly over the sky celebrating your birthday because the joy of celebrating you alone shoots up the level of adrenaline in my system. Happy birthday to buddy and cousin in whom I am well pleased. Happy birthday to you.

80. I am comforted when I am by your side because I know there are no dull moments with you. The way you spread joy and happiness makes one begin to imagine what life would have been without a beautiful cousin like you. Happy birthday to you.

heart but the effect is seen throughout the body. Keep smiling today dear younger brother; it’s medicine to the soul. Happy birthday to you, younger brother.

Letters for Cousin’s Birthday

Dear Cousin, on your birthday, I have embedded in your letter and card roses to show you the depth of my love for you. I wish you a happy birthday.

81. Dear Cousin,
Life used to be very sad and lonely until I realize that being around you makes the difference. So today, I’m calling, not to make me happy but I’m calling you to make you happy and complete your day. Happy birthday to you.

82. Lovely cousin,
Give some more minutes and see your pictures go viral on all social medial platform because it is your birthday. Happy birthday to you I can shout from the rooftops all the way I like for it’s my handsome brother’s birthday. Happy birthday to you.

83. My cousin, I hope you get the best from your special day because you deserve it all and get yourself refilled today for all your showers of love you had invested in others as you mark your birthday today. Happy birthday, my cousin.

84. The day you were born is supposed to crest in the stone of times as a special day because you became a gift to the entire universe. There greatness lying inside of you. Happy birthday to you, my gorgeous cousin.

85. Hello handsome cousin, here is my very short letter about your birthday. Have a great day and a week full of celebration. Happy birthday to you.

86. I am very privileged to have you as a cousin. I hope you have all the best you are supposed to have in life as you celebrate your birthday today. Have a fun-filled day. Happy birthday to you.

87. There is no better emissary of joy and care than love. And when an individual is an epitome of love, then you have all things. I celebrate you for the kind of heart you have and for making sure that kindness is constantly displayed through you. Happy birthday to you.

88. The joy of your birthday is not only for you because we share in the same joy. Happy birthday to one of the most amiable people and cousins that I have. Congratulations as you clock one year older.

89. Are you growing old at all? Looks to me your age is facing downwards. You look younger daily. Well, happy birthday to you. I cherish your patience and endurance and who can forget your cheerfulness. Have a splendid day, my cousin.

90. Happy birthday to you, wonderful cousin. Your new age is blessed and you are blessed beyond curse. I wish you love, joy, peace and happiness all the days of your life. Congratulations and happy birthday once again, fabulous cousin.

91. Dear Cousin,
You have been the best friend I have. You are to me not just a relative but also a confidante and I appreciate the fact that you realize how important you treat others. Happy birthday on your memorable day.

92. Birthdays are many in the year but for every individual, one day is unique. Today is your own day and I wish you many more here on earth. Enjoy every bit of the day and see you at the top. Congratulations, my dear cousin.

93. Happy birthday to you, my dear cousin. I wish you all the blessings of a new age and a new year. May this celebration of a new age bring to you all that which you long for in the previous years. Continue to rise in glory.

94. The best of your life is just beginning to show forth. We haven’t seen any of it. The world is waiting for your glory and manifestation. I pray that you don’t fail to live up to the expectation. Happy birthday to you, my precious cousin.

95. This little light of yours will continue to shine and there will be nothing stopping it. As you continue to roll and aspire for greatness, you will never be frustrated in life. Happy birthday to you, my dearest cousin.

96. Dear cousin, my letter to you on your birthday is filled with the love and prayers I have in my mind for you on this special birthday, may God give you the knowledge to provide solutions to the problems of men and may always be relevant where you are. Happy birthday.

97. No one rejects good things for many of such are desires of everyone, may your life become a desire of many. The talent and potential given to you in your life will never be wasted. Happy birthday to you, my cousin.

98. I am proud to say that you surpass the number of years in your age though it is said that it’s not the number in your years that matters but years in your numbers. I pray that you continue to make impacts in your world.

99. Dear cousin,
The world may miss its way. The trajectory of life may go off the radar but love everything is brought back to shape. I appreciate your continuous show of love and celebrate you today, happy birthday to you.

100. Hi cousin,
I pray that as your age increases so may your wisdom increase. I ask that the heavenly Lord of hosts visits you and abide with you both now and forevermore. Happy birthday to you dear, cousin.

You are a cousin to your cousin, so spending quality time to get the best message from the happy birthday paragraphs and letters for your cousin here is like doing the same for yourself. Get the bond you need by sending these messages. They are best suited for social media walls and timeline.

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