Happy 4th Birthday Wishes Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Happy 4th Birthday Wishes, Messages and Quotes to My Niece

Little nieces like yours would appreciate little acts and adore the very special gifts you can give a little niece on their birthdays. These beautiful angels deserve all the joy and care they can get. The pretty faces, the scattering of the house, the hugs they give when you come visiting. All of these makes them special.

On their birthdays, it is very important to know how to celebrate little ones because it makes them attached to you. It is a lovely feeling having these little ones around. You should count yourself lucky to have a niece, many desire to have a niece but don’t.

So, on the 4th birthday of your niece, you should make it a point of obligation to know what to say to a little niece on her birthday because the understanding of messages by these ones is still feeble. The happy 4th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my niece here will help you get the best words for your niece.

Birthday Messages for 4 Years Old Niece

My little princess, great to see you are now 4 years old. You are the best niece in the world and my message for you is loaded with peace. Happy birthday to you.

1. It is a beautiful thing to gather and celebrate together especially when my niece is 4 years old today. I ask that the reason for our celebration shall be sustained in our lives. Happy birthday to my niece.

2. I rejoice and celebrate with this beautiful princess clocking 4th birthday today. I pray that your dreams are achieved and that this joy will always abide with you. Happy birthday to my adorable niece.

3. Celebration is part of the evidence of peace in the life of any person. As you clock 4 years today, may the peace of the Lord continue to be with you and the entire family. Happy birthday to my favourite niece.

4. To see you grow to become 4 years is a delight, may that joy not meet a sudden sadness. I pray that God grants that we celebrate this in perfect harmony.

5. In your 4 years on earth, you have added joy, peace and happiness to the family at large. I celebrate you today, my beautiful niece. Happy birthday to you.

6. Dear Lord, my little niece will be 4 years today, I ask that you grant her long life and give us the joy that we all long for as we celebrate her today. Happy birthday, little princess.

7. It’s been a year now, and because birthday comes like Christmas which is just once in the year, we must celebrate it. Your 4th birthday is a blessing, my little niece. Happy birthday to you.

8. With you, every moment of our lives has been filled with joy and gladness. Happy 4th birthday to you, dear niece. Higher shall you go and this joy shall always be permanent. Cheers.

9. I wish you long life and prosperity. I pray for peace and divine direction as you grow up. Congratulations, my lovely niece on your 4 years birthday.

10. Happy birthday to a little girl, my niece. You have been a source of inspiration and joy to many people. As you grow to be 4 years today, I ask that your feet be divinely guided to the place of fulfilment.

11. My little angel, I am delighted to see you become 4 today. I would love to rhyme with you crawling on all fours. May this joy be a lasting one. Happy birthday to you, my niece.

12. Happy birthday to you, my adorable niece. You are 4 years today but the teeth in your mouth are more than four. Congratulations. More blessing upon you.

13. Father, we thank you for the birthday of our dear little niece whose 4th birthday is today. I wish you all the success and joy in life. Happy felicitations.

14. My dear little niece, the energy and vigour in your life shall always be sustained. I wish you sound health and promotion in every part of your life. Enjoy your 4th birthday.

15. It is a thing of joy to see our baby grow to sit, then to crawl, then to stand and finally to see you walk. You are a wonderful niece at 4 years. I pray for the protection of God over your life from every form of evil and accident.

16. In blessings, may the Lord bless you. In provision, may he provide for you and your family. Happy 4th birthday, my love. Congratulations.

17. Hello sweet niece, happy birthday to you. You are 4 years old today and there are many more years to come and I wish you hoy in all your years.

18. Dear little niece, I rejoice with you and your parents as you clock 4 good years today. Wishing you all the best of my wishes. Relish in good health.

19. The Lord kept you and brought you forth from your mother’s womb. He has been your guide while growing and now that you are 4 years, he will not depart from you. Happy birthday to my pretty little niece.

20. Your 4th birthday will usher you into the full speed of growth and health. Keep glowing in the beauty of the Lord. Happy birthday to my niece.

4th Birthday Wishes for Your Niece

My baby niece, I am super proud of you as you mark your 4th birthday. My best wishes to you on this special day. Happy birthday to you.

21. For your 4th birthday, I wish you long life and prosperity. May everything work together for you and may the abundance you enjoy not become scarce. Happy birthday, niece.

22. Today, our hearts are filled with joy and thanksgiving for the 4th birthday of our special niece, I pray for more blessings upon your life and the good life you desire Happy birthday, my fine niece.

23. Dear niece, I know that your 4th birthday is here. I wish you wisdom and the grace to be ten times better than your peers. Congratulations.

24. With your birthday, the joy of your family was established. I wish you grace to function in your new age. Happy birthday to you, my adorable niece.

25. Dear Lord, I ask that you provide for the parents of my niece from your abundance. Let this 4th birthday bring to their lives the overflowing blessings they deserve.

26. Our joy today cannot be measured neither can our happiness quantified because your 4th birthday is here upon us and I pray that for a permanent joy and that our grace will not be truncated.

27. First let me thank God for keeping you from your birth till this very day. I wish you blessings that are beyond measure. Happy 4th birthday to my pretty niece.

28. My dear gorgeous niece, receive the boldness to soar higher and higher in life. Happy 4th birthday to you. Your life is just beginning.

29. On this beautiful day, we get to celebrate the 4th birthday of this pretty girl. We ask that the joy we share today will be a permanent one in your life and family. Keep glowing, my favourite niece.

30. May you continue to grow in wisdom, strength and in ever-increasing glory. This 4th birthday of yours will announce you into the world and you will forever soar in glory. Happy birthday to my niece.

31. The gift of a child is a present to the family. I will forever be grateful to have you as a niece and with every inch of my heart, I wish you a very glamorous day. Happy birthday, my dear niece.

32. Just as you taught us to number our days, we have come to return thanks to you on behalf of my baby niece. I wish her overflowing happiness in all her life. Happy 4th birthday, my niece.

33. Dear niece, happy birthday to you. You are 4 years old but you have grown beyond 4. Congratulations to you. I wish you speed in your journey in life.

34. Beautiful little niece, I celebrate you today and I wish you beauty for ashes all the days of your life. You will always be the head. Cheers.

35. Hello niece, I am sure that by this 4th birthday you would handle your cake with care and not make a mess of it like you did on your 3rd birthday. I wish you divine wisdom as you grow. Happy birthday.

36. My baby niece, 4 looks good on you. Happy 4th birthday to you. You are growing and may this growth never be stunted and may everything work to give you happiness.

37. How fast time flies, I appreciate the Most High God for this opportunity to see you clock 4 years old. I wish you a glorious future. Congratulations.

38. I can’t believe you are now 4 years old. The day I held your tiny body in my hands looks like yesterday. Happy 4th birthday to you, my little niece. Keep growing in wisdom and knowledge.

39. Lord, I commit this little princess of mine into your hands. Guide him and keep him from evil corruption. Let everything around her be positive. Happy 4th birthday to you, my grandniece.

40. I am delighted to see you clock 4 years today. Happy 4th birthday to you, my darling niece. I wish you an abundant supply of everything you need for maximum growth.

Birthday Wishes for Niece Turning 4

I wish you a life that is divinely guided and that your steps are guided as you turn 4 years today, my pretty niece. Happy birthday to you.

41. To my niece daughter, happy 4th birthday to you. As you are turning 4 today, may everything in the universe turn towards you and do you good. Congratulations.

42. Happy birthday to my princess niece turning 4 today. I pray that you rise above every obstacle of life and that the best of you will begin to ooze out.

43. When we cried to the Lord for help, he came to our rescue and gave us a little girl. Today that baby girl is a big girl at 4 years. Happy 4th birthday to you, my lovely niece.

44. Happy birthday to my young niece. At 4 years, you have shown great knowledge and dexterity. I pray that the Lord grant you peace, wisdom to function and purposeful life.

45. Today, I join the host of heaven to celebrate the 4th birthday of my little one, my niece. I wish you everlasting joy. Happy birthday to the best niece in the world.

46. Dear Lord, behold my precious niece whom you have granted to us with all generosity. Grant, we beseech you, a fulfilled life to my princess niece and give her peace at all sides. Happy 4th birthday.

47. My precious niece, happy 4th birthday to you. Your birthday is more than just an event. It is a reminder of great things in our lives. I wish you a life filled with beautiful memories.

48. Happy 4th birthday to the most awesome niece in the world. I wish you a lifting up when others are experiencing a casting down. I am delighted to see you grow and become 4 years. Cheers.

49. May the divine guidance of the Lord never be far away from you. In your path in life, I wish you clarity of purpose and patience to walk through life unscathed. Happy birthday to my special niece, as you turn 4 today.

50. To you, dear niece. In times of confusion, may you find the path. In times of distress, may you receive comfort. In times of decision making, may you get divine guidance. Happy birthday to you as you turn 4.

51. My little niece is turning 4 years. Hurray. Happy birthday to you. Sending to you the best of wishes and loads of blessings. Cheers.

52. There lies ahead of you greater feats and accomplishments even as you turn 4 today. I wish you the glory that shines through the darkness to illuminate your world. Happy birthday, beautiful niece.

53. Dear niece, you are such a wonderful girl. I love beyond what the words of a message can explain. As your turn 4 years today, I wish you joy overflowing in your bosom and greatness in your vocation.

54. Dear niece, as many gather today to see you celebrate turning 4 years, I wish you prosperity and long life. I also wish you peace of mind and unrivalled growth. Happy birthday, niece.

55. Dear Father, we will always thank God for all you have done for us. Thanks for your love for our little niece and baby. We pray as she turns 4 years today that her life will continue to shine forth. Happy birthday to you, dear niece.

56. You will continue to shine brighter and brighter even as you turn 4 years today. I wish you a happy birthday, my precious niece.

57. I wish you more wisdom and understanding as you climb the ladder of success in your career and vocation. Happy birthday to my beautiful niece turning 4 years today.

58. Happy birthday songs are here with me but I wish you a life full of sweet melodies and beautiful rhythm. Happy birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world.

59. Lord, you are the help of our lives, we plead that you bless our niece and give her a sound mind, wisdom, knowledge and understanding in everything you do. Happy birthday to you.

60. Dear niece, I return thanks to God to see you today turning 4 years. I wish you abundant life and beautiful moments every day of your life. Happy birthday to you, my grandniece.

Birthday Prayers for 4 Years Old Niece

My adorable niece, my prayer for your today on your 4th year on earth is that you keep going up and higher in your journey. Happy birthday to you.

61. At four years, the great endowment of the Lord upon you is evident. I pray that as you turn 4 years today, may your manifestation never cease. Happy birthday to my little niece.

62. You are an angel. Happy birthday to the most beautiful niece in the world. I pray for you today as you turn 4 that more blessing of the Lord be seen and delivered to your life.

66. I pray that the Lord equip you more and more for the task of life and the challenges to come. May you never fail in the face of challenges Have a splendid birthday at 4 years.

64. My cute niece, happy birthday to you. Being a 4-year old niece doesn’t make you less for you are to me, very important. I pray that the Lord bring you into the limelight.

65. I love your growth and I pray that this little light of yours shall continually shine brighter and brighter in the midst of whatever may come your way. Happy birthday to my darling niece at 4 years.

66. Dear niece, rise above all limitation on your 4th birthday and go beyond borders. Happy birthday to my grandniece.

67. Pretty niece, how are you today? I know you are at the centre of the celebration and merriment. I pray that on your future days, we will always rejoice. Enjoy all today as you become bigger at 4 years.

68. Can I begin to count down from ten, and let see how long it will take me to get to your new age. Happy 4th birthday, my favourite niece. Keep shining. Happy birthday to my favourite niece.

69. Dear niece, I hope you enjoy the moment of today. I know you are staring at the eyes coming to wish you a happy birthday. Happiest birthday to my precious niece.

70. I can’t doubt the excellence of your future because it is evident that the sky is your starting point. I pray that you continue to shine. Happy 4th birthday to my adorable niece.

71. Sweet niece, happy birthday to you. I pray for your well-being all the rest of your lives and as you celebrate your 4th birthday, I ask that heaven smile upon you. Happy birthday to you.

72. Many people have nieces, but I have the best one in the entire world. My little princess is 4 years old today. I pray for more wisdom and understanding in your life. Happy birthday.

73. Who has done it again? It is the Lord. Happy birthday to you, dear niece, many more year in happiness, joy, love, and comfort. Happy 4th birthday to you.

74. The more I think about your 4th birthday, the more I see the hand of God. I pray that the presence of God will never be missing in your life and all that you desire shall come to pass.

75. Dear niece, your life has been filled with many moments of joy and cheerfulness. I pray that they would never depart from you and as you celebrate your 4th birthday, you shall celebrate many more.

76. Happiest birthday to my niece celebrating her 4 years today. Happy birthday to you. My prayers for you are numerous and I pray that every good thing you need shall always be released upon you.

77. When my little niece becomes 4 years old, you have to be proud of the uncle you are. That is the feeling I have today. I pray for you today; let the universe work together with you and NEVER against you.

78. Dearest little niece, I wish to be present while you mark this 4th birthday but I am sending to you my prayer that God will never leave you nor forsake you. Happy birthday to you.

79. My sweet niece, happy birthday to you. You will never be stranded and left to the mercies of wicked people. I wish you a glorious entrance into Year number 4 of your life. Cheers.

80. It’s been fun living with you and watching you grow stage by stage. You are such a wonderful niece. I am happy that everything is working out for you. And it will continue to be so. Happy birthday to you.

Happy 8th Birthday Niece Quotes

The journey of life begins with a step, and step by step, we achieve the best with consistency. Happy 8th birthday to my dear niece.

81. You know I will keep telling you that you are a princess. Princesses are jewels and so you are. I am wishing you all the happiness of your 4th birthday.

82. Pearls may be hidden below the ocean bed, but when they are found, they become treasure on the surface. You are a jewel release to us from the depth of heaven. Happy 4th birthday to you.

83. I hope to see your continuous joy and happiness. More power and grace to your years. Happy birthday to you, my dear niece and congratulations on your 4th birthday.

84. We do not have to live so long like Methuselah before our effect in this world can be felt. No matter where we are and what we do and even how little we may be. We must make an impact. Happy 4th birthday to my niece.

85. In your 4 years of existence, you have shown us that wisdom is given to whom the Lord chooses and it is not a function of age. I cherish you, my baby niece. Happy 4th birthday to you.

86. Learning in life doesn’t have to come from higher to lower, it could also be reversed. I have learnt how to talk and understand a baby because of you. Happy 4th birthday to my adorable niece.

87. Sending to you all my best wishes through the sun, so when you feel the sun, just know it’s your aunt touching you. Happy 4th birthday to you, my favourite niece.

88. Our lives are numbered even before we took our first step on earth. I pray that the numbers given to you will be utilized efficiently. I love you so much. Happy 4th birthday, sweet niece.

89. Number four is an even number with so great importance in the orthodox numbering system. I know you will scale above all obstacle as you mark your 4th birthday. Cheers, my special niece.

90. You should be an angel, but if you were you wouldn’t come to earth so I see you as the representation of heaven here on earth. Happy 4th birthday to you, my princess niece.

91. These last four years of your existence has been full of joy and excitement. I wish you a continuous flow of these happy moments daily and weekly and monthly. Happy 4th birthday, adorable niece.

92. Medicines are not just for the sick alone. There are special medicines that are needed even for the health; they are the daily doses of joy and happiness which your birth brought forth. Happy 4th birthday to you, pretty niece.

93. There are positive and negative emotions. You have been our source for positives emotions in these four years. I pray that they will never run dry. Happy 4th birthday to you, precious niece.

94. Wishes may be seen as just flashes of the mind, but my prayers are deep-rooted in my heart and I want you to know that a glorious future awaits you. Happy 4th birthday to my beautiful niece.

95. When the heart is at rest, love and joy can flow ceaselessly. With you, my dearest niece in our lives, love and joy have been flowing. Happy 4th birthday to you.

96. The journey of life is taken one step after the other, may the steps you take daily pronounce you into the realm of greatness. Happy 4th birthday to you, my gorgeous niece.

97. Congratulations are meant for winner and celebrants. May every day of your life deserve congratulations because of the victories you shall daily record. Happy 4th birthday, baby niece.

98. From the first day you opened your eyes, our lives have become more beautiful. Accept my best wishes and may the beauty never fade away from you. Happy 4th birthday, dear niece.

99. When light shines, darkness must give way. With your arrival in our lives, everything like doom and gloom paved way for brightness. Happy 4th birthday to you, my niece.

100. Joy and peace are the companions of love and comfort. Whoever has them all lacks nothing. You the perfect embodiment of all, my grandniece, and I wish you the best on this 4th birthday.

If you had just sent any of these happy 4th birthday wishes, messages and quotes to my niece, you have done the beautiful thing worthy of an aunt or uncle. If you haven’t, there is no need to wait. You can even send in advance.

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