Birthday Paragraphs to Boyfriend

Happy Birthday Paragraphs for Boyfriend Copy and Paste

The truth is, you’ll have no reason to search further with any of these Happy Birthday Paragraphs to your boyfriend.

Birthdays are special and happy moments. And it’s everyone’s joy to be celebrated in words and with special gifts on this very unique day.

So, it happens to be your boyfriend’s birth anniversary? A line or two of birthday wishes wouldn’t be enough nor befitting for his status, you also think.

Hence, words that’ll travel a thousand miles, journey to the moon and back would not only celebrate him on his special day but also convey your deepest feelings to him.

It’s time you make him feel more important than everyone else in your life in 2023, after all, it’s his delectable birthday.

Without further ado, go ahead and bless his day with any of these happy birthday paragraphs for boyfriend copy and paste from the heart and you’ll be glad you did.

Sweet Birthday Paragraphs to Boyfriend from the Heart

Cute Happy Birthday for Him (Boyfriend) from the Heart.

1. Happy Birthday To The One Who Paints My Sky Blue.

My darling, you’re a year older today. You age in grace and in wisdom. You’re a rare gem that found your way into my life. My heart never awaited your coming. I guess that’s why you blew me away at an instant. I want to wish you many prosperous years here on the sand of time. You deserve to live long and be blessed with all the good things of life. Happy birthday to the one who paints my sky blue. Without you, my life will be incomplete, and the world at large will be shallow. God bless the day I found you, it was such a happy day.

2. You’re A Year Older Today.

I searched all over the world just to find someone who gives a better smile, has a larger heart and a warmer hug, I found no one, but you. You alone possess those qualities effortlessly and today marks your beautiful birth anniversary. Hence, I’m sending all my love to you. My heart loves you the more today, my body quivers for you tremendously today. Your birthday isn’t just significant to you alone, but as well to me, cause without this day, I’ll have no one to call my own. I love you as though there isn’t anyone else to love anymore in the world. I’m wishing you just the beautiful things of life. Happy birthday my darling.

3. My Heartbeat Came Into The World On A Day Like This, Many Years Ago.

It’s indeed true, you’re a year older. What more is true? My heartbeat came into the world on a day like this, many years ago. The world was expecting a baby to come, but to everyone’s surprise, a shining star was birthed looking so radiant much more than anything ever seen on the surface of the earth. You were likened to be an angel, cause your attributes were beyond human comprehension. You love like no one. You give like no human. You’re a rare angel. I’m lucky to have found true love with you. Happy birthday my superman, the one who takes me to heaven and back. You created the safest place for me in your heart and that’s the place of love. Happy birthday to you; may this birthday never be your last, my baby.

4. Happy Birthday, Hon. I’ll Choose You All Over Again.

I can’t believe you’re here with me. You live more happily than anyone I know. It’s no surprise you keep getting younger even as you get on in years. Happy birthday, hon. I’ll choose you all over and over again. May you live your entire life in love, happiness and peace. You’ll celebrate this new year of your life than the former ones. I promise to be there for you than anyone else. You alone cover me with love and shield me with your life. Hence, I do wish you answers to your heartfelt prayers and secret desires.

5. Happy Birthday To My Superman.

It gladdens my heart that your birthday comes at a time like this when the atmosphere is filled with the dew of love. I’m glad, you’re genuinely satisfied with your journey so far on the earth’s surface. Hence, you need not harbour regret. Perpetually, create room for gratitude, for your life is so beautiful and graceful than most. You’ve come a long way. May success never depart from you. May joy never dry up in your life. Happy birthday to my superman; he fires the arrow that sends my heart into love. I do not blame my heart for falling in love with you helplessly, cause you’re irresistible. I just want to wish you many happy returns, baby.

6. Happy Birthday To The Man I Am Proud Of.

To the man who keeps my heart beating and my body longing for breath; happy birthday to you, my darling. Just like a dream, we’ve crossed longer oceans, climbed higher mountains and surpassed many trials. I am most proud of the man you’ve become over time. And I am grateful for saying yes to you. Thank you for choosing me, my darling. In this new year of your life I pray, God’s mercy and favour keep your path shining. May you never beg for that which befits you. I just want you to know that you’re special, not just to me but to the entire world. By this time next year, I hope you have testimonies galore to share to the amazement of the world. I love you, my love. Eat and drink today on your king size bed.

7. Happy Birthday To The Man Whose Love Mesmerizes Me.

Today is super special and it is marbled in the core of my heart because I’ve got a man who makes blood flow through my veins. Happy birthday to the king of my heart. To the one who made today the brightest day of the year. I’m mesmerized that your love caught me unawares. In this new year of your life, I wish you joy and peace, wisdom and understanding, prosperity and love. I promise to be by your side under any weather and at any time. I hope this new year take you to the places your eyes have dreamed, your ears have heard greatly of and your legs have longed to grace. This is your year, my darling cause it starts and ends with you. May your harvest this year surpass your expectations and efforts. These and many more I wish you. I love you, babe, for you make happy my heart.

8. Happy Birthday To My Love And Lover.

I just want to be by your side as the years roll in and out, to wish you, happy birthday as each year passes by. Happy birthday to my only love and lover. Yet another year, you’ve given meaning to my life in such an inexplicable manner. You make love such a wonder and miracle of the heart. As you conquer every day of this new year, may success, progress, happiness and contentment be your reward. Your goals and plan this year, I deeply hope the angels guide you through. May our love conquer all trials and give us both peace beyond understanding. As you cut your cake and savor your wine, may the heavens grant you your wishes. May this new year be instrumental for your breakthrough and happiness. I just wish you all that you wish yourself. My hands you’ll always find by your side. And in my heart, your love will be.

9. Happy Birthday To My Darling.

Here are my tender lips longing to kiss you a happy birthday. And my soft palms wishing to caress your body with love. Happy birthday to you, my darling. As each year rolls away with the wind, may your worries go to a land of no return and your happiness walk in to stay. Wishing you honour and glory this year, my love. May you not drink of the waters of sorrow. May your tongue taste fine wines of riches and eat good food with love and peace. Grace and favour will your hands find. Wishing you a memorable year of outstanding achievement. My arms will always be opened unto you, I promise, my darling.

10. Birthday Wishes For The Right One.

Since, I met you, my love, I knew your birthday will be super special to me. Thank you for making it so. Happy birthday to you, my darling. Little did I know my heart will fall this much for you, but grateful am I, for it fell for the right one. With love and hope, I make wishes today on your behalf; may this year be adorned with the bells of favour, honour, love, peace, kindness and prosperity. May you laugh best this season. I hope the heavens hearken to your prayers and give you answers where you long for. Another year to make love and make whole our hearts again. This new age of yours will know our kisses to be true and our love to be pure. May our love never retire. Wishing you all these and much more numbering as the stars.

11. I’ve been saving all my love for you so that on a big day like this, I’ll shower them on you. Happy birthday, love of my life. It pleases my soul than yours that you’re alive to celebrate this day.

12. It’s such a privilege to be alive by this time and I’m glad you’re one of the blessed ones to see this day. Happy birthday, my baby. No one does it better than you. Your smile alone makes this world a better place. May you never regret your stay here on earth.

13. I have a melody in my heart. You’re the reason I sing the song that I do. And it’s all because you’re a year older today. Baby, happy birthday to you. Your future will shine so bright than you ever imagined.

14. Happy birthday my only one. I love your birthday as much as I love you. I’ll celebrate this day as though it were mine. Nothing more makes this life beautiful and fair to me, than your presence in my life. I’ll seize this opportunity to say a big thank you to you for having a large heart. Happy birthday, darling.

15. I love you and it’s true. On this special day, I’ll show you nothing else than what my heart truly feels for you. Your joy is my joy and your pain, my pain. As you start this new journey, may you never be a victim of the calamities of life. Happy birthday, my true love.

16. There’s only one person who deserves to own this day to himself and that’s the love of my life. I watched the moon every day because I waited earnestly to wish you a beautiful happy birthday. Many years will you see in absolute wealth, power and influence.

17. Sweety, it’s indeed your birthday. May your dreams come true. May you never have to exit this world at your prime. You’ll live to see your old age. I’ll always celebrate you in all seasons of your life. Happy birthday, my hon.

18. Without you, l wouldn’t have tasted the water of love. You gave me everything even without having to ask. May the angels bless you with everything good you never dreamt of having. Happy birthday, my superhero.

19. I’ll live this life over and over again with you, cause you give me a big reason to live. With you, love can only be beautiful. Happy birthday, my darling. May you live long to build a home, have your kids and become the man of your dream.

20. Happy birthday, my knight in shining armour. May you never be dethroned from your throne. May your reign in success, wealth and prosperity be forever. Many beautiful years, I believe, lie ahead of you.

21. I woke up to the sound of a sonorous jingle bell. It rang in your honour. Today marks your birthday and my heart beats for you even more. I’ll spend the whole of today with you, cause there’s no other place I’ll rather want to be. Happy birthday, baby.

22. I love you my darling. I’m the happiest person on earth because you clock another year today. May the years that lie ahead of you be beautiful and befitting. May sickness and trials be far away from you. Happy birthday, darling.

23. The common rule all over the world today is to make you happy. And this is because it is the least you deserve. Happy birthday, my sweetest boyfriend. Your wish is my command on this very day and beyond.

24. Happy birthday, love. I’ll never leave you in the dark. Where you go is where I’ll make my home. I’m wishing you all the joy in the world.

25. Happy birthday, sweety. I longed for this day and prayed that you witness it in happiness and perfect bliss. I’m glad my wishes came true. You deserve all the blessings in the world. Today marks the beginning of a new journey in your life.

26. Happy birthday, baby. May your wealth be aggrandized. May your joy have no limit. Henceforth, you’ll dwell in peace and absolute riches. I love you, hon.

27. Happy birthday, love. If it weren’t for you, my heart will keep breathing in pain, whilst slowly dying away. You came into my life, gave me unfathomable joy and a reason to stand up and fight. May you never be depressed, sad and rejected. May life treat you kind.

28. Happy birthday my impeccable boyfriend. There’s absolutely no one that can love me like the way you do. You’re my everything. You make me happy and never sad. May you only behold the good things of life.

29. Happy birthday, baby. Like a star, you’ve become so bright and irresistible. May your sky be full of many stars and your laughter emits joy and gladness.

30. Happy birthday, hon. You’re irresistible. I wish you many happy returns. May your blessings be uncountable and your joy immeasurable. I love you.

31. Happy birthday, handsome. I’m alive today because you made my heart fall in love. There’s no one else like you. May your days on earth be fulfilling and glorious. You’ll live old and in good health.

32. Happy birthday to the man of my dream. Thank you for having faith in me. Thank you for fighting for my dream with me. Only you could have done that for me. You’re appreciated.

33. Happy birthday, darling. May your wishes come true. May you never lose any blessings in life. May sadness and regrets be far away from you.

34. Happy birthday, baby. May heaven shower its blessings on you. May you stand and never fall. Success is yours, hon.

35. Happy birthday, my precious soul. You’re nothing, but my soulmate. You’ve lifted me out of loneliness to a beautiful paradise just by loving me the way that you do. From here to the moon and back, my heart will always be yours. I’m sending all my kisses to you.

37. I can’t believe it’s the beginning of another 365 days of your life. I can say, you’ve lived the past years in fulfillment and happiness. May the years ahead never fall short of your expectations. Happy birthday, my king.

38. Everything good in heaven and on earth belongs to you. The angels will endeavour to make this day a special one for you. You’ll remember this new age for good. Excellence and perfection will mark this new year of your life. I love you and so, I wish you all the very best in life. Happy birthday, love.

39. You were predestined to be born on this day. You’re no different from the radiant sun in the sky, the brave stars in the dark night and the beautiful rainbow in the rain that fill the atmosphere. Happy birthday to you, my hero. I’m yet to find anyone like you.

40. I love this day, cause it gives me the opportunity to celebrate you in the way I’ve always dreamt of. I don’t mind giving you the world as a birthday present. However, I give you my whole heart, body and soul to mark this beautiful life of yours. Happy birthday, handsome.

41. You have a beautiful smile that makes rain drop in excitement. You have a sheer confidence that threatens your adversary and above all, you have a heart that melts the seat of my emotions, any time I see you. Today is your birth anniversary, but I’ll rather sing your praises. Happy birthday to my love.

42. Happy birthday to the love of my heart. So tall with the demeanor of a bright screen star. I love your every move. It’s so fascinating. Hence, I’m mesmerized. I’m wishing you many happy returns. This new age will signify great things in your life.

43. I have no iota of doubt in me, that this new year of your life shall birth progress, success and fulfill your dreams. Happy birthday to my better half. This is the mark of a new dawn in your life.

44. Happy birthday handsome. You’re an angel. I must have done something extraordinary to have you in my life. You’re the most beautiful thing on the surface of the earth. Many days will you see. May your dreams become significant.

45. Happy birthday to you, love. On this special day of your life, I wish you nothing, but joy and love. May you never lose hope in life. May your strength never fail you and may you make it to the end.

46. Happy birthday, hon. This journey you’ve started shall end well. Your happy days are before you and you shall witness them. Never will you be stagnant. Progress and success are all yours, till the end of time.

47. Happy birthday, angel. I pray that the archangels protect you with their rare powers and bring to you every blessing there is in the realm of heaven. This is the beginning of your happy days.

48. Happy birthday, my love. Without you, there’ll be no me. I’m glad I met you. For this reason, may all your wishes be granted. May your days ahead be longer than the ones behind you. I love you and I want you to know.

49. What are the words you need to hear? Tell me, and I’ll make them come true. I want to satisfy your every need and quench your deepest thirst on this special day. Happy birthday, my darling. You’re one in a million.

50. A million of ways I’ve I told you, “I love you,” and in a million ways have I chosen to celebrate this magnanimous day of your life. Happy birthday, hon. You’re simply more than a blessing to me.

51. I’m glad, I’m more than a friend to you. I’m glad, you’re a year older today. I love to see you grow. May your strength be renewed and your love be refilled. Happy birthday, hon.

52. On this special day of your life, if I ever wronged you, I apologize. If I ever loved you less than your expectation, I’m sorry. I want to live to make you happy on this day and the ones to come. I’m here to meet your need. Happy birthday, hon.

53. Happy birthday, my love. If I had a million tongues, I’ll use them for nothing, but to wish you a splendid birthday like no other. From the depth of my heart, may your days be long and fulfilled.

54. What shall I render to you on this beautiful day? Mention it and your wish will come to pass in a split of second, my love. Happy birthday, sweety. It’s your day and I’m happy for you.

55. Happy birthday, baby. Without you, there wouldn’t be a special day like this. You’re the reason for the jubilation. Because of you, I remember this day for good. I wish you nothing, but joy and satisfaction for the rest of your life.

56. Happy birthday to the potter who fixed my heart and calmed the hurricane sweeping its brokenness away. Happy birthday to you, my love. I do wish you peace and happiness.

57. My smile is brightest because even today I feel your love inside of me. Happy birthday, my love. May prosperity be yours to claim in this new age. I love you.

58. Love is sweet because your heart is kinder and larger than the rest. Happy birthday to you, my sweetheart. Wishing you all that you’ve dreamt and hoped for.

59. With unconditional love, I’m wishing you a happy birthday. Have a blissful and remarkable new year, my love.

60. Whatever you desire, may the heavens grant in many folds today. Happy birthday, dearest boyfriend. Wishing you great joy and wealth.

61. Happy birthday, sweetie. May the angels keep you to see many memorable ones. May your heart not drown in depression and sorrow. Wishing you gaiety and prosperity.

62. Happy birthday to the one I’ll always love to love. Wishing you a lifetime of prosperity and health.

63. The sun screams of your glory and the stars of your beauty on this special day. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you blessings and grace.

64. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. Besides the prosperity, peace, passion and progress the heavens shall bless you with, may the earth bless you with your heart wishes on this day.

65. To the one who seats on the throne of my heart; happy birthday to you, love. Have a splendid new year of happiness and prosperity.

66. Like the stars, you’ll always matter in my night and like the sun, all my days, you will shine. Happy birthday to the love of my life. Wishing you a year of celebration galore.

67. Happy birthday to you, my love. May this year speak wisdom, knowledge and understanding into your bosom. Greater heights, I pray.

68. Take your wishes from my lips with a soft kiss. Receive my prayers with warm hugs. Happy birthday to you, my love. Wishing you a year of unexplainable favour and grace.

69. Happy birthday to the one in whose well I draw love waters. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you many, happy returns.

70. Happy birthday to the one who makes my mouth burst out in singing every morning. I wish you heavenly goodness and earthly kindness.

71. Come taste my kisses, for it is your birthday today. Happy birthday, prince charming. Have a colorful new year of love, hope, peace, prosperity and health.

72. Fill up his table with the best of food and fine wines. In his wardrobe should be a fine fabric. For his birthday sounds the alarm today. Happy birthday, my only love. Wishing you a life of serenity and prosperity.

73. May each day of this year know your smile and hear your happy laughter. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you all that you wish yourself.

74. Let’s ride on this horse together and forever. So, you’ll hear from my lips, happy birthday for a lifetime. Happy birthday, sweetie. May this new age do you good and treat you kindly.

75. Happy birthday to the one who conquered my heart with great love and passion. Happy birthday to you, my love. Wishing you the grace and strength to climb every mountain and win every battle. Your proceeds of victory shall be great.

76. Happy birthday to you, my love. In my heart, will your love ocean flow. Wishing you a year of prosperity and love and a lifetime of wealth and grace.

77. Glad to see you where I turn. Happy birthday, guardian angel. May this year be exceptionally kind to you, my love.

78. Happy birthday to the man who makes sure I smile. Happy birthday to you, my love. No one deserves a happy life than you do. So, here is me wishing you a lifetime of happiness and prosperity.

79. In this season of your life, I hope you find that which is missing. May you find increase on all sides and happiness on all fronts. Happy birthday to you, love. Enjoy your day all the way.

80. Laying by your side is peace and looking into your eyes is favour. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you prosperity and kindness.

81. Happy birthday to you, my only one. May your heart pound in excitement and love for your lifelong.

82. Happy birthday to you, special one. In my heart will you reign forever. Wishing you the favour of the stars, the moon and the glorious sun.

83. Happy birthday, sweetheart. I’ll come to live this life with you until eternity comes in its glory. Wishing you a life of utmost happiness and peace.

84. As each year slowly passes by, may you know the meaning of prosperity, health, grace and happiness. Happy birthday, love. May your heart be the happiest it has been so far.

85. Make an array of wishes, for the angels listen to your heart and watch your mouth so keenly today. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you the grace to ride to your dreamland this year.

86. Happy birthday to my darling. Have a warm bath, relish a favorite meal, for it’s the best day of the year. Wishing you a blissful and peaceful new year.

87. May the heavens shower upon you the rains of blessings and color your sky with the rainbows of hope. Happy birthday to you, love. Wishing you long life and happiness.

88. May your wings spread and fly this year. Happy birthday to you, sweetie. Drink out of the water of prosperity.

89. Favour him, I prayed this morning. Enlarge his coast, I wished to the stars. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you all that you wish yourself.

90. May your pocket run deep as a river of blessings and in your abode shall good news be heard. Happy birthday, my love. May your dreams come true.

91. May your storehouse never go hungry. May your hands never dry up. Happy birthday, love. Wishing you answered prayers and granted wishes.

92. Happy birthday to the one whose smiles matter to my heart. Wishing you God’s grace and favour all through the long years of your life.

93. I’ll meet you with a loving kiss, for my heart rejoices in your day. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you a life of prosperity and growth.

94. Happy birthday, love. May the angels keep you warm when it’s cold. May prosperity keep you blossoming when it’s famine and may I always be by your side when you need me.

95. Sing your best song, dance the longest you have. For your birthday shines amongst the days of the calendar today. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you a lifetime of peace and prosperity.

96. Listen to the birds sing your praises. Listen to my heart beating for you. Happy birthday, love. In your barn shall great blessings overflow.

97. Happy birthday, sweetie. May the angels fight your battle and may this season bring happiness and wealth into your world.

98. Munch on your cake and savor your wine joyfully. May the heavens order your steps and make rich your deeds. Happy birthday, love.

99. Happy birthday, sweet love. May your dreams come true just like the rains from the clouds. Wishing you a blissful new year of fulfilment.

100. May your prosperity comes with each star of the night and your happiness arrive with the sun daily. Happy birthday, my love. From here to the moon and back, I love you.

With these birthday messages for him, his heart will definitely become yours forever.

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