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Happy Birthday Doctor Friend Wishes and Messages

Who’s your best friend and what does he or she mean to you? I’m sure you want to put a smile on his face always, and especially on his birthday. Time may not permit you to go to all the parties together or hang out all the

time, but with these paragraphs, you can give the birthday a special touch.

Is your best friend in town or out of town? Whatever the case is, there’s a happy birthday doctor friend wishes here for him or her on the big day. Is it long you reached out to them or not too long? Whatever the case is, there’s a paragraph here for him or her.

Paragraph for Best Friends Birthday

These are paragraphs you can copy and use to put that well-deserved smile on the face of your best friend on his birthday. Knock yourself out!

1. Today’s a big day for you and for me and many others. You’ve spent a great part of your years touching lives greatly, spent a good share of your person influencing people positively, spent a big share of your resources changing people for the better and take a great part of your heart to share with the rest of the world. Today’s to celebrate you. Happy birthday, my friend.

2. I remember the days we spent talking and how our discussions turned out to build me into a great person. I remember the days we spent playing and how I’ve never had any leisure as great as those in this life. I remember the time we spent being creative and how most of our ideas then are now part of the tools that are shaping my life. It’s good you were in my life. Happy birthday, dear friend.

3. I see you as a friend and brother, one that I’m proud of and one I can’t do much without. I see you as a confident, one I trust and I’m sure my secrets are safe with. I see you as a partner, one I want to suffer losses and enjoy gains with. I see you as a part of me, an important part that I’ll feel disabled without. I love you, my friend. Happy birthday to you.

4. If I don’t celebrate a friend that always makes me happy, who else will I celebrate? If I don’t celebrate a friend who makes me a better person, who else will I celebrate? If I don’t celebrate a friend who’s more than family to me, what then will I be doing? If I don’t celebrate a bundle of beauty given to me as a friend, there’s nothing I will celebrate. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

5. Today, I celebrate a gift to the world. The world may not recognize it yet, but that changes nothing. Today, I celebrate a gift to my life. I recognise your importance in my life and what your presence in my life has helped me to be. Today, I celebrate a person of love, peace and joy. You are one hell of a beautiful and amazing person. Happy birthday to you.

6. I’m proud to have you as a friend and won’t give you up for anything. I’m happy to associate with you so I feel its best to celebrate you. I’m glad to connect with you. I hardly boast about people, but I don’t need any push to boast about you. As you celebrate, may God bless you, may peace favour you and may joy never leave you. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

7. As you enjoy the day, may no tragedy strike. As you celebrate today, may you have a lot of reasons to laugh? As you remember the day you were born, may you find laughter and fun today? As you rejoice today, may your reasons to rejoice increase more and more. There’s no one that has been a better friend to me in this life. Happy birthday, friend.

8. So much love, like you’ve never seen, will be shown to you today till you doubt the existence of hate. So much peace, like you’ve never known, will be experienced by you today till you wonder what war means. So much joy, like you’ve never known, will flood your large heart till you agree that there’s nothing called sorrow. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

9. Today, I pray that as you neglect trouble, it will avoid you. That as you look for favour, it will find you. That as you search for prosperity, it will come to you. But more than these, I wish you find more than you look for and get more than you ask for, that your labour will give you the best results and that your hands will be full at the end of your big day. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

10. The day is here and in it, you’ll get all the great expectations you have. The day of excitement and fun and joy. Every single moment in the day will bring you favours. You’ll find more blessings than you can wish for. You’ll be blessed beyond your comprehension. Everything will work for your favour in it. Today is your day and you’ll enjoy it. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

11. It’s time for a bundle of amazement to be celebrated and everything in me is excited. It is time for us to remember the day a beautiful and loving soul was born and my heart dances with excitement and joy. Today is the day we celebrate one with a big heart, a strong spirit, a beautiful soul, a pretty body and a great personality. Happy birthday to you, sweet friend.

12. Stay calm, because as we celebrate you today, there’ll be peace all around you. Stay fearless, because no trouble can come into your celebrations. I wish you find all the encouragement and strength to be whatever you want to be, that you find the peace to achieve all your dreams and that you find in life the perfect atmosphere to be whatever you please. Happy birthday, my friend.

13. You made it to today. So many years of struggles and you’ve emerged stronger today to our admiration. So many months of pain and you’ve emerged more beautiful with more beauty to give to others. Countless weeks of uncertainty, but you’ve emerged greater than many your age. Today is a beautiful day and you are beautiful. Happy birthday, my friend.

14. When we meet today, I’ll properly say how much you’ve touched my life, because a paragraph can’t say it all. When I see you today, I’ll express my gratitude for all you’ve been to me, because a paragraph can’t help with it. When we shake hands today, I’ll tell you how much I love and adore you, because I can’t type it all. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

15. Today is an open day for all who love and adore you to celebrate. You may have a little party, but all over the world, you’ll be celebrated by those that really know your worth. Your influence is amazing and you use it properly. Your strength is intimidating and you channel it in the right direction. Your person is great and you don’t look down on others. Happy birthday, my friend.

16. Since I knew you, you’ve been one to look for solutions to problems and to intervene to help others. You’ve been a lifesaver and a love sharer. Since I knew you, you’ve come to my rescue and saved my days countless times. You are printed on my soul and preserved in my heart. If I want to be someone else, that person is you. Happy birthday, my friend.

17. My heart can’t be heavy on the day my best friend is being celebrated. My eyes can’t be wary of tears when I’m remembering the great day my great friend was delivered into earth. I wonder how the earth will feel without you for me and a lot of people. I can’t be sad on a day when I celebrate the best kind of friend there is on earth. Happy birthday, my brother.

18. I want to express my love for you today, but I guess you know it already. I want to express how much I cherish you, but I guess you know how much already. I hope you also know how much you mean to me and that you know I will not give up our friendship for anything. I wish today is your best day so far, and the worst from now on. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

19. Is there something I can tell you about yourself that you don’t know already? Many must have told you how great and influential you are, how beautiful and awesome, how strong and amazing you are. I’ll just wish you a beautiful day, more strength, peace and excess joy. Today is a special one for me and I appreciate you for making it one. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

20. What’s better than having a friend like you, that spreads love freely? What’s sweeter than having a friend like you, that unconditionally put smiles on the faces of others? What’s more pleasant than being associated with a creative, beautiful and intelligent person who has you in his heart? I love you and the friendship we share. Happy birthday to my best friend.

21. When you became my friend, I expected to have peace of mind, and you let me have it. I easily get tired of being around people, but no time I spend with you is long enough. When you became my friend, I expected to experience growth in many aspects of my life. Today, I can boast that I have. If remaining as my best friend is all you can do for me, then I’m satisfied. Happy birthday to you, friend.

22. You are like fuel to me, being the generator. A lot of times, I can’t start things without you. You are like butter, I being the bread. We make a sweeter and better team together. You are like soap, I being the detergent. We have a lot in common and can stand in for each other. You are not just a friend, but an awesome brother and a great partner. Happy birthday, my friend.

23. If going around the world to all the cities I desire to visit, eating all I want to and having all the pleasures I can think of is a reward for leaving your friends, then I’m not interested in it. If getting all the cars and houses on earth and gaining thrones are what I’ll get if I leave you, then it is not worth the gamble. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

24. Because today is a sweet day, God’s blessings will fall on you till the day can’t get any sweeter. Because today’s a beautiful day, the light of God’s love will shine from you to others, so they get a feel of the awesomeness of the one that they celebrate, and from others to you, so you’ll also experience how others feel when you shower them with love. Happy birthday, my friend.

25. The world is large and a lot of people may not know you exist, but you’re known to me as a special person. The world is big and not everyone will chant your name, but to we who know your worth, you’re deserving of applause. Great things are for great people, so whether I wish or not, I know you’ll get great gifts. The world is yours. Happy birthday, dear friend.

26. A lot of people have passed through my life, but none has left prints on it as beautiful as the ones you drop daily in it. So many people have been a part of my world but none have been as much a blessing to me like you. Today is the day set aside by nature to celebrate you and I pray in it, you find all blessings you desire. I wish you a happy birthday too. Happy birthday, friend.

27. Today, I celebrate my friend. You came into my life and became an asset to me. Today, I celebrate a gift from God to me. You came into my world and made it a place of more fun and more happiness. Today, I celebrate my brother. You stick close to me and do things I expect only from family. Today, I celebrate you, a major part of my world. Happy birthday, my best friend.

28. Nobody told me there were friends like you. All they said was be careful with the world, don’t trust people. But with you, I care less. You got my back. With you, I can trust. You have never let me down. If I had friends like you from birth, I’ll be more than double what I am today. Thanks for being my best friend. Happy birthday, my friend.

29. Being your friend was all the classes I needed to love more and spread joy on faces. Being your friend was all the inspiration I needed to be at peace with myself and to take certain risks. Being your friend was all the session I needed to find out certain beautiful things about myself and improve on them tremendously. The benefits of our friendship to me is uncountable. I celebrate you. Happy birthday, friend.

30. My love for fun is high, but I’ll give up fun to spend the time with you, not because you are fun — and you are fun! — but because your presence brings more than fun. My love for you is such that words can’t describe, paragraphs can’t express and actions can’t portray. I’m proud to have you as a friend and just so you’ll know, I boast of it. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

31. Men will rise to your calling and your fame will spread — for good — to places where you can’t reach by yourself. Joy will flood your life and pain will be alien to you. Success will be a normalcy for you, love will be a major part of your life and wars will not cross your paths. Blessings will follow you for the rest of your life. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

32. There’s a lot to wish you. I wish you find more faith to stand through all the struggles of life. I wish you find more joy and that your happiness never ceases. I wish you find more strength than life requires for you to pull through it. I wish your heart never fails in the midst of trouble and that your soul never breaks in the midst of discouragement. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

33. Today, I remember all the times we spent together. They are the most beautiful times I’ve ever had. I remember the things we shared together. They were the most lovely activities I engaged in. I remember the day I met you. It became the best day in my life. The possibility of having a friend better than you is almost impossible. Happy birthday to you, friend.

34. I know a lot about you. How you love without restriction, care without conditions and help without being asked to. I admire a lot about you. How you’re creative in drought, strong in spirit and peace within you. I love your kind of friendship. It provides a person to confide in, a family to hold onto and a friend to be proud of. Happy birthday, my friend.

35. It’s not by random chance that I met you. God saw the need in me for a beautiful friend and sent you to me. It is not because I’m the best person in the world that I have you. It’s because God wanted to give me the best partner, so he brought us together. I may not have the best of characters, but you’ve loved me like that. I love you too. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

36. There’s a lot to consider today. Let’s talk about the things you’ve done as an investment for your future. Let’s look at the love you’ve spread to people, from children to grown men. Let’s think about the greatness you’ve expressed, even in the little things you do. Let’s remember how you shine your light in whatever corner you find yourself. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

37. If being your friend is a dream, then its one I want to bring to reality. If being your friend is a dream, then this dream is sweeter than anything I’ve ever known. If being your friend is a dream, then I don’t want to wake up. If being your friend is a dream, then dreams must be a place where its possible to experience heaven. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

38. I found in you, an excellent friend. You became a partner and a brother to me. I became with you, the best team. Enjoying love, sharing and helping one another. I discovered a lot about myself in our friendship. Your awesomeness agreed with mine, so I was able to express it properly. I was sent to earth almost the same time as you. Perfect timing. Happy birthday, my friend.

39. Many years of waiting and now you’re ready to take over the world. Many years of working and now you’re able to conquer territories. Many years of searching and now you’ve found enough to succeed. Many years of fighting and now you can enjoy more peace than before. Many years of self-development and now you are unstoppable. Happy birthday, friend.

40. You are such an awesome friend that many can’t cook you up in their best daydreams. You’re such a beautiful person that many consider wishing for someone like you as wishing too much. You’re such a great friend that with you one forgets of his struggles and pains. You are a gift to earth and no ones acceptance or rejection changes that. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

41. I’m unsure about a lot of things, but can’t in any way say I’m unsure about you being my best friend. You add a lot to my life and I doubt I can get them elsewhere. I’m not certain about many things but I can bet my life that you’re one person I want in my life forever. You are a big asset in my life. And you are a great friend. Happy birthday, my friend.

42. If I should choose between a house filled with books, internet, movies and games or a house with only you in it, I’ll choose the latter. If I am to choose between plenty without you or nothing with you, I’ll choose the latter. People may not understand — some may even think I’m mad — but if they have you as a friend, they’ll do no different from what I said I’ll do. Happy birthday, my friend.

43. Thinking back in time, every time we spent together was filled with love; every day we met was precious. You have always added a special touch to my day and everything we did together gave the best result, not to forget the fun in it. I think of why God brought you my way and the most logical idea I can come up with is that God wanted me to have the best of friends. Happy birthday to you, friend.

44. With a lot of people on earth and the whole lot you meet daily in the city, it is hard to come up with the person that touches your life positively the most. But you are singled out, because none comes close to you in my heart. I have done an analysis and I know that you have touched my life positively the most. You are the best kind of friend there is. Happy birthday, my friend.

45. With joy, I send this paragraph celebrating the most influential figure in my life. With love, I send this paragraph to celebrate the friendliest person on earth. With excitement, I send this paragraph to you, celebrating your achievements over the years, praising your strengths and hailing your greatness. Happy birthday to you, my friend. Christian Birthday Wish for a Friend

46. Today, I take off my hat for the best friend in the world. Without you in my life, there are some definitions of friendship I won’t understand. Today, I bow my head in honour of the best partner one can find. Being my best friend brought me into a world of fun, excitement and joy. I wish out friendship only bring good things to you. Happy birthday, friend.

47. The most exciting thing about today is that the best partner I’ve had on earth is being celebrated. Many years ago, you came as a gift to the world, an asset to your family and, most importantly, a perfect partner for me. The most exciting thing about today is that I’m part of the celebrations. I love you and I’m proud to have you as my best friend. Happy birthday to you, friend.

48. Let everyone come together and salute the one that God sent to me to be a partner. Your partnership came with guidance and lots of adventure. Your partnership comes with a lot to learn and a lot to live for. Your friendship is beautiful in a general way and in its own unique way. One day, the most beautiful story of friendship will be told and it will be about you. Happy birthday, my friend.

49. One day, people will look at me and wonder what helped my greatness to be. They probably wouldn’t know that there’s a friend in my life that challenged me to do great things. One day, people will see a beautiful and loving Angel in me and will ask how I became so wonderful. I’ll tell them you came into my life and made it possible. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

50. Today is a happy day. Not because the weather is fair, but because the one I love more than a fair weather is celebrating. Today is a beautiful day. Not because I woke up to a bright sun, but because I woke up with your birthday on my mind. Have I ever told you that your beauty spreads to those around you and that your heart is filled with love? Well, I guess you already know. Happy birthday, my friend.

51. One day at a time and today you’ve grown into a strong person. One month at a time and now you’ve grown into an awesome man. One week at a time and today you’ve become an awesome person. One year at a time and you’ve gone too far in success to think of going back. As you keep marching forward, I pray God’s protection be upon you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

52. Every second spent with you is one I relish for a long time. Every minute with you gives me pleasure I can hardly forget for years. Your presence makes me believe in miracles, your strengths make me fall into jealousy and your large heart makes me think you’re inhuman. Every time spent with you leaves me more blessed than I prepare for. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

53. Maybe I’ll like you to Mandela, one who doesn’t mind going through hard times just to see others stay in comfort. Maybe I’ll say you’re like Romeo, allowing the love in you to guide your decisions. Maybe I’ll conclude that you have traits of Jesus, willing and ready to give up a lot for the good of even those who don’t know you. Happy birthday, my friend.

54. Dealing with you have done me a lot of good. Being around you have brought me great benefits. Sticking to our friendship has given me lots of joys. You are one person I consider myself safe with. You, with all your so many activities, still make out time to do great service to others. No matter how much I describe my love for you, I can never be exaggerating. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

55. I learnt real love studying how you treat others. I saw a great perception of peace watching how you live with others. I saw real and contagious joy in the faces of those who associated with you. I have never regretted not listening to those who tried to paint your picture in a bad way. As I get to know you more, I get to like you more and it seems this like will only continue to grow. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

56. That big heart. That reassuring smile. That beautiful face. That benevolent spirit. That strong spirit. That boldness. That awesome mind. That intelligent man. That excellent person. That elegant soul. That pride. That vibrant person. That powerful set of eyes. That truthful mouth. That’s the person I fell in love with. That person is you. Happy birthday, my friend.

57. If the world listens to the wisdom that escapes from your lips, it will be a far more interesting place to live in. If the world studies the little things you do in your quest for greatness, it will have a better approach to tackling a lot of its problems. If the world uses you as a yardstick to measure love, then they can be sure of having the right guidance. Happy birthday to you, friend.

58. It’s your birthday and I’m alive. I’ll eat and drink until I can take no more. It’s your birthday and I’m here. I’ll play and have fun till I can laugh no more. It’s your birthday and I’m around. I’ll sing and dance till I want to faint. It’s your birthday and I’m present. I’ll do my best to give you the most expensive present. It’s your birthday and I wish you enjoy every bit of it. Happy birthday, friend.

59. Today, all I care about is that you get the celebration you deserve. Today, all I care about is that you stay safe and well throughout. Today, all I want to see is that you laugh, smile and enjoy it like no other day. I wish that when you think of today — years from now — you’ll remember pictures of love, fun, joy and bliss. Happy birthday, my friend.

60. My wish is that when you think of today, you’ll remember a day when a lot of good things found you as someone to be attracted to. I pray that whenever you think of the blessings of today, all you will picture is abundant and excess love and favours. I desire that your thoughts of today will only give you a reason to be extremely happy. Happy birthday, my best friend.

61. I may not have made a lot of friends yet, but in you, I’ve found more good than in any other. You fill my days with joy and being around you is always an experience of heaven. I may not have let a lot of people into my heart, but you are the one that came in with more good than any other. Every part of me screams in support of celebrating you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

62. Every year, you’re making progress, going higher and higher. Every year, you’re doing great things, being stronger and stronger. Every year, you make people be better, being wiser and wiser. Every year, you add feathers to your caps, being more and more awesome. Every year, you do things worthy of emulation, being more and more beautiful. Happy birthday, my friend.

63. I may not know all shades of love, but I’ve seen you demonstrate all the shades I know. I may not have seen all the shades of peace, but I see the way you stay with people and it beats my picture if peace often. To be truthful, I was exposed to new heights of joy after I met you. If you were not my best friend, I’d definitely be missing out. Happy birthday to you, friend.

64. The worse thing that can happen to me is for you to be taken away from me. I’ll not only lose your beautiful body, but your strong soul and amazing spirit, and more than that, I’ll also miss the peace we enjoy, the love we share, the joy we spread and our struggles together. I will miss the way you brighten my days and the way our friendship runs. Happy birthday, my friend.

65. Last night, I couldn’t sleep for the excitement that my paddy is getting older by a year. For weeks now, I’ve been excited about this great day. It’s great to me because it’s the day my buddy came to earth. I’m excited about it because its the day we celebrate the person I’m closest to. I wish you more than you wish for yourself. Happy birthday, my dear friend.

66. Even if I have other places to go, today I’ll suspend my movement just to celebrate you. Even if I have other people calling on me, today I’ll put them on hold until I’ve celebrated you properly. Even if the whole world stands still and needs me to make it move, today, I won’t give it a glance until I’ve given you the honour you deserve today. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

67. Anyone who denies your beauty must be in your enemies’ payroll. Anyone that argues over your awesomeness must be among the chiefs among your haters. Anyone who refuses to agree that you deserve great honour must either be ignorant or blind. I know your value and I’ll celebrate it even when today is over. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

68. Apart from hearing your sweet voice, I also heard testimonies of lives you positively touched. Apart from seeing your fine face, I also saw that way you put smiles on faces of people around you. Apart from feeling your warm touch, I’ve felt the love you put in our friendship. Today is a day I’m happy to witness. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

69. From my point of view, you are the most beautiful friend anyone can have, the best person to spend time with, the most lovely being, the most excellent person, the one with the strongest spirit and most awesome soul. Even though it’s my point of view, I doubt there’s any view that will oppose mine successfully in a fair debate. Happy birthday to you, friend.

70. Over the years, you’ve kept growing into a better person, sharing more and more love in more and more ways to more and more people. Over the years, you have set a record of excellence and beauty. Over the years, you’ve put smiles on faces, hope in eyes and joy in hearts. You’ve done this not just for others, but for me too. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

71. I’ll travel over hills if that’s what I’ll have to do to celebrate you today. I’ll cross seas if that’s a criterion for honouring you today. I’ll walk plains, enter valleys, swim rivers, do whatever if that’s needed to celebrate your hard work, intelligence, creativity and awesomeness. I love the fact that you’re my friend. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

72. I pray today, that life becomes sweeter for you from now on, that peace covers you wherever you go, that love follows you no matter how far you walk, that favour finds you as someone to keep up with, that faith never gives up on you, that patience does not leave you empty-handed, that joy becomes a normal thing in your life and that blessings embarrass you. Happy birthday, my best friend.

73. Many years have gone and I still look at you as a great person. I still consider your heart as a love filled one. I still see your spirit as a strong one. I still sense your soul to be a beautiful one. I still see your growth as a progressive one. I still consider your changes as positive ones. I still see your deeds as a smile giver. I still see you as a great person. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

74. If you take a break today and look at your life, you’ll smile for the rest of your life. You’ll see that people admire your consistency at what you do. You’ll see that people are noticing the acts of love you carry out frequently. You’ll see that your works are changing lives for the better. You’ll also find that your friends are proud to be associated with you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

75. May today be a happy one for you and may smiles be seen all around you. May today be a lovely one for you and may your days after this be bright. May today be filled with fun and may you have reasons to laugh for the rest of your life. May today be filled with love and may everyone that celebrates with you turns out to be better people. Happy birthday to you, friend.

76. I’m excited today. I guess I wouldn’t be if you weren’t so great already. I’m happy right now. I’m sure I wouldn’t be if you were misusing your years. I’m glad this moment. I know I wouldn’t be if you were not so lovely and beautiful. I’m on the ninth cloud today. I feel I’ll be far from it if you were not who you were created to be. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

77. I woke up today and when I remembered your birthday, I knew the day was going to be fun and bright. I rose from my sleep and the thought of celebrating you was so appealing that I’m still excited. The years you spent on earth were filled with love and all your days were spent sharing the joy and giving hope to others. Happy birthday to you, my dear friend.

78. The way I’m glad to be a part of your celebrations today, I fear I might break down from too much excitement. I don’t need any spirit to tell me that you’re the best of best friends. Today, I pray you, find life sweeter in a new shade, that you find faith stronger in a better way and that you experience all the sweetness that comes with love being received. Happy birthday, my best.

79. There’s so much good in you that I wonder if you are not a god. We don’t just celebrate your birth, but the things you’ve done since then. There’s so much to admire about you that you must be superhuman. We don’t just celebrate your existence, but these beautiful things about you. I wish you only get better. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

80. Maybe someone will have to explain to us why you’re so efficient at doing good if you’re a robot, superhuman or spirit. Maybe someone will have to put us in the light of how you have so much love in you if you’re a hologram of God himself. Maybe someone will have to explain your awesomeness and beauty because it’s beyond comprehension. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

81. Going through life without you may have had its sweetness of its own, but I prefer life with you in it by far. You bring a touch of joy — even in the saddest moments — and a good deal of peace — even in the most troubled situations — to it. I’d never had a friend like you. I pray today makes you a better person. Happy birthday to you, my best friend.

82. Every time it’s your birthday, I go to an all-time high, no matter how I felt before then. I don’t know if its the pride I have in calling you my best friend or if it’s the excitement felt when celebrating one who’s dear to you, neither do I know if it’s because of the beautiful things you bring into my life that I’m celebrating you for. I love you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

83. There’s a lot to celebrate you for today. Your strong and unbreakable spirit that has helped you achieve much and also inspired others. Your loving heart that has given many a reason to live and served as a standard to others. Your beautiful body that attracts all to you and your smiles that give people assurances. You are a blessing to your generation. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

84. When I saw your demonstration of love, I felt like I’d never known what love was in my life. The way you handle life is an inspiration to me. I’d swear that I feel very secure and on the right path with you. I’d bet my life that you’re the biggest addition to it. You’re my true family, my best friend and my number one partner. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

85. Today, you smell of greatness, beauty and love, not that a lot changed about you. From day one you’ve been all shades of awesome, but today you seem to have acquired more shades. If I meet more people like you in this life daily, I’ll be superhuman. Thanks for being my friend and for contributing to my growth. Thanks for staying in my life. Happy birthday to you, dear friend.

86. It’s been nice knowing you. Since I met you, I’ve learned from your creativity, I’ve enjoyed from your benevolence and shared in your good times. You brought into my life true moments of fun and laughter, added to my life peace and strengthened my faith and challenged me to be better than I hoped to be. Anyone that has you as a friend is blessed. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

87. No matter how much I spend to remain your friend, it will be insignificant because there’s a lot more to benefit from your friendship. No matter how long I spend with you, I don’t think time is being wasted because the fun I get and the things I learn are priceless and cannot be gotten elsewhere. You are one beautiful — and very valuable — addition to my life. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

88. If you were a prize, I’ll do anything — even cheat — to win you. I’ve seen your value and will never let you go. I celebrate today, a friend, a brother, a partner — the very best — and the person that’s most compatible with me. I’d want to remain best friends with you if there is a provision for that afterlife and I pray your day is filled with the best that can be in one day. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

89. They say best friendish is a scam. But since I had you as a best friend, I disagreed with them. Take my word for it when I say you, as a friend, have made me better and helped me realise a lot of strengths I never knew I had. As a friend, you’ve been a source of strength to me and provided a place of rest when I’m knocked out. As a friend, you’ve opened me to a beautiful world. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

90. Love is beautiful when shared with others, but I think its more beautiful when you have someone to hold onto and share it with regularly and frequently. This is what I do with you and it’s been a nice ride so far. I look at how we’ve been and I see a most beautiful friendship. If I should get lost, then let it be in our friendship. I love you. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

91. It’s morning on your great day and the sun shines as if to say “this is a beautiful day”. Every single thing I see seems to celebrate you. I know that you know you deserve a lot of good, but I’ll still wish you more money, more peace, more opportunities that you won’t miss any more awesome people around you. You’re my best friend and you deserve the best. Happy birthday, my best friend.

92. You’re the reason why a lot of things go right, at least around me. You are a friend but you act as a guide and a defender. You are my friend, but the way you got my back makes me call you my brother. You are a friend but I’ve never found another friend like you. One person I’ll not give up for anything is you. You deserve more than celebrations. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

93. With grateful eyes, I thank God for bringing you into my life. That act alone makes me believe he means good for me. With a grateful heart, I look up to the heavens thanking God for preserving you for me all these years. I don’t know one good person that doesn’t speak good about you. I pray you, wake up to a gift so awesome that you’ll remember it forever. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

94. While people are counting their monies, I’m counting the gains of being your friend and, trust me, it’s uncountable. While people are thinking of how to go about the day, I’m thinking of how much sweeter my days with you are and, trust me, it’s much more sweeter than without you in it. I wish you get so blessed till you lose count of them. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

95. With how peaceful my days with you are, I don’t plan to have a future without you in it. With how joyful the times I spend with you are, I want to have you around me for the rest of my life. With how much love we have for each other, I’d rather be with you than anyone else. Today is meant to celebrate you and I pray you, get all the celebration you deserve. Happy birthday to you, friend.

96. When I can’t understand certain things, I’ll run to you and together we will solve the mystery. When I feel bored, I’ll find my way to where you are and have the time of my life. When I feel troubled, I’ll have a conversation with you and together we would find a solution. I conclude that we’re the best partners and I wish you all the good that a man can get. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

97. I know I’m not the most admirable person on earth, but from you, I’ve enjoyed acceptance, love and fun. You’re a different kind of person and a beautiful kind of different. Today, may love not leave you empty-handed, may you not give up on faith and may you find all blessings you look for. Today is your day. Enjoy it to the fullest. Happy birthday to you, friend.

98. I pray that you get all that you desire, but that they don’t make you lose yourself. I pray that all your needs be met and that you don’t lack any good thing. I pray you get what you ask for but that you don’t get what will put you in trouble. I pray you, find a reason to want to live on and that you get all the love you need. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

99. Like a dog, you are faithful to good causes and loyal to the right sides. Like a lion, your influence cannot be ignored and your strength is known. Like a rat, your impact is felt and you hardly give up. More than all of these, you are brave and beautiful. If I should tell a story of one big inspiration to me and the story is nonfiction, then you’ll be the main character in it. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

100. Your heart is a home for all. Your soul is only satisfied when you help others. You are not just a friend. Your name is the favourite song on my playlist. Your smiles are the most beautiful ones and I find reassurance and hope in them. Apart from me, you’re the only person I’ll rather be. You and I are the best teams the earth may ever see. Happy birthday to you, my friend.

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