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2023 Happy Birthday May God Bless You With Many More

Birthdays are but once in a year but people can sometimes be forgetful. We forget because we do not love but because we are humans. Therefore, birthdays are days to remember.

So, if you remember any birthday of any loved one, his/her birthday is the best time to make them truly loved.

Showing love is not only when material things are presented because material things can finish and sometimes be forgotten but words don’t die, finish and are hardly forgotten. Instead, they are seeds that grow in the lives of the ones into which they are spoken.

Here are some seeds in words that will definitely grow to bear good fruits as they are spoken. Read on to speak blessing into the lives of your loved ones and thank me later.

Happy Birthday To You, May You Be Divinely Blessed with Many More Years

When you’re not stingy with Wishes, these are the very best of happy birthday wishes and messages to send to someone you want God’s blessings for. And to that person, we say, happy birthday to you and may God bless you with many more.

1. I am a good friend because you are better. God bless and keep you. Happy birthday, dear friend, may God bless you with many more birthdays.

2. The blessings of God makes rich and added no sorrow with it. I pray that you not only enjoy God’s blessings in this new year, may you be God’s blessings. Happy birthday.

3. You are God’s wealth from this birthday of yours and forever. Happy birthday, to you.

4. Heaven is truly on earth. I mean, how can it not be when I have you here with me. May you continue to enjoy heaven on earth just as you make the earth around you heaven. Happy birthday, to you.

5. Your life is an evidence of Grace. More Grace be granted you as you mark your birthday today. God’s blessings.

6. Happy birthday to you, darling friend. God’s many loves.

7. Happy birthday dear friend. I pray that God’s blessings remain your portion. As you celebrate your birthday, may God’s blessings never depart from your home.

8. May your blessings be divine and God sent. Happy birthday, darling.

9. God is real. I mean, He doesn’t get any more real than you. Happy birthday, my pastor. May God bless you.

10. I pray for good health, sound mind and all the good things of life as you celebrate your birthday today. Happy birthday, darling. You are loved.

11. As God has blessed you with another year, may he increase all other blessings that come with age so that you will be able to enjoy it. Blessings like money, excellent health, business breakthroughs, connections as well as spiritual blessings. Happy birthday.

12. May God bless you with peace, joy and happiness. I wish you a long, useful and a happy life. Happy birthday, my friend of life.

13. Happy birthday to my ever dazzling big sister. May heaven continue to smile on you and put an endless smile on your face. Even as you put on mine and others.

14. May you be blessed with internal and eternal peace as you celebrate today and always. Happy birthday, my love.

15. Happy birthday my brother. God bless you more and more.

16. May you remain in awe of God’s love, grace, mercy, protection, provision, preservation, kindness and blessings in your life. God bless you again. Happy birthday.

17. May you be all that God says of you. Happy birthday and God bless.

18. May your birthday bring you blessings untold. A very happy birthday to you. God bless you.

19. Happy birthday, to you. May this new year bring you love, joy, happiness and fulfilment. Enjoy your day.

20. May this new year come to you with all the blessings that come along with it. Happy birthday.

21. Birthdays come once in a year but you are always here with me. I pray that the blessings that will come to you this year, abide with you forever. Happy birthday, dear.

22. May God’s blessings be your companion as you go about your daily business. Happy birthday.

23. Happy birthday. May the peace of God which passes all understanding be your portion.

24. May God bless you in and at all times so that you will have all you need and you will not lack any good thing. Happy birthday, may God bless you.

25. May God guide you, protect you, direct you, and order your steps. May you never be misguided. Happy birthday, dearie.

26. In this new year, even though you find yourself in the midst of trouble, God will preserve your life, stretching his hands against your enemies. Happy birthday, my brother. God bless you.

27. May the blessings of holiness be your portion so that God will keep you safe and the evil one cannot harm you. Be heaven-worthy. Happy birthday, my pastor. You are loved.

28. Since you made God your rock, you are safe from evil and blessed on every side. Happy birthday, my love.

29. May the table of God’s provision always be before you such that even your enemies cannot stop it. Happy birthday, live in abundance.

30. Since you don’t walk in the steps of ungodly people nor make your company among mockers, you are blessed. Happy birthday.

31. You shall be fruitful, bearing every good fruit in season and out of season. May everything you do, prosper. Happy birthday. Remained blessed.

32. May you always have showers of blessings from heaven so that your earth remains blessed. Happy birthday, to you. God’s unfailing blessings.

33. Nations will serve you and people will bow to you in reverence of God’s blessings in your life only because of his blessings. Happy birthday to you. Blessed be.

34. You shall be a leader and king wherever you find yourself. Whoever curses you is cursed, whoever blesses you is blessed. Happy birthday, love. You are blessed.

35. Your children shall be great after you, you shall possess your enemies camps, you are blessed beyond every curse. Happy birthday.

36. May God’s grace be sufficient unto you according to his fullness. Happy birthday, beloved.

37. May all your blessings be good and perfect. May they come from God alone who gives freely. Happy birthday, to a blessed somebody.

38. Your needs are supplied according to God’s abundance, not your lack. May you not lack any good thing. Happy birthday.

39. May you spend all your days in happiness. Happy birthday, may God bless you abundantly.

40. May you have many many more birthdays. May you be in plenty of money and wealth. Happy birthday, to you.

41. May God bless you with lots of happiness and success. Happy birthday.

42. May the life you have left be more than the one you already lived. Happy birthday. More life ahead.

43. Happy birthday, may you meet your expectations and exceed them as you celebrate today.

44. May you stand and walk through wars no matter how hard they are. Happy birthday, my dearest.

45. May your birthday bring you all that you wish for. Have a great time and a very happy birthday.

46. Life is beautiful, life is giving and receiving. May you receive blessings as you give out and may your life be blessed. Happy birthday.

47. May your going out and your coming in be blessed from this day on. Happy birthday.

48. May all that you have be blessings to you and your families. Have a truly happy birthday.

49. May all the love, joy, peace, health and wealth that you need to enjoy life come to you and abide with you till the end of time. Happy birthday.

50. May you be blessed with all things associated with successful people. Happy birthday.

51. Happy birthday, may God shine his light upon you to brighten your path, day and night.

52. May God make you young and beautiful as you should be. Happy birthday, beautiful.

53. God has blessed you with another year. Enjoy it with all the blessings that come with it. Happy birthday.

54. I wish you happiness and enjoyment. May God bless you with good success. Happy birthday.

55. May God bless you with all the money you need to buy the things money can buy and bless you with all the good things that money cannot buy so that you can enjoy all the things that you can buy. Happy birthday, blessed be.

56. May God’s grace and favour find you and surround you. Happy birthday to you dear.

57. It is a privilege for me to wish such a blessed man and happy birthday.

58. God bless and surprise you now and always. Happy birthday.

59. Thanks for being my support system even though I don’t say it as often as I should. May God be your very own support system. Happy birthday.

60. May God’s promises for your life come to pass in this new year of yours. Happy birthday.

61. God has blessed you with an increase in age. May he also bless you with the increase in wisdom. Happy birthday, beloved.

62. May God bless you with the honour he blessed me when he gave you to me as you celebrate today. Happy birthday, my blessing.

63. I couldn’t have asked for a better sister. I am glad I have to celebrate you every year. You are a blessing indeed. Happy birthday.

64. You are a blessing in every sense of the word. May this year be filled with blessings untold for you. Happy birthday.

65. You are the reason our house is the best place to be. I celebrate you for being a blessing to my life. Happy birthday, my King.

66. Today, I celebrate a blessing that was given to this world years ago. The world will soon see your manifestation. Happy birthday.

67. The best earthly wealth is health. I pray for you today. May you be blessed with health in abundance. Happy birthday.

68. May you be graciously blessed with the grace to be a blessing to yourself and others. Happy birthday.

69. May your capacity to love me increase even as your years increase. Happy birthday, darling husband. Remain blessed.

70. I wish you abundant wealth to enjoy life, abundant health to enjoy the wealth and abundant grace to remain under God’s Grace. Happy birthday, I love you.

71. I have never doubted God’s blessings to my life in your person. Just as you have seen today, may all the blessings that are yours locate you in your lifetime. Happy birthday.

72. Break limitations, break stereotypes, dare to be different, be free. You were born to bring freedom. You are blessed. Happy birthday.

73. I wish you many more fruitful and healthy days on earth. It is your day. Happy birthday. Enjoy.

74. Have a healthy and wealthy celebration. Happy birthday.

75. In your birth was freedom birthed. You have my blessings, God’s blessings and his grace is more than sufficient. Happy birthday, my beloved son.

76. As sweet looking as you are, so shall your all round be. Happy birthday.

77. God chose the time and made it right. He brought you on this date. Always remember that you are God’s timely blessing. Happy birthday.

78. Because who you are is amazing, be the best that you can be. Happy birthday, my best friend.

79. It has been a pleasure seeing you blossom. Happy birthday, beloved.

80. I appreciate your sumptuous meals, sacrifices to make us comfortable and happy, sleeplessness to check on us and make that we are okay, worry when we don’t eat well, I will marry a thousand times. Happy birthday, my wifey.

81. Enjoy this new year because it is your year. Happy birthday.

82. May this birthday bring many opportunities and great achievements to your doorstep.

83. You shall never know a better yesterday. You can only get better. Happy birthday.

84. The Lord will satisfy you early, your generation will call you blessed.

85. May God Almighty shower you with blessings and renew you. Keep looking good.

86. Your sleepless nights and discomforts to nurture us, your shouts and reprimands to correct us are all appreciated. We love you, Mommy. Happy birthday.

87. May God bless you with the blessing of living forever. Happy birthday.

88. May all for whom your blessing is intended receive them as you celebrate today and always.

89. Happy birthday, dear. Live beyond life. Live beyond your imagination. You are limitless.

90. Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires.

91. Dear friend, I wish you the most fulfilling experience on your journey, blessings that overflow and courage to pursue your dreams.

92. You already know, the only way is up. Keep living. Happy birthday.

93. Words are inadequate to express the depth of my love. So sending you birthday blessings.

94. Don’t stop growing, God’s blessings on you are infinite. Happy birthday.

95. Birthdays are an opportunity to celebrate and create memories. Happy birthday, darling. May God bless you with many more opportunities to make create beautiful memories.

96. You and today are reasons to celebrate you because you are one of the most beautiful creatures of God.

97. Remain a blessing to humanity.

98. May you live long enough to experience the blessing of growing grey.

99. Enjoy another year of grace and health. You are blessed. Happy birthday.

100. May you be filled with contentment and delight for the rest of your days.
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101. Happy birthday, brother. I love the way you love me. May every good thing be yours; now and always.

102. I wish you the best in life now and always, happy birthday.

103. Life can be such a precious gift with someone like you. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

104. May this day bring exceeding grace and joy in your life now and always. Happy birthday.

105. Happy birthday, to a wonderful friend and brother. Best wishes and God bless.

106. On this day, my prayer for you is to experience uncommon breakthroughs in all your endeavours. Happy birthday, my wifey.

107. May your blessings of today be greater than that of yesterday and that of tomorrow greater than that of today. Happy birthday.

108. Happy birthday, my dear. Live forever.

109. I am so happy today because it is the day I was truly blessed and you, my dear are my blessing. Happy birthday, my son. Remain blessed.

110. May your confidence and self-worth increase as your age increase. Happy birthday, my friend.

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