Trending Happy Birthday Anniversary for Someone Special

2023 Trending Happy Birthday Anniversary for Someone Special

Birthday anniversary is an irreplaceable day in the life of any celebrant. But once such celebrant happens to be a family member, lover or friend, there’s a need to go an extra mile to show your glee.

Hence, when it’s time to celebrate the one you term as special, simply look for unique ways to convey your best wishes. A beautifully written message is one way to make them aware of how special they really are to you and to cause them a genuine frisson of delight.

Not to worry, here are the best and trending Happy Birthday Anniversary for Someone Special that you may send to your friends, lover and family members.

Quickly adore your special celebrant with any one of these specially crafted messages.

Happy Birthday Anniversary Wishes for Him or Her

Happy birthday anniversary wishes and quotes for someone you cherish: friends, lover and family members.

1. You remain special to me like a crimson moon that appears so rich in the night sky. Happy birthday to you, my love. Age more beautifully than your former years.

2. You are as phenomenal as your birth anniversary. A rare gem amongst many rubies. You’re the epitome of gold and a perfect diamond. Happy birth anniversary, beautiful.

3. I’ve waited patiently for this day like a man waiting for love. Now that the day is here, my heart yearns to let you know just how much I’ll love you to spend the rest of your life with me. Happy birthday, soulmate.

4. Memories we make on days like this keep me warm and my soul peaceful. Happy birth anniversary, sis. It’s a privilege to share in your joy.

5. Your love for me is unconditional and rises each day like the river Jordan. Happy birthday anniversary to you, dear mama. For as long as I take my breath, I’ll love you till the end.

6. My troubled soul was given peace when I had you many years ago. In essence, you’re the tranquility that quells the storm in my life. Happy birthday, son. May your days be long and fulfilling.

7. May your smile never turn into sorrow. May your joy outlive your sadness. Happy birth anniversary, best friend for life. I love you.

8. Happy birth anniversary. May the painful memories that linger in your heart be swept away with beautiful ones that arises thence. Happy birthday, dearest friend.

9. Happy birthday, gorgeous. You’re like a queen seated on the seat of glory, emanating uncountable sparks and radiance like a rare gem. Many more years shall you reign, my love.

10. Happy birthday, brother. No one means so much to me as much as you do. My heart loves you like it loved no one else. Happy days lie ahead of you.

11. Happy birthday, dad. My soul is lifted up in happiness and unquantifiable joy feels my heart as I see you marking another age in peace, love, joy and good health. Enjoy your new age like a newly made wine.

12. God took His time to make you. Little wonder, you walk like a king and talk like the greatest of all. Happy birthday, son. Nothing else matters to me once I see you beaming with joy.

13. I gained another life when I had you. I saw hope and I embraced joy when I conceived you. Happy birthday to a special daughter who would always do me proud.

14. May your joy last from morning to night. May your peace never leave you. Good health shall be your lifestyle. Happy birthday, bestie. It soothes my heart to see you age so beautifully.

15. Angels are indeed special, but you’re more special in a million ways. You gave my heart boundless love and my soul, peace like a river. How else can I pay you back. May your days be as beautiful as a land without war dwelling in perfect peace.

16. Happy birthday, sis. You deserve many gold, gems and precious ornaments on this special day. May your life know no sorrow but witness joy till eternity.

17. You deserve to be happy like a young child without the cares of this world. So leap for joy till eternity, for this day makes it another year of your life lived in bliss and love. Happy birthday, mum.

18. May your joy stay alive. May your love never go cold and may your warmth never be discomforting. Happy birthday, dear friend.

19. Happy birthday, angel. I see you looking regal in an earthly glory. I hope you remain this way for as long as I feel your breath. Do enjoy your day, my love.

20. Happy birthday, love. You’re like the ocean that I sit before to relay the feelings of my heart to hoping that you can hear me. May this day of your life never be known for sadness but joy till infinity.

21. Happy birthday, bro. May you begin to enjoy deeper love and joy that has no limit. May your days be beautiful and honourable.

22. Happy birthday, love. Shine like you’re meant to sparkle. Laugh like you’re meant to glow and live like you’re meant to be immortalized. I wish you many more happy days.

23. Happy birthday, dear friend. May your thirst be quenched with abundance and prosperity. Be happy, dearie.

24. Happy birthday, dear bestie. You glow more than the sun and stun more than the envious stars in the sky. Stay young, forever.

25. Happy birthday, love. You’re my ocean of joy and river of love. I wish you a fulfilling life and happiness on earth.

26. Happy birthday, babe. You’re my best miracle. You’re God’s gift to me. Hence, I’ll cherish you for as long as the moon appears at night and the sun in the day. Wishing you many happy returns.

27. Nothing compares to your eyes sparkling with joy. May this joy persists in you for as long as you live. Happy birthday, daughter.

28. Happy birthday to my only source of eternal joy. May your happiness never perish and your love never turn sour. Your days shall be longer than the life of ancient rocks.

29. Happy birthday, love. May your life be higher than the stars living in the sky. Stay young and happy.

30. Happy birthday, son. I love the day you were born, but I do love this day much more, for you’ve grown to become my source of joy and I’ll take pride in you till I see the heaven’s gate.

31. Happy birthday, love. May you never be stranded in life. May the heavenly angels always come to your rescue. Many happy returns, dearie.

32. Happy birth anniversary. May the angels keep your ways from evil and heap on you unquantifiable wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

33. Happy birthday, dear mum. May your heart merry with joy. May your life be surrounded by heavenly angels guiding you from evil.

34. May you birth new memories free from life bruises. May your sadness disappear whilst joy comes to play till everlasting in your life. Happy birthday, lovely dad.

35. May your life be free from violence and destruction. May you only be entangled in the web of happiness and bliss. Happy birthday, dear love.

36. I hear angels whispering your birthday into my ears. They speak so well of you and promise to materialize your heartfelt desires. Happy birth anniversary, my dearest sis.

37. It’s such a beautiful thing to see you this old yet so young at heart. Your new age whispers so many blissful promises. Be set to ride into the promised land of honey and mirth. Happy birthday, dad.

38. You’re covered with the blanket of joy and surrounded with the melody of true love from me. Happy birthday, my only one. Stay happy till the great beyond.

39. Hence, follow the stream of mirth and let the star of love guide you. Happy birthday, bro. May you see many more years. May you live happily than ever.

40. Happy birthday, bestie. Eat luxuriously and let your heart merry greatly. This birthday shall take you into greatness and unmerited joy.

41. Happy birthday, love. May you never feel empty and void. You’ll constantly be filled with love and a sense of purpose to live life meaningfully.

42. Happy birthday, sweety. May you perpetually enjoy love and feel so wanted like the precious stars at night lighting up the world with so much beauty.

43. Happy birthday, best friend. May you find love and may joy find you. May your heart never ache but grow larger than life. Sending all my love to you.

44. Happy birthday, sweety. May you find prosperity and joy in this new age of your life. Nothing shall stop your love from blossoming.

45. Happy birthday, angel. May your greatest dream come to pass. May you feel the beat of joy in your tender heart. May you get all that you need and so much more.

46. Happy birthday, beautiful. I’m reminded of a beautiful face today as I glance through the sky. You’re precious more than my heart can fathom. I do wish you nothing but joy.

47. Happy birthday, love. Nothing looks better than you do on this day. May you remain first in all that you do. Keep soaring higher.

48. Happy birthday, best friend. May this day usher you into your dream life. May you be blessed with happiness and greatness.

49. Happy birthday, gorgeous. May love have you close. May you stay forever in bliss and happiness. May your cares and worries transform into beautiful feelings.

50. Happy birthday, mum. May you live longer than you ever envisioned. May the rain fall down to wash away your pain. May the snow fall to make you happy and hopeful.

51. Happy birthday, best friend. May your joy never be divided. May your life be an expression of true love. Count your blessings and remain happy to celebrate your big anniversary.

52. Happy birthday, bro. May the angels change your world into a beautiful earthly paradise. May you see many more happy years.

53. Happy birthday, sis. Look up in the sky and you’ll feel the energy of happiness stealing your heart away, cause it’s your birth anniversary. Cheers!

54. Happy birthday, sis. May your name be written on precious stones that never fade away. Fly like an angel living in the sky.

55. Happy birthday, love. Your voice is like a piano soothing my heart as time passes by. I wish you wisdom that brings prosperity, knowledge that brings solution and understanding that brings peace.

56. It’s your birthday today. I hope you have blessings counting as the stars in the sky. Happy birthday, my love.

57. Our bond is stronger, our love is forever because you were born to love me, and I, you. Happy birth anniversary, my darling. Hoping to kiss you soon.

58. Upon your lips shall my kisses flourish and in your heart shall my love dwell. Happy birthday, my love. From now till eternity, may your happiness reign.

59. A friend like you is closer than a sister and more helpful than an angel. Happy birthday, special one. I wish you joy tarrying till generations to come.

60. Happy birthday, sweet sister. Like the treasures resting in the deep of the waters, your gems shall be countless and beautifying.

61. To a special brother; many reasons shall you have to laugh, and many shall gather to celebrate you thenceforward. Happy birth anniversary, sweetheart.

62. It’s impossible to forget your day. It’s important to make you a wish. Happy birthday, bestie. May your name be heard in the company of the mighty.

63. Deep inside of my heart have I laid my wishes for you, so the angels make them true. Happy birthday, my love. I pray you draw water from the well of prosperity.

64. Happy birth anniversary, mom. Like a beautiful butterfly, your presence is heaven to me. I wish you many prosperous and happy years.

65. Happy birthday, sweet dad. Many more years shall you see in the company of all your loved ones. May happiness be your attire.

66. May your pillows be dried of tears. May your countenance be full of joy. Happy birth anniversary, my darling.

67. Happy birthday, sweet cousin. You matter far above the rubies and the inspiring rainbows. I wish you many countless years of happiness.

68. Upon the throne of success shall you be seated throughout this new year and beyond. Happy birthday, darling sister.

69. To a true friend even in the darkness of life; happy birthday, my love. I wish you so much joy and grace.

70. May heaven forbid your suffering and cause your face to be adorned with great joy and laughter. Happy birthday, dear wifey. You make love the most beautiful thing in sight.

71. Like always, today I wish you the very best of life and the most wonderful of heavenly blessings. Happy birthday, dear husband.

72. Whatever counts to you shall bring you joy. Whatever matters most to you shall you never find wanting. Happy birthday, dear friend.

73. I’m never in doubt of your love as it is obvious like the glory of the sun. Happy birthday, my love. May all your dreams come true in your healthiness and true strength.

74. My heart has found safety in your arms. I’m glad you held me throughout this while. Happy birthday, my darling. May your days be colorful and blissful.

75. Your peace of mind shall the heavens make their priority, your happiness shall the world enable. Happy birth anniversary, bestie. May the sounds of happy laughter be heard from your abode.

76. May you remain as beautiful as the colorful flowers on the field. May your joy flow as the beautiful springs within the mountains. Happy birthday, dear sister.

77. You have nothing to worry about. For I’ve made wishes of good health, peace, prosperity, happiness and love for you. Happy birthday anniversary, my darling.

78. Happy birthday, my dear. May this new year be the one you’ve been waiting for. Enjoy every day it brings your way, dearest.

79. No matter the length of your days, your happiness shall never dry. In prosperity shall you see many generations. Happy birth anniversary, dear son.

80. Having an adorable and thoughtful daughter as you is a blessing I take not for granted. May heaven bless you with longevity, prosperity and happiness for the rest of your life. Happy birthday, my love.

81. May the good Lord grant your wishes a listening ear, because it’s your birth anniversary today. Happy birthday, dearie. Upon yourself shall your crown flourish.

82. May the host of heaven come along with their blessings into your abode as you celebrate on this day. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you a blissful long life.

83. Your wants and desires shall be met and your happiness shall be full. Happy birthday, my love. Kisses and light to you.

84. Let there be a rain of blessings on your abode, for your birthday is on this day. Wishing you special happiness, amazing love and plentiful riches. Happy birthday, dear friend.

85. Happy birthday to a special breed. May the sun never set until all your wishes are granted. Love you till the end of time, sweetie.

86. May the wind of prosperity rest upon you. May the wings of favour take you to the promised land. Happy birthday, sweetie. I love you so much.

87. This day smells of favour and grace only because it is your birthday. Happy birth anniversary, dear friend. Wishing you a remarkably happy new year.

88. Each color of the rainbow shall birth you outstanding peace and joy. Each time of this day shall bless you with unquantifiable gems of prosperity. Happy birthday, my love. I wish you a lovely new year.

89. In your eyes, the tides of happiness shall show, whilst in your bosom, the joy of prosperity shall blossom. Happy birthday, sweetness. I love you.

90. Happy birthday, my love. May the heavens make all your dreams come true. May you have many reasons to smile broadly. Like a mountain, your blessings shall be far above the valley.

91. May all that you need be granted to you by the higher power. May men on earth please your wants and desires. Happy birthday, sweetie. Smile all day long.

92. A true friend have you been from the times of old. A faithful sister I’ll be to you till the end of time. Happy birthday, dearest bestie. Wishing you so many years of gaiety, love and prosperity.

93. Happy birthday, dear friend. From this moment onward shall your joy be full. From the sunrise of this day shall your blessings be commanded from above. Wishing you all the good gifts of heavens.

94. Super excited to grace this day with my love. Delighted to pour my affection upon you on this special day. Happy birthday, my darling. I hope you have countless days of joy and many years of prosperous living. Enjoy your day, my darling.

95. You’re special than the rainbow that appears in the cloud. Your beauty is higher than that of the ocean. Happy birthday, lovely sis. I wish you many years of fulfilment and joy.

96. May comfort drop as the morning dew from the sky down to your abode. May good tidings come to you from far and near. Happy birthday, lovely soul. Wishing you unimaginable blessings. Enjoy your day, love.

97. It gladdens my heart to see you get wiser, stronger and grow older on this day. Happy birthday, my darling. Wishing you many years of fulfilment and peace.

98. Make your wishes many, cause many are the angels bringing them to pass on this day. Happy birthday, sweetheart. Do have a prosperous new year.

99. May your heart be blessed with the joy of love and fulfilment. Happy birthday, dearest friend. Do have an outstanding experience of bliss.

100. Wherever you turn shall you find mercy and favour. Where thence you go shall you encounter bliss and hope. Happy birthday, best friend. I love you so much.

101. I wish you happiness too strong to hide, hope too much to kill. Happy birthday, dear friend. May you have all the goodness that you hope and desire for.

102. Peace shall not elude you, joy shall not find you unpleasant. Happy birthday, my love. Wishing you the grace to realise all your dreams.

103. Your skin shall glow with glee. Your mouth shall scream for joy. Happy birthday, sweetheart. May you have many reasons to be glad.

104. May you never stop growing in wisdom and prosperity. Happy birthday, sweet friend. For long shall you experience the warmth of love and joy.

105. May the sound of joy be loud in your home, may the rains of abundance fall on your field. Happy birthday, dearie. Enjoy a delightful new year.

106. In strength shall you live the coming days of your life. In gratitude shall you experience many more years. Happy birthday, sis. With great love, I make many wishes of happiness for you.

107. Many are the brothers walking the surface of the earth, but you stand tall with the crown of kindness. Happy birthday anniversary, dear brother. May your barn be full, may your pocket blossom and your heart with joy and love.

108. You’re an angel on earth. So, I pray you live long and happily. Happy birthday, lovely cousin. Do have the best time of your life so far.

109. Aunties like you deserve a shindig for a birthday celebration. Happy birthday, sweet aunt. Wishing you utmost joy and peace, prosperity and longevity.

110. May the jingles of celebration be heard from the windows of your home. May your happiness be full and true. Happy birthday, special uncle. I love you to the moon and back.

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